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Obama | another tough day at the office

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(Perhaps the most disorganized community organizer in the history of humankind?)

D.C. Whispers: A Glimpse Into The Daily Chaos That Is The Obama White House

DW Ulsterman
By Ulsterman
30 August 2014

This past week’s chaotic “I have no plan” declaration by Barack Obama regarding the ongoing ISIS threat made news only to those who still can’t believe this president is capable of saying something so stupid in a public forum. The rest of America that has been paying attention simply nodded our collective heads and saw it as yet another example of how detached and disinterested Barack Obama is in the day to day job of being President of the United States. He abdicated that responsibility years ago, and simply awaits the script sent to him by Valerie Jarrett, the woman who has further consolidated her own control of the Executive Branch in recent years – though see too suffers from an inability to actually form consistently applicable policy that makes sense. The result is a White House as chaotic and disorganized as any in recent memory. Check out this minute by minute scenario from Thursday that makes that all too clear…

Last Wednesday evening the press pool was given the regular presidential schedule for the following day. In recent months, this schedule has been delivered to the media later and later in the day, meaning the White House really has no idea what they are to do from 24 hours to the next.

By 10:00 Thursday morning the press were informed Barack Obama would be meeting with his National Security Council that afternoon at 4:00. The president had not actually arrived at work in the Oval Office yet. This is not unusual as there are days he never leaves his second floor study.

The regularly scheduled 1:00 White House press briefing was abruptly cancelled, and then re-scheduled for 4:00. The press began to talk among themselves regarding the seeming scheduling conflict of a press briefing while the president was to be meeting with his NSC team at the same time. Why not hold the briefing after the NSC meeting took place as the media would very much like to know what was covered during that meeting given the various conflicts now erupting throughout the world.

This media confusion intensified when they were then informed by the White House that Barack Obama would be giving a statement to them at 4:00 sharp. HUH? Wasn’t he to be in a meeting with his National Security Council at that time? This turmoil reached the ears of White House operatives who quickly indicated Press Secretary Josh Earnest would be holding a briefing with them at 4:10. Wait – why is Josh Earnest being scheduled for a briefing at 4:10 when the president himself is scheduled to speak to the media at 4:00?

Yet more chaos ensues with several in the White House press pool grumbling – WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?

Barack Obama doesn’t show at 4:00, and no sign of Josh Earnest at nearly 4:10. Then the president does show up and gives a statement on a random economic report that nobody cared about. Reporters want to know if he actually met with his National Security Council and if so, what if anything, was decided? This is when the President of the United States offers a shrug and mumbles how he has no plan for the current ISIS situation and then ambles off the stage.

This is quickly followed by an announcement from the White House that the briefing by Press Secretary Josh Earnest has been cancelled.

Another work day in the Obama White House has come to an end.

The most disorganized community organizer in all his incompetent glory…


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