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Texas wants to protect its borders - Obama would rather fill his pockets and run

OWoN: Texas wants to protect its borders, Obama wants to fill his pockets.

President Barack Obama has set a terrible precedent of picking and choosing what federal laws to enforce, as is illustrated in his failed leadership on issues from Obamacare to his failure to secure the border.

When Washington thinks an issue could do political damage, they avoid it. But a real leader confronts challenges head-on and offers solutions.

Elect Conservative Leaders – Support RickPAC.
I have sworn to serve and protect the people of Texas, and the crises along our southern border with Mexico demanded action. This summer we began deploying up to a thousand Texas national guardsmen to work with Texas public-safety officers to confront and deter criminal activity on our border. If the federal government showed half that kind of resolve, the border of the United States of America would be secure.

Defending the border is not a political option – it is a constitutional obligation. A secure border is a fundamental need of a functioning nation.

You know, I invited President Obama to come visit the border last time he was in Dallas. He declined my invitation, and flew back to Washington after fundraising for Texas Democrats.

That’s all we need to know about our current “leadership.”

In November, we have a chance to elect a wave of conservative candidates to offices around the country, men and women who possess the kind of character and resolve of which Washington hasn’t seen in some time. RickPAC supports electing state and federal leaders who share conservative principles, so they can begin the hard work needed to turn our country around.

Support the leaders we deserve – support RickPAC.

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