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Time for a change - a 'Regime Change' - in America

OWoN: Life and truth are complex realities. Humanity and the public are abysmally ignorant of reality and live in a childlike alternative universe. The Vatican, Congress and Zionists even worse.

Sadly so much below is true. but does it resonate, if so, with you?

If so, what Cuckoo land are you living in? 90% of Washington DC came down the Potomac in a Bubble!

Regime Change In America!

After all these years of supposed 'Regime Change' in dozens of nations: It’s clear from all those failures that 'Regime Change' must happen in America!
By Jim Kirwan
16 September 2014

It would be very interesting to find out what the “put-options” are in Vegas right now. How many planes will the US will lose in the coming attack on Syria? And since Soros and others have made so much money betting against so much of what has happened all the way from 911 to the present situation ­ I wonder how much money will change hands on what’s about to happen now?

Given that four different US presidents have sent us to war in Iraq alone, and it’s still not “under our control”, one has to wonder why anyone still listens to anything our war-machine continues to churn out? Gadaffi was another of our “must have” Regime Changes, and look at what we left behind in Libya! Same thing in Egypt many different times, still chaos there. In fact in every country we jumped into, illegally, while demanding “REGIME CHANGE” we have not only not won anything we’ve left behind nothing but chaos and massive destruction—yet we’ve never paid for any of that destruction, or the massive loss of human life, at about ten civilians to every one American.

We’ve destroyed any and all of the laws that had been in effect until Israel and USI decided that “the laws” had nothing to do with them—because being ‘very special nations’ none of the laws whether national or international have ever been applied to either Israel or USI.

For the last three years we’ve been waging a totally illegal aggressive war against Syria, in order to throw out Assad—because he needs to be replaced, because “his people just don’t know how evil he truly is”?

With all of the above as prologue, the only two nations in the world that are in dire need of a full and complete REGIME CHANGE are Israel and the old USA. There is absolutely no reason to retain these lying traitors because neither of them or their administrations has ever told the truth, about anything that’s happened in the world, since we entered the New Millennium.

In fact neither America nor Israel can point to any military victory anywhere, which could be used to prop up all the crap they continue to spew about just how powerful and “irresistible these totally failed powers have become. Both “economies’ are in total shambles. Neither nation can be trusted to do anything they “promise” to do. Neither “nation” has any plan for anything except only more WAR, WAR and LOTS MORE WAR!

There is nothing to “get” by retaining these cretins except more torture, blood and death and yet they continue to befoul the airwaves with their childish pronouncements on every possible subject—except on anything to do with when or how this continuing war will ever end?

Consequently the world must inflict “Regime Change” on both the US and Israel—as the only way out of the potential oblivion which they have designed to kill 95% of the human race!

This time around both Russia and Iran have said that there will be consequences if our self-proclaimed dictator decides to send in American warplanes or missiles ­ against Syria. Yesterday he announced that if Syria dares to try to defend itself then the US will wipe out their entire air-defense system: Which is of course a Declaration of War…

It might be very interesting if while American war-planes and missiles were on their illegal way toward Syria - that a similar force was headed straight for Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, along with many of the huge number of Air Bases (above) that surround Iran (in BLUE) at the moment.

Iran is as advanced, or more so, when it comes to protecting themselves, and Russia has no equal at the moment and yet Obama behaves as if neither nation even exists. That might be a fatal flaw in this badly battered and failed plan that has been going on now for over three years with loss after loss after loss to the USRAEL side of it.

Why will this attack be any different? NATO, more weapons, or the total boogey-men of ISIS along with Al Nusrah, ISIL, Al Qaeda, and any number of armed madmen that will be used to cover-up the real point here which is the obliteration of Syria. Even calling this “REGIME CHANGE” is a misnomer; they simply want the land for prepositioning purposes in their coming all out attack against Russia.

Maybe the time has come to slap the bullies around a bit like giving the residents of Tel Aviv a nuclear greeting card, along with some unexpected visits to some of those overfed US bases all around Iran?

There really are limits to what “others” will put up with when dealing with US Incorporated. Maybe this time will be the time, when without comment, the talking will stop and the planes and missiles and ships of the “Amerikans” will finally begin to fall in numbers never expected, prior to these obscene threats by Obama against Syria…

Whatever does happen something has to give ­ because the world cannot live with these outlaws at the helm of anywhere!



