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Pay the US Patriot Jack Lew | do the right thing!

thick as thieves

One World of Nations
27 August 2014

It has been brought to our attention that Obama allegedly directed Jack Lew during 25th July, to again delay the Private Placement redemptions into 3rd September, or later, if we leave them wriggle time, to help prop up ailing US Banks and create a stronger base asset impression. This is denying long overdue failed redemptions yet again and more promised settlement lies. More delays, projects lost and families distraught. When will the games stop?

Why won't Lew honor what is due? Long overdue. A good Patriot did the right thing, so now Jack, how about you? As the world is now watching and judging.

In 1981, a Principle party, a real US Patriot known to us, was approached to help return Global Sovereign Accounts and Trust funds to appropriate owners. At the end of that year and January of 1982 he wrote a plan to help correct deficiencies in the system.

In March, 1983, the same Patriot was approached to help certain well connected individuals to assist with implementation of the financial plan and the general well being plan for the Third World countries concerned. He arranged a meeting in Europe in May, 1983 accompanied by Commercial and Government Banking representatives, as well as the usual contingent of attorneys, et al.

After the May meeting, he went back to Europe in June, 1983 at which time he gave access to a large receivable to the "CONNECTED" leader for the US to act as a bond for them. They assured him this would only be needed for a few weeks, and they would then clear it for his personal use, with a tax exoneration for a great amount of it. When they began to drag on the return, they agreed on a royalty of one percent on every cent of business conducted by them and any related activities until such time as they could compensate him. They have reneged on this agreement since 1984 and have never compensated him, as they do with all others. There are large funds visible in England with him as a Beneficial Principal, due to the Banks of England being their primary trading institutions. Also with cross accredited amounts propping up the US banking system.

In November, 1983, he personally met with a representative of the Chinese Banking Group, first in Holland and then in Luxembourg. The purpose of the meeting was to facilitate an account in Luxembourg where a large amount of funds could be transferred for their needs outside of China. The amount decided on for that account was 18B USD (a huge amount at the time) which was to be structured as a 90% emission loan for the usual 20 years and one day period at an annual rate of 7% due to the less than 100% emission. This was one of a further series of accounts he facilitated. The US Patriot never received his promised compensation nor even expenses on this.

Though he would occasionally overlap into "deals" involving the Far East, it was not until 2002 and 2004 that he spent a great deal of time, attention and expenses to try and settle some accounts that had, and continue, to drain him beyond his capabilities. He, like all others, is a good Patriot we work closely with, who wishes only to do good things for his country and other nations. He and his co-Investors are now owed vast Billions. In fact, post Bank Trading Programs of c35 years, it's now trading into Trillions. This savage betrayal is perpetrated every time against trusting allies and good US Patriots. It has to stop, the game is now up.

This US Patriot has stood assurances for these funds and has sustained huge personal costs and sacrifices. They reneged on the deal. They betrayed his trust and let down the investors. As they continued to amass vast profits from them for themselves, they continued to renege. From Rubin, to Paulson, to Geithner, now Lew, and always under the spiders overview of Greenspan this vicious scam continues.

This Patriot is a good American, loyal to his country and proud of America. A man who means well and wishes only good. He wants these funds to: 

  • assist in the redeveloping of US Infrastructure
  • for Global education
  • vast array of both US and Global projects
  • for US jobs and State Tax help
  • to make a difference

The Patriot is owed a huge debt. He came good for his country at a time of need. He is a good American.

He is frustrated at continuing delays and obfuscations. So are his long term trusting Asian Allies. Conned, lied to and deceived, still waiting to get their money back and for the Patriot to get paid back for his service to his nation.

For Jack Lew, the case is clear. Pay the Patriot what is due, Lew. 

When? When does decency get restored to an American promise? We know you only picked this up Jack, but you need to clean it up and pay up. Your name is now in the frame. We need to help rebuild America with those funds. Restore trust and integrity. The world is now watching and taking note. Pay him back.


  1. Who is behind Lew? If Greenspan, then who backs Greenspan. If it was to be paid back in the early 80's then it can't be GHW Bush…maybe was used to control the releases later, but not initially. Who was stopping this in the early 80’s. Is it the Zionist? Is it Kissinger and the Rothschild’s? Is it the central bankers?

