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EU member states funding ISIS - shouldn't they be sanctioned?

OWoN: Oh what a tangled web. The duplicity of all of it. 

How does this go down with the hypocrisy of saying one thing and doing another. Now add in Qatar, Saudis and the agencies who fund ISIS, it's a duplicitous bluff, and where does this go?

Petrodollar Panic: EU Officials Admit Buying Oil From ISIS

Zero Hedge
By Tyler Durden
15 September 2014

We recently explained how ISIS remains so well funded but what was unclear was who exactly what purchasing their 'recently-provisioned' oil reserves? The assumption being some desperate third-world nation or some scheming offshore hedge-fund arbitrageur; however, as reports, a senior European Union official has revealed that some EU member states have purchased oil from ISIL Takfiri militants despite their rhetoric against the group. The official declined to disclose any names but Turkey remains a front-runner (having already shunned President Obama) and potentially France (after their recent anti-Petrodollar comments).

As The Daily Signal's Kelsey Harkness ( @kelseyjharkness ) notes,

According to the Iraq Energy Institute, an independent, nonprofit policy organization focused on Iraq’s energy sector, the army of radical Islamists controls production of 30,000 barrels of oil a day in Iraq and 50,000 barrels in Syria.

And now we know who is buying... (as reports)

A senior European Union official has revealed that some EU member states have purchased oil from ISIL Takfiri militants despite their rhetoric against the group.

In a briefing to the European Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee, EU Ambassador to Iraq Jana Hybas-kova said some European countries have purchased crude from the ISIL.

She, however, refused to disclose any names despite pressure by some Parliament members to do so.

The EU official also warned against any support by the West for separatist Kurdish groups who, she said, would destabilize the Middle East.

Earlier reports accused Turkey of buying and transporting oil from both the ISIL and Qaeda-linked Nusra Front. According to the reports, Western intelligence agencies could track ISIL oil shipments as they moved across Iraq and Turkey.

ISIL reportedly controls eleven oil fields in northern Iraq as well as Syria's Raqqa province.

US intelligence officials estimate that the Takfiri militants earn more than USD 3 million a day from oil profit, theft, human trafficking and ransom. They say the militants sell oil and other products via established networks in Turkey, Jordan and Iraq's Kurdistan region. ?Turkey has denied reports of involvement in ISIL's oil smuggling operations.

How long before US places sanctions directly on these European nations (instead of implicitly through Russia)?



  1. the "black market" is really a free market and the "free market" is actually a rigged market? Seems like ISIS is practising proper capitalism, as well as decapitation-ism....

    1. We'll know for sure that ISIS is a Rothschild/Rockefeller creation when it starts lending the money it stole at compound interest to the EU to buy its oil......

    2. Valdi,
      The idea would not surprise me. Destabilize Europe through indirect sanctions which I see as Europe moving towards BRICS because they will see that they will not survive the winter. They will not depend on US because their gas comes from Russia.

      Further, under ISIL...Saudi Arabia is awful quiet...meaning, they are also playing two sides from the middle; siding with Russia through BRICS and involved with UsA under ISIL...The Saudi's are actually oil producing nation...moving away from the petrodollar...

    3. Obama Changed ISIS Name Into ISIL, Here Is Why! MVI 3223

  2. Yes Valdi,

    Thanks, I will repeat just what was said ..... how is it possible that fascist are still being in power?

    Break down fascist EU, USA, NATO and world will be free to move on....

    Ohhhh I forgot, it can not be done because some Americans would not be able to watch their sport games and some Europeans would not be able to live on social welfare .....

    We can not make such big moves, it is so scary....things could get out of balance, it is better to sacrifice little nations and little people ......

    Break fascist US, EU, NATO ------,

    If Putin could stand up .... why not Cameron? These news from above are enough reasons for UK to step down from EU fascist terrorist sponsorship .....

  3. Vlastimil,

    The US, EU and NATO are already breaking up. If the Scots vote for independence this Friday, there will be no appetite for further military adventurism by Westminster. We have a general election coming up next May in England with the main parties in disarray and UKIP likely to benefit. I think another coalition government is possible. Russia is at this moment considering its reaction to the latest EU sanctions: it may be a long, cold winter ahead. The stores are already displaying Christmas fare. No-one has any stomach for war. Let's be patient; there's nothing much else we can do right now.

  4. Will Independent Scotland Spark American Revolution 2.0? - I hope so.

  5. Valdi
    If Scotland goes there is a chance of a Conservative UKIP forced pact.
    In which case,Europe and the US links will be gone. Our role will be to get out of the EU, and forge closer links with Asia and South America.
    Scotland could be a wrecking crew for many dreams now. What will be will be. At least it gives us a chance to shred Labour for a century. UKIP will smash open borders and wave 2 fingers to intrusive laws. Overall, its best for Britain. Out of the EU and out of US Camp following. Lets see what the Scots decide. We accept their right. My head says go.
    My heart says talk. Scotland instead, may decide to just walk.

    1. John,

      One of my brothers and his family live in Scotland. I don't want to have to cross a border to visit them BUT an independent Scotland may be the shake that wakes us up and keeps us away from war until sanity returns. Determination and national pride may rekindle the work ethic in those who have lost it, knowing they would now be contributing to the success of their own country and community. Competitiveness and friendly rivalry may even spur on the English in depressed regions of the north.

      The debt bomb is the only illusion holding us back. When one accepts that derivatives are a recent human construct based on a fiat currency created from nothing, then it's obvious to a simpleton like me that our country actually owes nothing. And neither does any other country.

      There, fixed it for you! Ha.

  6. Here's an opinion by Tom Heneghan from his report at:
    September 16, 2014

    Note: ISIS is nothing more than an NSA/FBI Division 5-British Intelligence crisis actors psyop operation, which is busy aiding British Petroleum (BP) in buying oil at $70 a barrel on the black market and then having British Petroleum selling it back to the European Union (EU) and the rest of the world at $93 a barrel.
    Current FBI Director James Comey has become a puppet of former FBI Director Robert Mueller (NAZI German Bush Crime Family bloodline). Comey has now declared war on the American People.
    Proof! FBI Says Americans More Dangerous Than ISIS Invasion

    Note: ISIS is totally financed by the Saudi Royal Family and the NAZI German Bush Crime Family that will continue to use ISIS to buy oil on the cheap and continue to foster the massive big lie concerning the 9/11 FALSE FLAG Bush Crime Family 'Reichstag Fire' that followed the NAZI Paperclip NSA overthrow of the year 2000 presidential election.

    Top U.S. Military Official: Our Arab "Allies" Support ISIS


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