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    1. Don’t Try To Control An Uncontrollable War • Impeach Obama Now; Create A Solution For The United States
      September 15, 2014 • 8:57PM

      Lyndon LaRouche says it all,

      "the new policy of peace through development for all nations has changed the potential of the whole international situation."

      "The United States must join this effort, and its new international development banks, to save itself from the collapse and ruin of the trans-Atlantic financial system and economies."

      But “The idiots on Wall Street don’t want us to do it,” said Lyndon LaRouche during the National Policy Committee discussion today.

      “The idiots will kill us all off, if they can get a chance to do it.”

      "The war Barack Obama and his British imperial superiors are now expanding, has a potentially thermonuclear character, as LaRouche stressed again, and this kind of conflagration generated from one, collapsing part of the planet cannot be stopped from reaching others."

      "Now, on Obama’s specific and insane war mission, LaRouche said that it is absolutely the case that Obama’s new war is, in fact, another regime-change war against Syria, to bring down and kill its president"

      "The British House of Commons research department has issued a report Monday morning, publicized in a London Telegraph article, saying that bombing Syria now, as Cameron and Obama demand, would be illegal and in violation of international law."

      "The fact that this institution did this now, LaRouche said, means that Obama is about to bomb Syria. And a lot of members of the Congress are prepared to sit there and watch it."

      "Out of control, LaRouche said, is out of control. Obama has already gone far, far too far. His next step could be the end of civilization. Stop him, get him out of office, or the result will be uncontrollable. You can’t take a defensive posture against such a threat. You have to stop it."

      "WE have to stop it. Throw Obama out. Bring out the truth of 9/11 and terrorism."

      Comment mine:
      We have to stop this spiraling out of control aggression by bringing to the responsible the fact that there is enough evidence to prosecute the entire government for being complicit in destroying humanity, for their purpose of financial gain...personal and private gain. We didn't agree to this, and all of the actions for the last 20+ years have been illegal. There has been no outright aggression against the American people, whatsoever, and it's going to take THE PEOPLE to put a stop to this...NOW! This is the only solution.


  3. John, am glad this is posted. Being a numbers person with high empathy none of this has made sense for a long time. An uncle who was a POW and my mother, a RN at a VA Hospital taught me different. He and mom were right. So were those like JFK and others like him that told us about the industrial military complex with their banking cohorts. War was money to them, life meant little. So again Thank you OWoN for posting this. The sooner we change what the US and Israeli governments have become the sooner we can start living like the world of brothers and sisters we all are.

  4. John,
    is anything finally tracking good, or still just your boot? I can't take another year of nothing materializing lol.

    1. ZN

      A lot is in day play right now. Ripping it from dead claws takes time, Especially as the dead still walk as Zionists or Cabal.

  5. John/Canauzzie,

    Is this possibly evidence that the noose is finally tightening around their necks and they no longer have carte blanche to commit crimes worldwide?

    CIA Plane in Big Aussie-American Heroin Bust

    Posted on September 12, 2014

    “Newly-obtained FAA registration records reveal that the American “mystery plane” busted this July with 35 kilos of heroin at an airport outside Sydney, Australia was a CIA plane. At least, it had been when it rolled off the assembly line 40 years earlier, courtesy a CIA deal with the U.S. Forest Service. And the CIA never sells off its planes.

    The American-registered ‘mystery plane’ in Australia was a Merlin III twin–engine turbo-prop ( tail number N224HR).

    FAA registration records show it was commissioned in the early 70’s by the U.S. Forest Service from aircraft manufacturer Swearingen in San Antonio, part of an operation to “sheep-dip” CIA planes through the U.S. Forest Service.

    “Sheep-dip” is spook-speak for concealing the source or true ownership of something, or, at the very least, hiding it from Congress. When the plane was ordered, the CIA was merely anticipating Congressional calls for reining in the CIA, through (tellingly) forcing the Agency to divest its proprietary airlines.

    By the time the plane was delivered two years later, the calls had grown much louder. In another two years, they’d become successful. More on this in a moment.

