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IQ down - Military spending up | something is desperately wrong

OWoN: How do you tell a world where IQ is dropping fast and Military spending is the fastest growth on the planet, not to risk our countries when the Leaders are the worst Dumb Asses ever, and getting worse? This is what we leave our kids?

Why Worry? The Two Scariest Charts In The World

Zero Hedge
By Tyler Durden
15 September 2014

Submitted by Erico Matia Tavares via Sinclar & Co,

There are plenty of things to worry about these days. A cursory look through today’s (13 Sep 14) sets the tone: the Pope says WWIII is underway; a senior Democrat accuses the Republicans of endangering civilization; drones are invading the privacy of citizens; militias are blocking traffic in the Mexican border; Feds run a US$589 billion budget deficit; the UK might fall apart; the Ebola epidemic is getting serious in Africa; a mystery virus spreads to NY and CT (and we could not resist adding this one: Hillary Clinton is doing yoga).

With all of this in our minds it is easy to forget, or at least put in proper context, the extraordinary progress that mankind has achieved over the centuries against remarkable odds. World population has steadily increased, proving Malthus wrong. Serious diseases like polio and smallpox, which affected even monarchs and presidents over the centuries, have been eradicated. We can crisscross the planet in less than 24 hours and put satellites in deep space. The baby boomers and their offspring are the most prosperous generations the world has ever seen.

This shows that with enough intelligence, political will, common sense and perseverance most challenges we face as a species can be overcome. This should provide a decent amount of hope that we can tackle whatever we are facing right now.

So why worry?

Well, what will happen if we start losing those qualities and values as a global society? Which is why we believe that the following graphs are the scariest in the world today: 


Source: MailOnline, University of Hartford.


Source: SIPRI.
(a) Based on NATO expenditures (in 2011 constant US$), the longest data series publicly available.

The average world citizen is getting dumber while our means of doing harm are increasing. This trend is clearly not our friend.

Consider the following.

Countries around the world today spend over US$1.7 trillion on weaponry - more than the total global investment in energy supply. Beyond the manufacturers and suppliers downstream, this produces zero economic benefits (weapons become obsolete very quickly and do not generate any returns; on the contrary as, well, they blow stuff up) and the associated costs add to already bloated government debt levels. And that’s US$1.7 trillion less available each year to improve world education, food and fuel availability, the environment and shifting global demographics, all critical issues of the 21st century.

Also concerning is the fact that control over these weapons can be quickly lost, creating the prospect of blowbacks, never ending conflicts and major tragedies.

Prior to 1991, the Soviet Union had more than 27,000 nuclear warheads and plenty of weapons-grade uranium and plutonium to triple that number. While there have been no confirmed reports of missing or stolen former-Soviet nuclear weapons (astonishing given all the political and economic turmoil since then), there is ample evidence of a significant black market in nuclear materials. How long before someone in that rapidly expanding pool of idiots gets a hold of some is anybody’s guess.

Note: accidents can happen as well, adding to the unease of handling this type of firepower. For instance, in 1961, a B-52 carrying two nuclear bombs broke up in mid-air, dropping its nuclear payload very close to Goldsboro in North Carolina. Five of the six fuses designed to prevent a detonation failed in one of the bombs, with only the last one averting a nuclear explosion. That was an unbelievable close call.

And now turmoil is spreading across the Middle East yet again. With all the conflict going on, anyone showing up and volunteering to fight for one of the sides will be given free food and weapons, courtesy of the associated regional and international powers. Will those weapons stay there, concerning as that might already be for local populations, or will they be used elsewhere, even if the conflict is contained or resolved? As we all know fundamentalists – probably the most idiotic of the bunch – are ready to do anything.

Humanity cannot risk its future falling into the hands of increasingly lethal buffoons. The stakes are just too high now. Hopefully our leaders are paying attention, but this should concern us all. Let’s try to be smart about it – while the smart is still going.



  1. I have been at this for too long. My eyes are deceiving me.

    I thought, for a few moments, the headline was "IQD down".

    I need a vacation. Maybe Reno this year.

    1. Lol.
      Good news though to see the Gurus starting to get taken down.

      Can't comment yet publicly on anything, but just watch by the day. Like an LA schoolboy. it will come that fast.

