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Joan Rivers | the curtain closes for this humorous 'character'

OWoN: Joan Rivers put a smile on a lot of faces. She took Plastic Surgery to a whole new level of Don't!

But her humor paid off. She will be remembered. Joan was a character.

'Thank you for loving me as a daughter': Kelly Osbourne leads tributes after death of Joan Rivers... as Lena Dunham honours comic with a plastic surgery joke

  • Kelly Osbourne said she was heartbroken by the loss of 'my beloved Joan'
  • Fashion Police co-host Giuliana Rancic described Rivers as a 'true genius'
  • Lena Dunham honored the comic with a joke about her plastic surgery
  • Prince Charles also praised Rivers for her 'enormous zest for life'
  • Longtime friend Kathy Griffin tweeted 'A legend, a friend, a mentor, an icon'

Mail Online
By Jennifer Newton,
Iona Kirby and Heidi Parker
4 September 2014

Joan Rivers died on Thursday at the age of 81 and fans were quick to tweet messages of sorrow.

Among them were her Fashion Police co-stars Giuliana Rancic and Kelly Osbourne, who shared a sweet photo of the pair of them and some moving words.

On Facebook she posted: 'I'm completely heartbroken by the loss of my beloved Joan. Not only was she my boss, she was and will always be my teacher, therapist, closest friend, inspiration and the only grandmother I ever knew. She was family and I will never forget her.

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  1. Rest in peace, Joan.

    “When I die (and yes, Melissa, that day will come; and yes, Melissa, everything’s in your name), I want my funeral to be a huge showbiz affair with lights, cameras, action. I want Craft services, I want paparazzi and I want publicists making a scene! I want it to be Hollywood all the way. I don’t want some rabbi rambling on; I want Meryl Streep crying, in five different accents. I don’t want a eulogy; I want Bobby Vinton to pick up my head and sing ‘Mr. Lonely.’ I want to look gorgeous, better dead than I do alive. I want to be buried in a Valentino gown and I want Harry Winston to make me a toe tag. And I want a wind machine so that even in the casket my hair is blowing just like Beyonce’s.”

    Did Joan step out of line with this comment:

    Joan Rivers: Obama is gay, Michelle is a tranny

    Too late, did she try to redeem herself in the eyes of the Satanic Tribe by making her outrageous anti-Palestinian comments shortly afterwards? The Tribe is very unforgiving.

    1. Sorry Valid, I answered below and wrote Vlastimil...
      This is what I found "Joan River's murdered on Beyonce's 33 birthday...
      Joan Rivers “Murdered” On Beyonce’s 33rd Birthday In “Illuminati Sacrifice” Claim Conspiracies

      (Joan Rivers died at 81 and was born in 33/Beyonce born in 81 and is 33 the date Joan died....hummmm)

  2. Vlastimil,
    For sure Melissa is going to have her death investigated to the 100th degree...there are reports stating that her death was a sacrifice/illumanati just like Whitney Houston.

    These are rituals, and TPTW for their god demand mass mourning, mass negative emotions, this is feeding time for them...this is one reason for ghouls sitting and waiting for death to befall.

    We are being led by satanists! Divine Intervention by our Creator has power over these not worthy of our attention...


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