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New Gallup Poll | not surprising faith in government are reaching all time lows in US

OWoN: Are the lies catching up in minds of ordinary Americans? Apart from attaching electrodes to the genitalia of the population, how else can we wake them up? How can a population have 200M plus certified as moronically stupid? Watch and weep.

Gallup: Distrust in Executive Branch Nearing Nixon-Watergate Levels

By Wynton Hall
15 September 2014

A new Gallup poll finds Americans' distrust in the Executive Branch just three points shy of the all-time low rating just months prior to President Richard Nixon's resignation.

"After a sharp drop from last year, trust in the executive branch is the lowest it has been during President Barack Obama's tenure, at 43%," reports Gallup. "The historical low of 40% was measured in April 1974, months before Richard Nixon resigned amid the Watergate scandal."

Gallup also finds that Obama's approval rating is now just 41%.

The erosion of trust in the executive branch tracks with similar declines in trust in government more broadly.

"Americans' trust in the three branches of the federal government is collectively lower than at any point in the last two decades," Gallup concludes.



  1. Bix may just be right about this.

    Audit the Fed Passes 1st Hurdle...Now Comes Harry Reid!

    Good news and Bad news?

    First is the good news...The Audit the Fed Bill passed the US House Vote!!!

    Said Rep. Paul Broun:

    "Today's passage of the Audit the Fed bill brings us one step closer towards bringing much-needed transparency to our nation's monetary policy. For the past 100 years, the Federal Reserve, a quasi-government agency, has acted under a veil of secrecy - controlling our monetary policy and thus, our economy. While in recent years, the Fed has been granted a greater role in overseeing the regulation of our financial system, current law specifically prohibits audits of the Federal Reserve's deliberations, decisions, or actions on monetary policy. This lack of accountability and transparency has led to grievous consequences - and it must end.

    "I applaud my colleagues, Republicans and Democrats alike, for their support of this vital bill, and I commend my good friend and former colleague Dr. Ron Paul for his leadership on this important issue. I strongly encourage Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to recall his past support for this legislation - which he stated as recently as 2010 - and to bring this bill before the Senate for a vote, so we may deliver the transparency and government accountability the American people need and deserve."


    So it comes down to this....Harry Reid, which 99.99% of the people I talk to think is just another corrupt criminal Senator that was bought and paid for by the Bad Guys, has to bring this Bill up for a vote in the Senate. If he doesn't then the Audit the Fed Bill will die once again. EVERYBODY in our camp is saying that there is no way Reid will let this Bill hit the floor for a vote.

    Of course I think differently :-)

    Yes, Reid has done everything he could possibly do to subvert the Constitution over the past 6 has been obvious to everyone.

    My question comes down to this:

    "Was Harry Reid's past actions part of the Bad Guy's plan or was Harry Reid just helping the Good Guys DELAY the Global Monetary Destruction for a little while?"

    I think the latter.

    Who is right? I think his action on this Audit the Fed Bill vote will be the decider on that one and it will happen BEFORE the end of the year.

    I'm sure he will not bring it to the floor immediately (there are a few more things to get in place) but when all the pieces are in place and the banks start to him FLIP on this one and bring the vote to the Senate floor!

    Should be a VERY interesting few months in America.

    May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

    Bix Weir

    PS - Don't forget that his state, Nevada, holds some of the largest gold and silver deposits in the nation.

  2. The Gallup Poll is a "think tank" scam...what is happening is that they are pushing for low voter turn out in the Presidential Election...this is to discourage people from voting...such is the system with the electoral it really doesn't matter about the individual votes, the electoral votes is what is captivating the seat.

    What if there's elections and no one vote? People are fed up!

    Out of 10 people I know no one called any of them, or requested their opinion on this poll...that is100% non-public participation.


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