    Hmm. A “sophisticated” drug network…

    The discovery of an American-registered plane delivering drugs at an Australian airport heralded, according to Australian law enforcement, a “sophisticated drug network” that had begun using the tiny Illawarra Regional Airport, 60 miles south of Sydney, to import guns and drugs.

    The purchase in the U.S. of the Merlin III, and the plane’s subsequent two-month long saga on its journey “home” to Australia, an Australian law enforcement official told Sydney’s Daily Telegraph, were actions undertaken at the behest of a “major international crime syndicate.”

    Police were said to be “close-mouthed;”and “tight-lipped.” After revealing they had confiscated 35 kilos, they refused to identify the drug involved, which is heroin.

    more at


  7. And we thought the terrorist are somewhere else? We need to take a hard look at who is the aggressor? We need to contemplate and voice exactly what we want our elected officials to do. Over 100 years of this tyranny is all the years for most of us here. When will there be peace, when will this aggression stop? When will these illegal wars of aggression end?

    We have had enough of the slaughter and murder of innocence, we are all ONE.

    We want freedom, peace, and cooperation in the world. Impeachment should be sought immediately, with criminal charges for all of the crimes committed against humanity. Enough is enough!

  8. Good for Great Britain!! Scotland stays!! ~darylluke.

    1. 25 minutes ago. ~darylluke.

      YES - 1,036,810 (46.34%)
      NO - 1,200,695 (53.66%)"

    2. G.Britain and Scotland will have a lot to celebrate about. Cooperation is the key.

    3. DL,

    4. They have a bunch of vermin at the top who are crooks and worse right now. They would mismanage and steel whatever was not nailed down! I do believe that the zionists wanted the YES vote just for that! They would be in on the feeding-frenzy which would have ensued once all those assets got "unlocked" should a YES vote had prevailed. ~darylluke.

  9. Malaysian Flight MH17 crash analysis, by The Russian Union of Engineers
    Cannon fire followed by a2a missile

  10. BoB, Biffie, P and others

    Thanks for valuable info ......, thank you very much, I started with magnesium right at the spot (Geeeez, I love sauna...., I had no idea..) and go for night tea with valerian root -

    I guess John would recommend 'Vodka and Martini - shaken not stirred'

    1. Damn you Vlastimil what about the hot chick thrown in? Lol

    2. Right on. Good for you. Experiment around, do some research, see what works for you. We are all different. What works for me, may not for you. Good luck or should I saw sweet dreams.

    3. Don't get used to taking the melatonin. It backfires on you over time....Velarian has its' drawbacks, too. BoB was right-ON target. ~darylluke.

    4. You welcome Vlastik,

      Just careful with wet sauna Friend. Dry sauna is healthier.
      If water is treated with high levels of chlorine, when turns vapor, it will concentrate in the air multiplying the poison effect when you inhale. Dangerous stuff.

      Magnesium is the Maestro of all minerals. Magnesium will fix arrhythmia and also constipation mostly on woman, but with higher doses. Magnesium is essential friend, a miracle.

      Woman should have the correct levels of selenium and levels of iodine all the time to prevent thyroid imbalance and adrenal fatigue. Once you loose that, thyroid will become a Living Hell. Obesity and Morbid Fat is just the beginning. So to women out there, make sure you take care of yourself before late.

      The 3 letter word would keep your 3rd leg down. HPV, hot chicks anyone? lol

    5. Vlastik,

      Just want to continue share valuable information with you and others here.

      As you are an athlete, bodyshaper or sweat a lot, you need to take zinc, iodine and magnesium after exercise or daily. Or you could use Spirulina.

      Spirulina is also a superfood and only grows in High Alkaline waters. Is the most powerful herb around ok? If there is a nuclear war few daily pills of this unique herb would sustain your body and energy balance for many many months. It has 20 essential amino acids, high in calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and zinc, also many levels of IODINE ok? So would benefit the thyroid as well.

      And talking about thyroid, it has an important function to govern your metabolism basal producing T hormones and calcitonin. Every cell in our body is a receptor for these hormones ok. Women have greater chances to contract hypothyroidism because they have monthly periods. When that happens women looses a lot of blood which drives the iron levels under 70. So much blood you loose more iron leaves your body, consequently deficiency of iron drives the women to contract hypothyroidism type 2. Here is why 50% of women has predisposition for thyroid issues ok? Lack of iron and iodine.

