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The MSM never tells the rest of the story....

OWoN: Sickening!!! Thank OWoN for truth.

Clearly not the pix that I saw on Trayvon's social media page showing off his tat's and touting his drug business. Of course all of the history got cleansed so as to expunge any incriminating evidence as to the true nature of the sweet innocence of the gangster kid!

Just telling it as it is, something the Mainstream Media ​​is too PC and afraid to do.

​Surely there is nothing to be afraid of from a 6'4" 294​ 18 year old on MJ who just robbed a convenience store? Gee, somehow that never makes it into the news report, even though it is captured on video, including MB shown ​shoving the store owner around by the neck!

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