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UK's Dave Lee Travis found guilty - facing prison

OWoN: In the UK slowly the Sex Perverts, Child Molesters and Pedophiles are feeling the heat as the cases mount and prosecutions grow. Thousands of cases will build over the next few years as the charges proceed.

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In truth, Pervs are Pervs and all deserve equally harsh penalties which should be vehement and show societies utter contempt. Starting with a public flogging using the old 'cat-o-9 tails' with lead tips. Then covered with salt and dragged to Life sentences of hard time. Send a message, do the crime and by God you will do the time. Scum! Show no mercy - let the families decide. Including castration.

A very appealing way to deal with today's Politicians and Bankers also.

DJ Dave Lee Travis has been convicted of indecent assault by a jury at Southwark Crown Court

DJ Dave Lee Travis faces jail after being found GUILTY of groping TV personality but CLEARED of assault on stage hand - and jury fails to reach verdict on third charge

  • Former Radio 1 star found guilty of indecently assaulting woman in 1995
  • The attack happened after he appeared on the Mrs Merton Show
  • Victim told court she 'froze' as he squeezed her breasts in a corridor
  • He is cleared by jury in London of another charge of indecent assault
  • Jurors were unable to agree a verdict on another charge of sexual assault
  • Judge says 'all sentencing options are open', including a prison term
  • CPS have said he faces a maximum sentence of up to 10 years in jail
  • He becomes the third celebrity convicted under Operation Yewtree

Mail Online
By Richard Spillett for MailOnline
and Sam Greenhill for the Daily Mail
23 September 2014

Dave Lee Travis was facing jail last night after he was convicted of using his ‘Demi-god’ status to molest a young researcher at the BBC.

The ‘sleazy’ DJ thought he had a ‘perfect right’ to grope the young woman – who is now a successful TV personality in her own right.

He got away with it because the producer told of the attack failed to challenge him or take any action, a court heard.

Travis, who arrived at court with his his wife Marianne Griffin (left), became a household name in the 1970s after appearing on Radio 1 (right)

The ex-Top of the Pops presenter (pictured leaving court today) was cleared on a second charge of indecent assault. The jury were unable to agree a verdict on another charge of sexual assault and were discharged

Travis (pictured leaving court with his wife Marianne) was found guilty of the offence at Southwark Crown Court

Travis groped the young woman behind the scenes of this appearance on the Mrs Merton show

The BBC now faces being sued by a number of women who claim DLT sexually abused them during his 30-year career with the corporation.

Travis himself is also expected to face a number of law suits – including that of a woman who claims he attacked her when she was a ‘pre-teen’ in the 1970s.

The disgraced former Radio 1 superstar joins Rolf Harris and Max Clifford as sex attackers convicted under Operation Yewtree, the £3million police investigation into historic crimes sparked by the death of Jimmy Savile.Travis was found not guilty of a second charge of indecent assault, and the jury was hung on a third allegation, which was formally recorded as a not guilty verdict.

The 69-year-old, wearing a cream white jacket, black shirt and green tie, stood impassive in the dock as the guilty verdict rang out.

The offence of indecent assault carries a maximum sentence of ten years in jail.

Travis, seen leaving court after his conviction, has been told he could face 10 years in jail for the crime, but his defence team said they will argue for a non-custodial sentence

Journalists asked Travis if he was 'remorseful' and if he was 'sorry' for calling his victim a liar, but the former DJ refused to answer questions, telling reporters: 'I cannot say anything until Friday'

Travis’s lawyer tried to suggest a custodial sentence would not be necessary, and that a fine or community service might be in order – but Judge Anthony Leonard QC questioned whether such a punishment would be appropriate.

Yewtree's third scalp - the met police operation since Savile

Travis is the third celebrity scalp to be claimed by sex crime inquiry Operation Yewtree.

The 69-year-old was the fourth figure with links to the entertainment industry to be arrested as part of the investigation, which has now seen a total of 17 people questioned by police.

Scotland Yard had faced questions over the success of the probe, which has produced three convictions - veteran entertainer Rolf Harris and PR guru Max Clifford are both serving prison sentences.

The investigation was launched in the wake of claims made against late DJ Jimmy Savile, who was exposed as one of the most prolific sex offenders in British history after an ITV documentary.