    1. Rothchilds early days, Bush and Greenspan now.

  2. There are not words, but maybe this would be close....dispicable bunch of freeloading heartless sewer rats not worthy of the filth & trash they run around in, it can be said without explicatives, John is much better at Regardless, I think the question is and always has been, as Jack says above, WHO for the gazillionth time has stopped take off ~ and
    how is it that they have the power to do so, has to be from the R & R family groups.

  3. I'm guessing this is referencing L.H.W. Is the V.K Durham trust in play w.r.t GCR?

  4. I find the date of September 3rd of interesting note. The proposed bail-in legislation that was attached to Dodd Frank goes active September 2nd.

    Seems there would be a lot of money sitting in various accounts across America and the western economies. The UK, Canada, Australia and Europe already have bail-in legislation on their books. In one week, the whole lot would be ripe for the picking.

    The derivatives counterparties stand to make a fortune on a mass bank failure bail-in's as they are the top creditor in a failure.

    Plus, they would wipe out the American populace and could bring in martial law quite easy at that time.

    Killing a lot of birds with one stone.

  5. And we have Soros betting $2 Billion, yes that is Billion, on a stock market you think he knows something we don't, you can bet he does.....

    1. THAT particular person is a bonafide FINANCIAL TERRORIST & international criminal!! President Putin has issued a warrant for his arrest.... Firing squad is too good for that one!! ~darylluke.

  6. Instead of paying, they're doing Bail-Ins...
    Fed's Fischer: Bail-Ins Coming for Your Cash

  7. John

    Lew might be busy with other stuff.......

    MOSCOW, August 27 (RIA Novosti) — Switzerland on Wednesday expanded its sanctions against Russia over the crisis in Ukraine to blacklist 11 individuals and five banks, according to the Swiss government’s website.
    “In the field of finance, issues of long-term financial instruments by five Russian banks will be made subject to authorization. In future, authorization for new issues will only be granted if they are within the average financial engagement of the past three years," the statement on the website reads.

  8. Just thinking about a story published about a lawyer who used a trust fund "illegally" to invest in the diamond mines. According to the story, he never anticipated the cost overruns whereby expenses outpaced the income which never materialized because the cost of mining and the time factor was much too great in the short span of time required to get the funds and the interest back. Well, the lawyer received 72 years in prison, and required that he payback the funds he illegally used. He was also stripped of his license.

    All of it is illegal and a ponzi scheme...using illegal funds to leverage against everyday expenses. When administrative costs over run the pace of income then you have a deficit...where does this deficit get paid from? It never gets paid...the government takes to bail ins and bail outs and the printing of money with no value to it to use as placeholders...something like creating a line item to plug a hole...this is illegal and they have to be held accountable...private citizen are held accountable!!!???? They're using off balance sheet assets to secure their own liabilities...(or something similar to this).

    In other cases as below, they are swapping out land to plug the hole on real value stolen from the taxpayer just to pay the bankers for over-borrowing...This is shameful...however, they are SHAMELESS. In all, they are taking value that doesn't belong to them swapping that value out for more that doesn't belong to them...

    OK, so I determine that I need something, that is not mine; then I create an accounting equation that is not on the books by way of legislation to create a legal entity that will allow me to take what's not mine...and never have to be held accountable because the corporation stands the legal liability. When in fact, I am that corporation, and a person had to facilitate the transaction in order that it become a securitized transaction. Corporations are run by people, and legislation determines the legality of the operations...THINGS MUST CHANGE! This is fleecing the public for private gain, it's clear! (This is a very brief, short, sweet analogy).

    Sovereign debt for territory: A new global elite swap strategy

    Perón was hated for his insistence on not indebting Argentina with the mega-bankers: in 1946 he rejected joining the International Monetary Fund (IMF); in 1953 he fully paid off all of Argentina’s sovereign debt. So, once the mega-bankers got rid of him in 1956, they shoved Argentina into the IMF and created the “Paris Club” to engineer decades-worth of sovereign debt for vanquished Argentina, something they’ve been doing until today.

    But each sovereign-debt crisis cycle became shorter, more virulent and more toxic.

    If we tie this all in with what the unfolding of “Act III” in the on-going Israel-Palestine crisis whereby re-settling millions of Israeli civilians into southern Argentina might be on the drawing board, we can then begin to understand how nicely Argentina’s next debt crisis will tie in: The global Rothschild’s, Warburg’s, Lazard’s, Soros, Rockefellers will be able to “legally” take over Patagonia, and then “legally” hand it over to whomever they wish without a single shot being fired!

