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Washington Threatens The World

OWoN: Now this article challenges all realities. Well worth reading the real and present dilemma facing the world if leaving Global harmony in the hands of the Northern Hemisphere failed nation of Dumfukistan.

Calls a spade a F.... Shovel or simply tells the truth. You decide.

Institute for Political Economy
By Paul Craig Roberts
8 August 2014

The consequence of Washington’s reckless and irresponsible political and military interventions in Iraq, Libya, and Syria has been to unleash evil. The various sects that lived in peace under the rule of Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi, and Assad are butchering one another, and a new group, ISIS, is in the process of creating a new state out of parts of Iraq and Syria.

The turmoil brought into the Middle East by the Bush and Obama regimes has meant death and displacement for millions and untold future deaths. As I write 40,000 Iraqis are stranded on a mountain top without water awaiting death at the hands of ISIS, a creation of US meddling.

The reality in the Middle East stands in vast contradiction to the stage managed landing of George W. Bush on the US aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln where Bush declared “Mission Accomplished” on May 1, 2003. The mission that Washington accomplished was to wreck the Middle East and the lives of millions of people and to destroy America’s reputation in the process. Thanks to the demonic neoconservative Bush regime, today America is regarded by the rest of the world as the greatest threat to world peace.

The Clinton regime’s attack on Serbia set the pattern. Bush upped the ante with Washington’s naked aggression against Afghanistan, which Washington clothed in Orwellian language–”Operation Enduring Freedom.”

Washington brought ruin, not freedom, to Afghanistan. After 13 years of blowing up the country, Washington is now withdrawing, the “superpower” having been defeated by a few thousand lightly armed Taliban, but leaving a wasteland behind for which Washington will accept no responsibility.

Another source of endless Middle East turmoil is Israel whose theft of Palestine is
Washington-enabled. In the middle of Israel’s latest attack on civilians in Gaza, the US Congress passed resolutions in support of Israel’s war crimes and voted hundreds of millions of dollars to pay for Israel’s ammunition. Here we witness Great Moral America 100 percent in support of unambiguous war crimes against essentially defenseless people.

When Israel murders women and children, Washington calls it “Israel’s right to defend their own country”–a country that Israel stole from Palestinians–but when Palestinians retaliate Washington calls it “terrorism.” By supporting Israel, declared to be a terrorist state by a few moral governments that still exist, and accused of war crimes by the UN General Secretary, Washington is in violation of its own laws against supporting terrorist states.

Of course, Washington itself is the leading terrorist state. Therefore, it is illegal under US law for Washington to support itself. Washington, however, does not accept law, neither domestic nor international, as a constraint on its actions. Washington is “exceptional, indispensable.” No one else counts. No law, no Constitution, and no humane consideration has authority to constrain Washington’s will. In its claims Washington surpasses those of the Third Reich.

As horrific as Washington’s recklessness toward the Middle East is, Washington’s recklessness toward Russia is many orders of magnitude greater. Washington has
convinced nuclear armed Russia that Washington is planning a nuclear first strike.
In response Russia is beefing up its nuclear forces and testing US air defense reactions.

It is difficult to imagine a more irresponsible act than to convince Russia that Washington intends to hit Russia with a preemptive first strike. One of Putin’s advisers has explained to the Russian media Washington’s first strike intentions, and a member of the Russian Duma has made a documented presentation of Washington’s first strike intentions. By marshaling the evidence, I have pointed out in my columns that it is impossible for Russia to avoid this conclusion.

China is aware that China faces the same threat from Washington. China’s response to Washington’s war plans against China was to demonstrate how China’s nuclear forces would be used in response to Washington’s attack on China to destroy the US. China made this public, hoping to create opposition among Americans to Washington’s war plans against China. Like Russia, China is a rising country that does not need war in order to succeed.

The only country on earth that needs war is Washington, and that is because Washington’s goal is the neoconservative one of exercising hegemony over the world.

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  1. Washington's political machine is funded in no small part by the military industrial complex. No question about it. Clearly documented as irrefutable truth.

