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OWoN Special Report | this is the beginning of the end for the US Hegemony dogs of war

One World of Nations
Special Report
21 September 2014

"The publishing of benchmark prices not only fills the blank in China’s precious metal pricing system but also provides the global markets with valuation benchmarks in Renminbi during Asian time zones, and a basis of anchor prices for innovation and development of the spot and derivatives markets."

As of September 19, 2014, China has reformed the twelve year old Shanghai Gold Exchange to become the Global source for the establishment and fixing the daily benchmark price for Precious Metals (see image-1 below). This will supersede COMEX [US] and LBMA [UK]. China, in the international market, is the number one physical gold consumer, producer and importer.

"The estimates of the real cost of living, known as purchasing power parity or PPPs, are recognised as the best way to compare the size of economies rather than using volatile exchange rates, which rarely reflect the true cost of goods and services: on this measure the IMF put US GDP in 2012 at $16.2tn, and China’s at $8.2tn." Quoted from Financial Times (link)

The mandate of the current Chinese leadership is to raise the Middle Empire's [China] economy to its 1820 supremacy (see image-2 below) . China's growth will be sustainable due to China's application of pure capitalism, where investments are only from savings and not loans, and where both old and new enterprises have the unregulated opportunity to fail. China also applies the Confucianism 'Win-Win' Philosophy. China's reconstruction of both the land and marine, 17th and 18th century, 'Silk Road', is a very important part of the 'Win-Win' philosophy for both export and import.

The West applies the 'Zero-sum' game, which is only successful with two players. If there is three players, the 'Zero-sum' game always fails. The United States will always fail against the team of Russia and China which does not require the strong present union. All that is required, is that the two opposing members are acting for their own individual personal benefit.

(below is taken from the SGE website here)

Benchmark Prices

A Brief Introduction to Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) Benchmark Prices

1. Introduction to the SGE Benchmark Prices

The SGE benchmark prices are price indices made according to the transaction prices of its precious metals.

The fundamental data of benchmark prices derive from the most liquid contracts in the SGE market. The data are selected from the most active trading periods. The methods of making benchmark prices obey the principle of openness and transparency. It is a good representation of the market which provides fair values at a time. The publishing of benchmark prices not only fills the blank in China’s precious metal pricing system but also provides the global markets with valuation benchmarks in Renminbi during Asian time zones, and a basis of anchor prices for innovation and development of the spot and derivatives markets.

2. Publishing of SGE Benchmark Prices

Each SGE benchmark price is calculated after corresponding time intervals on each trading day and released on the SGE website(

3. Rights and Disclaimer

All rights involved in SGE benchmark prices are reserved by SGE. Forwarding of benchmark price information and development of related products involved with benchmark prices shall be authorized by SGE and a license agreement shall be signed.

SGE strives to maintain the promptness, accuracy and integrity of benchmark prices and related information but has no liability to loss incurred to individuals, institutions or organizations due to data breach, omission or mistakes in benchmark prices and its related information caused by any reason.

SGE has no liability to loss incurred to any individual, institution or organization by using benchmark prices and its related information.

SGE will adjust calculation methods based on the variations of the market situations and guarantee the scientific nature and rationality of the price indices. SGE reserves the right of final interpretation.


  1. This is what we all had been waiting for - at the same time when it came it makes us sad and uncomfortable that it had to end that way...

    ...then we have to reshuffle confused emotions and breath deep.....I am sorry that it had to come that far, and it is not the end yet. When it comes in full blow - then most of us will be speechless for some time.....let us get ready for it. There will be time to mourn but probably necessary to stand up and get ready for a new run....

  2. This is very good news Vlastimil and long needed. The outcome may be difficult here in the constitutional US, but less than what the alternative could be. For too long the corporate US has had the world by throat across banking, financial, military/ industrial complex industries. They misused their power and now it's time for things to be set right worldwide. Leveling the playing field, something the corporate US would never do. It took China and Russia, the BRICS countries and more to set this in motion. All nations and their people deserve the right to prosper and do well.

  3. For the US this is a do or die scenario. While our fiat dollars have been overvalued and traded at manipulated prices; this scenario gives us fair value and exchanges the same value. Hegemony is dead, and all players on the global market are in fair game.

    This scenario will also give US citizens a real chance to prosper at a rate not set by the Cabal; but as a natural value based on real values...Now...

    US will have to pay for rebuilding nations, the illegal use of our birth certificates and social security as trading instruments; whereby, we have the guaranteed right of universal self declaration and our right to common law mandated by the Uniform Commercial Code-which is our right not to be bound by any contract that is inequitable and undisclosed and forced by fraud.

    This is the part of our freedom that is rarely discussed, but is absolutely a main apart of the right to freedom.

    This is a reset of values all over the world...

  4. Replies
    1. DawningLight,
      It depends on whether US is willing to join in. If they refuse then US is isolated from major trading and our fiat dollar has bankrupt our here we are.

      Everyone else is joining in because of the real value; of which they were deprived of with US Petrodollar trade and bond markets based on debt.

      Backing money with gold and commodities lends to real wealth because there is nothing traded that is based on debt and inflated values.

    2. Thank you for answering fed, I am trying to learn these things but allot is confusing.
      I wonder how long till we know if usa will or will not join?


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