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Merkel Is Putin's #1 Phone Buddy | is Germany the bridge between US and Russia?

OWoN: Be in no doubt, Putin is very aware of all Global issues. But, as seen, the US is declining in influence so fast now. Germany has the key ear of Putin now. Angela soon will have to decide. The calls show clearly the emergent nations. Russia has no need of the US. - nor their funded stooges.

Could it be that Germany is the bridge between Russia and the US?

Every phone call Putin has made to a world leader in 2014

Russian president Vladimir Putin has had 35 phone calls with German Chancellor Angela Merkel so far this year - more than three times the number of calls he has had with US president Barack Obama, and six times the number of phone conversations he’s had with UK PM David Cameron

The Guardian
By Ami Sedghi, George Arnett
and Alberto Nardelli
9 September 2014

Inspired by Reddit user nyshtick’s map of every phone call US president Barack Obama has made in 2014, here are all the phone conversations Russian president Vladimir Putin has had with world leaders so far this year.

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According to the Kremlin, Putin has had 35 phone calls with German Chancellor Angela Merkel so far this year - more than three times the number of calls he has had with President Barack Obama, and six times the number of phone conversations he’s had with UK PM David Cameron. Both Putin’s close neighbours, Nazarbayev and Lukashenko, had more phone time with the Russian president than Cameron. Somewhat surprisingly, Putin has had the same number of phone calls with French President François Hollande than with President Obama and PM Cameron combined.

Interestingly, Chancellor Merkel is also the world leader President Obama has been on the phone with most so far in 2014.

Who says Europe’s influence in the world is diminishing?



  1. Number of phone calls Obama made....

    1- His drug dealer 24

    2-Gay bath 24

    3- Golf-club 24

    4- His wife 1 (when telling her she can not come for dinner because he cannot hit last hole of his game...)

    1. Hi Vlastimil,
      I find your sense of humor in the post above in poor taste, judgmental, assumptive, and hurtful. Are you aware there is a perfect system of justice in creation? It is so perfect there is not an atom out of place, so to speak. Our job; those of us who are more aware than most; is to model higher thought and behavior; and thus be an energetic presence of higher aspects and qualities of being [verb] to the best of our abilities. To attempt humor by attacking another persons character, based on nothing more than unsubstantiated rumors or thoughtless unreasoned thought patterns in your own head; is not humor. That is unconscious viciousness. A person who is aware of the true nature of forgiveness and the presence of Spirit would never ever say such things.

      Know that in any attempt to project pain and hurt on another, even just mental level sick humor, the price in suffering will be paid by you. What you do unto others will be done unto you.

      In my opinion we, the ones who are aware of the what is happening in the big picture need to abandon the anger and rage that arises when we realize what has happened on this planet. To react with fear and anger, rather than feeling calmness and heartfelt compassion for the ignorant suffering of others,and ourselves, that has and is happening on such a huge scale on this planet.

      Do you want to keep doing that attacking if the pain of having that hurtful attitude will be yours to bear? Is there room in your mind for the realization of a better way? Do you want to add to the problems on the planet or do you want to help alleviate them?

      By the way, I post using my real name as I accept full responsibility for the nature and quality of my consciousness in the eyes of my Creator and the awareness of my brothers and sisters; particularly at this time when we are really needed. We need to rise above the the paradigm based on fear into the paradigm based on Love and service to others.

    2. are a riot!
      ahhhhhh,hahhahahahhahahahahahahha....I cannot stop laughing...but all seriousness...this really might be true.

      Thank you

    3. Paul, I do understand and with higher thinking we receive different results and we learn more. However, sometime you have to laugh to keep from crying...and sometimes we just come with comments that first come to mind.

      But, I cannot help but laugh because the things Vlastimil listed are all in our news and someone is making a subject out of them...I remember when O didn't show up at his wife's birthday dinner at Oprah's...and this was it's ironic.

    4. Thank you fed up. I do tend to speak too strongly. It is the way it comes out of me. It seems I do not know what gentle is. :-) :-(

    5. Paul,
      Don't be too hard on yourself...we win they lose...bottom line is that we need to begin to laugh and have joy for their ignorance and arrogance is evident. Not in the fact that they are, but in the results that they produce for themselves.. It's really shameful for them, they need to hang their heads instead of being so pious.

      I pray that our Creator turns them to the light...however,more than half of them are "not human" as in clones...

      We are with you, and you with us...and we are here to break the curse of servitude to these entities.

  2. Russia to appeal against US, EU sanctions to WTO

    Russia considers the latest round of Western sanctions illegal and is ready to appeal against them to the World Trade Organization (WTO), Russian Economy Minister Aleksey Ulyukaev told reporters on Friday.

    “The latest round of sanctions provides grounds to appeal to the WTO. And we will appeal,” Ulyukaev said.

    Russia’s response to the new EU and US sanctions, besides restricting the import of used cars, may also affect petrochemicals and machinery products, the minister stressed. Ulyukaev added that when Russia introduced the first package of protective measures in the area of food security, it announced the possibility of restrictions in other areas.

    “This applies primarily to industrial products, automobiles and other equipment such as compressors and refrigerators. In this case, a large number of machinery and petrochemical products could also be included in the mechanism of protective measures,” Ulyukaev said.

    However, the minister stressed that the Russian authorities so far haven’t made the decision to implement the above mentioned restrictions on Western producers.


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