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Who’s Hamas mastermind: Who’s Mohammed Deif?

OWoN: Understanding what our press does not tell us assists in understanding world events and actions of nations. For Israel this is the beginning. But - At last, the beginning of the end. Their inhumane and brutal massacre of civilians has been allowed to go on for far too long. The media refuse to publish the truth about land theft and daily aggression against Palestinians.

Now, every Palestinian child grows up with on primary thought. To kill Israelis. That is what naked aggression creates. Now Public opinion is mounting and condemnation grows.

If Israel is not made multinational, it will be made obsolete.

An al-Qassam Brigades fighter in Gaza

Press TV
By Brett Redmayne-Titley
10 August 2014

“Without an army for the people, there is nothing for the people.”

- MaoTse-tung (“On Guerrilla Warfare”)

Mohammed Deif is the most dangerous man in the world.

Confronted with the world's two most militaristic national horrors, and with the civilized world looking on in hand-wringing anguish, Hamas has commanded both these villains of inhumanity to their knees; the negotiating table in Cairo.

The “iron-fisted” leader of Hamas, Mohammed Deif, is closer than ever before to a victory for the autonomy of Gaza, and a National victory Palestine.

More importantly a victory for the remaining civilized world.

The Israeli controlled media, having few facts about Mohammed Deif, much less any willingness to expand on the reasons for Isreal's latest military defeat, tries to vilify Mohammed Deif with vague general terms like "shadowy", and "relatively unknown." A myopic press misses the most important description of this career champion of the Palestinian people, "military scholar." That compliment translates literally to, "student of guerrilla warfare."

Historically this effective military strategy has given freedom and nationalism to many oppressed peoples. Guerrilla warfare has built nations. What would South Africa be without the armed resistance within the African National Congress (ANC)? Would Ireland have gained its autonomy from Britain without the Irish Republican Army (IRA)?

Would Israel be a "nation?"

With the skill of Mao ridding China of the Japanese from 1937-1945, or Che Guevara's victorious popular uprisings in Cuba of 1954-59, Mohammed Deif has made his mentors very proud indeed. Palestine has been under the barbaric oppression of Israeli hypocrisy, an oppression that long ago crossed the lines of inhumanity. Right through Gaza.

Hence, the need for Hamas.

Guerrilla warfare is more than guns and bloodshed. Designed to terminally conquer oppression, victory requires a chess game that goes beyond mere military strategy. Mohammed Deif, while presumably hiding in an unknown bunker deep under Gaza, is surely grinning. He has, as predicted by history and the practices of Mao and Guevara, turned the horror that has been a month-long legend of Israeli blood-lust in Gaza into the obvious strength of Hamas's current political negotiating position.

World-wide support.

Proof can be found in any TV appearance by Israeli Prime Minister, Bibi Netanyahu since the start of Tuesday's seventy-two hour cease fire. Drawn, tired, and as usual confused on the facts his arrogant sneer is conspicuously missing. His brash confidence is also missing, now relegated to the bottom of his desk's trash can with the shreds of Thursday's sudden Israeli press revelations of 1600 wounded Israeli soldiers to go with at least 64 dead, and the morning's Israeli public approval poll of his war crimes plummeting to at least 60% for his failure to meet Israeli expectations of true genocidal barbarity.

What's a war criminal to do?

Even Bibi's Washington puppet is now dangling wildly on his strings in the fierce wind of public world outrage. Ah, “the sorrows of empire.”

Worse for Israel, these Hamas military and political victories will further embolden world-wide opposition to Zionist control. Throughout Palestine and across the world, the consciousness of our world further wakens to the real threat of Israel, with the horrific images of Gaza now firmly, and forever, in mind. Mohammed Deif has shown leadership in this pending victory for Hamas. For Gaza. For Palestine.

And for you and I.

For that Mohammed Deif is the most dangerous man in the world. 

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  1. Who is Mohammed Deif? Most likely a CIA/Mossad asset; like Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, also known as Simon Elliot, the head of ISIS. Hamas was created by Israel to provide an excuse to dispossess and murder Palestinians, "in self defence" of course, against all those rocket attacks that somehow never seem to cause much damage.

    ISIS too with its horrific deeds, designed to instill fear of Jihadist terrorist attacks and promote Israel as the only Western ally in the Middle East; "civilised and cultured compared to those barbaric Moslems". Another justification for extorting more money and weaponry from America; maintaining the massive NATO war machine and further turning Europe and the US into police states with mass surveillance and control of their populations.


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