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Israeli 'Double Standards' - UN resolution on Israel's nuclear arms lost

OWoN: More Israeli Double Standards. What strokes did they pull to get an open review of IsraeHells adherence to Nuclear proliferation? The Zionists got the double dealing UN to block it. Typical UN double dealing again. Bribes will do nicely.

Resolution on Israel's nuclear arms lost

26 September 2014

A resolution proposed by Arab states expressing concern about Israel's alleged nuclear arsenal has been defeated at a meeting of the UN's International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

The measure, brought by 18 Arab member states, was rejected on Thursday by 58 votes to 45, with 27 countries abstaining at the annual general conference.

Israel is widely assumed to have nuclear weapons but has never acknowledged it.

The Jewish state is a member of the UN nuclear agency but is not subject to IAEA inspections except for a small research facility.

The proposed resolution, which has also been rejected on previous occasions, expressed "concerns about Israeli nuclear capabilities" and urged Israel to join the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) and place all its nuclear facilities under IAEA supervision.

In 2009, the same resolution was narrowly approved by IAEA members but was never followed up.

Arab member states have accused Western countries of double standards on the nuclear issue by not putting Israel's activities under IAEA supervision, while forcing Iran to honour its obligations under the NPT.

Tehran is suspected by the West of seeking to develop nuclear weapons, a claim it denies.

Iran and world powers are in talks to reach a comprehensive nuclear deal by November 24.



  1. Madmen with their hands on nuclear weapons is a no brainer...they should not be allowed to have them...all we see in IsraHell is genocide and the slaughter of innocence. This is dangerous, no telling where he might use them.

    And I read a report that no one from UsA was glad that the resolution was voted down, but they were disturbed more that this came up for a vote at all. This secret is out and I believe that eyes are watching.


    Independent analysts estimate that Israel has a stockpile of 200 – 400 nuclear warheads, ranging from megaton sized warheads to suitcase and pineapple sized devices. Israel does not officially recognized that it has a nuclear weapons program at all. The weapons program does not only raise regional and international security concerns and concerns about proliferation, but concerns about serious human rights abuses against Palestinian prisoners in Israeli detention.

    "the IAEA failed to address Israel’s non-compliance."

    While Israel is a member of the IAEA, it denies IAEA inspectors access to its nuclear facility in Dimona. The proposed resolution reiterated serious concerns about Israel’s nuclear capabilities, urged Israel to accede to the non-proliferation treaty (NPT), and to allow IAEA inspectors unimpeded access to its nuclear facilities.


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