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The two faces of Qatar - the financing of Jihad

OWoN: What a surprise, how about sanctions?

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How To Qatar Financed Jihad 'money goes to intermediaries, then they buy weapons in Croatia

The rich Gulf state is not supported by ISIS, but is supported by a group whose members fled to the Caliphate

21 September 2014
(translated from Croatian)

In the shadow of the bloody events in the territory of Iraq and Syria, who are there led to American military intervention remained a chaotic situation in Libya postgadafijevskoj, over whose are the capital Tripoli recently took control of radical Islamic militants.

It is the forces allied with the group Ansar al-Sharia, brutal jihadist movement which is associated with an attack on the American consulate in Benghazi that killed US Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens.The same movement allegedly tried to assassinate the British ambassador to Libya , Sir Dominic Asquith.

Just three years after the liberation of Libya from Gaddafi's tyranny, anti-Western radicals took in that State the lead role, a respected British newspaper The Daily Telegraph questioned how it was possible that the objectives of the United Kingdom, which has helped in bringing down Gaddafi, in such a short period so thoroughly destroyed. These goals were stable and friendly West Libya.

Telegraph indicates that your readers take a look at an incredibly rich country in the Persian Gulf, which the whole of London property has a number of buildings that symbolize him and says he was one of the best friends of the United Kingdom in the Middle East.

The owners of Harrods and Sharda

It's about Qatar, owner of the famous Harrods, and it is this state in Libya has sent a series of planes full of weapons destined for the Islamists who now shakers Tripoli.Operation arming called the 'Libyan dawn.

An unnamed high-ranking official of the Western Telegraph says the West is aware of the fact that Qatar had sent weapons to Islamist stronghold of Misrata, about 160 kilometaa east of Tripoli.

'Even after the fall of Tripoli and the overthrow of the Libyan government, Qatar continues to deliver arms straight to the airport in Misrata, "said the Western official, The Telegraph says that Qatar buys property in London while working against British interests in Libya arming jihadists who had tried to kill the British Ambassador.

States, which is a co-owner of London's most expensive residential block in Hyde Park and co-owner of Sharda, the tallest skyscraper in the city, collaborating with people who would love to destroy western society, writes British newspaper.

Most fascinating is that hardly anyone in the Middle East these facts shocked.Hamas in the Gaza Strip to radical movements in Syria, Qatar position as one of the main sponsors of violent Islamists, including those linked to al-Qaida, is quite clear and diplomats and experts.

Neighbors pulled ambassadors

Promotion of extremism in such a measure recently angered neighbors to Qatar in March Doha Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates withdrew their ambassadors.

Taking the example of Syria, it turns out that there Qatar, supporting the rebellion against the regime Basar al-Assad , stepped to the line leading Western powers and much of the Arab world.

But Qatar is quite targeted in Syria weapons and money delivered Islamist groups, particularly al-Ahrar Shamu, which means free people of Syria. Head of the Qatari Foreign Minister Khalid al-Attiyah few days ago the group praised as 'najsirijskiju' and added that he had recently suffered great losses in battles with the Islamic state.

However, the Telegraph writes that it was Ahrar al-Sham played a key role in transforming citizens revolt against the Asad regime in Islamist uprising. Fighters of the group have fought alongside al-Qaeda branch Jabhat al-Nusra in the attempt to conquer Aleppo, and there is evidence that they are involved in at least one massacre committed for religious reasons.

Also, the same group that openly supports Qatar, instead of fighting against the Islamic state, jumped to her for help and for a time, until their leadership did not quarrel, participated in the management of Raqqa, the self-proclaimed capital of the Caliphate.

Sending money al-Qaida

As further proof that money violent Islamists coming from Qatar Telegraph cites the fact that in December last year, American authorities Qatari entrepreneurs Abdul Rahman al-Nuaimija declared a 'global terrorist', after it was discovered that one of al-Qaeda member in Syria paid about 600,000 dollars. This member called Abu Khalid al-Suri , and besides being a member of al-Qaida, performs the function of one of the commanders in the aforementioned Ahrar al-Shamu.

