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Western Insanity | the world is on the brink of War

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US President Barack Obama (L) speaks next to Prime Minister Taavi Roivas of Estonia to US and Estonian members of the military at a hangar at Tallinn Airport in Tallinn, Estonia, September 3, 2014.

 Warning to the world: Western insanity

Press TV
4 September 2014

Herbert E. Meyer, a nutcase who was a special assistant to the CIA director for a period during the Reagan administration, has penned an article calling for Russian President Putin’s assassination. If we have “to get him out of the Kremlin feet-first with a bullet hole in the back of his head, that would be okay with us.”

As the crazed Meyer illustrates, the insanity that Washington has released upon the world knows no restraint. Jose Manual Barroso, installed as Washington’s puppet as the European Commission’s president, misrepresented his recent confidential telephone conversation with Russia’s President Putin by telling the media that Putin issued a threat: “If I want to, I can take Kiev in two weeks.”

Clearly, Putin did not issue a threat. A threat would be inconsistent with Putin’s entire un-provocative approach to the strategic threat that Washington and its NATO puppets have brought to Russia in Ukraine. Russia’s permanent representative to the EU, Vladimir Chizhov, said that if Barroso’s lie stands, Russia will make public the full recording of the conversation.

Anyone familiar with the disparity between the Ukrainian and Russian militaries knows full well that it would take the Russian military 14 hours, not 14 days, to take all of Ukraine. Just remember what happened to the American- and Israeli-trained and -equipped Georgian Army when Washington set its stupid Georgian puppets on South Ossetia. The American- and Israeli-trained and -equipped Georgian army collapsed under Russian counterattack in 5 hours.

The lie that Washington’s puppet Barroso told was not worthy of a serious person. But where in Europe is there a serious person in power? Nowhere. The few serious people are all out of power. Consider the NATO Secretary General, Anders Rasmussen. He was a prime minister of Denmark who saw he could rise beyond Denmark by serving as Washington’s puppet. As prime minister, he strongly supported Washington’s illegal invasion of Iraq, declaring that “we know that Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction.” Of course, he didn’t know any such thing, and why would it matter if Iraq did have such weapons. Many countries have weapons of mass destruction.

According to the rule that anyone who serves Washington is elevated, the cipher Rasmussen was elevated.

The problem with elevating unprincipled fools is that they risk the world for their career. Rasmussen has now put the entirety of Eastern and Western Europe at risk of annihilation. Rasmussen has announced the creation of a blitzkrieg spearhead force capable of a blitzkrieg attack on Russia. What Washington’s puppet calls “the Readiness Action Plan” is justified as a response to “Russia’s aggressive behavior in Ukraine.”

Rasmussen’s “lightening spearhead force” would be wiped out along with every European capital. What kind of idiot provokes a nuclear superpower in this way?

Rasmussen asserts “Russia’s aggressive behavior” but has no evidence of it. Russia has stood on the sidelines while Washington’s puppet government in Kiev has shelled and bombed civilian housing, hospitals, schools and issued a constant stream of lies against Russia. Russia denied the requests of the now independent eastern and southern provinces of Ukraine, former Russian territories, to be reunited with Russia. As readers know, I regard Putin’s decision as a mistake, but events might prove me wrong and that is OK with me. For now, the fact is that every act of aggressive behavior is the result of the US and EU support of the Kiev nazis. It is the Ukrainian nazi militias that are attacking civilians in the former Russian territories of eastern and southern Ukraine. A number of regular Ukrainian military units have defected to the independent republics.

Yes, nazis. Western Ukraine is the home of the Ukrainian SS division that fought for Hitler. Today, the militias organized by the Right Sector and other right-wing political organizations wear the nazi insignia of the Ukrainian SS divisions. These are the people that Washington and the EU support. If the Ukrainian nazis could win against Russia, which they cannot, they would turn on the West, just as has the Washington-funded ISIS that Washington unleashed on Libya and Syria. Now ISIS is remaking the Middle East, and Washington appears helpless.

William Binney, a former high-level official in the US National Security Agency, and colleagues from the CIA and military intelligence services have written to German chancellor Merkel advising her to beware of Obama’s lies at the upcoming NATO summit in Wales. The US intelligence officials advise Merkel to remember Iraq’s “weapons of mass destruction” and don’t again be deceived, this time into conflict with Russia.

