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Wanta continues to 'fight the good fight'

OWoN: Leo is taking it right to them to find any US Patriots willing to close them down. Naming and shaming.

---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: Ambassador Lee Emil Wanta <>
Date: 20 September 2014 20:56
Subject: ISA_Notice to The Congress of the United States_circa2014
To: HPSCI_Intelligence Committee <>, "U.S. Congress_INTEL Archive" <>

Whereas, The President of the United States of America, having signed H.R. 3723 on October 11, 1996, has protected this transaction by allowing Corporations the right to declare their Contracts, Clients, Internal Procedures and Information, and the transactions they engage in as a Corporate or Trade Secret fully protected under the Economic and Industrial Espionage Laws of the United States of America and the International Economic Community.

From a Friend:

In regards to the attached article sent to me this date I respond and add the following;

Though the "mis -titled" “Constitution of the United States of America” should actually read "THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES" and a few other slight errors, the author's point should still be relatively clear.

In truth, the original constitution read "this constitution for the united states", the organic states, not CORPORATE STATES.

Again, as most of us already know, the document referred to above is now nothing other than a Corporate Charter operating by/through/with The Corporation Trust Company (of America) 1907.

Those (attorneys) having altered said document,( constitution), through fraud and deception are acting traitorously committing treason and to be held accountable pursuant to general order 100 under Lincoln's Lieber Code of 1864, but not limited to.

Yes, some individuals have since deceased but their heirs and successors, agents and family empires have not yet passed.

The 14th amendment section 4 bounty hunter rules (of engagement) grants authority therein to freeze all unlawfully taken internationally entwined corporate assets, wrongfully acquired by all actors for unjust enrichment, each/all having blatantly and egregiously used extortion, theft, money laundering, kidnap for ransom, human trafficking, murder, fraudulent conveyance, conversion, embezzlement, coercion, but not limited to, each/all acting in concert as co-conspirators, knowingly, before, during and after the fact, willfully with intent, forethought and malice, as international and domestic terrorists to overthrow America's constitutional form of government, while committing crimes against peace and crimes against humanity known as war crimes and punishable as such, but not limited to.( Relative to Nuremberg trial war crimes.) ( See Christopher Story's list of crimes against "the Cabal" as listed on "GLOBAL ANALYSIS" prior to his alleged death, all also incorporated in entirety by reference.)

Each party and actor above, but not limited to, employs at least one or all of the American Bar Association, Israeli Bar Association, International Bar Association, IMF, Federal Reserve System of 1913, American Bankers Association, et al, using bribery thus resulting in blackmail, while all acting together and with others, in concert, with intent, as racketeering influenced corrupt organization(s)(commonly known as R.I.C.O).

All parties are using tax shelters and off shore accounts for tax evasion for which I am quite certain the IRS would be elated in locating and immediately initiate an international debt collection campaign. I suggest starting in Puerto Rico, Bahamas, and Cayman Islands.

And for those of you still believing that China owns our debts, think again.

If two parties are engaged in selling illicit narcotics ( though title 18 is non-applicable) who is the actual criminal, the seller or the buyer? The answer is both parties are equally guilty.

Henceforth, United States Corporate employees selling stocks, bonds and certificates, [all forgeries] and counterfeit ; See incorporated in entirety by reference; Uttering counterfeit obligations or securities USC Title 18 > PART I> CHAPTER 25> 472,473, seq. to any/all countries, each party knowingly partaking in the fraud are equally as guilty, for which there is no statute of limitations.

Further, the United Nations Conventions are equally fraudulent for the actions involved in the above but not limited to. NATO and Rotary International, UNICEF, UNESCO, Metro which is located at 1313 E. 60th st., Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A, and many other alphabet actors are also playing the financial fraud game, follow the money to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Ford Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation and George Soros, Bush's, and Clinton's, and all their clones, for starters. Just one happy little incestuous family.

Scott Rothstein and Rick Scott of Florida, U.S.A. are only the tip of the iceberg in Florida's PONZI schemes recently exposed. Read the Miami Herald for details. Both Scott Rothstein and Rick Scott are members of the Israeli Bar Association and convicted thieves, however, scapegoats not working alone and only diversions from the kingpins.

