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Iraq #3 | Military leaves door open for US 'ground' forces to be used against ISIS

OWoN: Here we go again - send in the clowns! It's only YOUR money Honey!

Iraq #3 in the making.

While the economy stagnates and the rest of the world marches on, one does ask, with what precious money? The weapons bunch must be ordering the champagne the Chinese no longer favor.

Image: Press TV

General Martin Dempsey: U.S. "May" Send In Ground Troops To Fight ISIS

Political Pistachio
By J A Smius
16 September 2014

Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Martin Dempsey told a Senate hearing this morning that the United states "may" send in ground troops back into Iraq "if they are needed" to defeat ISIS.

I don't know if General Dempsey is one of the neutered political hacks that are the new face of the gelded Obama military or if he has another of the most thankless jobs in Washington, D.C. If the former, he's as loathsome as the big-eared demigod that deputized him; if the latter, pity and pray for this man, that he will be able to withstand, and eventually be delivered from, these daily full-scale assaults on his honor and his sanity in being forced to give utterance to such transparent falsehoods.


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  1. Oh how true, and due for deep considerations...

    Cut To The Chase!
    By Jim Kirwan

    We’ve been at war in Iraq for over twenty years now. We’ve attacked Iraq four different times and we’ve lost every time. The reason we finally pulled out in 2011 was because Iraq was demanding that the US government and its troops would be subject to International Law, if ‘we’ chose to stay. This is the real reason behind the premise of not putting “boots on the ground in Iraq”.

    Apparently the pilots of the drones or the fighter jets are immune from international law, even if the “troops are not.” This is nonsense and it’s all illegal anyway—just as every one of the attacks on Iraq was also illegal—despite the fact that Israel ordered the US to attack Iraq, as their surrogate slave state, which we did.

    Americans need to understand that the world cannot live with two outlaw nations that do not abide by international laws that supposedly control the behavior of all the rest of the 200 plus nations on the planet: We’ve been living in this way for 67 years and it has brought only ruin, torture, genocide and slaughter to everyone and to every place that either Israel or USI has gone.

    There can be only one standard “of law” for all the nations on this planet. If that is not true and it has not been true for over 67 years now: The people of the world need to end this blatant violation that has deprived the world of “justice” for an unconsciously long period of time. We now face oblivion unless we demand basic equality throughout all internationally agreed to laws.


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