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Scandal In Italy | Croatian captain - the boat stopped full with tanks and missiles

OWoN: So now, caught directly at it, a huge arms consignment with Saudi and US collusion, who is on trial?? No one!

27 tanks and containers rocket went to Saudi Arabia, and the captain claimed that he did not know what was on his boat

Jutarnji List
By Heidi Karakas Jakubin
16 August 2014

Translated from Bosnian.

When the ship on July 1 Hofuf capacity 50 thousand tons owned by the National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia "Bahri", led by 51-year-old captain of the Croatian passport sailed into the port of Genoa and agreed with while 'Eritrea', from the very beginning all the was strange, especially the border police. This strangeness proved to be justified. Pursuant to a court order 220 meters long and 32 meters wide freighter was literally turned upside down. Border police, Port Authority and investigators were shocked.

The ship is carrying 27 battle tanks, even the American military brand Abrams, six military vehicles trucks Taurus, a mobile unit for telecommunications radar and 77 containers to the brim full of military, military equipment of all types and sizes, starting from various rockets and mortars! Croatian captain was dumbfounded when he announced that the ship is in port stopped and that the investigation was initiated.Oddly war weapons that could cause a diplomatic scandal, was found by accident. And the content of undeclared ship that was far more difficult than anticipated tonnage, one 51-year-old Croat has reported. Placed say that the special content ship should know, because in such cases, each boat must have secured an escort.

- We started on June 17 from the Canadian port of Halifax for Saudi Arabia, and Genoa, we had authorized unloading. I do not know you I do nothing about it. Or who bought it and whether it was bought or who it should take and whether it is paid or a gift - said the captain Italian investigators. United States fidgeted when they learned that the ship in the Italian port of stuck. In writing and in person, the man with the American-speaking world, has brought the prosecution "explanation" and unblocked. Among other things, the document stated that the burden must go on, while in Genoa should be deployed only registered materials for maintenance. On the shoulders of Croatian captain, at least for now, dropped a stone at a crucial moment when they questioned him about the cargo.

Although the ship, thanks to the United States laden with tanks and artillery, leaving the Italian port and headed for Saudi Arabia, it is the captain's rump cooperation with Italian investigators on the case cast a further suspicion because the world fears of terrorist attacks, and this tzv.šverc weapons favors the spread of international terrorism. As you turn around, the investigation in Italy, as we learn, and continues so to Croatian captain could meet with high fines and even perhaps another, more severe sanction.


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