Entrepreneurs Nuaimija Americans accuse and monthly paid two million U.S. dollars of al-Qaida in Iraq, and $ 250,000 of al-Shabaab, al-Qaidinoj subsidiary in Somalia. He rejected all the claims that Americans falsely denounced because he criticized their foreign policy.

But the question is why Qatar against him did not take anything. It's really worrying that such persons, for which there is sufficient evidence that came through the list of people under American sanctions, still no problem can deal with whatever they want, "says Conservative MP in the British Parliament Stephen Barclay , who doubt whether the British authorities dare to set tougher to Qatar because of the huge money that the state invested the island.

"If diplomats are focused on ensuring the conclusion of lucrative jobs, then there is a danger that he might hesitate setting up sensitive issues on the financing of the various groups', warns Barclay.

The Foreign Office insisted that no such danger. "We are committed to further progress in the prevention of terrorist financing by individuals in the Persian Gulf region. We have genuine contacts with all of our Gulf partners on these issues, including Qatar, "said a spokesman for the Foreign Office.

'I do not support the Islamic state, but ...'

But one diplomat stationed in the Middle East Telegraph says that Qatar at least part of last year, money sent al-Qaidinoj official Syrian branch of the al-Nusra. 'They are partly responsible as Jabhat al-Nusra has money and guns and everything they need, "said the diplomat, adding that there is no evidence that Qatari money goes directly towards the Islamic state, although it is possible that the mistake some money and went to the caliphate.

"I have no intention to support the Islamic state, but the fact is supported Jabhat al-Nusra. And some people from al-Nusra crossed the Islamic state, and they brought with them weapons, "explained the diplomat.

The Telegraph writes that relations with the armed groups in Syria charged four branches Qatari authorities - Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Defence, the main intelligence agency and the office of the ruler, the Emir Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani . Money usually be submitted to intermediaries in Turkey, which then in third countries, particularly Croatia, buying weapons and organized his transfer to Syria.

Some experts question how much I Qatar keeps things under control throughout the process and amount to suspicion that the said agents have their own goals, and that most of the Qatari money stuffed into their own pockets. But others are convinced that the rich countries led by the powerful Emir certainly knows what he's doing.

Small states enormous power

Thus, the German Minister for International Development Gerd Müller in August publicly Qatar brought into contact with the strengthening of the Islamic state. "You have to wonder who is arming, who funded ISIS's troops. The key word Qatar, "the minister said. At Berlin soon after enormous pressure from Doha and the German authorities have formally distanced itself from such allegations his officials.

Qatari Emir few days ago met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and all the forces tried to deny the avalanche of accusations against his country. "In Iraq and Syria to the work of the extremism and the organizations that participate in it partly receive money from outside, but Qatar has never and will never support a terrorist organization," said the emir, which do not give their own definition of 'terrorist organization'.

For example, much of the West Palestinian Hamas is considered a terrorist organization, and the political leadership of the group two years ago were given refuge in Doha. It is known that Qatar funded Hamas and the previous emir in 2012 personally visited the Gaza Strip, which Hamas government.

Although rich Qatar is a very small country with only 250,000 inhabitants and feeble army. Trying to ensure their own safety by looking in different directions. It also provides a refuge for the political leadership of Hamas, but the American army, that there has command of the military base and serves as headquarters for all of America's operations in the region.

Likewise, on the one hand arming militants in Libya and Syria, but at the same time trying to please the Americans that among these weapons are not missiles surface-to-air.

'All of you that is one very very uncomfortable jigsaw puzzle', described the relationship between Qatar and the West a former diplomat who has worked in Qatar.

'Across the Persian Gulf have people who support people utterly grotesque view, and it seems that are unable to understand how grotesque it all together,' said the former diplomat.


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