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OWoN: Looking at the state of America today is enough to make any Patriot cry and for most now to seriously consider leaving. So let's start with a few laughs instead.


  1. OWoN
    Thank you for the laugh much needed its been a tense time... feels like we are in chaotic waters..boy what a ride..

    Thomas Sowell quote I especially like, great slogan for Mandatory reporting campaign thank you guys..

    Here some more Irony for you

    Rotherham council appoint Barnardos to conduct performance review of CS. Who is a former director of Barnardos? Yep. Joyce Thacker.

    I been amused all week watching the current Barnardos CEO blocking on Twitter csa survivors who tireless campaigned for justice.. Stonewalling Please unblock Ian McFad Mr Khan if you read this by any chance, lets work together to protect our children..

    Now counting resignations.... in the Rotherham child abuse Stone Kimber Wright Thacker = 4 resignations means paid off Taxpayers cost ?, yet whilst in Public office failed to protect 1400 sexual abuse kids is this true? ....

    rumour has it Mrs Thacker package was...£65000 pension per year equates to (@2percent) for 8 years work a pension pot of about £1.6m in contributions pa is this true ?

    Sounds very like the Bank bail outs to me Fred Goodwin her we go again, seems failure pays nowadays
    These resignations with a very nice pension package if true...I m sure this will be made public if not FOIA...will pursue
    No lets say, If wrong doing is found by CSA inquiry can we claw back please legally ? Pool all the pensions and compensate the survivors thats natural justice

    Maybe I have a to puristic view of right and wrong in life.., Thomas Sowell could explain it better, as I am not good with words..

    “People who pride themselves on their "complexity" and deride others for being "simplistic" should realize that the truth is often not very complicated. What gets complex is evading the truth.”

    Is this going to be a public Inquiry ?

  2. Assistant Chief Constable set to retire – and could avoid possible disciplinary action Sweeney ...Todd ;-)


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