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Re-Post: Our Last Stand | Report #1: Ryadi, General Rosier, Pureheart and a call to Congress...

OWoN Update: So, a year on, more lies, subterfuge and failures by paid men in office who have let down America, let down the world, lied to everyone and stolen the futures of nations. Be in no doubt these exposures won't go away.

When do we get men of integrity appointed to office in America to remove these vermin? Surely America realizes rotten men achieve nothing. Look at the last 4 alone. How can we help our fellow Americans to rid themselves of this cursed Cabal and Zionist sewer rat Mafia? Look at how we started the exposures and still no action. No shame, lame regulators.

Re-Posted: 2 September 2014

  • Why not use even $50T of these stolen or defrauded funds to rescue America?

  • Sequestrate back the rest to rebuild the world of nations or it ALL GOES DOWN.

One World of Nations
OLS Report #1
8 October 2013

The history of Cabal Subterfuge, Agency Criminality, Political / Banking / Zionist Banker subterfuge exposed, and their pernicious Treason. They are destroying America! Their greed and incompetence has devastated the world’s stability and Banking systems. The world needs to destroy – Them!

This is just the tip of the iceberg, but it unlocks Pandora’s Box. OLS will be a series of lead reports, all exposures to help you unlock the awesome TRUTH, and to see If Congress or the Pentagon will ACT! American people are generally good natured and deserve better. Stop the Rot - Stop the RATS! A horror story is unfolding. Freedom and hope is slipping away fast. Use it, or lose it. How do we wake up 300M ignorant Lemmings from the looming default and Global consequences for the whole world to then follow?

Reading and understanding this trail of events, is just one of a series of reports which will identify for you the endemic corruptors and destroyers of nations. They must be stopped and removed from power. Talking alone won’t do it. Weasel words will confuse action. Corruption is mass endemic. It will need genuine, Patriotic Military backed intervention by the good side of the Pentagon and mass Cabal arrests. Without, they will continue to obfuscate and abuse the system they alone control. Your indifference as voters has fed their arrogance and their corruption thrives unchecked.

950+ such costly Military Bases cripples the economy, feeding the greed of Boys with their toys and destroys the Global economy. Leaving only the growing worldwide legacy of hate for America. We need to help the economy - they help only themselves. They have stolen and derailed the American dream. They seek to control, OWN and enslave the world. Already they encircle the world, bribing and corrupting all. All they now Export is terrorism. You have no idea how deep their tentacles have sunk worldwide.

As the reports expand, ever greater plundering of vast Trillions will be exposed. Where has it all gone?

Criminality also will be exposed. Why are they still walking free? Is it truly so bad? No, it’s 100 times worse, but can you handle the truth? Political ethics have died. Congress does nothing? Why doesn’t Congress go after these hidden funds? Fix broken America! Go after the Money! But, they have sold you out as too many are now compromised themselves.

Without the last hope of the funds needed to restore America, the most important person’s future in the world is at growing risk - Yours!

These enormous stolen Global funds, now being exposed for you in stages, need to be taken back and used to serve the nations, the people and humanity. Overseen with integrity. Corruptors of nations deserve no less than a Nuremberg or French Revolutionary system of Justice. We need the few Pentagon Patriots of honor, those not removed by Obama and the Zionist Fixers, and any remaining few Senators and Congressmen of Integrity, to stand up against them as true Patriots and to say NO! No More!

Corruption must end. Clean out the Beltway Zoo! Take back America and get the unelected Shadow Government into full INTERNATIONAL exposure to be judged and removed by the people. But who will act as 300M just sit on their padded backsides, mindless and ignorant. Stupefied by the system. Dumbed down to be Culled Out. None realize, it’s coming for them!

Vast Trillions have been illegally amassed by a collective Military Industrial and Zionist Banking Cabal of Special Interest Families who now merit full investigation, with intense financial forensic analysis to trace all their proceeds of Crimes, and to bring them all to Justice.

Never more have we needed such an all-powerful Congressional Committee of Inquiry, with the powers of the French Inquisition.

Publication of the Cabal and Zionists corruptly acquired wealth and assets, need to be documented in entirety, even if in staged parts, and placed before an independent, competent and responsible, CORRECTLY VETTED, fully empowered Professional and prescreened Committee of Inquiry, who must be charged with, and fully committed, to pursue, prosecute and ensure full and rigorous retribution against the perpetrators of such heinous crimes.

