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9/11 - more allegations and names

UPDATE: Part 2 video below 27 September 2014

OWoN: Now this is interesting to read.

9/11 more allegations and names. Plus it puts Rogue Romney's dirty Mitts on it now. 

True or not this is going around more and more.

Russian Intelligence Continues 9/11 Data Dump, Key Perps Named

US Intelligence Also Disseminates Critical 9/11 Info, ISIS Unveiled

State of the Nation
By Glenn Canady
24 September 2014

The following interview by US Intelligence is the most shocking I have ever heard. Gordon Duff released bombshell after bombshell in this hour and 38 minutes. The Russians just released some key information about 9/11, ISIS and much more.

Never in history have the names of those involved been released that were involved in the attacks. It includes a person that became the first head of the Department of Homeland Security, a Former Mayor of New York City during 9/11 and the Police Commissioner of New York City during 9/11. Most of you are smart enough to either know whose these people are or can Google to see who I’m talking about. Since Gordon did not actually name them I’m not going to name them either but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out.

Gordon Duff Reveals Huge Russian and US Intelligence On Who Did 9/11 and Much More. Listen to the entire interview. The micro nuke information and 9/11 begins around the 32:00 minute mark but other critical information cane found at the beginning, too.

The following are some of my notes from this interview. So much was covered, this is only part of it.

Gordon covers how Daily Kos is a piece of garbage media operation that is trying to cover up the murder plot by Senator Songstad and Governor Sundquist that was broken right here on BIN. Daily Kos said that US Intelligence made it all up. Gordon challenges everybody to match the voices for themselves and challenges everybody to get the word out on this HUGE story. All the fakes in alternative media (tip of spear people) have censored it.

Sundquist who was just caught on tape plotting murder said he’s going to head the Republican party.

VeteransToday now has more nuclear weapons designers on staff as writers and technical advisers than the country of Iran. Gordon reveals he runs the largest worldwide intelligence operation in the world and was in charge of security for Leo Wanta after President H.W. Bush put him in prison and stole the money meant for the American people. $27 Trillion! By the way, the tip of the spear person in alternative media still lies and says Lee Wanta is “as real as the Easter Bunny”. Remember all lies come from satan! These fakes in alternative media also keep telling eerybody to get thieir information from Drudge when US Intel has already revealed Drudge is an Israeli agent working for the same people that nuked our towers on 9/11. This word must get out.

The war in Ukraine is now officially a nuclear war. VT sent photos of the strike on the factory in Donetsk and their initial analysis says it was a Lance missile that is only used by Israel and was designed to carry a micro nuke. A nuclear weapon might have also been used in Lugansk.

Russians are very upset at what has happened in Ukraine and to retaliate have released a treasure trove of Intel to Gordon Duff and US Intelligence that confirms and puts together more pieces of the puzzle about 9/11, ISIS and more. They know that micro nukes were used at 9/11, Oklahoma City, Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia, Bali and more locations. Israel stole the micro nukes from the Pentax facility in Texas with the help of officials in the Dept of Energy who told them the exact ones to steal and gave them highly classified data that allowed them to turn them into viable weapons to replenish Israel’s nuclear weapons. Victor Bout (Lord of War) helped in the stealing of these weapons.

Gordon discusses project “Able Danger” which began after the IEAE put out a report that declared a micro-nuke was used to take down the federal building in Oklahoma City. The fertilizer bomb did nothing.

Monica Lewinsky was a Mossad asset used to blackmail Clinton into stopping the investigation of Oklahoma City and the micronuke used there.

Gordon released the shocking information about the attack on the pentagon on 9/11. A US Tomahawk missile was used on the Pentagon and it was done to murder the US Navy investigators (Able Danger) looking into the theft of $2 Trillion from the Pentagon and missing nukes. They called an emergency meeting of this team and put them into a conference room and then hit that room with the cruise missile killing 35 out of 50 of the investigators. It was murder.

Lt. Col Anthony Shaeffer who got on Fox News with Judge Napolitano only put a tiny bit of truth about Able Danger on Fox News and has now attached himself to Alex Jones where he is not putting out all the truth about Able Danger only a highly sanitized version. Shaeffer is involved with a shadowy think tank.

Able Danger investigated terror cells created from the CIA, Israeli Mossad and Saudi Intelligence. These rogue groups operated terror cells inside the US and called themselves Al-Qaeda.

Able Danger also investigated the theft of US Nuclear weapons perhaps with the aid of the Director of the Dept of Energy, the prime minister of Israel and the prime minister of South Africa.

Reports that Russians sent to US Intelligence show the people that planned 9/11 attack to stop the Able Danger investigations.

ISIS is run by the same group that did 9/11. This group is run out of Cuba and controls members of Congress with bribes, prostitution, gambling money from Las Vegas and Macau. They launder their cash through Mitt Romney’s Bain capital and use Cuba as their playground. US Intelligence has videos of all of them. They know who they are.