      Levels of iodine in nutrition fall by 50% in the last three decades alone. That means you ingest half the amount of iodine compared to your parents did 30 years ago. Lack of it causes cysts, cysts will become nodules and nodules cancer. Simple as that. One clear example for lack of iodine and predisposition for cancer is if an individual have a hard time to sweat, including after exercise. No sweat means something wrong and in most cases you will get cancer in the future.

      Hint: if women is treated with iodine earlier during pregnancy, the Higher will be the IQ of the kid ok? If women are not supplemented with iodine the kid will have a lower IQ about 50-60 ok?

      If We want to raise IQ for future generations, Make Sure Education and Iodine is Demanded.

      Now back to the thyroid...If your thyroid can't maintain your basal metabolism it can't maintain your temperature. Heres why the temperature test is so convenient other than common TSH-T3-T4 tests. You can do a test in the comfort of your home checking your body temperature earlier in the morning.

      As soon you wake up in the morning and before leave bed, take your temperature for 8 minutes using your thermometer. If is under 36.6 you have great chances or predisposition to thyroid imbalances. Simple as that ok?.

      I hope this information is valuable to many.

    6. Just to clarify.
      When I say iodine I mean Lugol's iodine, also known as Lugol's solution. Is a combination of iodine and potassium iodide.

      Lugol 5%: 2 drops only in a glass of water daily

    7. BofB,
      Thank you for this treasure chest

  11. If the turn out in the Scottish Vote has not sent a WARNING shot to Westminster I do not know what will take> The message is loud and clear
    Decades of rotten corrupt Leadership the people have had enough. Change is needed , illegal wars
    Police corruption, MP expenses, Banking failures bailouts, CSA cover ups . Broken promised referendums on EU, Bedroom Tax Austerity, Destruction of the NHS Energy prices soaring, etc

    Jon Snow Chanel4 new sums it up


      Dahboo77 does it again, with incontrovertible proof the Scottish Independence vote was rigged.

    2. Well, of course it could have been. Can't just let them like....just leave!!! Now, lets get the Currency PP's done, so we can move on to the battles ahead for us once that happens!!

      Honestly? I actually fool-heartedly believed those would get "snuck through" during this time when the world was watching the Scotts!! SILLY, silly me....


  12. LL33
    The hard fact and reality is that NONE are fit for Government. None are competent or trustworthy.
    We need an entirely new system where ONLY proven, successful ex Industrial or Commercial Operators, with real track records, run the economy, with NO Political idiots involved, and a Secondary Assembly where finite budgets are approved, locked and limited to exactly that with no borrowing or overdraft powers, and over running projects get closed down. We need to pull out of the EU, withdraw from the Global Human Rights BS,and run our own Laws.
    No illegals get Welfare, and if you arrive here with no pre approved visas, you go straight back. Tough , hard protective law. Then we can sweep the board with Welfare costs and simply close if down if they blow the budgets. Close the centres and sack the staff who blew their quotas. Get real time.

    Once we leave the EU millions can go back. Unemployment almost zero then. You don't work, you don't eat. No work, no money. No homes for Single mothers and no welfare for free loaders. There is no money for this Social Welfare crap and nations need to be kicked into reality. We can't continue with Fiat cons. Nor with Cabal racketeering. Let the Cabal fight their wars with their own funds and go to the front lines. It will be over in a month. Close at least 900 of the US bases. stop arming and funding Israe Hell.
    Then look at voting realities. You don't work, you don't pay. You don't pay, you don't say.
    Back to basics. Its all broken. Time to muzzle dreamers. No money, shut them up. Nobody spends other peoples money. The entire Western World is Broke! Morons don't get it. Right have to be paid for. With what? We can not keep on extending Socialistic crap on zero capital and only false borrowings. Everybody then loses. How sensible is that.
    Cut taxes, work and reduce the State massively. Pay for what you need. Cut the State by at least 35%. Major crimes are simple. No budgets for Lifers. Zap.