It needs a full Nuremberg level trial, with the lot of them in the Dock. No Presidential Pardons. Overturn them. Change the Law to do it. Or apply part Martial Law under a Military Court for Treason, or crimes against the State. Will the Pentagon stand up for America now? Without, soon all will be gone, it’s even now almost too late. An amateur, Narcissist Illegal will be left ruling over Martial Law chaos.

Nero fiddles as Rome burns

The Rothschild’s and Zionist Bankers have to go, as is happening with parties such as Dimon, now running to avoid retribution and criminal proceedings. End the Fed and CLEAN out the US Treasury. Rip out the Zionist Mafia. The lot - OUT! A new Global and responsible, THIEF Free, monetary system has to be brought in soon replacing the Fed, BIS and Petro Dollar systems.

Rothschild’s Central Banks have to be sequestrated by the League of Nations to kill the Hydra before it kills us. America MUST recover its own Treasury and remove the Zionist controls. No more Dual Israeli passport holders in US Public Office or in US Banking. None! No more than two Kazakh Zionists on the Supreme Court. Proportional representation only. Break the stranglehold. Let Justice Breath. Recuse BOTH Obama's appointments as unlawful and illegal. Is it already too far gone and lost?

The Bush / Clinton Crime Family racketeering has to be dismantled and Bush / Clinton Sleaze publicly exposed. End this perpetual conspiratorial domain of Political Fiefdoms with their cover ups and racketeering.

Their defrauded and stolen assets need to be sequestrated. Shame of Hubris must replace their presumptuous arrogance. The reach of the Congressional Committee of Inquiry must be Global, fully empowered, using hard and trustworthy Patriotic enforcement Marshals, with no Safe Havens worldwide left unscathed for them to hide in. We will example a series of cases as we expose the Spiders Web and staggering scale of Fraud and Treachery. But, is any resistance left or all stupefied down?

When Lord James gave his historic speech in the House of Lords on February 16, 2012, the first stone for the winding up of the spider’s web of the Military Industrial Cabal and Zionist racketeering was cast. The Cabal went into damage limitation moves calling off complicit members of the establishment to block public escalation and investigation. By Lord James exposing the Federal Reserve’s fraudulent transfer of $15 trillion which they had unlawfully created and Laundered, (in three separate $5 trillion tranches) utilizing JP Morgan, HSBC and the Royal Bank of Scotland, what was lost in the shuffle was the fact that some obscure foreign corporation was the recipient of such a vast amount, which just so happened to match the US Government’s $16T debt total at the time.

Coincidence with $15T? Grow up! Every Chancer takes that one step too far which cracks them open. A fast fix was needed to create the illusion of asset backed debt. They got sloppy and exposed themselves in daylight. Creatures of the night and shadows left a firestorm size of marker which knowledgeable hands and minds have tracked. Even that is only the tip of the iceberg of Fraud and Theft.

These will be the subject of an intensive additional reports, as it is all now, under full EU Agency review at last following the Slime trail of events, people and consequences. The attendant risk to Capital markets is being assessed. It’s all too much to take in as a single issue. Can so much criminality be happening? Absolutely! On whose watch - Yours!

Unfortunately for them all, we actually KNOW one key link they got clumsy with, Yohannes Riyadi in Jakarta. We KNOW the full and true history of his role as a Custodial only Family Trustee via his Indonesian Presidential Grandfather, his full hereditary Chinese Dynasty role, his FULL and TRUE Bank of Indonesian role.

Also Riyadi’s so very genuine early day attempts to operate within the full and moral ethos intended for the use of his associate Humanitarian platforms, and the genuine attempts he made to assist others fund good projects, allocating agreed free use funds from his direct FRB New York Grey Screen account. Not the convenient Fed Web site false dismissal and their cover up as Crooks. LIARS!

Yohannes, be very assured, contrary to duplicitous and false propaganda Fed site reports, truly sought to fund a hospital and other Humanitarian projects as the real records show. Chris McCurdy hidden away as the Federal Reserve Bank of New York VP, directed the release of an FRB SWIFT wire MT760, as evidenced, to the Riyadi accredited beneficiary for the first project funding. It was then reneged on by FRB New York. As were others. All Fed issued! It will all open up across continents for you in stages. We hold such communications records and evidence they would die of fear if they realized the footprints on record if released.

