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Obama's Birth | truth - it always wants to get out

OWoN: Interesting that Canadian Vision TV aired this, when will others air this? Why does this disgusting cover up continue in the US.

How seriously stupid are they? Hello, you've bought a Pig in a Poke.

Video: Canada's Vision TV; Obama Forged Birth Certificate Scandal; American Media Shamed

Birther Report
2 September 2014

Vision TV, Canada's only English language cable and satellite television provider [OWoN: correction: Canada’s only English language cable and satellite television analog specialty channel], broadcast to over 10 million homes, just did what the American media refuses to do. Provide a forum for a fair and honest discussion about the greatest scandal in world history; Obama's usurpation and felony identity document fraud. No blackout in Canada!

Broadcaster Richard Syrett interviewed Attorney Mario Apuzzo, Attorney Phil Berg, computer technology expert Karl Denninger and Allenna Leonard of Democrats Abroad Canada. The show aired last night on Vision TV.


The Conspiracy Show's website plugs: EPISODE 4; THE BIRTHERS: OBAMA'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE

Richard interviews several prominent “Birthers“ who present evidence they claim proves Barack Obama is not eligible to be President because he does not meet the qualifications of a natural born citizen. Further, they argue that Obama's birth certificate is a forgery. [...] More @ The Conspiracy Show. Screen shot below...

Vision TV also plugs: The Conspiracy Show S3E4 Teaser: The Birthers

Was it a spiteful political movement or the truth that US President Barack Obama’s birth certificate proves his ineligibility to hold the highest governmental office in America? Proponents of the theory lay out their beliefs and proof for Richard and opponents put it all down to dirty pool and even racism. Watch and discover what you believe.

Do you know whether you’re a believer or a skeptic? To cast your vote and see how it stacks up with popular opinion, and much more, visit the all-new

The Conspiracy Show with Richard Syrett: The Birthers – Obama’s Birth Certificate premieres Mon., Sept. 1 at 10pm ET/7pm PT.

Listen to The Conspiracy Show with Richard Syrett Sunday nights at 11pm ET on the New AM740 ZoomerRadio. -

[Vision TV]


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  1. John, are other countries leaders putting pressure on this fraud, I can't believe the US is that feared with this idiot at the helm

  2. Scott watch the next 7 reports unfold today, then the next 5 or so tomorrow.
    O is whining because he cant reach Putin and his phone goes to answer phone.
    Why? See the report then see next where Putin is and why and that is Massive!
    All this has been caused by the Cabal and Elites. All now about to realize total annihilation is moments away if the Generals push the button. Where do you think Putin is right now?
    At this moment its only a test game, but can overspill in a heartbeat to real. The test is because the time is coming for the OK Coral and it will be the Russians v the Sissy Boy.
    When that red line alarm phone goes at 3 in the morning, who do you want to pick up the call. We could not wake the B for 20 minutes and he still talked gibberish. Jesus Christ this is Real!
    The Russians ARE practising their First Strike now for a reason and they are not Sissy Boys !
    I watched O yesterday. Frightening. Total crap!

    1. Isn't this what the cabal wants? 7 Billion people dead and they go underground to their DUMBS.

      Everything I have read from these guys basically says they want the US to collapse, they want wars, etc., etc.

      This is the part I don't understand when it comes to circling up the cabal. Seems to me, they welcome the collapse and destruction of the USA. As such, why would they ever care if anything is released.

      I think I read that Bush is estimated to have 70 Trillion stashed away. This guy could fund chaos for years.

      I guess I'm looking from the 20,000 foot view, maybe you guys see other things behind the scenes.

      Really, if you get rid of 5 out of 6 people, why do you even need all the infrastructure and homes?

  3. Our leaders are hell bent on the destruction of UsA...and Putin doesn't trust them! They lie and lie, and now the date 9/11 is coming...what Israel and US with bankers did to NYC Twin Towers is no joke and for anyone that doesn't see the Hypocrisy in what our leaders did to us is totally blind...there's no boogy man...these are satanists!

    It's right in our faces...I think Putin is being smart...and it's a warning for our leaders who hide behind rituals.

    Ukraine is not a member of EU or NATO..these are all war crimes!

  4. Barack Obama really is Osama bin Laden ? proof here is Osama dead ?.flv
    Bin laden and obama are same

    Truth is stranger than fiction, you can't make this stuff up!


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