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The 'Paedophile Hunter' - entrapping internet perverts

OWoN: Interesting moves, wait for the call, let it ring, don't let on yet, it's a Pedophile sting. Great move, lets use it to take down more fast. Intelligent Policing!

In action: A clip from the documentary 'Paedophile Hunter' shows Stinson Hunter and his team confronting a suspected paedophile after they lured him to a house so they could ask him about his alleged crime

Dramatic moment 'paedophile hunter' vigilante confronts potential sex attacker he had lured to his home by posing as a child online

  • C4 film to air tomorrow focuses on self-styled web vigilante Stinson Hunter
  • He entraps internet perverts including teachers by posing as underage child
  • Footage shows Hunter's team ask a suspect to explain his alleged crime
  • The man fled, sparking chase which was captured on shaky hand-held video
  • In another clip, team shown setting up a trap to catch suspected offender
  • Evidence from former drug addict from Nuneaton has helped 10 convictions
  • One man who was tracked down by the 31-year-old took his own life
  • Former head of child protection agency said the film had important lessons

Mail Online
By Dan Bloom
and Steph Cockroft
30 September 2014

This is the dramatic moment a self-styled 'paedophile hunter' confronted a potential sex attacker who he had lured to a house by posing as a child online.

Vigilante Stinson Hunter, who is based in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, works with his team to entrap internet perverts - including soldiers, teachers and solicitors - by posing as underage boys and girls.

In this dramatic clip, undercover vigilantes from Hunter's team were seen poised for action with a camera while they waited for one of the suspects.

When the man walked in, one of the vigilantes asked the suspect to explain himself, before starting to click away with his camera in a bid to expose him.

Hunting down: In the dramatic footage, one man stood poised with his camera and waited for the man to enter in a bid to expose him

But the man - who was not seen on camera - fled from the scene, sparking a sudden chase which was captured on a shaky, hand-held camera.

The two men shouted for him to stop, promising him the information would be handed to the police.

One of the men was then heard saying: 'Sir, I suggest you stop and talk, your information is going to be handed to the police'.

The clip sets the tone for the remainder of the Paedophile Hunter, a one-hour film to be shown tomorrow night on Channel 4.

It follows the 31-year-old and his team as they track down suspects through the internet and dating apps.

Hunter told the documentary each of the team has a 'defined role'. Grime, who features heavily in the documentary, is the 'tech guy', responsible for ensuring the videos are filmed and edited properly.

But the man - who was not seen on camera - ran from the property when he realised he could be exposed. The men were heard shouting: 'Sir, I suggest you stop and talk, your information is going to be handed to the police,' while they chased him with a shaky, hand-held video

The vigilantes usually pose as boys or girls in their early teens. Once they are sent explicit messages and videos by the men, the team lure them to a house to meet up.

There, they are filmed with handheld cameras and mobile phones and told to explain themselves. The messages and footage are handed to police.

So far, Hunter has filmed confrontations with dozens of men including soldiers, teachers and solicitors and seen his evidence help in 10 convictions.

During the documentary, the team was also filmed setting up a trap to catch the suspected offender. One of the team was filmed following a black taxi, while speaking on the phone to two of his colleagues.

Meanwhile, those two vigilantes were filmed nervously peering through the blinds while they waited for the arrival of a taxi at a nearby home.

Footage from the documentary shows members of the team poised for action before one of their stings

While one of the team followed the suspect who is travelling to the house in a taxi, others waited inside, nervously peering through the blinds until he arrives

They are filmed waiting in a house where they stand with handheld cameras and mobile phones, reading to confront the alleged paedophile

When one shouted 'Taxi's here', the pair - one equipped with a camera - put themselves into position and waited to confront the man when he arrived at the front door.

Hunter's methods have been both praised and criticised. Stinson's methods came under fire last year after one man who he confronted, 45-year-old Michael Parkes, took his own life.

Jim Gamble (pictured) said online vigilantes were
'shooting fish in a barrel' by using covert stings
But Jim Gamble, the former head of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (Ceop), said the former drug addict provided a lesson in how people could trap paedophiles with 'very little training'.

He said: 'Some people with very little training are proving just how easy it is to go out there and catch individuals.

'They are able to go online with little or no training and very quickly they’re shooting fish in a barrel.

'The fact of the matter is this, that needs to be done by law enforcement and whilst I don’t see any justification in reality for vigilantes doing what they do I think it provides the evidence for the Government, if it’s needed, that actually this works.'

He added he understood the 'frustration' that drove the self-styled investigative journalist, who lives in the Coventry area and says he witnessed abuse as a child, to target suspected predators.

But Mr Gamble insisted the vigilante's actions created 'a risk' to himself and other people, and were not the most appropriate way forward.

But there have been controversies, particularly in the case of Mr Parkes.

The 45-year-old hanged himself last year after being questioned by police after he was confronted by Stinson Hunter, and footage of the encounter was uploaded to the internet.

Northamptonshire Police later said they would have sought to charge Mr Parkes in connection with the incident, in which he arranged to meet someone he thought was a 12-year-old girl.

Mr Parkes’ partner, who was also interviewed for the Channel 4 documentary, said she 'may agree' with the vigilante going online to gather evidence, but said publishing the videos was 'what probably tipped him over the edge'.

Stinson Hunter had insisted on keeping his face secret for fear of reprisals, but went public after saying he had 'always wanted to be on Channel 4'.

Stinson Hunter, pictured, tells the documentary that he carries out his work with the help of his team who all have 'dedicated roles'

Effect: Michael Parkes, pictured, hanged himself after he was confronted by Stinson Hunter last year

Controversial: Self-styled paedophile catchers like Stinson Hunter (pictured) show police should invest more in online stings, according to Britain's former child protection chief Jim Gamble

Website: Until now the 31-year-old former drug addict had hidden his face on his website (pictured)

He told the film's Bafta-winning director Dan Reed: 'We set the profile. It’s like a rope and if they choose to put the rope around their neck and hang themselves that’s their choice.

'We’ve not pushed them.'

The film also features interviews with police and legal experts who tackle child exploitation, who talk about the dangers for vigilantes, the people they target and their families.

There is also the risk that amateur investigations could compromise police probes, the experts say.

One barrister who regularly deals with child exploitation cases, Hugh Davies QC, added there were risks of copycat vigilantes springing up in response.

The Paedophile Hunter will be screened on Wednesday, October 1 at 10pm on Channel 4.


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