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US Expatriation | expect higher 'cash grab' from government when saying 'NO' to citizenship

OWoN: Now the big questions is no longer IF to go, but WHERE to go.

Renouncing U.S. citizenship is about to get a lot more expensive

Yahoo News
By Oliver Knox
8 September 2014

The record numbers of Americans who have renounced their U.S. citizenship since January 2009 did so at the bargain-basement cost of $450, a subsidized fee that the State Department plans to raise sharply this week as more and more people sever their ties with the United States.

Officials say the new pricetag of $2,350 will “capture the real, unsubsidized cost of providing this service” at a time when escalating demand has put new strain on consular resources.

The government does not make public any reasons citizens may have given for renouncing U.S. citizenship, making it impossible to say for certain what has driven the sharp rise in demand. But the most likely cause appears to be the Obama-era crackdown on U.S. citizens hiding wealth overseas.

From 2001 to 2008, 3,937 people who had lived on U.S. soil for at least eight years either renounced their citizenship or gave up lawful permanent resident status, according to Andrew Mitchel, an international tax attorney in Centerbrook, Connecticut, who tracks the figures closely.

From January 2009 to the quarter ending June 30, 2014, the number rose to 9,566, according to a Yahoo News analysis of the figures published on a quarterly basis by the Internal Revenue Service.

The rise has coincided with a campaign that has scooped up about $6 billion in taxes, interest and penalties from more than 40,000 U.S. taxpayers since 2009.

A State Department official who requested anonymity linked the fee hike directly to the escalating numbers of people casting off their citizenship — technically known as “expatriations.” The new fee goes into effect on September 12.

The amount certainly doesn’t seem likely to be a deterrent for some people who might be inclined to give up citizenship or permanent resident status. Highly affluent people shedding their U.S. citizenship to avoid taxes can afford to pay more. And families going home after a long stint working in the United States on a green card may not view the additional cost as much of an obstacle, particularly if they are hoping to stop paying their U.S. taxes.

But Mitchel told Yahoo News by telephone that the State Department's intent in increasing the fee might make some people think twice before taking an irrevocable step.

“They want to impress upon those individuals that there’s no going back,” he said. “They’re making sure that you really, really want to renounce your citizenship.”

Those who still want to go ahead with the process will continue to face hurdles. They have to appear in person, overseas, before an American consular or diplomatic officer to sign an oath of renunciation.

The official website of the U.S. embassy in London details the documentation required, including a “Renunciation Questionnaire” that asks applicants to say when, if ever, they have lived in the United States, how they obtained foreign citizenship, and to list “all previous names used since birth.” However, it never asks them to specify their reason for renouncing their citizenship.

Even going to fight for the extremist militant group the Islamic State (or IS, also known as ISIL or ISIL) will not automatically put an end to an American’s rights to citizenship, although the group has beheaded some of its captives, including two American freelance journalists. To renounce U.S. citizenship, a person must still fill out the questionnaire, according to a State Department official.

This may end up making it easier for Americans fighting for a terrorist group to be killed in a drone strike by their own government than to lose their U.S. citizenship against their will.

In addition to committing what the State Department calls “potentially expatriating acts,” an individual must do so both “voluntarily and with the intention of relinquishing U.S. nationality.”

“The Department has a uniform administrative standard of evidence based on the premise that U.S. nationals intend to retain United States nationality when they perform potentially expatriating acts,” one official told Yahoo News on condition of anonymity.

This assumption is due to the fact that the U.S. government and Americans in general have historically placed a high value on the rights of citizenship. The rationale is that it’s a good thing that it should be extremely difficult for the government to strip someone of their citizenship.

But that could change, if some lawmakers get their way. Some, including Republican Senator Ted Cruz, have called for Americans who fight for IS to forfeit their citizenship — in part out of fear that such extremists could return to the United States and carry out attacks.

“Americans who choose to go to Syria or Iraq to fight with vicious ISIS terrorists are party to a terrorist organization committing horrific acts of violence, including beheading innocent American journalists who they have captured,” Cruz said in a statement Friday. “There can be no clearer renunciation of their citizenship in the United States.”

Precise legislative language for Cruz’s proposal was not available, but a summary provided by his office included the caveat that the measure would only apply to an American who “undertakes these acts with the intent of supplanting his U.S. Citizenship with loyalty to a terrorist organization.”

The State Department signaled resistance to the proposal that such people be stripped of their rights.