So far eight people - including comedians Jim Davidson and Freddie Starr - have been told that no further action will be taken against them, and another three, including broadcaster Paul Gambaccini, remain on police bail.

The other six have been charged. As well as the three convictions, former pop star Gary Glitter and ex-Radio One DJ Chris Denning are facing prosecution in separate cases. Driver David Smith was due to face trial but died before he could do so.
Adjourning his sentencing until Friday, he warned Travis: ‘You must understand that all my options remain open.’

The grey-haired broadcaster replied: ‘I understand. Thank you your honour.’

Released on bail, Travis – who previously branded the case a celebrity witch hunt – refused to apologise to his victim as he left court. Flanked by his Swedish wife of 43 years, Marianne, who coiled a supportive arm around him, he said: ‘I can’t say anything until Friday.’

Travis protested his innocence throughout the trial. He tried to dismiss his victims as ‘fantasists and liars’, but the jury heard the women were not hunting for fame or fortune and had no reason to blacken his name.

Once he was in the dock, the veteran broadcaster was branded a sexual predator and a ‘dirty old man’ who ‘liked to put his paws all over the girls’.

Prosecutor Miranda Moore QC said: ‘The defendant, according to these ladies, simply seemed to act as if he had a perfect right to touch their breasts or put his hands in their clothing to grope them. He is an opportunist.’

Two years ago, Travis was so confident he would not be arrested that he declared those who claimed they were molested by Savile were simply ‘jumping on the bandwagon’.

But then – after the Daily Mail was the first to reveal claims against him – more than a dozen women came forward to alleged Travis attacked them too.

He was the first Operation Yewtree suspect to come to court, but at his first trial in February he was cleared of molesting eight women and a 15-year-old girl during his 30-year BBC career.

The woman told Travis's trial that the assault in the mid 1990s was 'unbelievably weird' and she thought the former Top Of The Pops presenter (pictured prior to today's court hearing) got a 'sexual thrill' from the incident

Travis, pictured (left) with radio presenter Bruno Brookes in 1986 and (right) in 1983, rose to fame in the 1970s

The jury failed to agree verdicts on two other women he was accused of attacking, and prosecutors decided to retry him on these two counts, plus a third count of indecent assault involving a researcher from the Mrs Merton Show who had come forward during his first trial but was too late to be added to the charges.

When told he faced a retrial, the veteran DJ was furious, declaring his ‘nightmare is going to go on’.

He was convicted of the 1995 assault but he was cleared of attacking a stage hand in 1990 at a pantomime production of Aladdin, who had claimed she was saved when The Chuckle Brothers unwittingly interrupted Travis as he lunged at her in his dressing room.

He was also cleared of sexually assaulting a newspaper journalist who had come to interview him in 2008 at his luxury Buckinghamshire home.

Travis’s accusers have so far not been young children, but yesterday a woman came forward to say he attacked her when she was a ‘pre-teen’ in the 1970s.

Speaking about the 1995 assault, former ‘Mrs Merton’ producer Peter Kessler told ITV news last night: ‘She was just shocked and quite breathless, as far as I can recall. But she was not saying I feel as though I’ve been violated or something like that.

‘It was really just like a surprisingly sleazy thing had happened.’

A BBC spokesman said: ‘The BBC is appalled by the crime Dave Lee Travis has been convicted of’, adding: ‘We can’t comment on potential civil claims.’

Travis touched me for a weird sexual thrill, says his victim

A TV personality has told how Dave Lee Travis groped her for a ‘weird sexual thrill’ when she was a young researcher on the Mrs Merton Show.

She fled to her boss, BBC producer Peter Kessler, and told him: ‘Oh my God, Dave Lee Travis just grabbed my t**s.’

But the allegation was not pursued by the corporation. The woman has since become a successful entertainer in her own right, and admitted in court that she has spoken publicly about Travis’s wandering hands.

Travis was convicted of an indecent assault on a production crew member on the Mrs Merton Show. File photo

She said she had added humour to make it ‘palatable for the audience’, and defended her choice, saying it was a ‘positive and healthy’ way for her to cope with the assault.

