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The Rotherham Child Sex Scandal | shame has gone - anger takes its place

OWoN: This is a worldwide phenomenon. Time to lift the veils and look.

"I wasn’t sure if I was being filmed or watched secretly. I wasn’t sure of anything, except that I was scared stiff." image: Alamy

Rotherham child sex abuse: my shame has gone. Now I'm angry for the thousands of us who've been abused

The Rotherham scandal has exposed shocking flaws in the protection of children

The Guardian
The Observer
By Anonymous
31 August 2014

It was an overcast October day during the half-term school holiday and I was 11 years old. I found myself sitting alone, on a plastic chair, in the empty bedroom of a terraced house. Behind me was a large, one-way mirror, in front of me a video camera on a stand. There was a small box of broken toys in the corner.

I'd been taken there in the back of a police car and told to wait until the officers were "ready for me". I wasn't sure if I was being filmed or watched secretly. I wasn't sure of anything, except that I was scared stiff. So I tried to avert my eyes from the blinking red light on the camera and sat frozen and silent, staring intently at the book in my hands. I didn't read a single word.

Some time later, I was led downstairs and told that I had been brought to the police house to be questioned about allegations of sexual abuse. I could hardly breathe. The officers offered me a rich tea biscuit. I'm not sure how long I was questioned. An hour perhaps, maybe two. We sat at a dining table, while questions were asked and I gave quiet, monosyllabic replies – when I could. But some of the questions I found especially difficult to answer.

"What were you wearing that night?" asked one of the officers. "Um, a nightie?" I mumbled, confused by the question. "Yes, but what sort of nightie?" she continued. "Er, I don't know, just an ordinary nightie," I offered apologetically, still not understanding. The officer pressed me harder: "How short was it, though?"

And then the penny dropped. As I indicated a point halfway up my thigh and swallowed back tears, I realised that I must have done something wrong when I – 11 years old, let's not forget – was sexually assaulted by this 32-year-old man. Done something wrong by wearing a short night-dress.

As I felt myself flooded with feelings of shame and guilt, the questions went on. Had I touched him? Where did I touch him? How did I touch him? For years afterwards, those questions echoed in my head, followed by a relentless, inner voice of my own that said: "You must be a dirty little whore".

I was reminded of it again last week when I read about the horrifying abuse and exploitation suffered by 1,400 girls in Rotherham. Many of those girls came into contact with the police, but very few of them were treated as victims who needed support.

Some never got any attention from agencies at all and, according to Alexis Jay's report, they were seen as "undesirables" and "slappers" who were best left alone.

There's been public outrage over the systematic failure of protection and rightly so. I was angered too. But I wasn't particularly shocked – and not only because I'd experienced first hand how abuse victims can be treated. Now, just in my thirties, I still see this kind of failure all the time, from another perspective. Knowing the harm sexual violence can do to people's lives – and how much difference it makes to get the right support – I ended up working for an organisation that supports those who've been through abuse and exploitation.

We deal with teenagers who've been exploited, raped and subjected to gang violence. Some have fallen prey to gangs of Asian men, as in Rotherham, but elsewhere the perpetrators have been white men, black men or mixed gangs.

What the victims often have in common is that they were either not believed or they were ignored or, worse still, blamed. We have had 13-year-old rape victims described by police as "promiscuous", 14-year-olds called "slags" and countless others who won't speak to the police at all because they are too scared and ashamed. For girls who have already suffered abuse, this victim blaming or, in some cases, total denial and disbelief, serves to crush further what little is left of their sense of self-worth.

I've spent years trying to understand where these attitudes come from. Why are some victims seen as unworthy of help? Why is the label "streetwise" applied to them as if it's an excuse for doing nothing? Is it because many are from rough council estates? Is it because they often come from troubled backgrounds and have already been written off? Is it cultural? Class prejudice? Is it straightforward sexism?

