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OWoN: All women and forward thinking men need to see this!

Time we face down this Muslim shit and say No! No! No !No ! No! YOU don't ever open yours mouths again until this Filth and Depravity you condone is stopped. Muslims clean up your Filth or LEAVE the Human race. Just because you blindly follow a Pedophile who married a 6 year old girl in his mid 50s, does not mean the Spirit of God was with this rotten toothed, foul breathed, wizened skinned dirty old man. How do you defile a Pedophile?

Women, don't take this anymore. Don't allow it for your Children. Muslims, you truly follow a filthy faith and with bad practices.

No God condones this.


  1. We need every one of your voices and focus. We have to save these Muslim girls and women from this filth of a religion.
    They are subjected to vicious rape, sodomy and appalling brutal injuries. Its time we faced them down worldwide. No more forced marriages . No marriages under 16 and no sex mutilation. Instant 20 years in jail for any parent, both! who mutilate a child and 50 years for the mutilator plus castration with no appeal for the perpetrators.No Shareer Law to be allowed in the West. Time to close down a lot of Mosques. No more Muslim schools. We educate them instead. No more arranged marriages.

    1. I agree John, it is appalling how women are treated culturally in these Muslim countries. Women are 2nd class citizens, or simply possessions for the men of the culture to use and throwaway.

      I have read a few of the English forum sites where Muslim women can post, most comments are about husbands abandoning the wife/children- or mistreatment of the family.

      Unfortunately, many of these women can be murdered in this society by a husband or father.


    2. Tammy,

      Correction: Women are NO class citizen, actually not even a citizen at all. They are valued less than an old goat that can't even be milked.

    3. I had a female co-worker (American healthcare worker), who married a Muslim physician from Iraq. She was required by her new husband to convert to Islam, and wear the women's head scarf.

      She was an outgoing person prior to her marriage, full of life and laughter.

      After her marriage, she would not speak to anyone unless spoken to first- even fellow women. She kept her eyes down, most of the time. She told me her new husband wanted her to quit working, so she did.

    4. Canauzzie,

      You're correct, women have very few rights at all- and probably are not recognized as a citizen in one of these cultures. Women are simply possessions to use as needed- also to discard whenever.

    5. So, lets all raise their case as a whole world of nations. They need us all and your voices.
      Come on guys- Go for them!

    6. I am a nurse in a busy, urban hospital. Sometimes with female Muslim patients, the husband will speak for his wife at all times. He will be present at all times during the course of care. The hospital will provide private rooms for these patients, with the family unit staying together with the female patient.

      The family unit cooperates in the care of the patient, which is unique in my part of the woods (US). And, I do admire this concept of the family unit.

      It's just sometimes, I wonder what might be going on if the female patient cannot speak to our staff.

    7. Hopefully, more people will speak up against these crimes.


    8. Just to give a few an understanding of how bad it is, Saudi Arabia just recently decided to finally gave women the privilege of riding a bicycle.

      Growing up with this:

      "Growing up in Saudi, I regularly heard lectures from religious figures warning us girls of one thing or another, from how Western music would "corrupt our souls" to how riding a bicycle would "damage a girl's innocence" and take away her virginity, ruining the chance for a good marriage."

      Saudi Women Plan Protest Against Driving Ban

    9. Agreed! And kudos to OWON for taking a stand against this demon horde when the rest of the world buckles, you cannot mention their prophet w/o having them put a price on your head, they have the rest of the world in terror so I applaud you John , Canauzzie for bringing this wicked religion to light.

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    1. Please forgive the comment above if you saw it.....I was speaking in the heat of the moment.

      I still remember that horrific story you brought to OWoN about the 8 year old girl that was forced to marry a savage who murdered her just to have sex with her.

      These men are evil - and this culture is evil.

      What I cannot understand is those that volunteer to be treated like this.

  3. I will say some things that are unpopular, but so be it.

    Although I do not believe in a supreme being known as "God", I do believe that man is a spiritual being, independent of the flesh.

    Self abnegation breeds this kind of sick-minded culture - after all, their excuse is "it's in the Koran..." and then they justify all manner of sick, psychotic behavior on such "license". History shows this kind of thing is not limited to just Islam.

    Self abnegation along secular lines is no less pernicious.

    While there are perhaps many philosophical wisdoms in the written religious texts, such wisdoms should be used to help us live better lives, not commit crimes which are justified in the mind of the "believer".

    1. WHA
      The Koran evolved over a number of versions, and from a man who married and child raped a 6 year old. Most religions are plagiarised from the hustling and deceit of Moses to the Vatican who " created" Christianity.

