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The Revolution Against The Dollar Has Begun | will it take war to finish it?

OWoN: We all wait for to see what happens:

"for the revolution against the dollar has already begun. All that is left is to see how much damage it will take to wrest final control from the hands of these tyrants." 

The real question is whether the world will be still be around and no doubt some places will suffer badly before the monstrosity is brought down, along with warmongering Israe-hell.

Putin adviser: Transition to new global economy will require war

Secrets Of The FED
By Kenneth Schortgen Jr
2 September 2014

The term revolution has multiple meanings dependent upon the perspective of the rebels seeking it, and the establishment trying to keep it from occurring. But throughout the annals of history, revolution has never come easily, and almost inevitably is achieved through violent action, or in many cases, all-out war.

For Russia, which understands the concept and history of revolution within their own peoples, the direction they see the world moving towards, especially in the economic plane, is a form of revolution against the old way. And as President Putin’s adviser Sergei Glazyev ascertained on Thursday of last week, the revolution to change the global financial system will come by war, as it has in almost every single instance in history.

“The world today is going through a year of overlapping cyclical crises. This is a period when the global economy is changing as the structure that has driven economic growth for 30 years has exhausted itself. The world needs to transition to a new system and transition has always come about through war…

The last elections to the European Parliament showed that all European citizens are not fooled by the false pro-American, anti-Russian propaganda… and by the constant stream of lies

In order to avoid the constant threat of foreign asset confiscation, we need to build our own sovereign monetary macro-economic policy.”

Sergei Glazyov

Sergei Glazyov is not someone whose words are to be taken likely, as he speaks for the President as his close economic and geo-political adviser. In fact, Glazyov was the first to suggest the use of dumping dollars and treasuries as a means to counter economic sanctions coming from Washington, and eventually sees the growing conflict between East and West escalating towards a violent confrontation.

The United States is at the same crossroads Britain experienced shortly after the end of WWII, where their empirical power was challenged and eventually eradicated by a strong presence, and new economic paradigm. The only differences today are the geographical locations in which the U.S. is fomenting war in order to keep control over the financial system, and the strength and power of the coalitions opposing them. In the 1950′s, Russia and China were bitter enemies, but now they stand in lockstep against the U.S. and against dollar hegemony. Each nation is now superior to America in regards to energy and economy, and by offering nations around the world, including those who are stated enemies of the U.S. (Iran, Syria), a chance to join the East in free trade as opposed to military occupation, the U.S. is become more isolated every day, and their responses are as a petulant child about to have their toys taken away from them.

But both Putin and Glazyov knows that a petulant child has one more violent tantrum left to unleash, and it is upon that day that Russia, Europe, and the rest of the world wait in anxious anticipation, for the revolution against the dollar has already begun, and all that is left is to see how much damage it will take to wrest final control from the hands of the tyrant.

Kenneth Schortgen Jr is a writer for,, and hosts the popular web blog, The Daily Economist. Ken can also be heard Friday evenings giving an weekly economic report on the Angel Clark radio show.


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