I do understand that it's difficult for police to handle sexual abuse, exploitation and rape. Very often, the victims can't or won't give evidence; they have sometimes got caught up in criminality themselves and frequently show misplaced loyalty to their abuser. For many victims, it's a long time before they can see that what is happening to them is wrong and they don't have to endure it.

When I was questioned by police, they focused on one event, but never asked me about any of the other incidents of abuse I'd experienced over the years. And I didn't mention them either. I'd been well trained to keep "our little secret", to play things down and twist the truth.

That's what the psychological grooming process does to you. It's part of the damage abuse does and I've no doubt it does make it harder to elicit "reliable evidence" from a "reliable witness" in the usual way, whether they're pre-pubescents, as I was, or older teens.

That's why it's so crucial that agencies dealing with those who've been groomed are properly trained to understand it. Police, judges or council budget managers… if they don't get it they'll never stop it happening.

To be fair to front-line workers in Rotherham, they did try to get senior managers to take action. But those senior managers never did. Somewhere along the line, in juggling budgets and priorities they made a compromise – and they compromised on child rape.

That decision to take no proper action in Rotherham wasn't just heartless, it was a false economy. I've no doubt that, like me, those victims will struggle with the consequences for years, at great human cost to themselves, and financial cost to the taxpayer. For me, it was depression and PTSD that I battled – with help from the NHS. For countless others, it's alcoholism, drugs, serious mental illness, abusive relationships and costly disruptions to their education and employment.

It costs money to stop abuse and exploitation and it costs money to support survivors to recover. But if we want a society that values and protects children and teenagers from all backgrounds, it's money we can't afford not to spend.

I was one of the lucky ones. After a few false starts with an idiotic counsellor ("How much do you like boys? Would you say you liked boys too much?"), eventually I got decent support and recovered from the trauma of abuse. In the end, I was able to understand it wasn't my fault. Many years later, I no longer feel ashamed.But I do feel angry. I feel angry for the thousands who have suffered and been let down. It's no good wringing our hands about the past. Yes, failure to understand and respect survivors of sexual violence has been a problem for decades. But it remains a problem right now up and down the country. It must change now.



  1. Comment by John,

    For all parties reviled by Child and Female abuse.

    Let us pre advise you what's coming down.Allow for the hard fact its holidays and state employees are all away slobbing around. But when they limbo back, a nasty shock in in store. Hopefully the US and other nations will follow this. All are just as badly affected and we all need to deal with it.

    Our gloves are coming off with lazy Police Commanders, or sloppy State Protection Agency staff. Come mid September we will start suspending and firing. Police not able to meet Fitness tests will be out. A Slobs charter is coming in, but also for another reason.

    Between now and the end of his year, we in the UK are going to force a nation wide crack down for Child Perversion and Sex Trafficking arrests on a scale unheard of. Between now and Xmas thousands will be arrested all across the nation. We will open up all files. No time restrictions. A Task Force is now in place.
    By mid September it starts. With full oversight, Chief Constables will be charged with prosecuting thousands. The Public Prosecution services will be inundated. Jail cells will be full, and so will Police cells. Good!. We have many extra plans yet. to contain this tide of scum who will be taken off our streets. Also how to deal with their legal leg men if they attempt to pervert the course of justice. Watch this unfold.

    We asked you to wait while we put Harris away. We told you it was only the start. Thousands of Asians, many Pakkies, will be taken in. After jailing them we will be deporting them on release. Child Molesters in UK jails have a very hard time. When Justice fails, the people get it right. A huge backlash is coming.

    Transfered from here

  2. There is no way in the world that an organized effort to commit these crimes go unnoticed by our leaders who are tasked with protecting citizens. This is a result of greed, criminality, collusion, extortion, and many more crimes. I have heard stories of persons who went to authorities to report a crime only to be faced with doubt, fears, and family isolation.

    We cannot look outside of the US only, these same crimes are rampant in the US also. This is a HUGE problem...and I am sorry to say, many incidents are coming to the forefront since same sex marriage has been legalized.