  2. Worse Neo its controlled by it. 55% of all State taxes, your hard earned money, is sequestrated by these parasites, waving flags of patriotism, while raping the world. Unless they are slashed by at least 35% America has no chance of recovering. Mass sackings are needed. Americas biggest threat to survival is its gross over manned Military complexes and crime riddled agencies. Even Petreus was caught in the Cookie Jar, how dumb is that?
    These incestuous and crime riddled Agencies are behind most wars. When America does collapse, the Chinese and Russians will come in and hunt them all down. As with the Gulags, they will be processed to the camps. In their case well deserved and a one way trip never to return. All Russia and China need do now is just wait, Track it and sack it.

  3. 2014-08-11
    Lectures on How Zionism Destroyed Russia and This what they are doing to the USA!!! Lecture 1 & 2

    Vatic Note: This confirms that the Russian people are no different than we are. They are victims of their criminal coup makers, the Khazars. This is a fascinating history of not only the Khazars, but also of Crimea, and others such as Belarus and Ukraine, and about how Russia became a country and I was surprised at who the players turned out to be. In here, the author says we "need a revolution", but I say no we don't, why? Because these cretins did a revolution in the designated "loser" country, so they would lose that WW. Its been planned for us to do the same thing and I say NO, we must not revolt, rather take out all international bankers and dual israeli citizens, Iceland proved that would solve our problems.

    Yes, this series of lectures is very very long and full of information most of us knew nothing about. It has a deep historical perspective going way back, of the Zionists hatred of the goyim or gentile and why. Basically what they are doing to all of us is was born out of revenge for the loss of their country.

    If we wish to understand what is happening to us today, then we need to read this all the way through so we can prepare where the Russians had no warning and no time to prepare. We have broken this 8 part series down into 4 parts to make it easier to absorb and digest the information. Understanding must accompany the information or its useless.

    And this shows what happens to a nation when its caught off guard. We must NOT be caught off guard as the Russians were. We must keep certain facts in mind that we published on here sometime ago. Hertzl is a khazar, NOT JEWISH, and made many quotes about the weakness of the Judaens for they would not manifest their religious writings by aggressively and violently going after what they were promised in the Bible.

    Khazars adaptation of the Jewish religion, gave them a door in which to use the Biblical teachings to advance their agenda and get rid of the weak and useless "real Jews", including the Judaens. I was appalled when I read that Hertzl wanted to get rid of them in the end. His comments were quotes from the zionists publications and are now a permanent record for anyone to read. He is the father of zionism.

    It also explains the Zionists refusal to save the Jews in WW II when Hitler offered to release them under certain conditions and the Zionists in Switzerland, refused, knowing full well what would become of them. As I alway say, with friends like this who needs enemies. Does the USS Liberty ring a bell or the USS Cole?

    8 Lectures on How Zionism Destroyed Russia and This is what they are doing to the USA!!!
    by Valdas Anelauskas, Jon Kirby 2012

    1. Thank you Fed Up. Good find.

    2. Thank You FEDUP
      However, America is now too full of 'useless eaters' who do not want to wake up to the reality of what is happening. They think that if they just ignore the situation, it will just magically go away and America will just go on like it always has.

      I had a conversation with my 27 year old niece this weekend, talking about the groping thugs at the airport and how it was against the Constitution for them to treat anyone in such a manner. She told me that she was happy that they were there, that it enabled her to be safer when flying. She argued with me when I told her that it was against the law of the land for them to check her or her bags for weapons. Yes, I think America is pretty much finished, we have no fight left.

    3. DS
      They turn everything upside down, they're the " useless eaters"...we have worked, our ancestors have built an empire all for these "worthless" mongrels to tear it apart. Greed, conquest, all for them and nothing for us...We have to continue to fight...we have to gain that second wind and not give in...they want us to become's bad enough that we have had our status quo shaken.

      They will not get away with this because we refuse to acquiesce to their illegal perpetration.

      Citizens of the world are inundated with just how to survive everyday. Questions about job security, the market fluctuations, and the price of eggs. They keep us busy with mundane issues while they steal the life from us.

      God tells us to not worry about these things, but to watch and be on guard because our enemy is deceptive...and this is what we are doing. The more exposure we bring to the forefront the more we expose their heinous crimes...SOMEONE is watching!!!!

    4. John,
      Always in Service...and Thank you!


  4. “Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.”

    ― Benjamin Franklin

    1. Now you're talking...what good is freedom when only knowledge and action sets us free. Bunk for the security because there is no security without freedom. It goes hand in hand. And until we can get majority of the population up to speed we are the ones on the front lines assisting in this fight for true freedom and security. Actually, we are our brother's keeper!


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