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TEPCO Drops Bombshell About Sea Releases; 8 Billion Bq Per Day

OWoN: This maybe the greatest tragedy to befall mankind and the world in modern history. Goodbye Pacific. Goodbye West Coast of America.

Goodbye West Coast of Canada. Goodbye Australia and China.

Simply Info
26 August 2014

TEPCO made the startling admission today at a press conference that the plant is leaking 8 billion bequerels per day. (8 gigabequerels)

  • 5 billion bq of strontium 90
  • 2 billion bq of cesium 137
  • 1 billion bq of tritium

This is the ongoing daily release to the Pacific. These release numbers are also within the realm of what some oceanographers have been warning about since last year, that there was an ongoing and considerable leak to the sea. According to journalist Ryuichi Kino TEPCO said this may be due to failings of some sort within the “glass” wall at the sea front. This is an underground wall made in the soil by injecting a solidifying agent to block water flow.

This daily release would add up to 11,680,000,000,000 = 11 terabequerels over 4 years time in addition to the initial sea releases during the meltdowns.

*** Update*** With a translation of a related portion of a TEPCO document released to METI just yesterday the total releases of this new admission are even higher than the 11 Tbq mentioned. The chart that can be seen here (chart shown above), shows the releases until 2014 were considerably higher. Releases dropped in 2014, likely due to work underway to try to block leaking water. TEPCO also has a section of where they think they will get once remediation work is finished that is lower yet, but that is not achieved yet based on the TEPCO document. This drastically changes the estimated releases to the sea in total. We came up with a rough estimate of about 673 Tbq for 3 years at the 2013 rate, this would be in addition to any initial sea releases during the meltdowns.

The admission was extracted by journalists that continued to press TEPCO for an answer.

H/T to Fukushima-Diary who broke the initial story.

Transcript of the admission (in Japanese)

Many thanks to Yuri and Yuko for their assistance with confirming translation.

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    (NaturalNews) When the Professor of Biological Sciences at the University of South Carolina took the microphone at the Foreign Correspondence Club in Japan, the global impact of Fukushima radiation became much clearer.

    Scientist Timothy A. Mousseau presented "Fukushima Catastrophe and its Effects on Wildlife," before a room of press and correspondents, reporting the real-life damage that Fukushima fallout is having on the planet's ecosystem. He gave dire news to Japan and compared the damage done by Fukushima to that of Chernobyl.

    Twenty-two minutes into the speech, Mousseau spoke on how the radiation is killing off birds. "These next figures are really, really important, and this really was the motivation for speaking today," he said. "These are the results from four years of data, so starting July 2011, and we just did the last count last month here in Fukushima. What this graph shows very, very strikingly is that the total numbers of birds drops off with radiation in Fukushima in a very consistent pattern."

    Scientist reveals albino birds, mutant firebugs, and deformed pine trees derived from Fukushima radiation

    He pointed to the consistency of bird die-offs through the years, increasing over time. He showed how both the Chernobyl and Fukushima disasters showed these striking similarities. He rose even more alarm over radiation's "effects on species richness or biodiversity," stating that the effects "are even more striking, again, dropping off with increasing radiation." He talked about mutations in birds seen near Fukushima, mentioning the first swallow with patches of white feathers. "We've since been documenting in collaboration with the Wild Bird Society of Japan many more additional cases of these albinos." He talked about other biomarkers like Japanese cows with white spots on their rears. He showed pictures of birds with tumors, showing documentation of higher frequency of cataracts in humans and birds in areas with high radiation levels. Taking it a step further, he showed growth abnormalities in both firebugs and scotch pine trees.

  2. Oh FEDUP
    I knew this was happening. I cry for the the ocean life that is lost. The beauty and life that is gone.......May I say, as a lady.........damn these parasites should be destroyed in the worst way possible

    1. Darkening...
      What I have heard from the Keshe Foundation is that they have the technology to clean up the New Jersey, Florida and other states in the US, there has been shark attacks and sighting of great whites where there were none before.

      These "monsters" want to corrupt our environment because they cannot survive in our environment...they need methane, chemtrails, basically they are the opposite of us...this is why I believe that they are not human...because most humans have humanity and believe in the sanctity of life.

      We have to pray for all life here on earth..can you imagine what the whales and dolphins are going through?

      The One hears our cries and they do not go unanswered! This they want to be a worldwide catastrophe! TPTW are doomed by their actions..we have to send positive energy into the earth and throughout the universe it raises the vibratory energy instead of lowering it to these monster's standard.


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