    Rotherham Council Paid Paedophile Taxi Drivers To Pick Up Vulnerable Girls (Video)
    Sun, August 31, 2014

    Majority of the taxi drivers were Pakistani...

  3. ‘Rotherham-style’ child abuse in Scotland probed
    Police inquiry into sexual exploitation of children in Glasgow mirrors the scandal in England,

    POLICE are investigating the sexual exploitation of vulnerable children in Scotland by men from ethnic minorities in ­cases that bear striking ­similarities to the organised abuse of youngsters in Rotherham, Scotland on ­Sunday can reveal.

    Detectives have launched two operations into the abuse of vulnerable teenagers, some of whom absconded from children’s homes, in Glasgow.

    The first, Operation Cotswold, set up in 2011, focused on a group of Middle Eastern asylum seekers in the north of the city. At least 26 potential victims were identified and files were sent to the procurator-fiscal, but no prosecutions were brought.

    It is understood vulnerable young girls were found in the home of one or more suspects, but many identified as at risk did not see themselves as victims and were reluctant to co-operate, making it difficult to gather evidence and get the case to court.

  4. The Independent on Sunday can reveal that a House of Commons committee is to investigate what Tony Blair's Home Office knew about the Rotherham scandal as far back as 2001 after more evidence emerged about his government's efforts to pacify Muslim communities.

    1. He should be sold and what was done to these young children should be his legacy to him and his family. How would he like it ....... I remember sadams sons used to rape the family in front of the father so he would suffer more. Why do these elites deserve any differently. I am sure I do not even know the half of their evil.

    2. Having lost the media to Zionist Satanist controllers, how does truth break free now? The entire worldne eds a major clean up. A truthful, moral party of the people. Standards, vision, ethics, and a nuclear big stick! ISIS right now should be mass bombed off the map by the UN and NATO. A global force sent in to total the rest, leave none alive. Look at how we treated Syria and Assad. Double dealing Westerners.
      The rot now starts badly in the US. How can we have Global Leaders rotten to the core? So many nations have crap at the helm. Proof - Scum always rises to the top fast.

    3. FEDUP,
      I always speak in the heat of the moment, I hope you understand that. Those who are innocent, deserve our comfort and our help. But those who are guilty of abusing humanity and other life.....deserve nothing but what they themselves have dished out!

      I think of the children who have been corrupted, those who kill for the sake of killing-for several years now I have been shocked with the stories of children who are killing, just to see how someone or something dies It is very hard for me to think of children like this......I think of children as being innocent. I cannot fathom this way of thinking.

      I have always protected any living thing as much as possible. I hope you understand, I am crying, as I think of what is happening on the oceans, skies, and all over the lands right now. Chemtrails, pollution, radiation, the death of the family unit, raping,and killing of children, wars.., is very hard to think of this as just an agenda of those who are evil and perverted. It is all very overwhelming.

    4. Darkening,
      I do understand and my heart bleed for the children...all of them...
      It's quite a shame...government and officials know about ritual sexual child abuse. It is practiced widely by satanism.

      Back in the day, these witches use to be burnt at the stake and or hung from the highest tree, or castrated. This crime is a highly damaging crime and it actually effects the core of a child/person.

      These evil doers believe in MKULtra where they shatter the victim's personality and create alter egos and such...these are rituals...many children wind up should read the testimony and transcripts from the heart cry out to our Creator for mercy and intervention...

      We need Universal Laws which cover all life on this planet that must be enforced or suffer the consequences.

      I do understand, anyone who have a heart and is human will understand...this is our nature. These monsters cannot be human, they are either zombies, mind controlled, clones, or non human entities who have to survive off of our emotional essence, our blood, and our flesh...I don't mean to be too graphic but we have to know the know is to be protected.
      Divine love and light!

  5. Friends,

    There is a huge pedophile ring, child perversion and sex trafficking in Brazil from Top down and backwards as anywhere else, but we also have counter measures taking place to eradicate such crimes.

