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Urgent Announcement | Libya

OWoN: The Tinder Box in Libya is about to go up. Yet another US SNAFU.

Anyone with contacts and/or anyone wishing to go to Tripoli and report please contact me immediately by replying to this email

- JoAnne Moriarty

Libyan Tribal Announcement
Today 31 July 2014

TOP URGENT - To All Media Personnel Reporting World News

The Leaders of the Great Tribes of Libya request your support. The Tribes of Libya are standing together to cleanse their country of Islamic Extremist rubbish. Great events will begin and have begun to happen in Libya. The Compromised Media in the West will not report the current news in Libya. The Tribal Leaders invite any and all reporters to travel to Tripoli to report the real news. These reporters will be met with full security and will be honored by meeting with the Leaders of many of the Great Libyan Tribes. Please contact me via Again this is TOP URGENT, things are moving quickly and there is a world breaking news story happening now in Libya.

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