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UN Report | over 120 Million girls raped or sexually assaulted

OWoN: 120M girls raped or sexually abused worldwide. This is humanity at its worst. Tripe that if we count in Muslim marriages to poor 6 and 9 year old's - despotic Pigs. It's not their Culture it's depraved Filth! An archaic, disgusting mind perversion of a religion. Time to educate - Or exterminate!

About one in 10 girls had experienced rape or sexual assault by the age of 20, the UN says

One in 10 girls sexually abused, says UN report

BBC News
5 September 2014

About 120 million girls around the world - slightly more than one in 10 - have been raped or sexually assaulted by the age of 20, a UN report says.

The children's agency Unicef also says 95,000 children and teenagers - most of them in Latin America and the Caribbean - were murdered in 2012 alone.

It notes that children around the globe are routinely exposed to violence, including bullying.

The document draws on data from 190 countries.

'Lifelong repercussions'

The violence "cuts across boundaries of age, geography, religion, ethnicity and income brackets,'' Unicef executive director Anthony Lake said.

Homicide is the leading cause of death among young males in many Latin American countries, the UN says

Violence against children

  • 120m girls - one in 10 - are raped or sexually attacked by age of 20
  • Boys also report experiences of sexual violence, but to a lesser extent than girls
  • The most common form of sexual violence for both genders is cyber-victimisation
  • 95,000 children and teenagers were murdered in 2012
  • Slightly over one in three students aged 13-15 experience regular bullying in school
  • Six out of 10 children aged between two and 14 are physically punished by carers

Source: Unicef report

"It occurs in places where children should be safe, their homes, schools and communities.

"Increasingly, it happens over the internet, and it's perpetrated by family members and teachers, neighbours and strangers and other children.''

The study revealed that about six out of 10 children aged between two and 14 were subjected to physical punishment from their carers on a regular basis.

One in three girls, aged between 15 and 19, who had at some time been in cohabiting relationships, had been victims of emotional, physical or sexual violence committed by their husbands or partners, the report said.

Partner violence appeared to be particularly prevalent in countries including the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Tanzania and Zimbabwe, the report said.

Of the countries surveyed, nearly half of all girls aged 15-19 believed that a husband was justified in hitting his wife under certain circumstances, the study added.

Grim audit

Meanwhile, homicide was reported as the leading cause of death in boys and men aged 10-19 in many Latin American countries, such as Venezuela, Panama, Brazil and Colombia.

Nigeria had the highest number of child homicides - 13,000, while the US had the highest homicide rate among countries in Western Europe and North America.

Research showed that violence was "detrimental to all aspects of a child's growth... with sometimes lifelong repercussions," the report said.

The study said cyber-victimisation was the most common form of sexual violence for both genders

It noted that while there had been growing recognition in recent years about the impact of violence against children, it largely remained underreported and undocumented.

The report stressed that violence against children in some countries remained socially accepted or tacitly condoned, and quite often victims were too afraid to report the abuse.

Never before have so many statistics been gathered from so many different countries, and together they have produced a grim global audit of violence against children, the BBC's Nick Bryant at the UN says.

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  1. Replies
    1. We mean exterminate Rapists and educate kids not to turn out this way.
      Every girl is our sister being and all need to be sheltered from scum. Executed Rapists or Paedophiles don't offend twice! Every father has the God Given right to kill his children's attackers. No State.No Do Gooders, just the Head of the Family alone decides if they live or die. But always with a State right to execute them if needed. These are necessary Death Sentences. They do the crime, they pay.

    2. Amen, there was made film, iguess title Time to kill

    3. Yes John, punishment is a deterrent and should be enforced for pedophilia, rape, murder and crimes against humanity...these should yield a death sentence with no appeals....this is only fair since the crime lasts the victims life time.

    4. The child protective services of the world and companies like Dynecorp are responsible for a large percentage of the deviancy. Big money in human trafficking. Then you add in trauma based mind control through agency programs and you realize the rabbit hole goes deep.

      The spirit doesn't start this evil, it is conditioned to do these types of things.

