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The Pentagon is adding to its arsenal of weapons in Norway’s caves

OWoN: Now why would anyone want to invade Norway? This is just another US launch base to attack Russia. So Russia will wipe them out first. Madness.

This 1997 aerial photograph shows the entrance to a cave facility the U.S. military uses in the
Trondheim region of central Norway. (Defense Department photo courtesy of the National Archives)

The Washington Post
By Dan Lamothe
12 August 2014

In the heart of Norway’s countryside, the U.S. military is bolstering its arsenal of weapons with tanks, gun trucks and other armored vehicles along with hundreds of containers of equipment.

The Marine Corps is overseeing the effort, which expands the existing Marine Corps Prepositioning Program. It stashes weapons, vehicle and armor in several locations across the world, including Norway, which first signed an agreement with the United States to do so in 1981, Marine officials said.

The equipment is kept in climate-controlled caves in central Norway, giving the Marines equipment that is closer than the East Coast to use in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Much of what stored in the caves was pulled out and sent to the Middle East ahead of the March 2003 invasion of Iraq.

It also bolsters the amount of military equipment in Norway as tensions with nearby Russia remain high. Russian President Vladimir Putin said Monday that he may send a military convoy to eastern Ukraine on a humanitarian mission, something Western officials see as a potential pretext for a Russian invasion.

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  1. PROCEEEDINGS OG WWIII: Red Cross demands full list of items contained in Russian relief cargo bound for Ukraine

    August 13, 20:07 UTC+4

    The International Red Cross officials confirmed the Russian side had informed them about the relief cargo the day before on Tuesday

    GENEVA, August 13. /ITAR-TASS/. The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has demanded a full list of items contained in Russia’s relief convoy bound for southeast Ukraine, a Red Cross source told ITAR-TASS on Wednesday.

    “The ICRC needs a detailed list of items contained in the trucks in order to be able to accept the aid after Ukrainian border guards finish the customs formalities,” the source explained.

    The International Red Cross officials confirmed the Russian side had informed them about the relief cargo the day before on Tuesday.

    “The Russian authorities handed over a list of goods to the Ukrainian authorities and the International Committee of the Red Cross. It includes essentials, bottled water, food and power generators,” the Red Cross official said.

    The Russian Foreign Ministry said in previous reports that the relief cargo contained 69 sets of power generators; 400 tonnes of groats; 340 tonnes of canned meat; 30 tonnes of salt; 100 tonnes of sugar; 60 tonnes of canned milk; 0.8 tonnes of tea; 679.5 tonnes of bottled water, 62.4 tonnes of baby food; 54 tonnes of medical products and 12,300 sleeping bags.

    Meanwhile, the International Red Cross headquarters in Geneva said the ICRC was staying in contact with Russian and Ukrainian leaderships given that the two sides had to clarify a huge number of issues, including border passage and customs clearance.




  2. Russian Institute for Strategic Studies: NATO Is Attempting to “Revolutionize The Current World Order”
    Posted By: Susoni [Send E-Mail]
    Date: Tuesday, 12-Aug-2014 12:43:42

    By Daniel Taylor

    West seeks “total reconstruction of the world”

    The tense situation between Ukraine and the United States is outlined in a paper released earlier this month by the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies (RISS). A week prior to the downing of Malaysian flight 17, the institute warned that the west “refuses to adhere to the principles and norms of international law and the rules and spirit of the existing system of international relations.”

    Much like the United States Army War College Strategic Studies Institute, RISS provides “…information support to the Administration of the President of the Russian Federation, the Federation Council, the State Duma and the Security Council as well as to Government offices, ministries and departments”.

    The July 9th paper warns that the United States and NATO are attempting to create a “new world order” out of the Ukrainian situation that will impose totalitarian global laws and regulations. The basis of this system, warns RISS, will be a “single system to issue money”. The authors state that because this system will meet resistance, the threat of war needs to be maintained.

    Ukraine, the authors write, is a testing ground for the establishment and its drive for world government. As the IMF and the global elite take over Ukraine,

    “It seems that in addition to specific operational objectives, setting a formal and informal foreign control of key functions of the Ukrainian authorities may have the task of testing technologies… and disappearance of the sovereignty of independent States.”

    The fact that this information is coming from an obviously pro-Russian perspective does not detract from the fact that this agenda has been well documented and observed for decades by researchers across the globe.

    The recent incident involving flight MH17 has pushed the already tense situation with Ukraine closer to war. Despite unclear evidence about who was responsible for shooting down the aircraft, the Obama administration and others are still moving forward unblinkingly with a warpath agenda.

    Award winning reporter Robert Parry recently stated that an inside source told him that satellite images show Ukrainian troops shooting down MH17.

    Concerns about false flag events are underpinned by declassified documents like Operation Northwoods which sought to hijack and crash civilian aircraft. In 2006 it was revealed that Prime Minister Tony Blair and U.S. President George Bush planned to paint a U2 spy plane in UN colors and fly it over Iraq with the hopes that it would be shot down and spark a war.


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