    2. Wow, I was sitting there, like a duck hit on the head with a club after I read that. Then I recalled my days as an LA schoolboy (raised in Los Angeles), and I knew just what you were saying. LOL

      My new mantra is now, PP cannot come fast enough! LOL

    3. It's already published...this is small beans compared to the big boys...when they go down then there is at least some glimmer of the rule of law being reinstated.

    4. WHA
      So Tony, American Pie was modelled on You?

    5. Well, partly. I required a deeper dish pie than what was shown in the movie. lol

      After the PP's clear, I am going to start on my memoirs. "American Bundt Cake"

  2. Good article.
    Agree with the article writer's summation.

    "Humanity cannot risk its future falling into the hands of increasingly lethal buffoons. The stakes are just too high now. Hopefully our leaders are paying attention, but this should concern us all. Let’s try to be smart about it – while the smart is still going."

  3. P and all
    If you really knew just how low the collective IQ and moral values of Leadership actually is, you would despair. Public laconic trust and naivety saddens me. Society is run by Perps. Pervs and Clowns. You wonder why it's so sick? OWON is slowly taking them down. But we need to replace them with quality parties.
    1. PPs are coming.
    2. Scotland will be bust in a year if they vote for lunacy. The SNP and MSM are NOT telling the truth. Our reading, is that hopefully we will keep it together by a c4% swing, but its not for sure. If Scotland votes Yes, they lose forever. Fools and money? They have no idea what waiting .
    3. Perps hiding from Westminster Committees. Including Police, have no chance now. Once facing the Committees they are warned of the consequences of Perjury and failing to cooperate as ordered. A Police Commissioner only now sees the depth of the teethmarks and what follows. He was warned and has just seen his arse. Now he's rolled over to avoid what's next. Just be assured , thousands of these Bastards are going down! No advance info, but we did say September/October and November watch and see, and hopefully it will spread.
    4. There is goodness behind it all, but a lot of dog excreta to face down. Trust the focus and good luck with the PP's.
    OWON is a candle of hope.

    1. c'mon PPs! I'm tired of Keystone and need funds to upgrade!

    2. Thank you John,
      Have seen much lunacy over the years and its effects on the population. Am very glad that those who have protected the pedophile Cretans from prosecution are finally having to face up. And do time possibly. Those crimes are wide spread and through all levels of society. It is a glad day coming, no matter how tall the boots need to be to wade through it all. Will be happier when the actions of the UK extend worldwide, with the US and other major country's guilty of such crimes being next. The world needs purging of these predators.

      The PP's will help so much. Glad for that, the world needs that candle of hope from OWoN.

    3. Remember how the entire country stopped for Diana's funeral. How Elton sang Candle in the Wind in Charles face in Westminster Abbey?

      Many WILL do hard time for the kids. An arrogant Police Commissioner just saw his arse and what is was coming down on him soon. It will for all of them. We need to clean our whole world up. Asia is vile towards kids. Perps travelling to the Philippines and Thailand to abuse kids need executing. People traffickers forcing girls into prostitution need executing. Countries allowing it need a harsh wake up call.
      Everybody is somebodies child. If it were our daughters? How can Man do this? How can we treat women and Children this way? Well, apart from Hillary!!!! Where can we rent a Gorilla for the job? Ask the Benghazi families, or guys who died in the next life. She truly has no idea what awaits her. Non of them do.
      OWON is the Soul and Conscience of all of you. We care. You matter.

    4. Our leaders are clueless; it's amazing that we vote these people in then they turn on us as if we have to beg them to be our voice in's as if we fed a rabid dog!

      This article is evidence that we have hired a whole class of "useless thinkers"...they don't read any of the regulations, legislation, or executive orders...they are pay to play players of our existence. They are shameless...

      We need to vote out the whole matter, as long as we see new clueless faces; at least there is some type of change...

    5. Thank you John, still cry when hear the Candle in the Wind done by Elton John in Westminster Abbey.
      Think it is Garth Brooks that has a new song out called "People loving People". He's right, evil can't exist when people love people.

      Am glad there will be no dodging jail time for those who have protected the pedophiles there in the UK. Truly hope it spreads. The world needs it done everywhere its needed.

    6. Check out the ITCCS; they're prosecuting all such who abuse and traffic children in the church's and from the orphanages...there is hope...I just hope this moves throughout the world into the United States and beyond...there has to be a stopping point. The major goal is educating ones of what is really happening...then once everyone can identify with the face of this evil we can publicly renounce those who practice this detestable crime.

