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NATO | live blog of meetings over weekend in Wales

OWoN: Here is the live rolling blog of NATO's weekend in Wales.

President Barack Obama speaks at a news conference at the Nato summit in Wales on Friday. Photograph: Charles Dharapak/AP

Nato summit: Obama outlines Isis strategy: Politics live blog

  • US president speaks from Wales about 10-nation Isis plan
  • French president says France would join fight
  • Nato leaders play down significance of Ukraine ceasefire

The Guardian
With Andrew Sparrow
5 September 2014

7.16am BST

It’s the second and final day of the Nato summit in Wales. Much of the talk will focus on Nato’s plans for a rapid-reaction force that will be deployed in eastern Europe and the Baltic states to deter Russia.

Here’s the timetable for the day:

9.30am: The first formal meeting of the North Atlantic council starts.

12.30pm: Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the Nato secretary general, holds a press conference.

1pm: The North Atlantic council starts its second formal session.

3pm: Rasmussen holds a second press conference.

After 3pm: David Cameron and other Nato leaders are expected to give their own press conferences.

And here’s the Nato timetable with a bit more detail.

NATO leaders posing for a ‘family photo’ at Cardiff Castle, where they had dinner last night. Photograph: Peter Macdiarmid/PA

It’s been an unusually wide-ranging conference, covering the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Isis, Afghanistan, and much else. Here’s the live blog from yesterday. And here are the main Nato stories in today’s Guardian:

I won’t be posting again on this blog until about 10am, I’m afraid, because I’ve got to take one of my children to school, but a colleague may update the blog if there are any big developments. After 10am I’ll be blogging full pelt.

If you want to follow me on Twitter, I’m on @AndrewSparrow.


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