Despite speaking publicly about the assault in the past, the woman has not waived her legal right to anonymity as a victim of sexual assault. Last night her agent said she did not wish to say anything. No official complaint was ever lodged at the corporation, which has come under fire for turning a blind eye to Jimmy Savile’s abuse of girls and boys on its premises.

At the time of the assault, in January 1995, the victim was in her early 20s. Travis cornered her in a corridor and chastised her for smoking.

He told her: ‘You shouldn’t be smoking – think about what it is doing to your poor little lungs.’

Travis then touched her ribcage before sliding his hands up to her breasts in a ‘squeezing grope’. She said the assault ‘felt like ages’ but lasted about ten to 15 seconds before she escaped his clutches. ‘It was the weirdest thing that had happened to me,’ said the woman, who gave evidence without a screen, in view of Travis in the dock.

‘One minute I am meeting this radio DJ and the next minute I am being sexually assaulted by him.’

In his police interview, Travis accused the woman of ‘jumping on the bandwagon’ in a bid to boost her career.

‘It’s just good PR for her to have comments saying, “You know what? DLT groped her”,’ he told detectives.

‘I remember the days when people touched other people and you kick them in the b***s and say “don’t be silly”. You don’t take them to bloody court.’

The victim came forward during Travis’s first trial, but was too late to be added to the charges.

The case against Dave Lee Travis - the three charges he faced and the jury's verdicts

  • Indecent assault on Mrs Merton show crew member - guilty

A TV personality told how Dave Lee Travis groped her for his 'weird sexual thrill' backstage at the Mrs Merton Show.

She fled to her boss, BBC producer Peter Kessler, and told him: 'Oh my God, Dave Lee Travis just grabbed my t*ts'.

Comedian Dave Gorman, who was a 
writer on the show, said he remembered 
hearing that the incident was 'aggressive' 
and not a 'playful' act
But no official complaint was ever lodged at the corporation which has come under fire for turning a blind eye to Jimmy Savile's abuse of girls and boys on their premises.

Travis had a reputation for being a 'bit of an octopus' at the BBC studios in Manchester because he had 'hands that go everywhere', the woman said.

She was working on the spoof chat show when the 'Hairy Cornflake' cornered her in the corridor in the mid-1990s.

Seeing the victim, who was in her early 20s at the time, Travis chastised her for smoking.

He told her: 'You shouldn't be smoking think about what it is doing to your poor little lungs'.

Travis then touched her ribcage before sliding his hands up to her breasts in a 'squeezing grope'.

The assault which 'felt like ages' lasted for 10-15 seconds before the 'shaking' victim escaped his clutches.

'It was the weirdest thing that had happened to me,' she said.

Comedian Dave Gorman said he had later heard that Travis had 'grabbed' the woman's breasts.

He told the court: 'My feeling was, if you think back to that time, the idea we'd call the police and say 'Dave Lee Travis grabbed (the woman's) t***', it wouldn't have gone anywhere.'

Indecent assault on Pantomime stage hand - not guilty

Travis was accused of assaulting a stage hand at the Hawth theatre in Crawley, West Sussex, where he was playing Aladdin's evil uncle, Abanazar, in a pantomime in 1990.

The crew member said he pinned her to a door and 'engulfed' her, touching her 'from top to toe' as he towered over her.

She told how she felt 'shaken up', 'humiliated' and 'scared' after being cornered by the former DJ.

The Chuckle Brothers, real names are Paul and Barry Elliott, said they had not heard about the claims

The Chuckle Brothers, who shared the bill alongside Travis in the production, said they had never heard about the alleged attack.

The comedy duo, whose real names are Paul and Barry Elliott, said it was a complete shock when the allegations later emerged.

Paul Elliott told the jury: 'The first that I heard about it was in the newspapers and it was a complete shock.'

He also dismissed claims that female staff had to be chaperoned around the venue and were advised to stay away from Travis's room.

He said: '[I] never saw anything like that. We were sharing the bill and we would have been told of anything that was going on.'

Travis was cleared by the jury of this charge.

The pair starred alongside Travis at the Hawth theatre in Crawley, West Sussex, at the time of one alleged assault, which Travis was cleared of today

Sexual assault on a national newspaper reporter - jury failed to reach a verdict, not guilty verdict recorded

A national newspaper reporter told the how Travis grabbed her breasts after pestering her strip off for a photo shoot at his home.

