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Russia is prepared - holding massive military exercise

OWoN: So, Russia now sees War as ever more likely.

Practice makes for being ready. The message is quite clear, the bear will not hibernate.

Be sure of one thing, this time it will not be fought in Europe while the US profiteers. Missiles coming in will not only be from Russia and China but expect furious Allies to join in. The world is sick of US War Games. Russia coped with 20M dead in WWII. America freaked with 3,000 over 9/11. How will they cope with 50M in the first 12 hours? Time the US got a taste of what it dishes to others. So every town or city within 50M of the coast will be gone, every Base, Army, Air Force or Naval, gone. Every city inland and hub airports gone. All silos gone.

Bunker Busters will pound the underground shelters. Civilians left will have to meet the swarming forces coming behind. Good luck with that. The Russians raped every man, woman and child. This time?

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu praised the troops' combat readiness. Official results, however, will be summed up later

Russia Holds Massive Military Drill: 155,000 Troops, 4,000 Tanks, 632 Aircraft, 84 Ships

Zero Hedge
By Tyler Durden
23 September 2014

At what point is a drill more than just a drill? Maybe when it is so massive it could be confused for an invasion force, involving a mindblowing 155,000 troops, more than the armies of most sovereign nations, 4,000 armoured vehicles, 632 planes and helicopters and 84 vessels. Those are the staggering numbers taking part in the Vostok-2014 strategic exercises, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu told President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday, and whose main priority is ti "demonstrate that the degree of combat preparedness in Russian troops has risen." One almost wonders why...

Photos [including above] via Itar-Tass:

The drills are the final stage of a series of command and staff, and special exercises, drills, and surprise inspections in 2014

The troops drilled anti-landing defence in Primorsky and Kamchatka Territories

Missiles were fierd from the Varyag cruiser during the anti-landing defence operation

Aviation went on operational duty in Russia's Arctic zone

And the commentary from RIA:

The recent large-scale military exercise in Russia's Far East, Vostok-2014, demonstrated that the degree of combat preparedness in Russian troops has risen, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said Tuesday.

The minister said that although "final conclusions are yet to be made," the troops involved have demonstrated efficient command and "a better degree of combat preparedness."

Shoigu said that the Vostok-2014 exercise is nearly complete. "This large-scale event of operational and combat training of the Eastern Military District was a logical continuation of an unannounced combat readiness check carried out on the orders of the Supreme Commander Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin," the minister said.

Addressing the servicemen who distinguished themselves in battle maneuvers in Cape Skalistii, Shoigu said: "You have actually demonstrated great skill, professionalism and the ability to ensure the military security of the Russian Federation in the eastern region."

The Vostok-2014 strategic military exercise in the Eastern Military District is taking place from September 19 to 25. The exercise was preceded by unannounced combat readiness checks.

One can only hope that the above "combat preparedness" is completely unrelated to what is now an invasion of sovereign territory by "US-led alliances" on a weekly if not daily basis.


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  1. First of all,

    1 Russia knows that USA are liars throughout their teeth, anytime they open their filthy mouth it is a lie

    2 Secondly it is run by NAZI thugs, can not be trusted for a second

    3 Russians know the plan USA had for Russia - destroy divide and rule

    4 History teach us nothing or what? West always betrayed Russia, West can not be trusted as reliable partner in case of need or struggle, from Napoleon till present days.....through WW1, WW2

    5 Russians know that both WW1, WW2 were fought over currency game

    6 Currency game is at the moment at the peak of global financial war......

    If Russians repay West what West tried to do to Russia throughout last 200 years ..... Russia must come out as justified nation protecting Russia land, people and culture...


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