      (I am noticing more and more that the advertisers are targeting young children in schools...using adult subject the dating service Match (dot) com; and today a raffle for a motorcycle where the tickets cost $100; where the elementary school children were gathered at the auction). This is reprehensible and needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

      Love is all there is!

    7. Drugs and Dealers (9TH CIRCLE CHILD ABUSE GANG) seized in Vatican diplomatic vehicle linked to Pope's adviser and friend

      ITCCS Breaking News: September 17, 2014

      Drugs and Dealers seized in Vatican diplomatic vehicle linked to Pope's adviser and friend, Argentine Cardinal Jorge Maria Mejia


      In another revelation of Pope Frxancis' ties to the Ndrangheta drug cartel and its Ninth Circle sacrifical cult, a car belonging to the Pope's personal adviser and friend, Argentine Cardinal Jorge Mejia, was seized today in France while being driven by two underworld drug dealers.

      Four kilograms of Cocaine and 200 grams of Cannabis were seized by the French customs officials at motorway toll near Chambery, last Sunday 14th September 2014.

      The two men arrested were driving a Vatican car that belongs to Cardinal Jorge Maria Mejia, 91 years old, who is in charge of the Vatican Library. The drug dealers, two men age 31 and 40 years old, made a return trip to Spain to purchase the drugs. Mejia claims he does not know those who were arrested. The French police in Chambery and the Court are initiating a legal action against the two men this Thursday the 18th for drug trafficking. No mention is made of whether Cardinal Mejia will be summoned by the Court.

  4. The sad thing about this article is how true it is.

    The common core that is being implemented throughout the country is atrocious.

    I've spent the last few weeks researching private schools. It's hard to find one that doesn't use technology which ultimately dumbs down the kids too. I want desks, pencils and paper. Not push buttons. My children are not going to be robots.

    I was reading an article talking about how Steve Jobs and most other high level tech executives don't even let technology into their homes. Their kids go to private schools where pencil and paper are used along with activities like knitting. Do you think they know something?

    People really don't understand how these Ipads and mobile phones dumb down and harm their children with intrusive frequencies. It's basically a weapon. WIFI is horrible for your body.

    I really worry about my children and the world that is being left to them.

    1. I understand exactly what you're going through. . my son has graduated college in 2006; however, I fought like the dickens to get him into private schooling where he had to use his intelligence rather than depend on machines., This is a needle in a haystack search, but there are school privately functioning that focus on true skill level rather than machines.( Some of the highly rated school are the ones focusing on the use of technology...and the cost is high).

      I had to drive 100 miles per day from the 8th through 12th grade to make sure my son got to school...but this is the sacrifice that we as parent have to make to be sure that our children are less indoctrinated by these money grubbers.

      Public school is going to be a thing of the past soon, since there is so much attention on the violence in public schools...

      I wish you the highest regard in your search...

  5. If us commoners can get something out of this Dong PP, I'm going to make it my mission to build a nationwide affordable private school system to elevate our children to another level. Moral, intellectual, spiritual, free thinking children and quality future leaders.

    I'm really tired of this destruction of the soul that is happening on this planet!

    1. JV
      I had a three hour discussion with my oldest sister today, who is an awesome educator. She complained about the new curriculum and she has the same interest as you are speaking of. It proves that we are waking up to this nightmare that we call society; and we are depending more on ourselves to provide the care and education that our children truly need.

      I attended some of the best schools all of my life, and there is nothing I learned that I use in everyday life except for "common sense." This is just how much of what we learn is really an application for life and work.

      You are on the right path...I applaud you!

  6. The human brain has never been logical… its a holographic pattern processor…
    Sun, September 14, 2014

    What people often call “logical thought” is usually not logical at all, but either collective experience or accepted norms of society. A frequency basically. Logic itself really doesn’t play into it, for logic has to be learned, and its not an easy discipline. Most people are not very good at logic. Without logic, there is no mathematics. Without mathematics, there is no frequency or anything else in the universe including you and me. Logic just IS. Math just IS. Get used to it. Logic and math are just ways of directing thought. Its also a tool for determining truth. Logic and math are building blocks tools of everything else.