Travis was said to have invited the 24-year-old to his home to reminisce about a Radio 1 Christmas party with stars including Jimmy Savile and John Peel, for a nostalgia feature.

He allegedly told the young woman she had a 'good figure' during his first attempt at persuading her to pose for a 'tacky' picture.

When Travis again tried to talk her into a photo shoot, she desperately tried to put him off by blurting out 'my boobs are not big enough'.

The woman claimed Travis then kept his hands on her breasts for four seconds before pulling them away and carried on as if nothing had happened.

She added that she could 'see it in his eyes' before Travis groped her, and that he 'took his chance'.

The jury failed to reach a verdict on this charge and a not guilty verdict will be recorded.

Quack quack oops! Catchphrases and a larger-than-life personality that dominated Radio 1's 'Smashie and Nicey' years

Travis was part of a generation of Radio
1 DJs whose fame almost eclipsed that 
of the artists whose music they played
With his quirky catchphrases and over-the-top personality, Dave Lee Travis came to personify Radio 1 in its heyday when it pulled in massive audiences and its DJs were almost as famous as the artists whose records they played.

DLT - whose real name is David Patrick Griffin - learned his trade in clubs and on pirate radio as well as a stint touring the United States with Herman's Hermits before joining the BBC in the late 1960s.

Dubbed the Hairy Cornflake as a result of the hirsute presenter's stint on the Radio 1 breakfast show, he was a fixture on the station for more than two decades and a regular on Top Of The Pops (TOTP).

The larger-than-life star, who drove a yellow pontiac he called the Flying Banana, even had a hit single of his own when his version of the trucking song Convoy GB, attributed to Laurie Lingo And The Dipsticks, was a top five hit in 1976.

It was a parody of CW McCall's hit which had been in the charts just weeks earlier and saw him guesting on TOTP himself, dressed as a superhero with his face covered.

But by the early 1990s, audiences for Radio 1 were falling and plans to bring in a new generation of DJs - who would bring a new generation of listeners with them - were under way, with controller Matthew Bannister wielding the axe for many familiar voices thought to be out of step with the plan to appeal to younger audiences.

Travis, complete with his 'quack, quack, oops' catchphrase and gimmicks including the snooker on the radio game, was seen as old-fashioned and was being parodied on a weekly basis by Harry Enfield with his Smashie and Nicey characters.

The characters, which lampooned Travis as 'BLT - the Hairy Sandwich', reflected the view that Radio 1 and its veteran presenters were falling behind the times.

DLT jumped before he was pushed when he quit Radio 1 live on air in 1993, telling listeners that 'changes are being made here that go against my principles and I just cannot agree with them'.

He kept working, with stints on stations including Classic Gold, Garrison Radio and Spectrum FM, but did not leave the BBC entirely.

His programme A Jolly Good Show stayed on the World Service until 2001 and in 2011 an unlikely fan emerged in the shape of Burmese pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

Travis was first arrested in October 2012 under Operation Yewtree, Scotland Yard's investigation into historic sexual abuse in the wake of allegations against Sir Jimmy Savile

She told the Radio Times that the request show helped make her 'world much more complete' when she listened to it during her years under house arrest.

The DJ was even introduced to the campaigning politician when she visited Broadcasting House in 2012.

Along with his love of broadcasting, Travis has also spoken of his passion for photography.

In his private life, Travis married Swedish girlfriend Marianne in 1971.

The couple reared pigs and chickens in the home counties, with Marianne often accompanying Travis to his guest appearances and DJ slots.

The court was told his arrest and 
subsequent court cases have left 
him facing financial ruin and have 
forced him to sell his house
Although happily married, during his first trial Travis admitted that he had given in to 'temptation' more than once during his career, as he enjoyed the celebrity status being a Radio 1 DJ afforded him.

During his two trials, both defence and prosecution witnesses alike described the 6ft 1in-tall defendant as a 'gentle giant' and 'larger than life' character who enjoyed giving bear hugs to all he met.