The question is: who does Merkel represent? Washington or Germany? So far, Merkel has represented Washington, not German business interests, not the German people, and not Germany’s interests as a country. Here is a protest in Dresden, where a crowd prevents Merkel’s speech with shouts of “kriegstreiber” (warmonger), “liar, liar,” and “no war with Russia.”

My Ph.D. dissertation chairman, who became a high Pentagon official assigned to wind down the Vietnam war, in answer to my question about how Washington gets Europeans to always do what Washington wants replied: “Money, we give them money.” “Foreign aid?” I asked. “No, we give the European political leaders bagfuls of money. They are for sale, we bought them. They report to us.” Perhaps this explains Tony Blair’s $50-million fortune one year out of office.

The Western media, the largest brothel on earth, is desperate for war. The editorial board of the Washington Post, now a trophy newspaper in the hands of’s billionaire owner, ran an editorial on August 31 that projected all of Washington’s (and the Post’s) lies upon Putin.’s owner might know how to market products on the Internet, but he is hopeless when it comes to running a newspaper. His editors at the Washington Post have made his trophy a worldwide laughing stock.

Here are the mindless accusations against Putin from the editors that the billionaire put in charge of his trophy newspaper:

Putin, bitterly resentful at the loss of power from the Soviet collapse, has “resurrected the tyranny of the Big Lie” in order to reconstitute the Russian Empire.

“Russian sponsored militias in Ukraine” are responsible for the “shoot-down of the Malaysian airliner in July.” The “Russian state-controlled media” lied and misrepresented to the Russian people the party responsible for downing the airliner.

“In the absence of independent and free reporting, few Russians realize that Russian soldiers and armaments are in action in eastern Ukraine, albeit (as in Crimea) in uniforms and vehicles stripped of their identifying insignia and license plates. With no free media, Russians are left to fend for themselves against a firestorm of falsehoods.”

“Mr. Putin’s Big Lie shows why it is important to support a free press where it still exists and outlets like Radio Free Europe that bring the truth to people who need it.”

As a former Wall Street Journal editor, I can say with complete confidence that such extraordinary propaganda posing as an editorial would have resulted in the immediate firing of all concerned. In my days on the Congressional staff, the Washington Post was regarded as a CIA asset. Today, the Post has sunk far below this status.

I have seen much media propaganda in my day, but this Washington Post editorial takes the cake. The editorial shows that either the editorial writers are completely ignorant or they are completely corrupt and also assume that their readers are completely ignorant. If Russian military units were in action in eastern Ukraine, the situation would be precisely as Alexander Zakharchenko and Dmitry Orlov describe. Ukraine would no longer exist. Ukraine would again be part of Russia where it was for centuries prior to Washington taking advantage of the Soviet collapse to tear Ukraine away from Russia.

The question before us is: how long will Russia’s patience last with the West’s enormous lies and provocations? No matter how restrained Russia is, Russia is accused of the worst. Therefore, Russia might as well inflict the worst.

At what point will the Russian government decide that Washington’s mendacity, and that of its European puppets and corrupt Western media, render hopeless Russia’s efforts to resolve the situation with diplomacy and un-provocative behavior? As Russia is constantly accused falsely of invading Ukraine, when will the Russian government decide that as Western propaganda has established that Russia has invaded Ukraine and has imposed sanctions and new military bases on Russia’s borders because of the alleged invasion, Russia might as well go ahead and rid themselves of the problem Washington has brought to Russia and invade Ukraine?

There is nothing that NATO could do about it if Russia decides that Ukraine in Washington’s hands is too much of a strategic threat to Russia and reincorporates Ukraine again into Russia, where it has resided for centuries. Any NATO force sent would start a war that NATO can’t win. The German population, remembering the consequences of war with Russia, would overthrow Washington’s puppet government. NATO and the EU would collapse as Germany departed the absurd construct that serves Washington’s interest at the expense of Europe.

Once this happens, the world will have peace. But not until.

For those who care to understand how the land of lies works, Washington’s puppet government in Kiev attributes the defeat of its military forces by the Donetsk Republic to the presence in the Donetsk army of Russian military units. This is the propaganda that has gone out to western Ukraine and to the presstitute western media, a collection of whores that echo the propaganda without any investigation whatsoever. However, Kiev has a different story for the IMF. Kiev cannot receive IMF money with which to pay off its Western creditors if Ukraine is at war. Therefore, Ukraine tells the IMF the opposite story: Russia has not attacked Ukraine.

The Western media remains uninterested in any facts. Just the lies. Only the lies.