    Where those highly trained in logic fall on their face is inability to see anything between the values of TRUE and FALSE (1 or 0) and forcing their own conclusions, which are often judgements of others, into easily classfiable containers. Humans cannot be containerized nor contained. A human life can change on a dime and often does. Nor can energies and phenomenon that we have no tools to measure be denied simply because we have no meter (yet) to measure them. You may choose to define your human experience by only those things that can be measured (and that’s simply bowing to peer pressure of what others will think of you), but that is again a choice. The bits must compile and without logic they won’t, but what logic system are thinking in? Machine or the natural world? That’s an issue computer people, logicians and greek philosophers must deal with.

    Binary logic, in terms of western thought on this planet, traces its roots back to Aristotle and ancient Greek thought. Binary logic, like much of Greek thought was based on the idea that everything is separate and categorizable. This or that. Us vs Them. But its a flawed world view. And the flaw is right in the logic they use. Binary logic is incomplete.

  7. John thank you for the positive updates . OWoN is a candle of hope. I sincerely hope the world watching these child abusers locked up creates the 100 monkey effect globally

    Diana would of made a wonderful Grandmother, she was loved by so many the Peoples Princess

  8. This brings up the question of how much is allocated for education vs. military spending...maybe if they spent as much on education there wouldn't be so many weapons of mass destruction. It appears to me that they have the impulse to fight rather than negotiate.

    We can thank our Imperialistic leaders for ramping up the Military Industrial Complex rather than spending on domestic economic downturn.

    Just a thought...

  9. LL33

    The British people will never forgive the idiot Charles for Diana. He ruthlessly abused her.Defender of the faith? He abused her for a Mares Ass? Every guy from Surrey to Hampshire has been through Camilla, so he's lucky he didn't catch some stray Dogs left overs. We all hope the Queen outlives this clown. Charlie boy almost ended the Monarchy. He's a jug eared Clown and dysfunctional as hell. This one is not fit for the day job. Her own husband went off to play away, he was tired of finding lost tour buses on the way in!
    On the Public side, see what breaks each month now, trust the scale will be huge. There are thousands now logged who can expect a knock on the door. So many Pakkies and Priests. All on file now, and also the Children's home's .
    Its disgusting to see what the Politicos did. Its all in the Committee rooms. This is one you can trust. It will be ruthlessly pursued. Police lied over the Chief Whip and have been hammered for it. Many are guilty of huge cover ups.
    They are being processed and again, can expect a knock.
    Charlie boy will face a real lashback if he gets the throne. Many MPs will refuse to take the oath. Many will refuse to sing the anthem and he will be booed in public. Camilla will face a revolt if she goes for the throne. He want's he want's, we don't want HIM!

    1. John I agree,
      If he is allowed to take the throne it would be the end of the Monarchy imho. it would undo all the good work and good will the Queen has dedicated and built over the decades. She is good Ambassador and well respected . He is not

      After reading this BBC article my hearts breaks. What a double blow to have a sick child with Cancer, then to find out the the Authorities / Addenbrooks Hospital had kept quiet for over a year.

      Authorities failed to alert police of suspicions about a paedophile doctor more than a year before his arrest in December 2013, it has emerged.

      Myles Bradbury, of Addenbrooke's Hospital, admitted offences against boys he was treating for cancer.

      Child abuse investigators CEOP were told in July 2012 Bradbury bought suspect movies online, but did not act.

      I know I keep pushing it , THIS is why we need Mandatory reporting. please protect OUR children David Cameron set up a meeting with Tom Parry we need positive law with teeth not a WATERED down version. How would you feel if this was your child ?

    2. LL33

      The Lords only officially reconvene in 4 weeks. Until then it is tracked by daily telecomm. After that we unleash hell. But daily, we talk with the Political numpties. The Police are now working and building cases. It's too big now to hide or drop. Careers will be made or lost and scalps taken. October onwards stand by for fireworks.