    We need a real Senate of Wise, Proven Elders. Proven Leaders. No more Greasy Attorneys and Welfare bandits. Street Wise realists. Do the crime and do the time, or worse. They don't get it, the money is running out fast. Let all the Social Welfare wannabes put up their money, Too many Gobshites are spending counties dry. Time to focus on reality now;.
    Tough love. Tough rules. Touch a kid.Zap! Gun robbery.Zap. Rape. Zap. GBH, a merciless State hammering so bad they carry it for life.
    There need be no fear for good citizens. Fear hell for bad. Time for a few Judge Dreads now. Take it to them.

    1. JOHN,

      THERE IS PLENTY of money per CAFR accounting shenanigans!! It is OFF-books as a moved ledger entry, and AVOIDS taxation for all those yearly profits!! READ THE FACTS set forth by Walter Burien.PLEASE!! ~darylluke.

    2. John, you will love this...ironic and true:

  13. John
    we do need a new system for sure. Get out of the EU and yes immigration control Vet them how did a convicted murderer child abuser get in ? the NHS has been abused people who have not worked and paid Taxes or NI for a period of time in UK should not be allowed free treatment. Same with benefits welfare housing.
    CLOSE TAX LOOP HOLES go after those hiding billions in offshore accounts.
    Legalize drugs the TAX alone could run NHS. Crime rates would fall and drug abuse .Put the criminals out of business and CIA . Banning it doesn't work . The sex arms drugs trade is big money and ultimately destroys the social fabric within our society
    Family values need to be restored, start with affordable housing .

  14. LL33
    A lot of Affordable Housing can be achieved if we just force the unemployed to the sites to meet quotas of housing stocks. No Job, go to a State Project, women included. Build homes, roads, hospitals and schools. No work, no money.No show, take them off the register! Won't go? Take them! A mobile gang of Big Murphy's will fix that. A hard slap fixes loose mouths. Society has gone soft. We need values and Leadership back. Too many non contributing Welfare Wannabes and Mouthpiece Free Riding Lawyers on Legal Aid bonanzas. That goes! A wake up call is so needed.
    Britain and America are broke. Stop anything we cant pay for. Populations are expanding and we don't need them, cant feed them don't have the infrastructure for them, nor resources. Surplus herd animals.

    So Yes, The"Elites" WILL progress plans for phased reduction, and who can do what? The Tri Laterals are clear on intent. Get the numbers down!
    Be clear, talk all we like, but the real PTB's are acting now! Quietly, plans are evolving for herd reduction. If you don't have the power, you can't say, and those with power say- Cull!
    All the talk of CAFR etc means nothing. Its all non workers with hands out. No one in power listens. Nor cares.
    The US is in crisis. Eurasia is breaking free, as is Asia. Hegemony is ending. The EU is now borderline to survive. Eurasia is better. Hard love, no more free riders. Good values and a hard slap when needed. Asian rules. Herds without Leaders fall prey to Wolves. Look at Global realities. Asia profits, the West Prostitutes values.
    Society is sick. A firm hand is needed. Justice also.

    1. Here is another way they are implementing phased reduction, teenage girls in Columbia are falling ill after being vaccinated with the HPV serum. Create a biological warfare serum, find a beta test group, create a crisis, and taaadaaa, these girls are so ill now many cannot leave home. Is it a different strain, could be, I am convinced that anything these days pushed by the PTB is not for anyone's good.

    2. They can call us Conspiracy Theorists, but they cannot deny the truth.

      Minority Report: A Covert CDC Program Inoculated Black Babies with Deadly, Experimental Measles Vaccines

      For more than 10 years, the CDC buried scientific evidence that young Black boys who receive the MMR vaccine have a significantly increased risk of developing autism. The CDC kept this crucial information confidential. The CDC refused to warn the public. The parents of Black babies were not provided with informed consent and their human rights were violated.

  15. If Americans practiced their 'budgets' the way the government does, we'd be arrested!

    Missing Money: Uncle Sam’s Accounting is Suspect

    The agency with the most significant financial problems, by far, was the Department of Defense

    1. I saw this too and posted above, I didn't mean to repost...but this is important. And this pictorial puts the government financing in perspective. How many trillions lost? They all should be accountable for bankrupting the country, and maybe the world.

