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Webster's Definition of Duping: To lead by deceit

Synonyms: bamboozle, beguile, bluff, buffalo, burn, catch, con,cozen, delude, deceive, fake out, fool.

Never forget Obama's and Hillary's conspired deception and their direct first report via the Media to the American people both utilizing the fake video story (which was discovered to be a hoax and retracted 10 days later by the White House) as the spontaneous cause of the Muslim's heinous murders of our unprotected American Ambassador and his staff in Benghazi which was a major victory celebration by the Muslims as they dragged our Ambassador's desecrated body through the streets on live video for the whole world to see and all which coincidentally took place on the 9-11 anniversary of our World Trade Center massacre of Americans in New York City.

Now do your part and rectify our biggest mistake ever. Vote the Liberal, Communist, Socialists “bastardos” out of office in DC and restore our Constitutional freedoms for all generations of Americans to come.

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