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Valerie Jarrett Revealed – Controlling All Aspects Of Orchestrated Ferguson Crisis

OWoN: What a surprise. Talking of dirt, here's Jarrett again. Slum Lady, Bag Lady, Shady not such a LADY.

DW Ulsterman
By Ulsterman
19 August 2014

While attempting to portray Barack Obama as a little more than an already semi-retired politician, the New York Times revealed just how involved Iranian-born de facto President Valerie Jarrett has been all along in the ongoing Ferguson distraction…

Here is an excerpt from a published-today story via Breitbart:

But as Obama returned to the White House on Sunday, Jarrett assured members of the media that he will stay personally engaged with the situation.

“He looks at this – I spoke with him this morning – his concern was clearly thinking about it as a perspective of a parent, and you want to know when you send your kids to school, when you leave your home they’re going to be safe,” Jarrett said in an interview.

According to the New York Times, Jarrett has “talked daily” with Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon as well as local officials and leaders from national civil rights organizations. LINK

Jarrett is the one who sounds presidential in this description. It is she who is telling the media what Barack Obama is thinking, no doubt after telling Barack Obama the same thing!

It is Jarrett coordinating with the Missouri Governor and civil rights leaders like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to try and control the messaging of the Ferguson conflict – a conflict initiated by the Obama White House itself under the clear direction of one Valerie B. Jarrett who once (in)famously leaned toward a tired Barack Obama while the two rode on Air Force One and whispered, “You might not like your life, but I do…”



  1. Ferguson: Mother Of All False Flags! Proof Of A Staged Event?
    Tue, August 19, 2014

    By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine
    Is Ferguson a test run? A false flag geared for no other purpose than to implement martial law, not only in Ferguson, Missouri, where 18 year-old Michael Brown was shot and killed by police, sparking riots and the rollout of militarized police, National Guard, and the crackdown and arrest of peaceful protesters, journalists and violent offenders alike, but to inflame other states in order to declare martial law around the country?
    In the video below by Crusader 2127 aka Freedom Fighter 2127, he walks us through a posting that provides links and what he believes is evidence that Ferguson is indeed the “Mother of all false flags,” following those links to draw a big picture of what we are seeing, but more importantly what he thinks the general public are not seeing in the chaos of reports coming out of Ferguson, Missouri.
    As a side note, the original viral photo shown in the video, along with the RT report and 22 second video claiming a missing leader from Ukraine is in Ferguson, is a hoax and states so in the detail of said video. The leader was inserted into actual RT RUPTLY footage and the RT report states that clearly as well.

    Watch below as Freedom Fighter 2127 makes his case that this whole event is being manipulated by the DHS and TPTB.


    The Ferguson Event Was Rehearsed Two Years Earlier
    Scroll down to this photo/video and read the text or go directly to utube, but I liked the comments of this poster, so I chose to go with project Avalon.
    People from St. Louis have brought to my attention that these events were “rehearsed” two years ago. Here is a local news report which ran about this martial law training in just another of life’s little coincidences.

  3. BREAKING: Mike Brown Autopsy “Expert” Is NOT A DOCTOR – Has Degree in NON-EXISTENT MEDICAL FIELD (Video)
    Oh, good grief!
    The self-proclaimed expert who held a national press conference on the Mike Brown shooting is NOT A DOCTOR.

    Shawn Parcells, a forensic pathologist who assisted in the autopsy of Michael Brown points at an autopsy diagram showing where the gun shots hit Michael Brown as he speaks about the findings during a press conference at the Greater St. Marks Family Church on August 18, 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri. (Zimbio)

    Dr. Parcells introduced the “magic bullet” theory at the press conference this week.

    Now we know Shawn Parcells is NOT A DOCTOR and has a degree in a NON-EXISTENT MEDICAL FIELD.

  4. Valerie Jarrett quote: "Our whole philosophy is one of transparency".

    Yes, sure....and the world can now see right through you and the rest of the Administration.

    1. hahahahahhhhahaaahhha!!!! LMAO...this is priceless!
      Thanks Valdi

  5. This woman is nauseating, she truly is president de facto, O does not breath unless she says, inhale...., This administration is nothing but a ship of fools. Was listening to Dr. Ben Carson yesterday, he commented on getting a phone call in middle of class he was teaching from O White House , asked if he could call back in 45, they were indignant to him not bowing a knee to talk to them at their whim, who cares about the medical students in front of him.

    Their needs to be a house cleaning so deep, the place does not look the same. and someone better inventory the silver or it will walk out the door when they do.

  6. Federal Judge Just Made A Ruling That Could Mean Big Trouble For Eric Holder
    Thursday, August 21, 2014

    B. Christopher Agee / Western Journalism

    Buried under the numerous scandals that have plagued the administration in the years since, at least one federal judge still wants to get to the bottom of a federal gun-walking program that led to the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry in 2010.