      Moses simply transcribed 7 of the so called 10 Commandments directly from the Egyptians own codes of life. and passed them as the Word of God to the ignorant Jewish Tribes. The Torah is centuries of multiple Rabbis concepts of truth, all evolving. God does not make mistakes on transference, so why so many rewrites from Mohammed? BS! Even Pervs philosophise. Still Perves!

      The Real God, is within you all. The power, depth of live, serenity, wisdom and hope. .God is in nature, the air, the skies the trees. Even the earth itself is a battery and fountain of knowledge and memories of all that has been. Mother earth contains all. We are just atoms of Star dust. Molecular beings. God IS the Soul of the Universe and the highway by which all is connected. The whisper of hope and the silence of being in your despair.
      But the depth and so much awareness of love beyond infinity, how you feel at the birth of your children,the depth of relief after the operation on a loved one, That vast outflow of awesome energy and being is part of God. How can molecular atoms feel?

      The depth of absolute and total love you feel when you meet the girl or guy of your dreams, and are totally Soul smitten. Then their partner turns up and you realise, what a Bummer, God throws curve balls!

      But, in a real Life threatening moment,.when the life of your child or so much loved one is on the line needing surgical intervention, there are those who have, for absolute real, shared Soul Space with the source of all, what you call God, and been encompassed in the absolute majesty of all, and known you were going to be OK. There are those who know so much more, but chose not to say,Just to know is all. They chose simply to be better people. But, with humour. Because behind it all, when you know what is, you know this is not how it needs to be, and you become a voice, a Soul and conscience of OWON. As so many of you have become.

      These Muslim girls need us all. As do the victims of ISIS. So also the poor Palestinians as victims of incessant Israeli abuse. .Jews are welcomed in the Middle East. As descents of Abraham, given accord by fellow Muslims. Jews are no problem. Zionists are and their vile creed towards both Jews and Goyim. God is no part of that.
      Nor does God condone or wish for the abuse and exploitation of children,or brutality, theft and perversion of the foul species who do such untold damage. Mohammed has a lot to answer for. His followers even more.
      God gave free will to think.,Try it. Use it! Look at nature, stop, time out, breath in the planet, listen to nature and the animals. One day, your own physical journey here will end. You helped change what?

      Change the way Muslim girls live. Ask why? Name and shame! Say No!

  4. Not yet convinced of how this 'religion' treats women? Here's a video link that explains (according to the Quran) exactly when and how to beat your wife.....;_ylt=ApvHs5_eqgmRWxqxwfMB0MmbvZx4?p=koran+instructs+how+to+beat+women&toggle=1&cop=mss&ei=UTF-8&fr=yfp-t-318&fp=1

  5. Is there an agreed international legal age limit for sexual relationships, NO RELIGION,culture can be allowed to continue such disgusting practices. Children below he age of 16 are sexually out of bounds

    Labour MPs: Left ignored sex abuse
    Young girls who were being sexually abused by Asian men were ignored by officials because of Left-wing political correctness, Labour figures say
    An inquiry estimated that at least 1,400 girls as young as 11 were assaulted and raped by gangs of Asian men over a period of 16 years. Some had guns pointed at them or were doused in petrol and threatened with being set alight.

    One of the most upsetting aspects of the scandal was that babies born to some victims were taken away from their mothers, who will never see them again, according to Sarah Champion, the town’s Labour MP.

  6. Friends,

    This is not about making Muslim Woman Free, looking for ways to infiltrate western promiscuity into their culture and society. This is not about making Muslim World more "democratic", neither "western like".

    This is about God Given Human Rights to every single individual in this planet. We are all equals before the Creator, as the same God Particle is in us, is in them.

    Worldwide Muslim Woman Rise up,
    specially those that live abroad and benefit from "Western Freedom". Muslim woman that left their hometown towards Europe and beyond which rejoice of a certain less enforced sharia law, It's time to pay it forward and care for your equals.

    Rise Up. Worldwide Muslim Woman are supposed to be the first ones to Cry Out, in multiple millions, in one voice.

    The same way the American People have to Rise Up and take their Country back and responsibility for allowing a few to determine Its Fate, so the Muslim Woman have to take by Force and Sacrifice, the Freedom they Never had.

    There is an ancient saying which "a curse was placed in to the woman of that region and their progeny, to be tormented by these human devils for they wished to commingle among the angels". Maybe true, maybe nonsense.

    It doesn't matter, Muslim woman and future mothers deserve freedom, education and love, but above all Respect.

  7. Brazil_of_Brics
    I think it would be very hard to rise up, when you have been treated as if you are nothing. I think you would begin to believe it, especially when it has gone thru generations. It does look as though some are waking up tho, but those are probably the ones that have received education. Those that are educated would realize the generational theft of human life and spirit.

    May they continue to speak out, but they are putting their lives in extreme risk.


