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Russia off the grid - Putin considers removing Russia from the world wide web

OWoN: Putin will now block US Internet access if necessary.

Russia's President Vladimir Putin chairs a state council meeting in the Kremlin in Moscow. Photograph: Alexei Nikolsky/AP

Putin considers plans to remove Russia from global internet

The Times of India
By Kashmira Gander
The Independent
20 September 2014

Russia may remove itself from the global internet to protect itself against perceived threats from the west, a Kremlin spokesman suggested on Friday.

The Krelmin dismissed accusations it aims to isolate the Russian internet, and insists it is merely concerned with protecting its national security - particularly as relations with the west have reached their lowest since the Cold War.

However, the country has recently passed several laws targeting internet use, which include making popular bloggers register as media outlets, and forcing websites to store the personal data of Russian users.

Earlier on Friday, influential business daily Vedomosti reported that global internet logistics would be the core subject of Putin's Security Council meeting next week.

At Monday's meeting, Putin is expected to discuss a contingency plans to disconnect Russian citizens from the web in the event of "an emergency" Vedomosti reported, according to the Guardian.

Potential proposals could also see the state bring the .ru domain under state control.

If implemented, the proposals would give the government control over ordinary Russian internet users and expose their habits online.

According to the Russian newspaper, the laws could be introduced in early 2015.

The moves come as Russia attempts to reduce its use of American technology, fearing that its communications are vulnerable to US spying. Earlier this year, President Vladimir Putin called the web a "CIA special project".

"It is common knowledge who the main administrator of the global internet is," the Kremlin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov was quoted as saying by Interfax news agency on Friday, in what seemed to be a comment directed at the west.

"And due to their unpredictability, we should think of ensuring our national security."

While he did not specify what the possible threats from the west were, Peskov added:

"Of course, it is in no way possible that Russia could be unplugged from the global internet, or that it is readying or considering such a possibility," he said.

Prominent internet blogger and Kremlin critic Anton Nossik said that by citing western threats, the authorities appeared to be considering ways to put all incoming and outgoing data under strict control.

Regarding the meeting, Nossik wrote on his Facebook page: "there comes a moment to discuss the complete unplugging of Russia from the global internet, so that no bytes would come here from abroad."

Since returning to the presidency in 2012, Putin has embraced a conservative attitude - moving himself towards the Orthodox church and courting an electorate who increasingly see the west as a declining power.

Additional reporting by Reuters



  1. A very good commentary about Richard Sauder, yet details here about the RUSSIAN NAVY capabilities are extremely informative:


    Dr. Richard Sauder's blog (NO entries since last months!) :

    He just did an interview on Jeff Rense this week, but I cannot locate a free recording.Youtube search comes up empty, too. ANYBODY locate it?

    [September 16, 2014 Jeff Rense Richard Sauder]

    1. September 16 - Tuesday
      Saturday, August 23, 2014
      Retromingent Insanity of Dick "Lord of Darkness" Cheney
      Richard Sauder
      Our Man In
      South America

      To check out the guests list:

      DL, this is what i found when I did a direct search on the rense website...


  2. (Moscow) “The world is run by some sort of overarching entity that pulls the strings in governments around the globe” is a statement nearly half of Russians would agree with, a state-run pollster revealed Wednesday.

    The Russian Public Opinion Research Center found that 45 percent of Russians believe in the existence of an omnipotent force that lords over state governments, controlling the affairs of humanity. Only one-third of the population expressly rejects this hypothesis, while another 23 percent of Russians remain undecided, according to the survey.

    The research center also revealed that individuals with higher levels of education and enviable salaries were more likely to embrace such theories than their less-educated, lower-earning counterparts.


  3. The New York Times DealBook reports that Russian brewer and beverage distributor, Oasis Beverages, bought Pabst Brewing Company, maker of PBR, Colt 45, Old Milwaukee and Schlitz.

    Oasis’ purchase is backed by American private equity firm, TSG Consumer Partners, which will take a minority stake in the brand.

    Officials say the company would continue to be based out of Los Angeles.

    While the terms of the transaction weren’t disclosed, the Times reports a person close to the situation said the price tag was more than $700 million.

    VERY smart purchase!! This is very low quality beer(s), thus is probably the highest profit margins. As such, the consumption is surely going to grow, and sales increase as Americans fall into despair over the general state of things in this ONCE great land & country!! Wish I had $700M lying around for such a purchase.... ~darylluke.

    1. I like Blue Ribbon. Also, during the Brewing strikes up here old Milwaukee was a go two beer, but not preferred.

    2. PBR is good brew. Anyone remember Hamms? " from the land of sky blue waters.."

  4. Congress Is About To Decide Whether To Tax Your Internet - See more at:

    I just read somewhere where this is an internet access only club that pays $9000 per membership...this is getting partitioned, and the real news will be harder to find.

  5. My honest opinion is that the factions are separating...

    Do not be fooled into thinking the human military have this situation under control.

    These beings are anathema to all our values. As we love, so they hate. As we are strengthened and fed by peace, they are strengthened and fed by fear. They are actually a dying race who has progressed too far down the road of technology without balancing their emotional developing. They have turned into organic machines because of this.

    The Chimera Group came to Earth in humanoid physical bodies 25,000 years ago and quarantined the planet. They built a scalar electromagnetic fence around the Earth (the Veil), effectively preventing positive ET contact and thus isolating humanity and in many ways creating a prison planet. They built the etheric soul traps that have been removed. Then Chimera Group constructed a vast network of subterranean cities, using Draconians as slave handlers and Reptilians as slaves and controlled the human population on the surface of the planet from there. These underground cities and bases have been cleared out as most of you know and or read this information from David Wilcock and other sources.

    “This Group is real and their days are numbered and these guys are a real problem besides the Cabal” The Chimera are the most dangerous reptilians on earth now and or call them shapeshifters, who walks amongst us and appears as a man. More and more Chimeras are presently embedded in the human population. Many of the underground bases in the U.K. and U.S. (Long Island remains to be their main stronghold) have DNA scanners located at the topside exits that are guarded by armed personnel. These alarms are triggered on these scanners if an alien or enhanced clone in human form attempts to leave the facility without permission.

    Do not be fooled into thinking the human military have this situation under control. However, they attempt to do their best. All other known human exits without DNA scanners are monitored 24/7 from satellite. One of the major problems the Chimera cause is when they take the human form of a world leader, which they often do. Most of you have heard of shape shifters before … look at the eyes … as they are the first to change when a change happens in their ability to shift. These videos exist all over Youtube some are fake and others real.

    A location near Montauk entry/exit point is Cold Spring Harbor, a genetics laboratory where the Chimera produces top Cabal members clones, according to some unconfirmed sources...

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