      Most of these people aren't born sick. Unfortunately, people are products of their environment, so if you were raped and abused young, you are most likely going to do the same. The abuse fractures the mind and splinters alter off to deal with the abuse. Those alters will have different personalities and at least one will continue the deviency. Hidden deep below the front alter.

      It's a perpetuating cycle.

      It will take generations to flush this out of the system as much of it is generational abuse.

      I'm firmly convinced based on my research that our last 3 presidents are products of trauma based mind control and pedophilia/rape when they were young. Many of our world leaders probably were.
      Now they are homosexuals, cross dressers, pedophiles, criminals and they don't want to be outed so they are controllable.

      That's why Obama like dudes and blow!
      That's why Bush liked dudes and blow!
      That's why Clinton was a cross dresser and liked blow!
      That's why Bush Sr was a pedophile

      What a wonderful world.

  2. This poor guy broke up a paedophile ring in Kent and as a result lost his home. He beat the paedophile up and was sued they went after his house.

    Why is this important?

    A survivor of sexual abuse my self as a child when I discovered a paedophile in the extended family abusing a five year old little girl I lost control, reacted violently and assaulted him. The paedophile got legal aid took me to court and won forcing the sale of our home to cover his legal costs.

    Now one could say you should take the law into your own hands. You know what children have been failed in the UK Police social services the care system has failed. What is one to do

  3. Its so sickening and it has to stop

    Two girls hung from tree on same rope after suspected rape in India

    Hope if caught they are hung from a tree by their d**cks

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Friends, this is really disgusting.
    I have no compassion for these perverts or people that mess with kids. We have to be part and support groups and organizations fighting such abuses.

    About the Muslim world, imagine the size of karma coming after death in everlasting pain. There is no compassion here and will not be beyond.

  6. I will say it again! Anyone would think twice when committing a crime which yields "capital punishment." If the penalties are stiff and unrepentant these monsters would think twice...many of these abused children are used for rituals which involve pedophilia...and most won't live to tell. However, new laws need to be enacted that will cover every human on the planet.

    What is so horrendous is the fact that the children who are illegal aliens coming across the border without parents just in time for the high ritual month is a precursor to what we will find later on; orphanages and homes for children are targeted for crimes.

    I read a article where authorities are asking where the children are, and no one is saying anything.

    I demand Divine Intervention and exposure of the perpetrators of these ritual crimes, and pray for the life of the victims who are so so innocent....who need protection...there should perpetually be in place units of law enforcement whose job is dedicated to sniffing these crimes out.

    I have noticed that we send our children to school where we believe they are safe; however, they are being indoctrinated and abused, and very few tell. Many teachers around our children get these jobs because preying on children is easy in the most accessible environment. Isn't it ironic that the two most attended institutions (church and school) perpetrate the most evil toward our children? Think about it!

    If not capital punishment, castration !

    1. We need sentences to fit the crime.
      Castrate, then terminate.

  7. This blog writer doesn't seem to think Fionia Woolf is best choice or even acceptable choice to run pedophile investigation. As an American, I hesitate to criticize UK investigation. At least you have one! The United States is still covering up. Makes me sick!

  8. I think Fiona Wolf is an interesting choice, I trust she she would of been well vetted
    I see many survivors are not pleased about this choice. time will tell. The TRUTH MUST come out

    1. points out some problems with Fiona Woolf's objectivity in the pedophile issue. Maybe she should recuse herself in favor of someone who is not so involved?

  9. Police chief at centre of Rotherham child sex abuse scandal receives death threats after refusing to quit

    Shaun Wright has been targeted in the wake of the damning report
    South Yorkshire Police have since 'reviewed the safety of several people'
    Mr Wright was councillor for children's services between 2005 and 2010
    1,400 children were sexually exploited over a period of 16 years in the town
    David Cameron and Ed Miliband are among those calling for him to quit
    His deputy, Tracey Cheetham, has already resigned from her role

  10. About time ~ Baltimore Ravens terminate $40M contract with Ray Rice over video released today of him punching his then fiance/now wife in the face on the elevator and then dragging her body into the hallway early last year ~ BUSTED !!!! This is bringing abuse of women into the face of all the world via MSM in a big way. NFL is in the spot light and will be on how they handle this.....About time !


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