When we challenged their clear issuance of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York Johannes Riyadi FRB account MT760, deathly silence as they choked. Their hole deepened as we collected others. Liars, crooks and Charlatans! Con Men exposed protecting their chicanery. Caught out and exposed they stopped issuing MT760s to hide their criminality and complicity.

The problem for the Fed is the existence of these FRB transfers, as is the hard evidence of the numerous SWIFTs issued by them now in so many hands. Also as are copies of the TRUE Bank Indonesia / US Treasury / Federal Reserve Bank of New York Yohannes Riyadi contract, with the IMF and BI Directors present when it was committed. The original $500M cash transfer due to Mr. Riyadi as a signed contractual undertaking, was also diverted and STOLEN mid transfer. Where did it go? Who took it? They cheated him from day one. As Native Americans, China, Korea, Iraq and Marcos found out, their word is worth what? Brutal truth known to so many of their trusting victims.

As per the genuine never before exposed real Riyadi / BI / Fed contract, under a US Treasury / BI / Fed Program Profit share he was lawfully entitled to share 50 / 50% in, he has been so badly treated. They STOLE the lot! He sought only to help the world, his country and to do what was right.

Congress needs to DEMAND sight and investigate this travesty and help recover America with these funds. We hold vast, deeply incriminating records and evidence, most of which they have no idea has been routed to global Safekeeping as hard evidence of their crimes. It will only be revealed to a major and trustworthy Committee of Inquiry to investigate, charge and imprison those responsible for their Racketeering. RICO, nothing less.

Yohannes WAS and still IS an innocent victim of these manipulative Zionist Fraudsters. His BI / Treasury / FRB NY account has now developed to vast accrued multi Trillions in Grey Screen balances over the last few years and has been extensively used by the US Treasury to prop up the US economy and Military Cabal. Before we even commenced, we had the truth diligence swept and verified for us, by RETAINING and funding an ex SENIOR US White House Presidential Legal Advisor to unlock the truth for us and avoid any risks. We wanted hard facts first. What was TRUE and REAL to avoid any false trail!

The Bona Fides of the Riyadi REAL accounts was confirmed to us as real, and their regular Treasury and FRB NY use on the Fed / Treasury / Military Gray Screens hidden from public view. Why can’t Congress do its job? No kickbacks or fear of losing the Patronage slush funds from the Rothschild’s and Bush hog trough?

Frustrated by the evolving duplicity of his Fed support handlers, Riyadi developed an unfortunate relationship with arch Villain Wilfredo Saurin which enveloped him beyond his able control and depth. Saurin's role as a racketeering Fraud and Money Laundering Bagman for the US Federal Reserve Bank of New York, his unlawful protection by the criminal US Department of Justice, and the scale of abuse the Indonesian funds have been subjected to for half a century by US and associated Shysters, and various major US Political players up to and including US Presidents, enabled him to racketeer with complicit FRB NY support, protected from justice. They could have taken Saurin in years ago but they protect and run him. Why else is he still free?

The $15T of the Pureheart, Fed scam is addressed. We are also evidencing historic FRB NY Riyadi accounts, which Pureheart had used, showing accrued Debts balances to $35T in 2006 to 2007. The TRUE amount now is vastly higher, but to protect America and Global stability, we will withhold the reality for Regulatory enforcement by a Non-Cabal compromised Investigating Committee.

The Compounding Debts are far greater now. In hundreds of T’s, as with the crazy Derivatives! Who has had benefit of these Gray Screen funds? For what purpose? Go after it! How much do we risk showing before affecting the real US economy? The responsible Judgment Call. Congress - Act! In goodwill, and respect to Americans, for the nation’s sake, at this stage we will only go so far as to expose it in detail at an older level of $35T. It is now massively higher. With just 2 incidents we are exposing over $50T. Enough to totally recover America and the Global economies. Sequestration – Will save the Nation!

Pureheart Investments

In addition, this foreign corporation identified, which their Attorney Marlon McCall had used as he approached Lord James, was Pureheart Investments Ltd, an anonymous Swiss Trust, and which was also using Homeland Security’s bank clearance codes. These facts can be verified through their S.W.I.F.T. copies released. McCall advised all parties that Pureheart was a Homeland Security agency front for fundraising using creative Fiat money financing. McCall lives in Bangkok with no current US passport, his renewal blocked by Clinton to hide him out of sight from Investigators. McCall seeks Safe Passage, to be sprung, and will cooperate with a Guarantee of protection. Congress- You NEED him as a key Witness!