    3. Hello John, I just wanted to vent a little on the people that abuse their power. I just read another article about a woman here in the states who was released after serving 30 years for a crime she did not commit. More and more people are being released after sitting decades in prison to later be found innocent. There was an article I read years ago about a prosecutor who bought an innocent man dinner whom he had wrongfully locked up for 20 years I believe. FUCKING DINNER?! IT SICKENS ME TO KNOW THAT THESE CUNT PROSECUTORS AND JUDGES HAVE NO REMORSE AFTER LOCKING INNOCENT PEOPLE UP FOR DECADES!! THIS IS UNFORGIVABLE AND I WISH ONLY THE WORST KIND OF DEATH TO THESE KIND OF PEOPLE, I DON'T GIVE A DAMN WHAT THE BIBLE OR BLUE EYED JESUS SAYS!!!! I'M SORRY JOHN BUT THESE KIND OF PEOPLE ARE WORTHY OF BEING HATED!!!! THEY KNOW THEY WILL NOT FACE ANY ANY CONSEQUENCES DUE TO THEM BEING IMMUNE TO ANY ACCOUNTABILITY, AND THAT ENRAGES ME INTENSELY. JOHN, CONTINUE TO GIVE THE CABAL THE 2 PIECE COMBO WITH A SIDE OF GRAVY AND BISCUITS, THEY NEED TO BE DEALT WITH!!!!! I FEEL THESE EVIL PROSECUTORS AND JUDGES NEED TO BE DEALT WITH THE SAME BRUTAL COLD HEARTED FORCE THEY INFLICT ON THE INNOCENT. I sincerely hope those PP's will help rid our so called justice system of these types of people. Keep up the good fight and here's to those PP's being released!

    4. Griffonred

      For the same reason Pilots do not publicly report UFOs, absolutely and totally trust that those who totally KNOW what is beyond, know the tab that is waiting. Its small comfort for you now, but far less than those its waiting for. The sheer scale of retribution for some is beyond human contemplation. No point trying to explain to Joe Public, but what comes around, sure as Hell its waiting. Anyone who really has experienced what is, lives a different life and has unquestionable values. To know is to understand. Nothing is free. Karma waits. Most step clear, but for those who do invoke it, you deserve every moment of the depth of Atonement waiting for you. No one will hear you scream and no once will care. You bought the ticket.

  10. The US Fed is now being kicked out of bed. I expect this to lead to formal announcements of the TRN. Am I correct in that line of thought? Juicy....

    1. AJNAANDY...from my understanding the Fed Reserve is not a branch of our Constitutional government, it is a private corporation owned by the Rottenchilds who has usurped central banking authority. The Treasury on the other hand is a branch of our Constitutional government who has been tasked with the authority to print money...

      The Treasury will print and distribute the TRN which will phase out the Federal Reserve currency which is back by nothing...TRN back by gold and precious metals and commodities.

      This appears to be the beginning of the end...good news!

  11. Not sure if we did not become TI (targeted individual) we, me and my wife, do not sleep for 4th consecutive night for no apparent reasons...I work hard physically these days and am dead by evenings to sleep...but I do not and my wife either....this night it was terrible...brain in kind of buzz ....falling asleep by 3 I begin working very late slept till 9am and am wife has the same symptoms

    I protect kids I have some technologies under their beds....yet they have last two nights nightmare ....

    Not funny if is today the same I have to take some serious steps...

    1. Vlastimil, maybe take some melatonin and some valerian root. Melatonin is released by our brain and you may need more of it to counteract effects of possibly being "targeted". Valerian root is a natural herb that helps you relax. Both sold in grocery stores. Hope this helps you to fall asleep.

    2. Thanks Biffie

      I never had this stage of feels like being dumb .... constant pressure even during day today.....and very week, though I keep my body in very good physical shape ..... not even food tastes..

      I have to do something .... I will try what you suggest

    3. Vlastik,

      make sure you take magnesium dimalate before sleep. Will help you to sleep better, fight insomnia and will fix sleep disorder. This is essential for life support. Magnesium is so important that is core plant cells required to produce oxygen. Without magnesium dimalate we would not be here. Also manages more than 350 functions thru enzymes in our body balancing energy.

      The only way to have zinc, calcium and iron fired up in our body is to intake magnesium dimalate because our food and water are poor of this mineral. Without it you also open gates for diseases.

      Take care Friend

    4. Vlast
      Odd you say this, I have been experiencing similar for weeks, trolling spam weird calls . Then my child was physically assaulted punched for no reason by an male adult Caught on CCTV Police have been useless took two days before they interview I month before collected CCTV. (May not be connected) but strange, weird as I wondered if I was being targeted also

    5. Let you share a recommendation here...
      Basically, you should have your basic health platform daily balanced using what I call the magic four life insurance.

      You should have coconut oil, carthamus oil, omega 3, 6, 9 and magnesium dimalato every day. These Are really a life insurance and all of us should have it daily. After that Vitamin D3.

      If we don't find time to care for our health, we will be find time to care our disease.

