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ISIS Extremists Captured | turns out they are not so tough

OWoN: This IS the way to deal with ISIS and ALL Extremists. Then a good spraying with Hollow Heads or Dum dums. Funny, they never come back twice. We need to drop these into all Militant areas.

Makes you wonder why the mainstream media focuses its attention on the ISIS brutalities towards its victims, and not on their fearlessness when facing capture themselves.

Follow the link to find out how fearless there warriors of Islam really are. Essential watching its worth it to see them cry like the scum they are. Sissy Boys.

ISIS Extremists Turned Crybabies after Caught and Slapped Around by Soldiers

Mad World
By Robert Rich
3 September 2014

In a video that’s just too good to pass up, a series of ISIS extremists were captured by soldiers and slapped around a bit. In a bout of diminished masculinity, the Muslim militants were reduced to crybabies after finding themselves in a situation all too familiar (albeit their roles reversed).

Instead of facing their capture with dignity, the jihadists found themselves a whimpering and sniveling mess. This is pretty ironic behavior for Muslim extremists, if you compare it to how “brave” they acted in the videos released during recent days (the executions of Foley and Sotloff). They proved themselves to be nothing more than cowards all along.


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  1. Sissy boys hiding behind those costumes...why are they hiding behind masks? They have something to hide!


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