  16. Thank you for sharing mom, wife, patriot. Well said.

  17. John,

    You mentioned several times that people within the US hierarchy have reneged on paying back the stolen funds pp's at various dates that were agreed upon.

    Are the currency pp's in the same boat? Are they also predicated on the US saying OK and releasing these or is this up to the the respective countries. If so, are there things these countries are waiting for? I know you mentioned that these countries are funding these themselves. Do they have autonomy in this process or is this another situation of them being at the mercy of the US leaders.

  18. JV

    Unfortunately, until these limp wrist apologies for Leaders stand up to the Trash in the US Cabal and start arresting the Zionists worldwide for Bank Racketeering, no one gets paid. Bush,Greenspan, the Rs both Rotten and Rocs, Clintons, , O, Cheney,Rubin, Paulson, and so many of them need a Hague type tribunal. No one could trust US justice it's all totally crooked and disgusting. The US needs to sever its links to Israel, stop all NY Jews controlling Election funding, rip the Jews out of Congressional control, and grasp what's left of an Olive Branch, because the world is pulling away. Many truly need to be executed. En Masse. The US so much needs a DNA virus right now.

    1. Well it is time to start in focus helping people and not fascist empire - aka USA - those are two different entities. American people and USA---- TO HELP AMERICANS - you must break down USA.....IT WILL NEVER GO TO REFORM IT.

      As it is not possible to reform Catholic Church with Vatican or Zionist Israel---- not possible---all need to be broken down to pieces.

      Make 3-5 or even 50 rather 48, since Alaska goes back to Russia and Hawaii will celebrate freedom....

      You want to help people - break the Empire to pieces....

      This is only way forward....STOP DREAMING THAT YOU CAN REFORM THAT EVIL will not happen.

    2. US Senate gives Obama authority to arm 'moderate' Syrian rebels.....

      Here you have it...

    3. John,
      Thank you for update. Sounds hopeless. If world waits on cabal to release any PPs, currency or projects, ain't going to happen.

    4. I disagree, LG.

      Never will so many owe so much to so few. This will be their finest hour.

    5. LG
      Agreed it looks bad weekly, but the Chinese Elders have actually starting getting access and are part paid now, and we are direct to them. They alone can help the nations if they wish, but nothing will be passed to the Dog Vomit Cabal or US Politicos. An entirely new Global banking system is developing which annexes the US out in entirety. The world is hanging up on America.
      Having ravaged and raped the planet, these Clowns are fast running out of trading nation options. If they don't settle this year, the emergence of Yuan Bonds,. BRICS and new Euro markets will sweep the US totally aside. Worse, the backlash will exclude the US from even an invite to participate. Russia and China are more than capable of mass releasing both Oil and Gas at lower prices and taking the US Oil cartels apart on the world stage in a crippling price war down as economic war to devastate them. . .Don't assume they won't. Russia and China have both cooperative Military and Economic pacts and are building a huge global platform totally bypassing America. The US loses huge trade contracts every day now. Mainly due to abysmal Leadership. America can and should be racing ahead in trade. But no one wants to deal with a parasite Empire. America is sinking with its head up its rear end dreaming they have found the promised land. America is a great country if it can clear the crooks out at the top. The problem is, it seems to be all of them.

  19. John . How much time are you willing to give these limo wrist bastards to make changes before anyone gets paid?

    1. We are already dealing direct with China now who have gained part release. Trust a Brit to be camped under every stone. Which side are we on? Both of them, (all of them) inside and outside also. Beating the Cabal needs control of the pack and reading their cards. We only see selective major groups getting paid and we steer well clear of that hooligan street paper which the Fraudsters have trashed. Leave that to dreamers who just don't get it. We have no interest in failed company hypes. Reasoning is pointless, they are out with the Fairies. We just swerve it. We are not Garbage Gurus.

      Selective Reno and just a few special PPs have a shot. Some hopefully will overspill to the Dongs, but the rest is for high risk gamblers who must gain a macabre pleasure from getting beatings. Those holding Dongs have a shot. Dinars, you need a lot of blind faith and a supportive partner at home. What option do they have? But, its a funny zoo right now, and still capable of throwing a curve ball for those able to get in fast if they give a window. Be sure of one thing, no one knows the scale of overprinting and when it becomes clear expect the shutters to go down fast on the rest. If we do tell the 2 sites to jump. be damned quick.
      Please leave us totally off the target list for all that other Dog S paper its a timewasting red rag to us. They need to go pester Varmints with it, or undercut the toilet paper producers. But oh, no sorry, its paying next week now isn't it? Like for the last 5 years?????? Kentucky Whakkie Bakkie or Mississippi? Sure been sippin something. They may throw some swampland in as a bonus too.