McCall was the signatory for Pureheart because its Chairman General William Rosier was 'compromised'. For sure, the first Security sweep on him for the Lords revealed it was the identity of a dead boy. Day of the Jackal, stay with us. So, who is Rosier really? Why did he need a dead boys ID? What was he hiding from in public? What unveils itself under investigation is beyond belief.


  1. We know how many good Americans there are. We are NOT your enemies, but highlighting those who are. Real Allies and good friends to you all. This IS helping by exposing the rot. We want that money back helping all Americans in need and the world. Many of you can do so much good once given a chance now. Organise. They did.

  2. Replies
    1. Because all government officials and law enforcement are all compromised; how do we get to attract high level prosecution and disclosure?

  3. Ukrainian parliament ..
    ...MP one lady makes a critic of horrific targeting of children in East by Ukraine army....immediately her phone is switched of and she is attack by Turchynov asking her to go on her knows and repent .... (not surprise he is kind of baptist pastor probably well educated by Dallas Seminary one could guess...)

    What a mess....


    They are so disconnected from reality....

  4. It's a perfect storm that is being formed over clowns heads....step by step....and then the twister will lash PUFFFFF and all be gone....

    .....hold your breath and tie up your pants so that your nakedness will not become a public spectacle .....

  5. This has to be a government operation from the highest realm as evidenced by the information supplied above. One thing I experienced is that once the money is released to go through the system, they then divert those funds to their own use...I personally know some people who received millions in funding approval however, the funds were diverted to other use and the beat goes on...without any help from powers in the hall of justice this scam is produced from the lowest level to the highest level of government.

    This is pure extortion, theft, and how can they feel that they can do this....oh, I answer my own question...just take a look at the background story on The Attack of the World Trade Center!

    Can a Common Law Grand Jury be convened for the purpose of investigation and full prosecution? Or, do we spread this information far and wide?

    1. Fedup, they've done it so many times its not been funny for a long time. Think the only one they didn't steal from me was one that ended up going to the World Bank and that one was just putting in for someone who had done the real legwork. It was too big for any platform or single lender. It got funded (loan) and the funds did go to the project, but it was a country project. That was more than 20 years ago though.

      They have stolen so much, not leaving any rocks unturned if possible. From good people like Mr. Riyadi trying to help, VK Durham to Hurricane Katrina and Haiti EQ funds to help, they've taken it all. That's just naming a very, very few. This has been worldwide and for 40 + years of out and out theft of others money.

      Like you would like to find a way to get these ones in court where they belong. Much of this needs to be in courts with multinational jurisdiction. Would like to see much of this in the Hague with the help of Interpol and other international policing agencies providing the evidence. Not so prone to evidence tampering, hopefully.

    2. I know...however, they must be taken down and now.
      OK, so they also used our SS numbers, birth certificates, income taxes, mortgage notes, banking rates...and then they steal our loans as they appear in the gates.

      Wow...Our Creator did not create us for their evil purposes...we have to advance the kingdom here on earth and they are definitely in the way.

      Thank you P...

  6. At least one official found to say more cretinism should rule among us....
    PRAGUE, September 02. /ITAR-TASS/. A new package of sanctions against Russia should be adopted only if the West is able to prove claims that Russian troops are deployed in Ukraine, Czech President Milos Zeman said during his visit to the country’s parliament Tuesday.
    “Sanctions will only be possible if it is unambiguously proven that Russia sent its combat troops to the east of Ukraine,” Zeman said. “Had the invasion occurred, I would support tougher sanctions. But if there was none, I would speak for no sanctions at all but for the start of talks resulting in a truce.”

  7. ....Dutch are saying that full report of MH17 will come out next summer.....

    Helllllooooooo - anybody out there? Can you hear my voice?

    1. Putin and others in power must insist on the investigation!

    2. Preliminary MH17 crash report to be published within a week – investigators

      Maybe this is the first step in the right direction????

  8. Russian photojournalist Andrey Stenin, missing in eastern Ukraine for a month, has been found dead, RIA Novosti, the news agency where he worked, has confirmed.

    Stenin, 33, a photojournalist contributing to several leading Russian and international news agencies including AP, Reuters, AFP, Rossiya Segodnya (RIA Novosti) and ITAR-TASS, had been covering the conflict in eastern Ukraine before all contact with him was lost on August 5.