    6. Well said BoB,
      "If we don't find time to care for our health, we will be find time to care our disease."

      Have also taken note of what you suggested. Thank you! )

    7. Welcome P,

      I hope this is valuable information to all. We have to take or drink magnesium everyday. If you are an athlete, do a lot of exercise and sweat or do sauna, You Must over supplement otherwise you have a great chances for sudden death.
      Most magnesium, potassium and iodine are eliminated when sweating or after sauna ok?. This is why you hear many people and athlete die in or after sauna. This information is priceless my friend, people die for lack of knowledge.

      Also magnesium will make the eardrum buzz go away as well. Is lack of...

      About Omega 3 pills, make sure you are taking the right supplement. Most or many are fake and don't work. You must put one pill in the freezer for 5 hours. Take one toothpick and transverse the pill, if is still liquid its Good, if it freezes is Not Omega 3. Do a RMA and get your money back. Real Omega 3 will revive your brain Nd raise you IQ.

      Another IMPORTANT note about Calcium. Make sure you never intake Calcium pills ok? I don't want to scary you but every person that makes calcium supplementation without medical assistance will die earlier. You actually are eliminating 7 years of you live span ok?, No kidding. All the calcium pills you intake don't go to the bone, it goes directly to your heart clogging you coronary, carotid arteries calcifying your Aorta.

      Now tell me if people die for lack of knowledge huh? Dementia rules!

    8. Thank you BoB,
      I have magnesium citrate at present so will finish that and switch. My hens are free range so do get some Omega 3. Once something happens will start getting the Omega 3, 6 and 9 you spoke about. Have taken note of the freezer test. As raise a few milk goats calcium is from their raw milk and cheese. Saw the ineffectiveness of calcium supplements a long time ago, so won't take them. For some reason iodine can only get from the chlorella works for me. D3 have been taking for over a year now.

      Have found white flour glutton really effects my mental processes so am very careful to avoid it as much as possible. It is rather toxic to me. May be to others also. Think it may be the close to if not the main cause for dementia here in the US.

      Thank you again BoB.

    9. P thanks to share.
      Congratulation for such knowledge on these supplements. If we research and use common sense and correct supplements we can prevent or totally eliminate an avalanche of diseases.

      All nutrients We Need are in the food, organic healthy foods or even under agri-toxics. Better eat an agri-toxic food than Not eat at all. There are ways to completely remove the agro-toxic poison using iodine tincture. Five drops for every liter of water, place your veggies and fruits inside and leave in a dark room for an hour. Light oxide the iodine and becomes effect-less ok. Wash afterwards, that's it. We still have the GMO problem but at least without agri-toxic would you agree?

      Also Milk Is Not a Healthy food. We are the only Specie that drinks milk as ADULTS, did you know that?, no other species do. Do you see any animal or human adult sucking his mother tits around, you don't lol. After 9 years old there is No reason to drink at All.

      Todays milk is the opposite of once was, like 30-40 years ago. Milk has become a pure poison and igniter for allergies. We should not drink, period.
      All the poison, lactose, gluten, artificial sugar, etc are poison as is useless the addition of vitamin D2, because our body don't ingest and is discarded. Milk is not a real source of calcium, eating Green Is. Look at the cows and pastures. So the real source of calcium are in the green veggies and leafs, than you use magnesium to boost.

      You have the second most powerful superfood in your hands P. (1. Maternal Milk, 2.EGGs, 3. Coconut Oil). EGG is a complete food, there is life in an EGG. Think about how powerful an nutritive an egg can be when reaching your body. All that you need is on an EGG. Interesting isn't?. We should eat 4-5-8 a day. No kidding. Not fried, only boiled or scramble with no OIL ok. The only oil you can fry and re use is coconut oil. All the rest is poison, except Olive Oil Extra Virgin for salads or top dish.

      Agree P, mental Dementia or Alzheimer is a global issue and is caused by lack of Hormone D3. Gluten is poison and should be eliminated at all cost. Its an igniter for dementia and many diseases because subjugates your immune system.

      Take care P, nice to exchange with you.

    10. Thanks BoB for your information. I have been studying nutrition and eating organic for 38 years. Have learned a lot. Try to stay organic, lots of greens, non gluten, no GMO, eat live food, be alive.

    11. You welcome Biffie.
      Wow 38 years on organic and nutrition education is a long time. There is much we can learn from you Biffie.

      I told Canauzzie many many months ago that I would like to open alternative health centers to heal our kids and the sick using alternative nutrition and supplementation and raising awareness of you are what you eat. Teach people to eat well you know. I'm still looking forward to it.