    As CBS News reported, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives initiated an operation known as ‘Fast and Furious’ in 2009, allowing criminals to take possession of more than 2,000 dangerous weapons without proper governmental oversight or tracking. The following year, illegal immigrants carrying multiple weapons involved in the program fatally shot Terry near the Mexico border.

    It was only after his death that an investigation into Fast and Furious began and the scandal received attention from media outlets nationwide.

    Since then, the Obama administration has withheld various documents House investigators believe could be integral in ascertaining the scope of the ATF mission.

    Sen. Chuck Grassley, who launched an initial investigation into the scandal, asserted that Obama must have been involved in the program considering his insistence that executive privilege allowed him to withhold the information.

    Read more at Western Journalism:

  7. US - Wag The Dog
    By Wayne Madsen


    William Daley, the brother of outgoing Mayor Richard Daley, is serving as White House chief of staff. Presidential adviser Valerie Jarrett was born in 1956 in Shiraz, Iran. Her father, William Bowman, a geneticist and pathologist, is believed by some Iran experts to have been a CIA clandestine services officer. The Bowmans moved from Shiraz to London in 1961 and to Chicago in 1963. Shiraz was a hotbed of support for Iranian Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadeq, ousted by the CIA in 1953 in Operation Ajax.

    Dr. Bowman was reportedly part of a U.S. program that sent Americans to Iran to help with economic development, a program that is similar to the CIA program that saw Obama's mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, providing economic assistance and training to Indonesians following the 1965 CIA coup against President Sukarno. In the case of Bowman, he and the Americans were likely providing more than assistance to Iranians. Shiraz was not only a center of support for ousted Prime Minister Mossadeq but also a major center of activity for Iran's Tudeh (Communist) Party, which called for nationalization of Iran's oil industry. A decade before Stanley Ann Dunham was helping to finger Indonesian Communist Party (PKI) members for Indonesian army death squads, Bowman, possibly assisted by his wife, were in a location where Tudeh and pro-Mossadeq forces could also be identified for the dreaded Iranian secret police, the SAVAK, which set up shop with assistance from the CIA and Mossad in 1957. Nemazee, a supporter of the Shah, was born in India to Iranian parents and was a resident of Washington, DC in the late 1940s and early 1950s.

    Bowman's cover was the Nemazee Hospital established in Shiraz by Mohamed Nemazee. On August 29, 2009, Nemazee's son, Hassan Nemazee, chairman of Nemazee Capital and brother-in-law of Britain's ambassador to France, was arrested for defrauding Citibank and other banks of $292 million in loans. Nemazee Capital also had a past partnering agreement with AIG, the CIA-linked insurance giant that Obama arranged to bail out with federal money. Namazee was convicted last year of fraud was sentenced to 12 and a half years in prison. Hassan Nemazee was nominated by President Clinton to be U.S. ambassador to Argentina but Clinton suddenly withdrew the nomination amid congressional opposition. Hassan Nemazee was a major donor to the presidential campaigns of John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, and forked over $50,000 to President Obama's Inaugural Committee.

    1. Valerie Jarrett’s Influence on Obama
      March 26, 2014 by Jamie Glazov

      I would like to talk to you today about Valerie Jarrett, her background, her relationship with Barack Obama, and her influence in the Obama White House.

      Let’s begin first with who Valerie Jarrett is — and her relationship with Barack Obama.

      Valerie Jarrett is President Obama’s single most important and influential adviser. No one else in the White or the entire administration is as close to Obama. She has been described as everything from his “right-hand woman” to like a sister and even a mother to Obama. To cite some mainstream/leftist sources: The New York Times says she’s Obama’s “closest friend in the White House,” his “envoy,” his “emissary,” and his “all-purpose ambassador.” The Times calls her the “ultimate Obama insider.” Dana Milbank says her connection to Obama is “deep and personal” and that she’s “the real center of Obama’s inner circle.”

      As for Jarrett, she says that she and Obama have a “shared view of where the United States fits in the world.” She says they “have kind of a mind meld.” She’s says that “chances are, what he wants to do is what I’d want to do.”

      My sense is that both Obama and Valerie Jarrett prefer a weaker America on the world stage. The pandering to Putin in the first term was probably a reflection of Obama-Jarrett thinking, and thus so is the humiliation at the hands of Putin in the second term.

      I’m also suspicious of Valerie Jarrett’s possibly having provided negative input into Obama’s statements on Iran, including his terrible Carter-like reaction to the initial uprising in the Iranian “street” in June 2009. Did Obama’s behavior in that period, which was initially so weak that even Democrats were aghast, reflect Valerie Jarrett’s input? I can’t say, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

      I had to really dig to find examples of her early policy influence. Since then, I’ve found more. She’s precisely what we’d expect of someone who is an Obama kindred soul: a leftist.

      So, to sum up, Obama’s mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, worked with the literal relatives of Valerie Jarrett—her grandfather and future father-in-law—in Chicago’s Communist Party circles in the 1940s.
      Read full article at:


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