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WW III: the geopolitics - analysis of alternative realities (video)

OWoN: An interesting analysis of alternative realities.

But don't offend the deeply religious. Closed minds still in the Closet for many? With their histories why be scared to show you truth?

Interesting comments for open minds.

Storm Clouds Gathering


  1. The US Britain and Israel are the biggest terrorists on the planet ... Ken O'Keefe

  2. President Putin Shuts Down Protocols Of Zionism In Russia!

    The Hidden History the Khazar Empire

    Protocols Of Zionism Is Not A Hoax And Has Been Validated. If You Want To Believe It Is A Hoax And Proven To Be Fraudulent, Then Why Has Rothschild Put It Into Practice And Benefited His Cartel By It? No, The Propaganda To Whitewash Its Deadly Design [NWO] has only been to serve the cowardly elite. Rothschild’s Handbook For Banker’s World Control: Elders Of Zion & The Power Of The Rothschild State: The Hijacked Name Of Jew By The Khazar Banking Cartel.

    Where Mafia Came From: If You Thinking Italy, You’re Sorely Mistaken!

  3. America should return all they stole from all nations forcing them on petro-dolar...

    Beside I am saying Americans should paid for rebuilding Iraq and paying repatriation for all crimes and loses Iraqi's had to face, the same Vietnam etc....
    ..Instead of that Americans want to steal one more time from Iraqi's via IQD --- how humanitarian .....

    1. Exactly Vlastimil, and then the national debt in the trillions have to be given back to citizen's whose birth certificates were traded on the bond markets to create collateral for the debt that we never agreed to. And then the taxes collected and paid to the IRS from wage earners; whose wages should have never been taxed. Federal Taxes were created for Corporations...and then the Social Security Funds deducted from wage earners pay to pay into a fund that is now bankrupt..

      Vlastimil, isn't it convenient that they are back in Iraq during the new government formulation just in time for the RV? I did hear that in order to get an exchange that outside country citizens must be within the country borders to effect the exchange...don't know how true this is...however, if it is true...then there goes the counterfeit bills (trillions) that were printed out of thin air. Taking it all before any real RV for the real money could even happen...

      America start wars to rebuild so they can put all of the contractors in the country to take the money again. It's a vicious cycle.

      How evil..

  4. This is heavy...., we entered new stage......

    Russian decided that they will decide to help people and that's it, they began to ignore NAZI and do what is right....they go and help people...

    All 200 trucks in Russia’s 2nd convoy carrying long-awaited humanitarian aid for devastated areas of eastern Ukraine have crossed the border after weeks of delays that occurred despite an agreement on relief corridors in the Minsk ceasefire deal.

  5. Israel's Deadly Attacks on Gaza Schools Constitute War Crimes: Human Rights Watch
    “Israel has offered no convincing explanation for these attacks on schools where people had gone for protection and the resulting carnage.”

    So give them more NOBEL PRIZE for their crimes, so far it worked that way.....

    1. So they have turned everything upside down...everything evil is good and good is evil in their, give the criminals $2 million just to smile in front of the camera and then reek havoc on society all under the guise of a Nobel Peace Prize..

      I don't get it! War Crimes Tribunal...

  6. Ending the Continuing Stream of America’s Secret Shadow Government Psyops

    Some main points:

    There has been a continuing stream of Psyops deployed against the American People by the Hidden, True Leaders of America ever since their Covert Takeover in 1913.

    It is time to fully identify and expose this Hidden Entity and the actual Perps responsible for these Psyops and bring their Continuing Stream of Psyops against the American People to a complete end.

    This means in practical terms that those individuals responsible must be identified, indicted and fully prosecuted.

    1913 was a very bad year for America because America was betrayed by President Woodrow Wilson and most of Congress who were bribed by the Rothschild Banksters from the City of London.

    Major Financial Fraud has been used used to gain and maintain control over the American Monetary Production and Distribution System.

    Actually the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) is run by a foreign entity which hijacked America in 1913, the Rothschild family Banksters who represent the Old Black Nobility, a worldwide occult network based on Luciferianism, Eugenics and basically a notably Evil Cult Network that worships and deploys Mass-Death as a means to gain power for themselves and their “Bloodline Families.”

    The imminent demise of the CMMM is now apparent and well on the way.


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