1st Director of the Department of Homeland Security was the head of Alqaeda now ISIS. Assisting him was a US Attorney who handled all of the 9/11 investigations.

US Intel has an indication of a present nuclear threat against the US.

The police commissioner of NYC during 9/11 is involved in the 9/11 attack. He took possession of the Israelis caught trying to bomb one of the tunnels and let them go and they were never seen again.

There were business leaders in Manhattan that were protected on 9/11. Warren Buffet called select business leaders and CEO’s of key firms in the World Trade Centers to a golf game he put on. These leaders never went to the golf game though, they went to a secure Air Force base to ride out the attack.

The fertilizer plant that blew up in Texas was one of the locations where the stolen nuclear weapons went through. They blew up the plant to cover their tracks.

Certain authorities were informed about payoffs to people in US Congress and others over 9/11 by US Intel and have seized those bank accounts shutting off their bribe money. This is GOOD news.

People now know who controls ISIS and because of US Intel’s work. Their plan was to seize all of the oil in the middle east, drop the price of the oil to break Russia and then control it all. That’s not going to be allowed to happen now.

During 9/11 Israeli teams planted jammers in high rises all over NYC. These jammers stopped the radios from working for the Fire and Police. Those jammers were recovered and are now in evidence at the grand jury in Houston.

One Israeli group trying to bomb the George Washington bridge was released to an FBI agent. But the FBI agent was really a Mossad agent that was authorized to carry FBI ID. He let them go.

Israeli teams were going to blow up the Holland and Lincoln tunnel. One was caught when they turned around from a police road block.

9/11 was a big pay day ($9 billion) and was done to kill as many enemies as possible. Then they made sure to put in people so that investigations would never be done.

$20 million bribes were given to hundreds of people to keep them quiet about 9/11. These people have now been cut off from their cash due to US Intel.

US Intel asks all patriots to get this information out because it’s being censored by all mainstream media and all fake alternative media (tip of the spear types).


UPDATE: Part 2 


  1. Cancer Kills Three 9/11 Firefighters on the Same Day

    Thanks to Dennis, who writes: ” I think these boys are making a statement as they leave the stage…”

    1. 9/11 Firefighter Blows the WTC-7 Cover-Up Wide Open

      Vatic Note: Its about time someone on the inside blew the whistle. What took him so long to come forward? Oh, thats right, he was not retired before, so he would have lost his job and probably his retirement, but he does a great job of blowing the lid off the bogus false flag conducted on 9-11"since" his retirement.

      Now remember, the war in Iraq and Afghanistan was a result of the neocons and neolibs telling the American people it was arabs or Muslims that did 9-11, when in fact it was not the Muslims. We are close to finding out for sure, but right now it has been identified that it was the US CIA, Mossad ("9-11 was good for Israel" stated by Netanyahu, Prime minister of Israel).

      Then there were all the arrests of Israeli citizens, for various reasons and they were all let go and given safe passage back to Israel. If you harbor any doubts about Israel and what they are capable of doing, just travel back to 1967 and see who did what.

      9/11 Firefighter Blows the WTC-7 Cover-Up Wide Open
      By SGTreport, Before It's News, Sept 14, 2014

      Infowars reporter Lee Ann McAdoo talks to Rudy Dent, 32 year veteran of NYC fire department and the NYPD, about his incredible first hand experience of the lies surrounding WTC 7

  2. OWoN can this be updated...with Part 2 added
    Veterans Today Radio (9-24-14) Stew Webb, Gordon Duff, Preston James, Gene Chip Tatum, Gwenyth Todd

  3. the link no longer working for me ;(

  4. Sorry I meant to say the video no longer works for me .Keep getting error message..refreshed browser. updated flash player still not working..Can anyone else view it ?

  5. Here's more info on Romney and Bain Capital from a Nov. 2012 article from Veterans Today: The story begins at Harvard and ends in South Africa, drug money, blood diamonds, spying for Cuba and Russia, a story offered to ABC News, a story documented to Sheldon Adelson, the Koch Brothers and Harold Simmons, warning them, a warning they chose to ignore. They were told they were supporting an organized crime figure, told by unimpeachable sources.

  6. Apparently, there is more going on than we know about. It appears that nothing is being done, listening to the videos gives one an alternative opinion about who did what, why, and it discloses much more than we really know. Many crimes all connected...the crime of all times is being exposed here.

    1. VIDEO: PressTV publishes historic quantum access breakthrough in 9/11 research - See more at:

      PressTV, Iranian National News Service, broadcasts news that CIA had knowledge about 9/11 in 1971, 30 years prior to the event, by virtue of secret quantum access technology. Here is the historic interview by Alfred Lambremont Webre.

    2. WTC Building 7 and Securities Fraud

      (Sep. 16, 2011) The collapse of building 7, which was not hit by a plane on the morning of 911, yet imploded anyway, pokes the biggest hole in the official 911 story.

