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Zionist target Al-Zafer apartment tower block in Gaza

OWoN: The slaughter of innocent lives be it in Gaza, the Ukraine or Iraq deserves condemnation as mankind should reach higher for peace and the dividends that peace brings. In recent hours and days the body bags of Ukies in the Ukraine pile up with no money to refrigerate the bodies or pay for uniforms to bury the recruits used as cannon fodder. Notice the silence of Victoria Nuland and her kind. Why, because the resistance forces in the Ukraine are handing the Junta troops their lives in body bags in the hundreds daily. Men in the west up to age 50 are forcibly drafted to die for nothing but an American failed state that neither the US or Europe can afford.

The world needs to say No to more senseless wars funded by US Agency and Cabal dollars. This only leads to more disasters. Look at Iraq and the disaster now manifested in ISIS. Another vile western invention now out of control, and now threatening the homeland of Americans. Trillions wasted and many western lives lost or maimed, for what? Historians will have a field day with the sheer hubris and denial of reality expressed by leadership while families will suffer in eternity for the folly. A time for change? Maybe Yes, it's time for the US Homeland to feel a real dose of what is done in their name.

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