Further fraud are the alleged mortgages, which are really on fealty lease agreements which is further fraud involving every mortgage company in America (at least), every Real Estate Company, and every bank (ABA) also American Bankers Association (ABA). Again read the Miami Herald articles on Scott Rothstein's PONZI scheme wherein he explains all parties involved.

So then, let's throw in every single auto sales in American history, at least after 1933 U.S. Bankruptcy wherein there is no money, only bad debt.

All auto sales are also nothing other than lease agreements for which the state is the actual owner of your "VEHICLE", given the Manufacturer's statement of origin, you are only given a certificate of Title (after paying off the states debt) indicating that a title exists somewhere ( D.M.V. and D.O.L.).

No capital gains tax is paid by ANY auto dealer as THEY NEVER SOLD ANY CARS (VEHICLES) but rather only leased them to you, you now paying all the maintenance and upkeep but never reimbursed.

The same applies to your home wherein you are only the renter and your landlord should be paying the utilities, taxes, and repairs. Get the picture yet? We've been duped.Thank you U.S. SHADOW GOVERNMENT for being the biggest crooks on earth.

The only action remedial to each/all damaged, injured, and harmed victims, undisclosed through deceptive practices to all unknowing victims, is the return to God's law and no other law. Period. End of discussion.

"Get Out of Her" is self explanatory. If one keeps filing papers and playing the game with the beast, it is still being fed. Starve it out. Do not put fuel in the fire and it will eventually flame out.

The only way to win the game is NOT to play the game!


All God Given Rights reserved in perpetuity.

---------- Forwarded message ----------

Date: Fri, Sep 19, 2014 at 6:19 PM
Subject: Notice to Congress
To: .....................................

Notice to Congress—The Days of Legalizing Theft Are Over

The most recent round of fraud began on March 28, 1861. That was the day the Congress of the united States of America adjourned for lack of quorum and never reconvened. Ever since, “Congress” has functioned in one of three roles—(1) as a corporate Board of Directors for private, mostly foreign-owned and deceptively named governmental services corporations operated by banking cartels (the Federal Reserve running the “United States of America, Inc.” and the IMF running the “UNITED STATES”) or (2) the government of a legislative democracy calling itself the United States of America (Minor)—American “states” more often thought of as federal territories and possessions—Guam, Puerto Rico, etc., or (3) operating as a plenary oligarchy ruling the Washington DC Municipal Government.

All this time that you thought the members of Congress were representing you and your interests, they’ve been representing other interests entirely. That explains a lot, doesn’t it?

On March 6, 1933 the “President” of the “United States of America, Inc.” Franklin Delano Roosevelt attended a Conference of Governors meeting. These “Governors” were all “State” franchise managers of the United States of America, Inc., exactly like local franchise owners of Burger King or Sears. They got together and pledged the assets of their customers—their employers—the American states and people——as “sureties” for their private corporate debts. And then they bankrupted the “United States of America” and all the “State” franchises.

The “federal” States that were created by the 14th Amendment of their private for-profit corporation’s look-alike, sound-alike “constitution” published as the “Constitution of the United States of America” are not the same as the actual States of the Union, nor are their “State” citizens the same as American State Citizens, nor are their “US citizens” the same as Citizens of the united States, but they pretended that they were and the banks gleefully agreed. To secure the debt owed by the “United States of America, Inc.” the banks established maritime salvage liens against every parcel of land, every business, every man, woman, and child in America, and continued to operate their doppelganger corporation under Chapter 11 Reorganization. They laid claim to your “good faith and credit” —stole your credit cards— and your identity as an American State Citizen, and they never bothered to tell the victim.

They also had you declared legally dead and probated your estate and issued bonds based on the value of your labor and private property. Just look at “your” Birth Certificate—signed by the County Registrar, an officer of the probate court, issued in the NAME of a “dead person”—you, numbered as a bond and issued on bond paper. At the same time, they converted all your private bank accounts to the ownership of the ESTATE trust they created “in your name” and moved the ESTATE offshore to Puerto Rico where you and your assets supposedly came under the foreign maritime jurisdiction of the United States of America (Minor). Look at the NAME on “your” bank account checks. Look at the signature line under a high powered magnifier. The IMF claims that it owns all your bank accounts. It claims that your ESTATE was “abandoned”, and now all the spoils belong to the bank. They are pressing “Congress” to pass “laws” to allow them to seize all American bank accounts—your savings, your retirement accounts, your checking accounts, everything. We have seen Dodd-Frank. Now we are seeing “bail-in” proposals. The Big Banks want “Congress” to front for their greed and criminality—again.

