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Cameron wants MPs to vote on air strikes against ISIS (ISIL) - more air strikes as they will just dig in

OWoN: Here we go again, more air strikes as they dig in. Mass destruction, nice fat reconstruction contracts.

Unless we land, put in 10,000 experienced troops to kill them on the ground, it goes nowhere. This mess will just build.

A swift campaign is needed. Forget the US, these Military Arseholes take 6 months to deliver their food packs and McDonalds before anything kicks off as with Saddam. He could have swept through Saudi in a week while the US shipped Junk food and tourist provisions.

Bypass these clowns, just drop in 10,000 EU Paras, Marines and the US Seals and the jobs done. Bin Laden got away when the UK SAS had him pinned down in Bora Bora Canyon, but were ordered by the US to wait for a US team to arrive make the kill. US arrogance again. Idiots! It then took 2 days wasted, waiting for these Jackasses and he was long gone. 

More killings, more time to build networks because we allowed these amateur league US Doughnut, Coke and coffee buffoons to run their Dog and Pony show. He lived many years because of these incompetent idiots. They can't even evict a Goddam Muslim Con Man from the White House. How can this nation of children deal with ISIS? No Culture, no history, No Idea. McDonald's cowboys at play mixed with Nero in the WH fiddling while the Middle East burns. Clueless, they ARE the problem. Bums trying to run a Zoo while focusing only on thieving from the store and maxing out Junk food. 

The Vandals run the Asylum and we let them???? Time to sack the Vandals in DC instead. The world needs to be well rid of this DC Turd Pot.

David Cameron recalls MPs for Isil air strikes vote

Prime Minister David Cameron says recalling parliament to debate Britain's response to a request from Iraqi government to support air strikes to thwart Islamic State extremists

The Telegraph
By Myles Burke
and PA
24 September 2014

David Cameron has announced the recall of Parliament to seek MPs' approval for British involvement in air strikes on the Islamic State terror group in Iraq.

MPs will return to Westminster on Friday for a vote which could clear the way for RAF planes to join the US, France and a number of Arab states in bombarding IS positions as early as the weekend.

Mr Cameron - who is desperate to avoid a repeat of last year's damaging Commons defeat over air strikes against Syria - said he was confident he would get the support of the House "on an all-party basis".

Speaking in New York following a meeting with new Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, who took office earlier this month, Mr Cameron said:

"What we are doing is legal, it is right, it does not involve British troops on the ground."

"As ever with our country, when we are threatened in this way we should not turn away from what needs to be done."

The Prime Minister said that he was responding to a request for assistance from the Iraqi government - seen by British officials as providing the legal underpinning for military action.

He made clear that the action would be restricted to Iraq and that it would require a further debate and vote by MPs if the Government was to extend air strikes into Syria.


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