The Washington Post, the New York Times, CNN, Fox “news,” Die Welt, the French press, the British press all plead: “please Washington give us more sensational lies that we can trumpet. Our circulation needs it. Who cares about war and the human race if only we can regain financial stability.”



  1. Now didn't TPTW in UsA tell everyone, including our clueless citizens that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction...and then Colin Powell, Former Joint Chief of Staff resigned, and after the carnage and the killing of Sadam Hussein it came out that there were no weapons of mass destruction.'

    How much more can we take? How can we even trust our leaders to lead us? They lied to the world and no one is saying anything...It's time we demand accountability for the murders, aggression, theft, extortion, invasion, crimes against humanity...

    Check this out:
    They need to be standing in front of a tribunal...and what they did to innocent children, civilians; needs to rendered unto them.

    This madness has got to STOP... it didn't work in Syria and it's not going to work now!

  2. American's must protest the provocation of NATO/OTAN (SATAN) PROVOKING RUSSIA...This provocation can lead to straight out war...and I really don't think that we as American's want this...all of this is based on unproven lies.

    Jim W. Dean, managing editor at Veterans Today, harshly criticized the Obama administration’s exploitation of the Ukraine crisis and provocation of Russia in order to serve Western geopolitical interests.

  3. Fed Up

    You are right. Most Americans have no idea or even basic concept of even basic Geography or world affairs. They think Foreign Affairs means Clinton.
    None understand they will be pulverised into Nuclear dust if Russia launches. None understand that China and Russia will attack together. None get the hard fact that they are disposable collateral damage who are just thrown away skins to the Elites. None understand that the Tri Laterals WANT a war to depopulate them by 100M. These grossly overweight Welfare Lard Arses, with their overweight Welfare kids on Food Stamps, are simply too stupid to understand those Stamps cost real money and the easiest way to cut the costs is to cut the herd. Being total meat heads, none understand that Tri Lateral Think Tanks want them dead! With their Junk Food, and brainless kids, just what do they really think they offer America?
    The tragedy to me, is not the Lard Arses, but the few kids of real ability, stuck with this trash as Parents, who do need a break and can become anything given a chance. We do need to segregate before we cull. Lets talent screen and fast track those kids. Real Leaders emerge from deprivation. Dont lose the quality by OTT removing the Losers. Screen out the good kids first.

    1. John:

      My deepest desire is to be able to revamp the system...No war!

      Given the opportunity and the chance to make choices I am positive that 75% of the people who receive welfare and have no other choice because of lack of education, lack of ability, and sheer laziness...(getting over)...will take advantage of opportunities to move out of this trap. Mindless as they are, if the opportunity presents itself I am sure that they will opt to be educated, obtain a standard of living, and with proper guidance; they can become a part of a new economy...I can see no more poverty, no more lack, no more racism, real fair and equal pay, new living standards...all with a dedication to work and earn something that at least 25% never knew they could obtain...nothing is free...instead of welfare, they would be earning a living and becoming a wage earner in order to survive. The children are who I fight for; they didn't ask to be born...this is the best way to provide for their futures...full participation from both parents.

      My other idea is to clear out all the prisons...all who have committed capital crimes should be in either labor camps or stand punishment...where they are on the lines where our innocent children fight for our freedoms. The others who have committed lesser offenses should be given a chance for rehabilitation through education, and opportunities to change, and a chance to prosper in will take hard work and dedication..but families can become real units and thrive and survive and guide their children if given an equal opportunity.

      Many have never had the chance to prosper, the opportunity was always out of reach because of racism, racial profiling, and the like...there are communities on the east coast of US where 0% bank loans are made in these areas by zip codes. FEDEX will not deliver any packages in certain neighborhoods...many have chosen crime as a way of life because there are no opportunities...all of our leaders are pocketing tax payer to play environment for anyone who tries to climb out of the rabbit hole...

      I believe that Mr. Putin is more on a defensive, and I believe that he is a sensible, well educated man. He proves to be doing all the right things and is a prime example of a leader who wants to inspire change for all! It's these half wit satanists/khazars who want war and wants to implement the NWO where what they did in the Civil War because of the Industrial Revolution where they didn't need the "cotton picking slaves" anymore because a new machine was created that did the job in half the time and costs. So, they initiated these slaves into war to avoid having to pay they used them for feeding...

      For me to implement my business plan I had to study communities and states demographics.

      Watch the movie Abraham Lincoln vs. the Vampires...they tried to tell us in no uncertain terms what was really happening. This movie gave me a new perspective that I never considered...however; it appears to have some truth.


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