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US Admiral claims 'US bases could be attacked by Russia and China'

OWoN: The reality in a multi-polar world is that all things are shared, even the vast oceans, and so is the ability of hostile nations to strike a potential opponent as maybe required by ever more aggressive US Hegemony actions.

Akula II-class nuclear submarines

US Navy: Russia, China submarines can strike American bases

Press TV
21 September 2014

US Navy’s top Atlantic Submarine Force commander Adm. Michael Connor has warned that Russian and Chinese naval forces are becoming capable of attacking American bases.

Speaking about Russia, he said Moscow appears to have some aspirations territory-wise and influence-wise that are reminiscent of the way they behaved like the Soviet Union.

About China, the admiral said the world has become multi-polar and the United States has competition for global influence and power from a rising China.

“The Chinese have had ballistic missile submarines in some form for a while,” he said.

“Their pace has accelerated and they have several nuclear ballistic missile submarines and are continuing to build more,” the admiral was quoted as saying by

According to the Office of Naval Intelligence, the Chinese Navy is now “increasingly capable of striking targets hundreds of miles from the Chinese mainland.”

Connor added Moscow and Beijing are committed to have an undersea nuclear deterrent capability with a strong naval component.

“We want to resolve minor conflict before they become major conflicts,” he said.

Meanwhile, Federation of American Scientists figures said China’s nuclear arsenal is thought to total about 250 warheads, compared with 2,104 operational US warheads and thousands in reserve.

Chinese officials believe Washington is seeking an excuse to upgrade the country’s nuclear arsenal.

The Obama administration has a long-term plan for the Asia-Pacific region, called “pivot” of US military towards the region.

Experts warn that President Obama’s “pivot” strategy towards Asia and the US military buildup in the Pacific could lead to a potential clash with China and Russia.



  1. Yankees go home to your mamma and never come back ... not welcome.

  2. So, ISiS isn't working like they want it to, ebola pandemic scare is not provoking fear in citizens, people are awakening and seeing through the lies and deception. And, because they are provoking and stoking the flames of war; they want us to believe that China and Russia "could" hit US bases...sure they can...they have the capabilities and they are being prodded in this.

    Stop provoking and begin to take care of affairs at home...stop creating crisis's and begin solving some problems; which are many. For instance, the fact that fiat dollars will be used as toilet paper soon.

  3. Russia, China wonder when America will attack them: US journalist
    (video link could not be embedded)

    The United States’ recklessly aggressive posture towards Russia and China has put them in a position where they are wondering when Washington will attack them, an American political commentator says.

    Don DeBar, an anti-war activist and radio host in New York, made the remarks in a phone interview with Press TV on Monday while commenting on a retired US Navy admiral’s assertion that the US should keep its nuclear weapons in European countries in the wake of Russian activities in Ukraine.

    "Withdrawing our relatively few weapons would be the absolute wrong signal at this moment," former NATO chief James Stavridis said last week.

    DeBar said that “the United States is playing a very dangerous game with Russia, and with China, by the way, but particularly with Russia.”

    “Aside from the decision that was made long time ago to implement the so-called missile-defense [system] in Europe and to move NATO up to the borders of Russia, and even aside from the overthrow of the Ukrainian government that took place with the backing of the United States earlier this year, and the civil war, the war that’s have been going on in Ukraine on the border of Russia now for six months or more, and even despite the obvious determination of Russia to stand up at this point and say enough and no further, the United States now is contemplating or has announced its intensions to bomb targets in Syria in the face of the Syrian government’s sovereignty basically,” he added.

    “With Syria being a treaty-bound ally with Russia - with a mutual defense pact, and with the warning that came from [Russian] Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov over the past few days to the United States that the US must respect Syria’s sovereignty and international law and the United Nations’ charter, the Russians aren't the type to draw rhetorical red lines, like you see President Obama, President Bush, President Clinton,” DeBar said.

    He went on to say that Russians do say exactly what they intend to do, and they generally do what they said they will do. “And they have said that this is not something that is to be permitted.”

    “In a situation where the United States has been encircling steadily -- since the fall of the Soviet Union – Russia where it has been more and more aggressive in its treatment of Russia and announced simultaneously -- over the past few years -- plans to treat China in a similar way, the so-called pivot to Asia, under a condition where Russia and China now feel driven into each other’s arms both in terms of commercial, industrial relations and political relations but also a military cooperation, the continued aggressive posture of the United States towards Russia leads them essentially in a position of wondering when the attack will come,” the activist noted.

    “The game the United States is playing…is extremely dangerous, and not just in terms of some possible political outcome but for the survival of humanity on this planet and most of its life. And it’s extremely reckless what’s coming out from Washington now and unfortunately the only people poised to stop it are the people in the United States and they seem preoccupied with other things,” DeBar concluded.


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