    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. These ladies and gentlemen speaking out and trying to educate, should be considered true Patriots to their respective countires.

    3. Darkeningskies,

      The only way to change this is to have the educated Islam worldwide, western and muslim woman to Go In and touch local hearts and minds. I know It's very easy to speak from a lighthouse point and not into the frontline which lives get endangered.

      What I'm trying to say is, this is a very delicate matter as you can turn a good cause into a jihad "holy war" among themselves. There basic culture foundation hates westerns and whites.

      So I call for these Women to Rise Up and take their right place in the Global Community of Mankind. We call for the educated and western muslim to Go In and take back what the Muslim Male stole from them.

      We can raise awareness and call for change, but that Fire has to start in the muslim heart.

      I believe OWoN support this cause, so do I.

    4. This mistreatment has been going on for many, many years. It is about time to change things. Only education and sanctions against the perpetrators can change this. This example is one of the strongest examples of mind control, evidenced by a man made religion. I remind myself that in order to have an elite class, there has got to be a slave class..

      Laws must change, and these laws on an international scale must include the "rights of women" and "children" and should fall under "Universal Law!"

      1 Timothy 4:1
      The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons.

      2 Timothy 4:3
      For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.

      Jude 1:18
      They said to you, "In the last times there will be scoffers who will follow their own ungodly desires."

      My heart bleed as I write my thoughts...

  8. The Muslims are not only as bad as Paedophiles, but in many cases worse. The poor children they marry are raped, sodomised, brutalised and treated worse than animals. Poorly educated Dogs of husbands.many unfit to marry, are free to buy them as chattels. They are subject to Sharia Law, a complete Wogs fantasy land where women are at the complete mercy of ignorant unwashed, verminous low life. Imams are ignorant fanatics on a par less than a Witch Doctor, following the ramblings of a Paedophilia cult of truly unfit beings.
    At least when moving into Western civilisations, the girls are able to see what a compete scumbag fantasy of a religion their parents bought into, and to say no. We are subjecting half the beings in the Muslim world to a dreadful fate of gross inhumanity. Now look at the growth of their filth as we see ever more cases of disgusting Pakkies molesting girls as young as 11 in England, a nation which suffered badly from uncontrolled mass immigration, and which by public free choice, would hang most of them from a yard arm.
    Police and Social services had covered it up, now it's all breaking free. Unfit members of the human race, need to be denied access to live in the First World nations until of proven educational and moral standard. Time to address Global Human rights. What the hell is the point of the UN? How basic a right and need is this? Time for a Charter of basic humans moral citizenship.

    1. John,
      this is very sickening indeed. My heart goes to these children, girls and woman. I feel very sick when people mess with children. I get really outraged.

      I see the problem on the Muslim Male. The Males are the issue and poison. They are easily caught into fundamentalist manipulations and in fame culture/religious macho man pazzi concepts.

      What about have a Muslim Woman Militia literally cutting their Male balls, huh? You cut their balls and you will see how many chickens come out of closet.

      This would not be violence against violence, but a Righteous payback.

    2. Universal Law rules!
      Society has been under the rule of "satanic federalist, with Lilith, EL, Baphomet, Enki etc...being worshiped in churches, synagogues, etc.. across the land.

      We are under the impression that the god of these religions is the God of Man our creator; but because people are use to letting others do the work...we listen, they inspire, and we follow blindly. We have to be more vigilant and "test the spirit"...God is a God of Love, Compassion, and God gave us as His created beings a "free will."

      We have to use our free will to think and discern for ourselves...ask ourselves the hard questions...only "you" can answer...

      What kind of God would require us to ear flesh and drink blood? or kill our first child? or sacrifice an animal that is defenseless? or allow heads of church to rape and sodomize children, or create religion that binds us to a life of servitude? a slave? ban a woman and a child into the desert with no sustenance? I can go on and on...

      We have to realize that our leaders want to be worshiped as god...this is the spirit of deception and we cannot make exceptions for some when all have fallen short...where there's smoke there's fire and don't take anything for granted...we have to be vigilant. We have to seek the truth in all things; and not rely on anyone or anything for this truth because it is inside of us...God granted us this gift...

      I don't subscribe to religion, I subscribe to Almighty One...The Creator of Man...Adam (Atom) who is our Father..

      Love is all there is!

  9. This is very upsetting to say the least, religions are a belief not a right to destroy an innocent life which this culture of brainwashed Baffones believe is theirs. Something needs to to be done about this know one should have to be subjugated to this satanic culture.

  10. For all parties reviled by Child and Female abuse.

    Let us pre advise you what's coming down.Allow for the hard fact its holidays and state employees are all away slobbing around. But when they limbo back, a nasty shock in in store. Hopefully the US and other nations will follow this. All are just as badly affected and we all need to deal with it.