This is all fiduciary trust fraud and fiduciary trust fraud has no statute of limitations. 1862 or 1933 or 2014—it makes no difference. We suggest that members of Congress assume their public offices acting under full 100% individual commercial liability —or be ousted and tried as criminals. Next, we suggest that they honor their contract with America and issue debt-free public money— real American Dollars. Next, liquidate all the “too big to fail” banks, tear up the corporate charters these entities have violated, seize back our purloined assets, and shut them all down. Meanwhile, the market for financial services will open up for banks operated under actual state charters.

This thing you have thought of as your government is nothing but a multi-national conglomerate run criminally amok. The real government of this country is vested in each of you. You all hold more civil authority on the land than the entire federal government. Deal with the “FEDERAL RESERVE” and “IMF” and “CONGRESS” the same way you would deal with “TARGET” or “WALMART” or “ARBY’S” if they grossly endangered, cheated, enslaved, and defrauded you. Keep calm and get even. You all know what to do.

You have the guaranteed Universal Right of Self-Declaration provided by United Nations Conventions, plus the protections of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. You have the Geneva Conventions and the Lieber Code. You have the preserved right to Common Law, guaranteed by Uniform Commercial Code 1-308 and recourse guaranteed by 1-103.6, which includes the right not to be bound by any contract that is unilateral, inequitable, involuntary, undisclosed, tainted by fraud, not in-kind, entered in your behalf by others merely claiming to represent you, or deemed to exist as the result of receiving a compelled benefit or fruit of monopoly inducement. You have the absolute right to Expatriate from their maritime jurisdiction.

Do so.

When 400 million Americans stand up and clean house, the world will listen and hear the roar.

cc: Veterans Today - Lee E Wanta
Bureau Chief / Chief
A - 1010, Vienna, Austria - Europa


  1. This is an awesome declaration for citizen all over the world to change their thinking, change the way they do business, spend no funds with any corporations who are all basically owned and operated by the Cabal. Starve them out, with 40 million people doing the same thing at the same time will impact the markets.

    This is righteous indignation, and it's not to harm anyone; what this does is make what has been wronged for over a hundred years...RIGHT. Nothing hidden everything gained.

    Thank you Mr. Wanta..

    1. Your exactly right fedup, and it's about time someone who was at one time higher up in the the US Corp Gov and has the stones to inform the people how we've been enslaved thru fraud, theft and concealment of our true rights and freedoms. Thank You Mr. Wanta

    2. Scott, one else is laying it out in plain language that we have had enough. At least no one in government who knows the truth.

      I think this is an awesome declaration for citizens of the world.
      This is a confidence booster for sure.

  2. A couple years ago I watched a youtube which gave instructions on how to find what one's own BOND was currently worth. Per the instructions, I found two. Total worth was $2.6B. I believe those instructions were also transcribed since. I saw that , too last year. And, those instructions led me to the same thing, but worth $2.8B. As I recall we use out social security number, but space it differently than spaced on the actual card.
    I was kinda internally "split", half believing it, half"This is too crazy!! This SHIT can't be real!!"

    Maybe somebody here recalls this, and can post the links??? I never saved them....thnx.

    And, while we are at this. The INCOME TAX AMENDMENT was never legally ratified, so it has been an ILLEGAL "taking" from us ALL THESE YEARS!! I just want ALL my income taxes returned, which were fraudulently STOLEN from me UNDER DURESS!! Plus, compounded yearly interest over the 35 years which I worked and was taxed(STOLEN FROM) weekly! Very roughly over $300,000 in taxes STOLEN from me during my lifetime toiling to survive, plus interest. ~steven Living On The Land Near [46394].

  3. Yes,thank you Mr Wanta....outstanding job and call.....


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