    Break that fascist American enterprise down....we have this dead just because of 1.1T in January and blessing donation to evil....

    Simple as that, sorry, I have to say it again, so do not repeat the same mistake. Obs It is not your children dying, I understand.

  9. johnSeptember 2, 2014 at 9:09 AM

    Cashment means soon the system will have to legally allow them to be cashed as Forex notes to boost the economy. Vietnam is long overdue and Dongs do not carry the liquidity risks of vast Dinar counterfeiting. See, all that time frustrated waiting with your dong in your hand waiting to shout Yes, yes. Dongs are coming.


    This sounds like VND is independent from(not dependent upon) of the Private Placements releases.


    1. Hello Darrylluke. This sounds like it to me as well. Wouldn't it be nice if what you say is actually true? I actually plan to donate to a Vietnamese Temple near me when this does go through. Keep your hope alive, this will come through for us soon enough. Just wait and see. Take care of yourself.

    2. Darylluke, GriffonRed,

      Please go back and read again John's detailed comments when describing the two types of independent PPs he is working with.

      One is the limited Currency PP and the other Sovereign Loan PP. The one been delayed is the Sovereign Loan PP which will revamp nations worldwide re balancing their sovereign debt, also bringing jobs and economic growth, etc.

      The Currency PP which Dong and other currencies are part of are running in parallel and is supposed to give soon, but is very small and almost irrelevant, if compared to the other in its reach and capacity of real change.

      The only way to prevent a global disaster and worldwide pandemonium is having the Sovereign Loan PP released, not the other one.

      Canauzzie, John please interject if necessary.


    3. Both will do so much for all.

      The SL PPs just have greater reach and impact.

    4. Hello Brazil_Of_BRICS. I never had anyone explain it to me the way you just did. Now I totally understand the PP's. I do believe we will have those PP's released soon. The Cabal is in it's death throes and will not survive. I read several articles this year about several innocent men serving 30 years or more for crimes they did not commit. I really am appalled by this country's Justice System. I hope those PP's will be used to help clean up this system of so called justice and these prosecutors and judges are held accountable and locked up for abusing their power.

    5. GriffonRed,
      I'm content to help. We all are catching up. There is so much to learn about the PPs. Try to find John' s comment for more information.

      thanks to interject and explain it further friend. You guys are doing an excellent work.

    6. Nice breakdown BoB, appreciate the explanation since I'm in the dark w.r.t PPs and such

    7. You welcome LG.
      "Both will do so much for all" is what matter to us. There is so much to do.

  10. This is breaking news.....
    1. Putin probably fed up with killings of innocent

    2.Putin and Poroshenko came to some kind of mutual resolution

    3. Ukrainians troops seems to withdraw from Doneck region

    Does Putin have to be left alone to fix all for all?

    Cameron has still a chance to make his stand and show that he is world leader with balls ... Recognise an INDEPENDENT STATE OF NOVOROSSIA of South-East region of Ukraine .....DO IT NOW, and be first !!!!!!!

    1. "There's an article that states that Ukraine will build a wall between it's border and Russia...another wall? I wonder would this settle anything?

  11. BoB,

    Thank you for that clarification. I must have missed John's explanation. You seem to have confirmed my tentative understanding that there are TWO PP's. That being said, it seems that they are independent, so they do not have to come out at the same time. Wouldn't that be something if the VND gets partial gold-backing? I know many other countries want to do that with their own currency.


    1. You welcome DL.
      I just hope it comes fast, better sooner than later, right?
      But even if the Currency PP is released in advance you still have major holes and instabilities within the system and Still Probable effect of crash. So I urge people to not do anything silly with this money because there are hard times ahead, and that is a certainty.

      See having the Sovereign Loan PP out would not Only re balancing global sovereign debt, which is a Tremendous Effort, but Also allow the Restructure of the whole banking system, buying back or eliminating banks and ability to diminish exposure to derivatives. To me this types of moves would prevent a Probable global crash.

      Now my question is, would you be allowed to do All That and More only having the Currency PP out? I don't think so. My understanding is that the holes are so huge that all money accrued from it would only temporarily re balance growth, not as a definite measure.

      But then, what money and how much remains to further humanitarian projects and completely re assessment the industry and how long to further accrued? There you go... one or the other. This is why I call a "limited" Currency PP and why I Believe the Sovereign Loan PP is key to get the World going without a crash, because the release would also remove "dirty hands" from key buttons by cutting their fingers.