"We have the authority now to revoke their passports under U.S. law if the secretary makes a determination about their threat to U.S. national security. We already have that power," Marie Harf, a deputy spokesperson for the department, said. "We also have the power if there’s a law enforcement request to revoke their passport if there’s an outstanding warrant, or something like that."

Previous efforts to modify U.S. law along these lines have failed. In 2010, lawmakers including independent Sen. Joe Lieberman tried to empower the State Department to strip citizenship from Americans who provide material support or resources to groups that Washington labels as terrorists, or who have joined or supported attacks on the United States and its allies.

Hillary Clinton, then secretary of state, did not shut the door to the proposal, which alarmed some civil liberties groups and ultimately went nowhere. She promised to “take a hard look” at the measure.

"Clearly, United States citizenship is a privilege,” she said at the time. “It is not a right.”



  1. Scalp you if you stay, scalp you if you leave. Only Welfare bums or Mega wealthy, or State lackeys will probably stay. For many it is time to ask what if now. For most, you will be better off overseas. Living inside a Cabal raccoon hut existence is Yuk! Truly, a beyond vile and corrupt Government system. It leads in decadence for sure. Only 2 centuries and its run aground. Failed Colonies are no place to be. Those with a brain will find its a big world out there. Its no longer the US most of us knew. Not a pleasant place to go to any more. Screening is way, way, way OTT. No way would I let those animals body grope my kids. Most of us now just pass up on the States. We no longer go.

    1. I'm thinking the Sychelles sound pretty nice!

    2. Few days ago my kid asked me if we could go to Disneyland this year. First thought that came to my mind was the groping think, than the Xray scanning.

      No family should undergo to such shame. Better go to Paris.

  2. For me there are only two options --- to make people aware of what is happening

    1. Collapse and break down US as it was with USSR to few states the best ...

    2. Nuremberg tribunal for Bushes, Bankers, Rockefellers, Rotten-childs, Pentagon

    You will never restart this enterprise .... I do not believe it, use money more financial help to them....

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Or you can stay and fight for something that is dear to your heart. I AM a Wyomingite, an American, and will fight for my country. Yes, I may lose her but I will fight for her. I have tried talking to my friends, my family and they cannot understand nor believe what has happened to America, but I still will try to convince. America keeps much in the dark.

    This is my family, my friends and my people. If I have to die for them, I will.

  5. And our government wants to claim that Americans are hoarding money?! Why no consumer spending...

    What If 20 Million Illegal Aliens Vacated America?

  6. Raising the cost of renouncing US citizenship has gone up by some 400% for the following reasons, as far as I can ascertain:
    1. To deter citizens from leaving
    2. Without real citizens who will pay taxes with 20 million illegal aliens in USA
    3. Citizens don't trust the government
    4. Confiscation of bank accounts
    5. Reduction of pension funds
    6. Rigged stock market
    7. Rigged interest rates
    8. Illegal Mortgages
    9. Hyperinflation
    10.American Dream never was
    11. Education is indoctrination
    12. Satanic Pastors
    13. Crime
    14. Pay to Play
    15. Cost of Education/trickery
    16. Taxes
    17. Debt
    18. No real asset values
    19. Fiat Currency
    20. They can no longer use birth certificates to secure national debt which belong to the Federal Reserve and not the citizen.
    21. War/Warmongering
    22. Unfair Trade Practices
    23. Harboring criminals
    24. Courts/Criminal Justice System
    25. Spying
    26. Racism
    27. Nobody believes MSM
    28. Healthcare
    29. Excessive Cost to do business
    30. Contraction of Monetary policies

    I can list maybe 100 more, but you get the picture. Then they want to say that they have no reason for people wanting to exit this trap. It's a debt trap and it's for life; and the only way out is to get out...but things can change. This I look forward to.

    1. JOHN,

      It takes funds to leave. ~darylluke.

    2. Earn enough as others do. Who cares what jobs, it's all money. Just collate enough to go and leave. The UK has lots of jobs. You work, you eat. You don't you starve. Travel to where the work is like normal people do. Too many Welfare Bums need to be left to sort it themselves. Its a choice and for Refuseniks, who cares? Just look at how damned fat many of these Welfare scroungers are and their kids are. Why keep breeding trouble? They need to be told head on, move! Herd animals do.
      Keep feeding rats and what happens? A major wake up- call is so needed.

