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Tony Rooke Wins In Court | BBC found to be complicit in 9/11 cover up - video

OWoN: This is devastating information on 9/11 and the Terrorism complicity of the BBC. It's a massive blow to the Cabal. The UK court just found them guilty. 

What now for MSM truth? What now for the US Congress? Where is truth? Where is the Congressional Inquiry? Where are the arrests? Why isn't this all over the media now?

Big Victory! UK Man Wins Court Case Against BBC for 9/11 Cover Up!

15 September 2014

By EddyTheCat7
25 February 2014

History of Case


  1. Fantastico ........

    Thank you, I have heard about his fellow years back but forgot about him.....

    Great...thank you.....

  2. This now needs to get well publicised and debated. Huge issues.

  3. All of the MSM news networks need to go down as well...they are all complicit...then what...the perpetrators are within range...HERE WE COME!

  4. Earlier interview 2013 with Tony Rooke: The NWO 9/11 Truth Trial & Film.

  5. This one I will post today to every new article of today.....

    To all OWON readers and contributors

    1 Many people believe in you, John, canauzzie, different known and unknown parties .... much is invested in each of you and many sacrifices were made for you sake

    2 Many people believe in you that you will have commitment to carry on even in case we become lucky and get some mercy kick

    3 Many people believe in you that you will not disappear once you will be served with some financial kick

    4 In case you disappear it is OK, nobody will judge you, it is your life.....those who serve us are real knights of humanity and they serve without case you go you go no harsh feelings, they know that God will provide new really committed people

    5 In case you go to idle life it is OK, nobody will judge you, it is better to have 5 committed people then 50 whose commitment depends on full stomach only ....

    6 In case you go to idle life, it is OK nobody will judge you, we will carry on because we are committed to serve others according to our possibilities here or there, more or less. We endure hardship and what the heck, what kind of hardship it was when you look back from a vantage point of new gains that will matter to eternity....It was no hardship, it was piece of cake....once you will say looking back telling your grandchildren about John and canauzzie about WH and many good other heroes.....

    Are you with us????? We do not need to be united in a group yet we may however we might be just united in spirit going about doing good individually here and there....

  6. We are with all the causes and needs of the people. Our focus is deep. also different. We just know- more.

  7. Tony Rooke court case case was in 2013

    New 9/11 Survivor Provides Explosive New Evidence

    EXCLUSIVE: Never Before Seen Photos from 9/11 RELEASED

    1. Thank you LL#33,

      We posted it as well to save confusion. We actually posted it back in June of 2013 originally, but are helping to spread the word again as it is gaining traction again.

  8. Well? Which is it? This just happened? Or, this happened last year???

    .....I'm SO CONFUSED!! ~darylluke.

  9. I sent the dahboo77 youtube to Glen Greenwald. It would be good fr humanity if he did an expose article about it in Huffington Post. He has a wide following! ~darylluke.

  10. Okay, I get it. THIS happened 19 months ago. And, for some reason the evidence he presented CANNOT be used again by anybody. How can that be true? Maybe I don't understand British courts? ~darylluke.

  11. YES, indeed!! THIS needs to be pushed, because it really IS significant that this judge considered his evidence presented to the judge. It is simply OUTRAGEOUS that the lady newscaster was talking about the TOWER 7 being destroyed, when right there behind her it was STILL standing!! How many thousands MORE died in that tower demolition, being blamed on islamic terrorists?? MILLIONS of viewers saw that LIVE broadcast!! ~darylluke.

  12. Explosive Islamic State: ‘US failure to look into Saudi role in 9/11 has helped Isis’
    In an exclusive interview, the Senator who led inquiry into attack says Obama’s plan to confront Sunni jihadis repeats past mistakes

    Release the redacted 28 pages on 911 report of Saudi part, sealed by Bush


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