      By the way, just careful with Calcium pills or abundant amounts of it ok. If anyone has taken these before or for a long time, they should have lots of calcium plaques or residues attached to the arteries.

      The only way to fix that and get rid of this plaques is supplement with vitamin K2. What K2 does is take the calcium particles from the arteries and attach them back to the bones. K2 is a miracle and can save many life's. But is not only Calcium ok?

      Fat gets attached as well and stack. The presence of these two can drive you nuts, specially blood pressure problems. Taking L-Arginine supplements for example, will prevent any stroke or heart attack, boosting energy, including fixing diabetes.

      L-Arginine expands the arteries and veins cleaning and unclogging from fat or residues. The compound in this supplement fix and restructure damaged arteries and veins, not allowing fat to build on the arteries internal walls. Taking this, is impossible to have a stroke or a heart disease. Its a fact.

      Take care Biffie

    12. I enjoy nutrition talk and learning. Good thing I take K-2:) Thanks for the good info reminder. I agree with you on calcium. I quit taking it quite some time ago. I have always been allergic to milk and suffered phlegm and abdominal problems from it for years when I was younger. Then when I was 18 yrs. I got a book called "Let's Have Healthy Children" by Adele Davis from my Chiropractor. It changed my life. Have not bought a bag of sugar or flour since. Don't drink pop or alcohol, and cook almost all of my own food. I try to eat raw and alkaline as possible. But what still troubles me is all the poison from the chemtrails in our air, water, and food. Hate that. Want it to stop. I live in Oregon and right now we have not has much rain for months. If they would just leave our weather alone, Mother Earth would do the right thing for us all. You take care, too.

    13. Biffie,

      It takes about 12 to 16 months for K2 do the work from last time you took the calcium pills, but really works. Another way to supplement K2 is to eat Biffie Liver twice a week lol.
      I'm also don't take any sugar or table salt, only marine when necessary. Marine salt has only about 40% of sodium and pure iodine. Table salt contains elements which scratch the internal walls damaging the veins. When that happens all cells are force to put their efforts to fix that leaving the rest of functions alone, a constant fight inside of you because the veins are damaged all the time.

      I totally agree with you, Soda is pure poison. If we really love our family we would never drink or allow Soda in the house. The ph level of a soda is 2.5 which means it takes 32 cups of good alkaline water to fix your system for every cup of soda you intake. Unbelievable right? People would not drink soda again if they knew, or maybe they would for the level of dementia. At the end Dementia Rules!

      Most bottle of mineral water we believe are good to us are junk, because the ph are very low. Our blood ph is 7.30-7.35 and if you drink water lesser in ph you are damaging your body and acidizing the system, opening Gates for Cancer.

      We'd supposed to carefully select our water looking at the label for ph from 8.0 to 10. That is Good Water, not the water you think are drinking is good for you. Will make you feel better, lighter and loose wait as well.

      People still question why they get cancer, but forget all the junk food, soda and junk water they eat. The only way to prevent cancer and other diseases is to have an alkaline body above 7.5 because the cancer cell can only survive in a acid system. Bang.

      PH in water, food and inside of system is the most important element before supplement with vitamins and minerals.

      Nice talk to you friend.

  12. I thought that was funny how O "changed his mind" about sending ground troops to Iraq. MSM won't directly state that it was changed for him by Iraq simply stating "NO!". I don't understand why Assad doesn't simply do the same thing. Maybe my IQ is too low to figure that one out....

    It TRULY IS insanity of the highest magnitude to be spending so much yearly, which simply gives more profits to the military arms corporations. So few have withheld so much from so many for far too long.
    Education system in this country is nothing more than training to be a good consumer. Yet, for that end product, there must be jobs to become a consumer. It is no joke about how many with bachelors degrees (along with the attached $60,000+++ debt) in this country work at McDonalds! And, if they are lucky, they have a second night job working security somewhere for just above minimum wage. CALL THIS LUCK?

    We are being targeted, yes. Thanks for posting your experiences. I generally don't want to write about all the lists of dirty tricks they use against us here. THIS type of crap is funded by the nazi cabal satanist zionists. One day soon it is THEY who will be targeted, chased down, prosecuted and/or worse. THIS is my dream, anyways.... ~darylluke.

  13. Why S.African rand tumbling down? I thought it was a very strong currency? It is the "S" in BRICS, after all!!


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