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Obama 'Out Of It' During 'Bizarre' Conversation With Prime Minister

OWoN: Now coming head on into the NATO talks this is a whole new phenomenon as the Girly Boy is seen to be "Out of It" for a key call between a First World Leader hosting the NATO conference, and a witless Buffoon giggling and clearly stupefied augurs badly for NATO. A naked Emperor but this time without any brains.

It was bad enough with an Idiot Command System not able to stop 9/11 so who the hell removes a clear lunatic from command now?

He's a visible embarrassment to America. Will someone please deal with this Joke of a President before he causes real offense. Wars have been unleashed for less.

D.C. WHISPERS: Obama “Out Of It” During “Bizarre” Conversation With Prime Minister

DW Ulsterman
By Ulsterman
3 September 2014

A recent report was published here this morning regarding Lt. Colonel Ralph Peters declaring Barack Obama suffered “psychological problems” that has him incapable of making the kind of decisions required of his job as President of the United States. Now this information comes via D.C. sources which outline a very brief, troubling, and bizarre phone conversation between British Prime Minister David Cameron and President Obama that left the Prime Minister’s staff stunned and baffled as to what could be going on with the alleged “Leader of the Free World.”

The communication from British Prime Minister to the president is said to have been initiated at approximately 5:00 eastern time. (Which would also indicate the Prime Minister was working late into the night London time.) According to the published White House schedule for Tuesday, that would have put Barack Obama on Air Force One on his way to Europe. The Prime Minister was said to have to wait for nearly twenty minutes before the call was finally taken by the president.

Why would it take twenty minutes for staff to locate the President of the United States within the confines of a airplane – even one as luxurious as AF1?

That is far from the most troubling aspect of the alleged interaction between the two world leaders though.

President Obama is said to have been “nearly incoherent”, slurring his words heavily and even at one point “giggling as the Prime Minister struggled to focus the conversation on the terrorist threats in the Middle East.” The President of the United States was said to be “out of it” during a conversation that has staff for the Prime Minister privately describing to their D.C. counterparts as “bizarre.”

Was Barack Obama given an in-flight sedative to help him sleep during his flight trip to Estonia and then later the United Kingdom for a scheduled NATO summit? If so, he could have been woken up by staff to take the Prime Minister’s call and been struggling to remain awake during the conversation.

An alternative to that more Obama-friendly scenario would be one related to the night of the Benghazi Massacre where White House records have no indication of the President of the United States’ whereabouts on that night, though rumors persist Barack Obama was “incapacitated” and unable to perform his duties as Commander in Chief. Those missing hours in the president’s schedule have never yet to be accounted for and the next day, a late to rise Barack Obama then flew off for a fundraiser to Las Vegas.

No president has utilized Air Force One more than Barack Obama, though its use has been primarily for fundraising and vacation excursions. That extensive use also allows the president considerable time at the back of the plane alone inside the private rooms if he so chooses, far from the prying eyes of the White House machine and accompanying media. (The media are confined to a small area at the front of the plane) He could be doing a great many things on that plane we would never know of.

Whatever the cause for the president’s condition and resulting behavior during the brief conversation with Prime Minister Cameron, it is sure to be a source of further concern for both Cameron and other world leaders during this week’s NATO conference as more and more come to realize the United States is seemingly without the required leadership today’s increasingly troubled times require.



  1. THIS is sweet!!! Perception is everything. ~darylluke.

    1. D.W.Ulstermann. WOW!! (like I said....SWEET!)

  2. Unbelievable folks, unbelievable. I have no more words...

  3. BofB,
    PUPPET is the word...anyone this out of it can only be led like a dog on a leash...sad, sad, sad and shocking!

  4. None of them, President, Congress, all the way down to local legislators are not worthy of our loyalty. We need a new system and we need it to be free of all of the controllers! They all have their own agendas, and We the People are not included...What if...there is an election and nobody shows up? Wouldn't that be something!

    Lt. Col.: Obama Has "Psychological" Problem" And "Can't Face Responsibilities Of His Office"

    Obama: The head of the ISIS snake
    Exclusive: Erik Rush calls BHO 'a well-placed saboteur representing malignant interests'


    1. FedUp,

      What if there was a war and nobody showed up? ~daylluke.

    2. Even better DL...We have had enough!

  5. It is time for Congress to invoke the 25th Amendment and remove this mental case.

    It's obvious that he was drugged or perhaps hitting the bong on AF1. The man is a total disgrace and it is only by the grace of the furies that we have not plummeted into thermonuclear war with Russia by now.

    1. WHA,
      The only thing I can say is someone is looking out for us, and it's not THEM...

  6. Off Topic

    Exclusive - G20 finalising flexible 'bail in' bond deal for big banks: sources

    Bail-ins huh?
    For Big Banks huh?
    Ding-Dong bail in anyone?
    And you are counting to deposit all your "lifesaving investment "huh?

  7. Coke and blow........

  8. Canauzzie,

    What are the steps to add that blog comment feed to our computer again?

    1. JV,

      On the bottom of every page there is two RSS buttons to the right of the Google+ button. The RSS button to the right is for comments. Click on it and then click on the subscribe button.

      If you hover your cusor over the RSS buttons it will tell you which one is comment and which one is posts.

  9. How much longer will it all last?

  10. Jeff Rense & Jim Marrs - Most Of What We Think We Know Is Wrong (15min)


  11. This interview must be sent VIRAL - it's so important. Gordon Duff throws down the truth from within US Intelligence as he never has before. He talks about many micro nuke attacks such as the OKC, Bali, the Brevik shooter in Norway and so much more.

    In the second hour, they break a HUGE story where a former Governor and a current member of Congress just be guilty of conspiracy to commit murder! They have the murder threat on tape and play it!

  12. We are watching O with horror at the talks. This is a rambling, shambolic caricature of a President. he is mentally challenged, seems unable to string cogent sentences together, and is a major embarrassment to America. Time out for the Bum. The collateral damage alone is priceless. Watch the videos on~Dumbo. He is even starting to make George W look cogent. Yes that bad! America has to face up to this Clown and change him. Neither he nor the US have effective policies. How about rebuilding the economy and cleaning out the crime families? How about De Zionising the Fed and Treasury? How about cutting the Debt mountains? How about releasing the PP to do it for these clowns?

  13. Thank you John . The PP will not be released if we are waiting on OBOZO, never happen, not in this life time. We either have to go around him or else.

  14. John,

    Sounds like a classic example of a medical problem which stops him from doing his daily "job". That alone is enough to get him sidelined legally.....



  15. Lord Mayor of London (City of London) Fiona Woolf head of a government inquiry into historical child abuse
    Interesting choice . Any comments ?

  16. When I look at O, I see a person who is scared out of his witts...he has to be on drugs because if he makes the wrong move and move against the cabal; they probably threatened his families life...the cabal would rather kill all of us than to let their trillions that they stole from us come back to us...and, the idea of being prosecuted for war crimes, extortion, pedophilia, murder, crimes against humanity, theft, trading with the enemy, and such...TPTW feel like we have an opportunity to take it there and they really, really don't want this to happen...A CHANGE IS GONNA COME...and it's not the one that they think they're going to foist upon us again. Getting discernment from various news articles from the past week...they think we really don't know what they are up to.

    Nobody should be exempt from prosecution...NOBODY. TOO MUCH DEATH! TOO MUCH WAR!

    It's the end for them...many truths are being exposed about them.


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