      Mentioning a gold-backed dong, I think is a future possibility, but not a smart move at present. See, John said a long ago, Vietnam does not want to do anything silly to loose competitiveness in Asia. If you have the Currency PP attached to the Chinese Renminbi and their currency is Not backed by gold yet, why would you do that? Why would you jeopardize 20 years of good assessments and spectacular Growth Achievements in only one move? It doesn't make sense to me. I don't see any changes in that direction before Russia and China goes first. Then probably in few months we would see it.

      By the way, put Vietnam in Obumma's hand and see what happens in only a couple of years. He would turn the country to a stone age era in only a couple of years. Heh, no kidding.

      Well, these are My Own perspectives only ok? Canauzzie, John interject if you find necessary.

    2. B of B
      Providing the stage one PPs are honoured, that alone can release up to multi T. Even with a single T on the London Platforms, as long as we can keep Agency and Texan noses out, that can generate enough to restore US and Global stability for most.
      However, in one key area you are right. The US is way and above the worlds biggest Military Spender and Waster.The economy is unsustainable with current Welfare levels and Cabal costs.

      To have any chance of real recovery, the US has to slash the Military and Agencies, and to stop printing Debt to cover its impossible Welfare Debt. There are NO Rights which you Can't Pay for. US Welfare is arrogant madness. Someone has to Man Up and shut it down for 80% of them.Hegemony and plundering of nations has to end. No Welfare for Illegals. First you make the pie before share outs. Not cut into the pie of working adults.

      PP Money, if used well, can create the real jobs most need, and to help elect real Political parties of true integrity and reason. Those willing and able to force essential cuts, looking ONLY after the genuine real need cases, and while offering 5 day Infrastructure support jobs, instantly cutting off Welfare those declining work. We owe them nothing. They don't work, they don't eat.. Problem sorted soon enough.

      The Single mothers go to Factories with Creches for the kids, local schools, and work on assembly lines during the day. You have kids, you keep them. Its not a Welfare ticket to free ride. Get the Union Organiser ( Joke) to organise them! Saves them slobbing out fat on Welfare Checks. No one asked them to get knocked up and no one owes them.
      America needs a carrot and big stick. A single mother has to take responsibility, like taking precautions first. No single fathers should be allowed Welfare. If you can knock a woman up, you can knock a building up. They work AND the State deducts Child Care from their Checks ahead. Infrastructure jobs with Compulsory attendance orders. No show, the Judge issues a warrant and they take you in cuffs. Tag them. Set up Harsh Boot Camps for Society Misfits. 3 months of that will sort them. Cold showers at 06-00 hrs and compulsory exercises will move those Butts. All tagged. Compulsory work with guards. Big Sticks. Aggressive attitudes to slobs and Refuseniks. A week in the hole will sort most.
      Sorry but the real problem cases need sorting, not mothering. America is dying , we need to save it. Tough love.

    3. BoB, thanks for the info. I too missed John's post on all this. Is there a link? I wouldn't mind reading up on difference on PPs and their significance and impact. I read "rumours" w.r.t where the $ are funding from such as chinese families, certain trusts and hidden accounts but hard to connect the dots.
      If someone has link, can you post it?

    4. John thanks to reply.
      Talking about the PPs its refreshing to know either one will do to revamp many nations. I was worried just having the Currency PP would not prevent a global cataclysm. So its all good, the explanation you gave clarifies a lot and we hope for the best, otherwise we know whats coming.

      Talking about welfare I agree with every sentence. It became a global madness, an insane global symptom of a decadent society were politicians take advantage for votes and support such deviance.

      We talk a lot about US welfare but this is a Global phenomena. Here in Brazil is just crazy as in US. For the last 8 years, the present government is unleashing all types of unimaginable benefits to lower classes without sustainability. Most of the fellows under welfare have same behaviors as most under welfare in US, which don't want do produce anything. They want to consume all yes, but not produce anything.

      But you know what really piss me off is some of these cretins go online or on youtube to tell why they don't work and why they don't intend to work ever. It's crazy folks.

      Housing benefit, welfare benefit, energy/gas benefit, food stamp benefit, reclusion benefit (if the head of household under the program gets jailed he gets 500 for each kid he has. Normally these have 3 to 8 kids per family) power milk benefit, free cinema benefit. Many of these make more than a hard working family.