      "So, although NIST had said in its report that there was no testimonial evidence for explosives, it now seemed to be saying that, because only 118 out of 500 reported explosions, the testimonies, “taken as a whole,” do not support the idea that explosions were going off, so that NIST had been justified in claiming that there was no testimonial evidence to support the idea that explosives had been used." (Source)

      In other words, because the 7 blind men all grabbed hold of a different part of the elephant, and described the animal differently, we can conclude that the elephant did not exist. When you have 118 people saying that they heard/ and or saw explosions, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology stating that they did not see or hear explosions, people start talking about a "cover-up".

      One of the men who reported that he had saw and heard explosions was Barry Jennings, who was trapped in Building 7:

      "on August 19, 2008, 53 year old Barry Jennings died, two days before the release of the NIST Final Report on the collapse of WTC7.

    3. There is much new released information in the video, and very explosive but how can it be verified. The official 911 commission is a flawed. There has to be an legal challenge international investigation backed by world leaders, nations.... What we see today in the MiddleEast is a result of 911....
      Now what about that as a project to fund legal challenge investigation, then go after all money assets.. of perp who colluded.

  7. 9/11 War Crimes Tribunal

    9/11: Russia Presents Evidence Against US, UK And Israel Co-Conspirators

    Russian 9/11 Data Dump Reveals State Actors

    “9/11 was an Anglo-American black operation executed in collusion with Israeli Secret Services.” — 9/11 Investigator

    Undoubtedly the 9/11 attacks on New York City and Washington DC are the most misrepresented by officialdom in US history.

    Whereas the assassination of John F. Kennedy is now understood to have been a classic CIA Execution Plan, it does not come close to 9/11 in terms of the number and magnitude of outright falsehoods, misleading statements, fake science and fraudulent facts submitted by officials and agents of the US Government. The ‘official’ 9/11 Commission Report stands as the most fabricated document ever produced by US tax dollars. Not only did the investigation avoid every serious inquiry about how two steel frame building came down after being dustified in NYC, it also subverted every initiative to ferret out the truth.

    That’s all about to change in 2014.
    (read more at links)


    ‘Paris-sized’ landslide may have sparked 2011 Japan tsunami

    Published time: September 27, 2014 14:01 Get short URL

    Flying in the face of the dominant narrative regarding the 2011 Fukushima disaster, a new study claims that a massive underwater landslide, and not an earthquake, was predominantly responsible for the tsunami that struck Japan on March 11, 2011.

    The new study was led by Stephan Grilli, an oceanographer at the University of Rhode Island, Narragansett Bay. Grilli says movements along the Earth’s faults could not have disrupted the sea’s surface in such a manner so as to focus a band of waves on just a few hundred kilometers of coastline, as occurred in 2011, the journal Science reports.

    In order to test his hypothesis, Grilli and his colleagues studied surface motion recorded by gauges along the Japanese shore the day the tsunami struck. According to the journal, tsunami waves carry the imprint of the ocean floor disturbance that created them. Based on the data, the team said that during the earthquake, a slab of sediment with an area of 20 kilometers by 40 kilometers, and up to 2 kilometers thick, slid about 300 meters down the steep slope of Japan Trench, “acting like a piston.”

    The team’s calculations pinpointed the scene of the incident, some 170 kilometers from the shore and at a depth of 4.5 kilometers. When marine geologist and co-author David Tappin, of the British Geological Survey, compared Japanese maps from before and after the earthquake, he was able to identify a suitable slump in the target area.

    If correct, the target area would coincide with the most intense area of inundation – a 100-kilometer mountainous bay-dotted stretch called Sanriku – where tsunami waves reached a towering 40 meters. Roughly one-quarter of the tsunami’s 18,000 victims died in this area.

    Experts have struggled to explain the extreme level of flooding that hit the area. Previous theories have attributed the massive tsunami to a second earthquake which was believed to have occurred north of the main thrust under the ocean.

    While the team makes a compelling case, Costas Synolakis, a tsunami expert at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, told Science they are a long way from changing the established narrative. Synolakis argues that with the heavy reliance on tsunami modeling, the team has potentially missed the forest for the trees.

    “Anyone who thinks you can model the behavior of a tsunami to better than a factor of two is crazy,” he says.

    If the team is correct that a submarine landslide was primarily responsible for the 2011 disaster, however, it would be a “game changer,” says team member Robert Geller, a seismologist at the University of Tokyo.

    According to Geller, if collapses along the Japan Trench are also capable of triggering massive tsunamis, hopes of predicting the next event are next to impossible.

    The team’s paper has been published in the journal Marine Geology.

  9. Pentagon Con: $2.3 Trillion 'Lost' Day Before 9-11
    The famous news clip of Donald Rumsfeld admitting, just one day before 9/11, that 2.3 Trillion dollars of defense spending could not be accounted fo

  10. UK Prime Minister Says #9/11 - #7/7 Truthers Are Extremists

    So am I on a list Mr Cameron as I question the official investigations. How many flawed white wash investigations do I need to list... Stephen Lawrence, Hillsborough, Leveson..Chilcot....
    this is dangerous road ...


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