When asked to describe himself during the first case, he told jurors to much amusement: 'I have never said, in my life, that I am a sex symbol. No, I am a big, hairy, cuddly bear.'

Jurors heard that Travis's career dramatically ground to a halt when he was arrested in October 2012, with his defence barrister Stephen Vullo QC saying the former star was 'finished' and his reputation 'totally ruined'.

He has also faced financial ruin and sold his house in order to pay private investigators to help in his defence case.

Mr Vullo said the fact that Travis had been investigated by officers from Operation Yewtree - the inquiry set up in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal - had put him under a 'massive intrusive microscope'.

'Anybody that's ever had anything against him at all has really had the opportunity in the last two years to tell Operation Yewtree all about it,' he added.

BBC may be sued for failing to stop him

Night of the assault: Dave Lee Travis greets Mrs Merton on set at the BBC's Manchester studios

The BBC now faces being sued for its failure to hold Dave Lee Travis to account while he worked there.

The Mrs Merton Show assault occurred at the BBC’s Manchester studios, and at least one of the eight women he was cleared of assaulting at his first trial now plans to take civil action against him. Lawyers said the fact that DLT has been acquitted of 14 charges was no barrier to a civil action.

Yesterday solicitor Liz Dux, whose firm Slater & Gordon is representing several women allegedly assaulted by Travis, said: ‘Each case would be judged individually. Any victim pursuing a civil claim would pursue both Travis and the BBC – they would be jointly liable with him for his acts.’

A civil court would be entitled to find Travis and the BBC liable on the ‘balance of probabilities’, rather than ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ required for a criminal conviction.

Last night a spokesman for the BBC said: ‘The BBC is appalled by the crime Dave Lee Travis has been convicted of.’ She added: ‘We can’t comment on potential civil claims.’



  1. So the hairy cornflake is will be doing porridge..I read more allegations of a pre teen have surfaced, 1 0f 7 charges previously dropped by CPS...

    Child sex inquiry into MP ‘blocked by senior police’

    CSA inquiry can we expect an update as to the scope and perimeters... understand if no comment due to sensitivities, and police investigations..surrounding this..

  2. LL33.
    Expect yet more allegations against him to be pursued. Many women feel revolted by what he did but too ashamed to support prosecution. But more will and CPS are currently assessing anonymity protection solutions
    LL33. Stand by for Police, Civil Servants, Politicians, and vast networks of Pakkies to be charged. The investigating teams are now going through CPS clearances. Judges and Senior officials are now inundated with Old Boys trying to get them off the hook, but it won't work. Allegations files now go to a Central Oversight Committee so kiss goodbye, all of you, to recalling Bum Chum favours. Each one is tracked and CPS now massively challenged for any they try to derail or decline. Be prepared for Police to be exposed. The Old Boy Network wont help them now. Every call is on intercept and will be used against them. You saw how a Police Chief thought he was beyond the Law and tried to bluster and decline. As did Senior Social Services parties. They have been given an offer, cooperate or we will add it and book it to what is coming at you and triple the charges and sentences. Solicitors ( Lawyers) have been told now if we catch you covering up your clients crimes, we will charge you with perverting the course of justice. They are now resigning to stop more charges. Many now see how bad it is for all of them. No mercy!
    You saw what happened with the Plebgate scandal. Police lied. Electronics and technology has been used against them.
    Revenge is raging and this ISIS threat plus be-headings puts a whole new focus on the Pakkies. The Politically correct crap is ending. Parties are now being warned you will all be charged with Perjury in addition when you lie on oath. That alone jails you.
    Just watch it all unfold each month as more walk the plank. Thousands are implicated. Expanded Jails are now planned to cope with this trash. Then we can move the Politicians and bankers in to follow. Open EU borders have allowed vast numbers of convicted EU Rapists and murders, plus molesters to come in unchecked. This is madness.
    Once we get the country out of the EU we can clear this garbage out. I hope Travis gets at least 4 years but he still has avoided conviction on the major charges. When more follow, the next juries will be less gullible.
    We need deportation for all these Pakkies and families after release from Jails. Straight to the airports and gone. If the Pakkies refuse them back we need to throw them out with a parachute. Preferably one with a chute which self detonates at 1,000 feet. The Tri Laterals and CFR will donate.


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