    3. Don't think ill run off just yet....

    4. I know you are very busy now, JOHN. We discussed this before. From your position things seem one way. From our position down here, things are quite different. Illinois is #50, right at the very bottom in USA for jobs. I posted that here few weeks back.No funds to travel, no funds to move. This EQUALS no hope. And, to remind you again, I have never taken welfare. I have explained why not here, repeatedly.My latest attempts to reverse this have failed. ~darylluke.

  7. Oh, the depths of their depravity!

    Report: It’s YOUR Fault: Fed Says Americans Who “Hoard Money” Are To Blame For Poor Economy
    Mon, September 8, 2014

  8. John, if we run we are no better than the animals who wish to control us. Over 100m with guns who will not go quietly and the few thousand rat cabal no this. Those who run might find safe haven for a while but sooner or later the same circumstances they run from will catch up to them. We need to keep the pressure on these rats exposure is working, the more we expose the easier your job gets and they will be the ones fleeing to other countries to hide with their problem being who will have them. Cowards turn and run


    1. Although guns will assist against the cabal, they can do nothing against simple economics and financial collapse.

      Living to fight another day is not cowardice, it is prudent.

      I am not staying in Canada because it is too close.

      Bail-ins and confiscations await those who have anything of value if this blows.

    2. Scott

      Very True. You make good points.

      It's a new "WORLD" order...where are you going to run?

      Seriously John, Why England?

      EU countries are in the same boat...side for maybe FEMA.

      Let's examine England:
      They have a social medicine program that is as bad as Obamacare.
      They have mandatory vaccines for their children.
      They have Pedophiles running rampant through the system just like America
      They had their guns taken and now have the highest violent crime rate in the EU
      They have more cameras watching their citizens than most places in the world
      They have been inflated away just like the US Citizens...forget buying property.
      The "official" unemployment rate in the UK in August was 6.4%. In the USA it was 6.1%. Hardly and improvement.
      Going through Heathrow is easily as bad as any American airport.
      Plus, it's cold and rains ALL the damn time!

      Really, if we are to believe in the spirit and reincarnation what is the point in running?

      We will just encounter this evil in all of our future lives.

      There is no where to hide.

      However, a nice long Island vacation with plenty of cervesa's sounds nice!

    3. JV.... very good post.... reality.... and a huge AMEN to the last line!!.... changes in latitude and attitude equals relaxation

  9. Canauzzie, living to fight another day is what we've been doing all our lives, running and hiding plays right into their hands. If your worried about bail ins take your money out of the bank I have, everyone should without our energy they can't survive. This collapse would be global, sure leaving might buy you some time but how much, rioting will be worldwide, I don't understand how so many can be afraid of so few.


    1. Who said anything about hiding? Those who leave a sinking ship are not cowards or running and hiding. It is just the prudent thing to do. If you want to play 'captain must go down with his ship', by all means, be my guest.

      Taking your funds out of the bank isn't always the answer, remember the gold confiscations in the 30s.

      Think of a stone hinting the water, I would rather be in the ripples than the splash.

      Do not confuse educated decisions with fear. If I was afraid do you think I would be running this site. Do you have any idea of the risks involved with that.

      Most nations have aligned with BRICS, many more are preparing. UK alone will be US dependency free in a couple years. The whole world is moving on and planning.

      The US is a paper tiger with its tail on fire.

      Does Custard ring a bell?

  10. Canauzzie, I was not tring to insinuate you were a coward maybe I should have substituted safe haven for hiding, I certainly understand the risk you take with this site. What happened to the talk of John and the White Hats retstoring the republic and turning nations around with the PP,s that been the inspiration to the site lately, now it's time to leave I don't get it. I'm a contractor like you with family and friends and I understand what is going on and I just don't see how packing up and leaving solves anything. By the way didn't Custer work for the cabal and probably got what he deserved from an Indian nation that was pillaged and ransacked by the very same regime that's doing it to us. Thx for your work on this site

    1. If the PPs fail, what then? That is our whole point. You can't just wait and hope, you must plan.

      Securing myself abroad affords me certain security. Does not mean the fight would not continue. Being underneath a tyrannical government does not allow for many options.

  11. Where is there no tyrannical government in the world?


    1. You want to compare apples to oranges?

      How about I say a less tyrannical government, better?

      Where there is no DHS, TSA and Border Patrol check stops 100 miles inside the countries borders.


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