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War Games and Military Maneuvers: EU, US intensifies Confrontation with Russia

OWoN: Just how crazy are they now? Try this shit in Cuba and see.

It is all a build up to September when Canadian F18's will be used to test air space around Estonia and Russia to trigger a response.

Global Research
By Christoph Dreier
World socialist Website
5 August 2014

The US and European Union are stepping up their campaign against Russia as the Ukrainian army intensifies its attack on the civilian population in the east of the country, unleashing a humanitarian catastrophe. Meanwhile, in leading political and military circles there is increasing talk of a direct military engagement with Russia.

On Sunday NATO head Anders Fogh Rasmussen gave an interview to the French newspaper Midi Libre declaring that the military alliance anticipated “Russian aggression” and would respond accordingly. NATO would “intensify its military maneuvers and draw up new defense plans,” Rasmussen said. He also reiterated his call for a substantial increase in the military budgets of NATO member states.

On the same day, the Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov used his blog to call upon the EU and the US not only to supply weapons to the forces controlled by Kiev, but also support the direct intervention of NATO forces to suppress opposition in the east of the country.

A report of the US television network CNN on Sunday made clear how quickly the rationale for a NATO intervention could develop. According to the report, on July 18, just one day after the crash of the Malaysian passenger plane MH17, an American espionage plane was detected by Russian radar and forced to evacuate the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad by a Russian interceptor. The US flight crew apparently thought the situation to be so dangerous that they fled into Swedish airspace without first obtaining permission to do so.

For its part Russia commenced a military maneuver on Monday which in part will take place close to the Ukrainian border, and, according to Russian sources, includes more than 100 combat aircraft. The exercise is due to last until Friday and had been planned some time ago. The Russian military command describes the operation as part of a series of maneuvers aimed at improving the organization of the country’s air force.

The German government has meanwhile expanded its existing economic sanctions against Russia. According to a report in the Süddeutsche Zeitung, Economics Minister Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) has permanently withdrawn approval for the export of a combat training center by the German Rheinmetall defense company. The contract for the construction of the center in the Russian Volga region was valued at 100 million euros. The decision by Gabriel goes well beyond the remit of existing EU sanctions against Russia, which affected future arms exports while protecting existing contracts.

The aggression against Russia is being accompanied by a hysterical media campaign. Since its launch last week by Der Spiegel not a day has passed without a fresh bout of blatant propaganda for war.

On Monday journalist Reinhard Veser outlined a scenario in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung whereby Russia was not only militarily active in eastern Ukraine, but could also annex all of Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova and Georgia. Given this alleged threat, Veser wrote, the West must “strengthen and also demonstrate its military preparedness.” “What is needed is a new twin track decision,” i.e. a new variant of the decision by NATO members made in December 1979 to deploy nuclear weapons in Western Europe in order to step up military pressure against the Soviet Union.

Last Thursday, Professor Stefan Troebst from the University of Leipzig demanded in the Neue Zürcher Zeitung a policy of containment for Russia, which would include “drawing strict lines, troop relocations and embargoes, even blockades.” Basing himself on similar proposals by the leading Green politician Werner Schulz, Troest suggested cutting off Russia’s Black Sea Fleet from the world’s oceans by blocking the Straits of Bosporus and Dardanelles.

As commentators and journalists outdo one another with their war-mongering, the Ukrainian army is proceeding brutally against the civilian population in the eastern Ukrainian cities of Donetsk and Luhansk, which are controlled by pro-Russian separatists. A report by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights released last week reported that the Ukrainian army was deploying Grad missiles against residential areas. The missiles, dating from the Soviet era, are powerful weapons and also notoriously imprecise. Their use against large cities invariably results in high numbers of victims among the civilian population.

Insurgents are now reporting that modern and even more deadly Uragan missiles are being used. Dozens of Uragan systems are being stationed around Donetsk, according to the rebels. The Russian Foreign Ministry also stated that Tochka ballistic missile systems would be erected near the city. Last week evidence emerged of the use of these heavy duty weapons, which have an enormous destructive power. There has been no confirmation of the reports from the Ukrainian side.

The situation for the civilian population in the two cities of Donetsk and Luhansk besieged by the Kiev regime has worsened dramatically. “Telephone communication is paralyzed, the railway hospital was destroyed by six direct hits, and a clinic and a crèche were severely damaged,” according to the City Council of Luhansk on Saturday. Mayor of Luhansk Sergei Kravchenko warned that the city was on the “brink of a humanitarian catastrophe.” Both the electricity and water supply had collapsed.

On Monday rebel sources reported that 523 people had been killed and more than 3,000 were injured alone in Donetsk since fighting began. “The victims are in the main civilians” said Andrej Rodkin, a representative of the separatists in Moscow. No independent confirmation of these figures is available.

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  1. So why UK does not release Black Boxes findings on MH17? It was suppose to be out August the 1st....