      Folks its all twisted. I mean are We Nutz? This Insanity has to Stop at any cost.

      I intend to implement industry here and I also intent to manage, and let other manage with an iron fist. I will do benefit yes and also multiply to those that deserve yes, but hey, you misbehave and become a weigh, I cut you loose.

      When I think about all this benefits my mood changes. Crap.

      Thanks John.

    5. Did you know that JPMorgan is the biggest recipient of food stamp receipts? Welfare is a banker's paradise.

      The scheme is a graduated pay scheme where the redemption is upgraded for the trade. Cash in $1 you get $1.25 or something like's gravy for them and hell for us.

      The whole system is broken worldwide and has to be revamped...

    6. I worked with a lady who was a clerk, typist, did not make much money, single mom of two girls. She told me it took her 10 years to get her Bachelors degree. She went to night school when she could and studied when she could find time.

      She got a job as a social worker upon graduating and went and got her Masters. This lady was a huge inspiration to me. I tell her story to those that cry about their situation but refuse to go back to school talking about its too expensive and its too hard. Of course its hard!
      But thats why there is reward at the end in the form of better opportunities. Heck she inspired me to go back and finish my degree. and I had a solid paying career.

      Its a matter of getting out of comfort zone and pushing yourself. Of course, this does not apply everywhere. On the same note, I have friends with college educations that have applied endlessly and simply cannot get hired! Who wants to wash dishes with a Bachelors degree? I don't. But if I had to...
      Its tough for many families out there. Many are really doing everything they can to find a job..

      And there was that time I was in the grocery store. I had half a cart of essentials, you know, fruits, veggies and such and knew from past experience my half cart would be about $80 US dollars.

      A lady with three super fat kids is in front of me. She has two carts packed and over-flowing with stuff like fruit loops cereal, cases of
      soda, cheetos and such. I'm like " I work full time and have decent job, I can't roll like that, what gives?"

      She gets rang up and its over $300. She pulls out food stamps and pays for the whole thing in food stamps.

      Now I'm all for assisting people in need but this lady was as fat as the one that sings when its all over but the crying and her kids were some porkys. Two sides of the coin. People who did the right thing, went to college and put out thousands of resumes and can't find decent employment and people totally manipulating the system and living high on the hog off it..
      As Fedup stated, "the whole system is broken worldwide and has to be revamped..."

    7. The working public is who is paying into the government's caufer...and all we get for following the rules of society...sanctioned by student loan debt, and just over broke (JOB)...

      We have to push for full prosecution for 911, 311-Fukishima, OKC bombing, and everything being foisted upon an unsuspecting population...theft, extortion, deception, fraud, crimes against humanity, drug kingpin, genocide, pedophilia, murder, misuse of public trust, unfair trade practices, unnecessary wars, trading with the enemy, etc...

      This current economic climate is man made our bad weather and floods and droughts are man made...
      Prosecute the guilty for what they have done...not the citizens...our leaders!

  12. LG,

    Thank you for giving us that story of inspiration about that lady you once worked with. It took my father 6 years of night school to get his engineering degree. Worked full time at Cracker Jack factory during the day. Came here from Lithuania with just the clothes on his back.Mom and dad lived at my grandparents house until he graduated, saving most of his earned money during school, and paying school off as he went. Grandparents had a cleaning business. Grandfather worked as a janitor at a band to save the money to open the cleaning business.It has been a family tradition NOT to accept any government welfare, ever, no matter what.I see these fatties all the time when I go to Walgreens here in town. Carts full with all kinds of junk food paid with food stamps. Yet, eating habits like that need educating to reverse. Lyndon B. Johnson is the guy that started this welfare state.3 generations of welfare feeding at the federal teets needs to end, I agree. But, with phased steps of education first. Education of diet, some vocational school training, yes. Then, don't work? Don't eat!

    I have worked since I was twelve. Odd jobs before that starting at maybe 9-10. Started as dishwasher, working up to be bus-boy, and janitor after closing.Then, home to do my homework, and sleep. Had a paper route, too.So, before school and breakfast, I had to deliver the newspapers.Started building motor bikes and mini-bikes and go-carts at 14-16 and that was very, very profitable for me.But, the main money maker was working in restaurants until 17, at which point I got into printing.From printing to draftsman, then lower level engineering, electrical, mechanical, piping and process.Finally settled back into printing when the Chicago Tribune opportunity came. My first 18 out of total 25 years there I work a LOT of overtime, always. Had a beautiful house, truck, and car for the wife. She was home to love and raise out two sons.She got part time work when youngest son turned 14.The crash of 2007-2008 changed everything. Final coffin nail came in 2011 when they fraudulently fired me. My brother got his masters degree at age 50.