    Today I learned there is an effective Task Force Operation ongoing monitoring inside out and also our borders. Special Teams and Operations were formed as soon the CPI of Pedophilia became law. Without delay, in the same week we saw its fruits which a North American pedophile was packed back at the border.

    The new law includes measures to forbid entrance of involved foreigners with sexual exploration or pedophilia. According to the Law of CPI of the Pedophilia, the authorities are obliged to consult international databases to verify the names of convicted people or defendant of the crimes. The Boarder Control Agents are responsible to check the information on the foreigners and act.

    However the greater exploitation and abuse in this country is committed by the huge mass of ignorant and Godless Brazilians perverts.

    What alleviates my burden is to know there are hundreds upon hundreds of perverts, pedophiles, policeman and politicians identified and been monitored as we speak before imminent reclusion. But to me life in prison under forced heavy work still not enough for me.

    This is very exciting folks

    1. Brazil_of_Brics
      It sounds like your country is cleaning its corruption up. Congratulations.

      I just wish that America would open its eyes and get rid of the putrefied, rotting virus that has infected our government

    2. Darkeningskies,
      I'm really excited for what is happening. I did little research and I'm amazed.
      I did not know we were far ahead in this operations and activities here. It's very exciting.

      I also found out there are honorable officers and politicians involved and a website tracking all Federal Police operations afterwards and releasing the news to general public media.

      I hope to contact a Senator shortly to let him know about the measures taking place in UK and what is coming in the UK. Maybe ahead of time them can overcharge the activities and get into the bandwagon.

      May hell breaks loose on this pedofags, there are a lot of hot seats waiting for them.

      I wish the best for USA as we love your kids as we love ours.

  6. Conspiracy of Silence: The Franklin Cover Up. Vile Beyond Belief


    The 1993 documentary,'Conspiracy of Silence' reveals a US child sex abuse and pedophilia ring that led to the highest levels of government.

    The film was based on 'The Franklin Cover-up,' a book by decorated Vietnam War veteran and 16-year Nebraska state senator, John DeCamp. It was produced for the British documentary series, "First Tuesday" with financing from the Discovery Channel.

    It begins with the shut-down of Nebraska's Franklin Community Federal Credit Union after a raid by federal agencies in 1988 revealed that $40 million was missing. What initially looked like a financial swindle soon exploded into a startling tale of drugs, money laundering and a nationwide child sex abuse ring. Nineteen months later, the legislative committee's chief investigator died suddenly and violently. A dozen others linked to the Franklin case investigation died strange and mysterious deaths.

    Originally scheduled to air in May of 1994, The Discovery Channel inexplicably withdrew its support and reimbursed Yorkshire television the half million dollars it'd cost to make.

    Thanks to the power of the Internet, this documentary is viewable today.


    Alexandra Bruce posted this documentary recently on her website:

    Incredible as it sounds, children are being subjected wholesale around the world to organised trafficking,abuse, mind-control, exploitation and sacrifice by powerful Satanic members of ruling elites. Jimmy Savile and Rolf Harris were small fry by comparison. I'll only believe effective action is being taken when those in positions of power are brought to justice.

    1. Sorry Valdi,
      Looks like youtube closed it down. I do not think I could've watched it anyway. I get very angry when I see children being abused.


      Here is a link that works:

    3. Yes it works, but I still do not know if I will be able to watch it.

    4. Vlastimil,
      You read my mind...I have gathered so much information on this crime. It is a shame, this crime is much like the crime at Penn State University in Pennsylvania where Sandusky committed such horrific crimes against boys who belonged to his nonprofit organization. These crimes rise far above just mere perpetrators. the Franklin Orphanage crimes were covered up from MSM, police, politicians (at the highest levels of government), and BBC would not air the coverage. This really need to be bought to the forefront for criminal prosecution. I watched the film and I was horrified...we need new laws that will render death penalty for violations, like rape, murder, pedophilia, and child ritual sacrifice...
      Thanks for bringing this up!


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