    Beside the situation in Ukraine army is beyond description ......., there is an interview with Ukraine soldier deserted to would not believe.....what is going on there.....

    Ukraine is EU and USA pride and of all politicos is Gaza or Syria.....

    I just hope that Russia will ban EU flights over their territory at once as soon as possible and allow all Chines planes to fly back and forth.....then Chine will give some their air transport biz in Asia to Russians ......

    Game over for idiots in EU.....

    Polish farmers loses of sanction go to nearly billions of they want to sue EU and ask for compensation....EU said to them that they will be compensated .......I want to know from what packet? Probably Greece will sell some bonds, right. Idiots beyond measure...

  2. Testimony of deserted Ukraine soldier ( translated from Czech...)
    Part 1 Recruiting

    "I was called into the army being stopped by gunmen Right Sector on the way home from my work in Kiev. That was a month ago. Each day, apparently desert thousands from the Ukrainian army most of us have no military training. Most had not driven any armed vehicle but they just make us sit in the tanks or give the rifle to shoot, I had never rifle before in hands. No one wants to go and shoot our own people I do not understand why it is so. After one month of training we go to battle. But it's so good that there are open borders with Belarus and Russia. Our relatives had fled to Russia in May, the parents of the mother's side then went to Belarus in mid-June.

    Who can, try to get a Schengen visa and run away. In Poland, Poles in the East of Poland hate Ukrainians, us, they would slit our throats, even though there fighting with us and have the thousand men of the Parachute section Mazurek. But they are now surrounded by Chabarovky and it looks very wrong with them. Perhaps they will survive, who knows.

  3. Part 2 Armament

    Visa also gives Czech pretty easy, I know from my uncle he is there. But life in the EU is very expensive, I do not understand how they can pay so much money for food or fruit. Or for housing. I do not have that money to go there. Those who can are running from Ukraine, because they might be recruited as I was, by force. I did not make it out of Ukraine and ended up being recruited. No army training ever I had. They showed us some shooting technics in Kiev and basics of combat. We got machine guns but we can not shoot because of no ammo. At night the fascist fighters of Right Sector from Majdan were guarding us so that we do not run away.

    They told us that we should buy bulletproof vests in a shop in Kyiv. Of the imports from Germany. One is 2.900, - EUR, it is much money for us, but parents that have a son in the army rather sell a car or apartment to be able to buy his son a vest so that he has a chance of survival. We can also wear metal plates instead of vests but it is not actually armor vest one can not run or creep. That vest comes to EUR 100, and that's an acceptable price. It works against guns.

  4. Part 3
    In Poroshenko comand

    The worst part is it with food. That's up to you to pay in shops before leaving for the east of the country. The military has had problems during Yanukovych times, soldiers who served in the military say so. But there was never hunger. I do not know what happened, but the main military supply now is no longer under the military control but under Poroshenko private joint-venture food company. We get each week 5 chocolate bars from his factory, for free, but canned beans or so, we have not seen since we entered the service. And when in Kiev we had to pay for food.

    Some say that it is a tactic of the Right commanders sector to make us hungry so that we would be more motivated to attack against insurgents and conquer their positions and abundant supplies. But I do not believe it, because the food lacks even the soldiers in the barracks in Kiev, the Army did not get from Jacenyuk 6 months back any money. And in fact separatists when withdrawing from positions they take all food supply with them. They do not leave any food so that we could eat from their supplies.

  5. Part 4 Russian asylum

    When getting to Slavjansk region as I said already the situation was such that we were drinking water from puddles from craters of artillery shells. During the night it rained, and then our unit took water in bottles. And we boiled it and drank it. But it did not help, we got diarrhoea then.

    Now, last week we were under siege when we were moving from Luhansk due to hunger. The commander told us that about 20 km away to the northeast are fields of ripe corn, we believe that eventually we might make pancakes of it. When moving there we got under mortar fire from positions militia approximately 10 kilometers from the Russian border. We hid in the forest, where we have been for the last week. Every time we came out of the woods, they began to shoot at us. We did not have much to eat and not much of ammo anyway to fight, commander therefore proposed to seek asylum border guards on the Russian side of the border. I have here in my pocket for 3 chocolate bars, but none us won't even look at it. Till the end of my life do not want to see any chocolate.

  6. So this was a translation of a testimony of a soldier...

    Now I understand why they, fascist of Kiev, try to employ missiles etc......, they can not ammo .... no army morale .... no command....

    So they hope that last resort are weapons of mass casualties ......

    This explains why Russia moved with aircraft and probably anti-missile technic to the borders....Either to intercept the Ukraine flying missiles any direction they aim including Russian territory, villages and towns nearby boarder....beside if possible Russians could intercept missiles aimed to towns and cities in East Ukraine to protect lives...

    I see it this way....

  7. Thank you Vlastimil
    It tells all


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