    1. DL
      Your story is the poster story for the great American crash of 2007-08...You definitely will recover from this crash. Everything is working out behind the, our Creator/The One would not have it any other way.

      Why should the folks who choose to live righteous pay the debt for these greedy evil urchins? They don't deserve our loyalty...all of them need to be voted out, fired, disbarred, jailed etc...What is most important you are here as a witness to this journey, to tell your story of the second depression that will never happen again. Time heals all wounds...

      I tell my son, what is the sense to set out to do something when you only go half way? If you go half way to have to go half way you might as well have gone all the way...who knows what the end of the journey will be?
      Be encouraged, you are not alone and there is someone in our corner, and it's not TPTW!

    2. How old are you? (You seem wiser than your years.....)

    3. DL
      I am a youthful looking 58...

    4. Nice to meet you!! (as I reach out and shake your hand) I'm a gangly, gnarled and hard-barked old tree of 54 pushing 100, it feels like.....~darylluke.

  13. I totally agree that the system is broken and needs major fixing. I lost my job in 2010 (after nearly 10 years of hard work for my company, they decided to replace me with a kid fresh out of college). Haven't been able to find permanent full-time work since so I finally applied for food stamps early this year.

    It's been a huge help to have while I try and get on my feet, and I am very grateful. But, let me tell you, the system does not really encourage healthier eating. For example, I cannot buy a hot rotisserie chicken (which would feed me for days) at the store but I can buy all the donuts I want. Can't buy a freshly made sandwich (which would be 2 meals for me in some cases) but can buy just about anything processed and packaged, regardless of how healthy it is. A fresh salad at the salad bar? Probably not covered. But a processed salad in the refrigerated section probably is.

    I am single, so it is often more cost-effective to buy a salad bar salad and eat it for 2 days than to buy all the ingredients and only use some of them. Likewise with other meals.

    Again, I am very grateful for the help I receive and am not trying to bite the hand that is helping to feed me. But, I think there needs to be some tweaking as to what can and cannot be bought under these programs, and also more education to choose healthier options. Just my two cents.

    1. Dumpster diving yielded me many meals.... ~darylluke.

    2. Phoenix and DL
      The Church's and community leaders have let us down. Back in the day the Church's would visit the sick at their homes, bring food for families, assist with paying bills if needed, along with counseling sessions...but they did help. Some of the Churches had kitchens and they would give food to families in, Churches are big business; most people run them like a business now. Community outreach, only reach out to help those who they can get tithes and offerings from...the community is abandoned by these self serving institutions.

      Communities use to take care of everybody...I remember my grandfather feeding many community residents from our 2 acre garden and he grew it every year and expanded. This is our duty as neighbors...we were taught if you see someone in need help them, you never know if you are entertaining an angel...and this is what we do.

      All of our leaders have abandoned us!

    3. FedUp, yes I agree. It's been a real struggle to find non-govt organizations who will help me. I really like how your grandfather fed the community. I have some ideas I'd like to try when I have the means to help people in my community. I'm hoping the PP's get released soon so that we all have a chance to help those in need!

    4. Phoenix,
      Our experiences are our own, and there is a reason for us having to experience what we experience...your humble heart will teach you much that you otherwise may not have paid any attention to. I am grateful to meet you and all here, you have helped me expand my consciousness and my heart is always filled with joy to know that we have a chance to make a difference in the world and our communities.

      Keep your head up, and know from your heart where our Creator has embedded in our hearts truth, light, and a knowing that "we are covered."

      Bless you!

    5. Phoenix,

      Also, I went to Dunkin Donuts dumpsters regularly between 2-3am. From the same one, i literally got 100;s of dollars worth of free donuts, muffins, bagels, etc....Last spring and summer.Nothing wrong at all with any of them mostly.Occasionally one back would have coffee spilled in there from a half drunk cup, or sometimes coffee grinds. I would just pick around that....You gotta get there before they open, before the garbage truck arrives, but AFTER any police may be around to see you, because you will get arrested!! ~darylluke.


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