    Our gloves are coming off with lazy Police Commanders, or sloppy State Protection Agency staff. Come mid September we will start suspending and firing. Police not able to meet Fitness tests will be out. A Slobs charter is coming in, but also for another reason.
    Between now and the end of his year, we in the UK are going to force a nation wide crack down for Child Perversion and Sex Trafficking arrests on a scale unheard of. Between now and Xmas thousands will be arrested all across the nation. We will open up all files. No time restrictions. A Task Force is now in place.
    By mid September it starts. With full oversight, Chief Constables will be charged with prosecuting thousands. The Public Prosecution services will be inundated. Jail cells will be full, and so will Police cells. Good!. We have many extra plans yet. to contain this tide of scum who will be taken off our streets. Also how to deal with their legal leg men if they attempt to pervert the course of justice. Watch this unfold.
    We asked you to wait while we put Harris away. We told you it was only the start. Thousands of Asians, many Pakkies, will be taken in. After jailing them we will be deporting them on release. Child Molesters in UK jails have a very hard time. When Justice fails, the people get it right. A huge backlash is coming.

    1. John, that is great news. Will be happy when it hits the US. So many young lives changed/ended for these creep's pleasures, not to mention the untold numbers that were run through the capital in DC for black mail purposes and worse. Thank you for sharing this important news.

    2. John, this is encouraging news.
      If so, I believe UK will be a lighthouse point of awareness to the world.
      I wonder if Brazil will ever have a similar and indefinite Task Force led by our honorable officials. I really support that.

      When its time, I would take advantage of this activity in UK to push and engage our local politicians as much I can. Its time to clean the planet and so its time to Clean the Society.

      Thank You and the House of Commons and Associates.

    3. John,
      This has been long coming. Many of the perpetrators are actually pedophiles themselves police, Department of Human Services, church, schools and teachers, healthcare administrators and more ...sure they turn a blind eye and in the incident they themselves are involved.

      I applaud you and I am 1000% behind supporting all legislation that changes the landscape for these criminals.

      They are destroying lives, they are corrupting innocence, they are thriving under a system that allows this to happen...we have to be very careful of who we allow our children to be around!!!!

    4. Fantastic news John! It's not often a govt has the guts to do this, maybe too much PC has been hampering them the last 30 years. I hope it doesn't stop there - is it also time to get the financial crooks and top dogs of the nwo to join the paedos? - in many cases they are likely to be one and the same I expect.. God speed to you and yours.

  11. That's incredible John!!! Awesome job, patience pays off, timing is everything. Can't wait to see this jump the pond to the U.S. How many will all of a sudden "retire" and take cover only to be "uncovered" and exposed?

    Happy days are heading our way!

    Thank you John and all involved in stoking these fires for tangible, visible results we can believe in. We all want to believe so much is going on behind the scenes that will bring us resolution and real evidence of winning the war of good over evil and this is a huge step towards that end.

  12. John-

    I guess that extra " l " paid off after all. Lol. Here's one more to keep the momentum going.

    Call Girl

    1. Just remember, that husband now gets to wear the suspenders. Lol

    2. most proud of the topics this blog is unmasking and pushing to the surface to say enough!
      owon stands out with monumental pride. :)

    3. John -

      Ah yes the suspenders. Why not?

    4. Cal girl
      Will he still fit?

  13. What will unfold in Great Britain now will be incredible to watch. It is about time. It would be impossible to do such a thing in this country, because the corruption, bribery and blackmail runs so far and deep. Plus, they have the full support of the media to KEEP QUIET about all these criminal activities whenever they get leaked.



    It never troubles the wolf how many the sheep may be.


  15. A mysterious red glow across the pacific ocean has baffled pilots flying across it. JPC van Heijst was flying a Boeing 747-8 aircraft from Hong Kong to Alaska when he spotted the mysterious lights above the ocean half-way through his flight.

    The bizarre lights were seen south of the Russian peninsula of Kamachatka and are thought to have originated from a huge volcano explosion under the surface of the ocean. The glow reportedly came 20 minutes after a vertical lightning strike was seen in the distance.

    Van Heijst was left perplexed by the eye-catching lights and described the experience as ‘creepy’. There were no thunderstorms on their route to Alaska which suggests that the lightning bolt was not caused by a storm. He explained on PBASE that the only thing he could think of which was to cause the glow would be a volcano under the surface.

    He said: “The closer we got, the more intense the glow became, illuminating the clouds and sky below us in a scary orange glow, in a part of the world where there was supposed to be nothing but water. (5min)

    What the hell is going on in the Pacific Ocean? ~darylluke.


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