      A week at a time and keep up some humour. We all need it. Hot women don't fall to fall to faint hearted men. Well, not for long anyway.

  20. "ALL the cupboards are bare!!" Open the books on CAFR, or did they steal that all, too? Is it a fable of a delusional man? We are talking Trillions of dollars.....~darylluke.

    1. DL
      Although you see those figures, this is encumbered a sense with government accounting the funds are allocated for a use maybe a sports stadium, construction etc...but it still is sitting there because they say it's for one thing and they wind up spending it on something black projects or misallocation or any rate it's really an illusion.

  21. Although disagree with Bix about the "who" done it, like the rest.

    Bix Weir Interview: It's Getting Very Interesting

    Here's my latest interview with Kerry Lutz where I discuss all the exciting milestones we are hitting on our Road to END the manipulation game...

    Bix Weir: It's Getting Very Interesting

    As to Scotland voting down the plan to leave the UK... I think its a great thing. They weren't ready yet. Wouldn't it be better if they decided to stay in the UK and then experience the Global Financial Meltdown as slaves to London? - the very financial center that caused the crash :-)

    Now THERE'S a revolution in the making!!

    Lot's to happen in the next few weeks so stay tuned.

    May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

    Bix Weir

    1. What part of Sub Primes from~Wall Street does this Palooka not get? Wait for Derivatives next.

    2. John, especially because the Federal Reserve is leveraged about 75 to 1...amazing?

  22. John, it's all just a massive mess no matter how one looks at it. All based on fiat currency debt. The balloon has got pop sometime. Please, not being negative, just am tired after all this continuing on and on. Would dearly like to see Bush and co, friend and family in court for their crimes against humanity. Then maybe as DL often mentions popcorn for the proceedings and bringing out the bubbly for the sentencing. That would make for good winter entertainment at this point. If not, then many suffering needlessly and not making it this winter. Would rather not go there if at all possible.

  23. Here's to cheering on the overspill to the dongs!

  24. We will give you some major releases each day now.
    First we will show you how good it still can be for America soon.
    Then we will unload some real dirt in stages on them all.
    We need all your help to get it out. United we CAN all save America.
    The Alamo starts between your ears now.
    See what's coming.

    1. John,

      Here is what is coming if something isn't done quickly.

      And here is the elite's beta test in action as we speak in Sierra Leone

      Seriously, you can't even make this shit up.

      This is how they put you in the camps and why all the new executive orders regarding quarantine for respiratory disorders.

      It's also why the Henoch Prophecies says the US has 2 civil wars, one after the other.

      This is the lynchpin. Martial Law under the guise of a health emergency.

    2. Thanks John for continuing to stay the course and pushing the truth. One day release will come, then a new beginning. Thanks again!

    3. All please listen to the tapes via Leo Wanta and see what we deal with daily. We all have to work together to try to bring them down and let Justice run. Only then can we rebuild America and bring hope to many.
      Fail that and its the FEMA Camps for many. If via the Red Zone Marshalling Yards, start praying fast because your on a processing fast track with many Guillotines from China already in place. You have no idea what they have done to you all. The Sheeple still don't get it.

    4. John,
      Should the US fall do you see other nations watching from the sidelines while the wholesale slaughter of its citizens unfolds? Do you not believe they would intervene on humanitarian grounds or have nations around the world become so wrapped in self interest that they will ignore the tragedy?

    5. Jaback

      Unfortunately, the US has done such colossal damage worldwide over 50 years, that if it collapses, countries will queue up to take turns pulverising the population. The civilians have no idea how hated America is nowadays worldwide. Thanks to the Cabal and Zionist Rat Pack thieves.
      This is not a good time to fail.

    6. That kind of attitude doesn't bode well for the evolution of humanity does it, really? Sad.
      Thanks, John.


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