    If this is what’s really happening behind-the-curtains regarding Argentina, does anybody believe it will stop there?

    Beware Greece, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Korea, Japan, Ukraine, Brazil, South Africa – the world government is marching in!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. John,
    Very interesting article. As a CMKM shareholder, we have heard various things about this individual. It is great to get a historical perspective on how he actually came into being owed this PP money. Questions: You said allegedly directed Lew. How credible is the info that Obama supposedly ordered this delay? Also, with a clearer historical perspective, it seems this has been going on for beyond a long time. What is different now? What makes you think he, or anyone, will ever be paid back? Is this a case of same stuff, different day (or year in this case)? Thank you for the informative article

    1. The info came from our sources inside. Plus the individual and I talk daily. 7 days a week. As more ask questions the heat builds.

    2. That individual is a no nonsense, straight shootin', tough hombre. Spoke to him a few times, and I am glad he is on our side.

      I am very confident of success. I know we have the right people for the job.

      The armadillos are ready.

  11. And while they're ignoring citizens...

    The Nail In The Petrodollar Coffin: Gazprom Begins Accepting Payment For Oil In Ruble, Yuan
    Wed, August 27, 2014

    Several months ago, when Russia announced the much anticipated “Holy Grail” energy deal with China, some were disappointed that despite this symbolic agreement meant to break the petrodollar’s stranglehold on the rest of the world, neither Russia nor China announced payment terms to be in anything but dollars. In doing so they admitted that while both nations are eager to move away from a US Dollar reserve currency, neither is yet able to provide an alternative.

    This changed in late June...
    And yet, while both sides declared their operational readiness and eagerness to bypass the dollar entirely, such plans remained purely in the arena of monetary foreplay and the long awaited first shot across the Petrodollar bow was absent.

    Until now.

    According to Russia’s RIA Novosti, citing business daily Kommersant, Gazprom Neft has agreed to export 80,000 tons of oil from Novoportovskoye field in the Arctic; it will accept payment in rubles, and will also deliver oil via the Eastern Siberia-Pacific Ocean pipeline (ESPO), accepting payment in Chinese yuan for the transfers. Meaning Russia will export energy to either Europe or China, and receive payment in either Rubles or Yuan, in effect making the two currencies equivalent as far as the Eurasian axis is conerned, but most importantly, transact completely away from the US dollar thus, finally putin’(sic) in action the move for a Petrodollar-free world.

    More on this long awaited first nail in the petrodollar coffin from RIA:

    The Russian government and several of the country’s largest exporters have widely discussed the possibility of accepting payments in rubles for oil exports. Last week, Russia began to ship oil from the Novoportovskoye field to Europe by sea. Two oil tankers are expected to arrive in Europe in September.

    According to Kommersant, the payment for these shipments will be received in rubles.

    Gazprom Neft will not only accept payments in rubles; subsequent transfers via the ESPO may be paid for in yuan, the newspaper reported.

    According to the newspaper, the change in currency was made because of the Western sanctions against Russia.

    As a protective measure, Russia decided to avoid making its payments in US dollars, which can be tracked and controlled by the United States government, Kommersant reported.

    “Protective measure” meaning that it was the US which managed to Plaxico itself by pushing Russia to transact away from the US Dollar, in the process showing the world it can be done, and slamming the first nail in the petrodollar’s coffin...

    As of this moment, both Russia and China have shown not on that it can be done, but it is done. Expect everyone to jump onboard the new superpower axis bandwagon soon enough.

  12. PLEASE READ ~ call it what it is, this is genocide !!!!!

    Bart Peacher is a part of the MorningStar pastoral team, and oversees our Moravian Falls retreat center. He received this urgent prayer request today.
    - Rick Joyner

    The following message came to me from a dear Christian friend in Fair Hope who is extremely reliable. Please send out to your prayer teams.
    - Bart Peacher

    Dear Friends,

    Just a few minutes ago I received the following text message on my phone from Sean Malone who leads Crisis Relief International (CRI). We then spoke briefly on the phone and I assured him that we would share this urgent prayer need with all of our contacts.

    "We lost the city of Queragosh (Qaraqosh). It fell to ISIS and they are beheading children systematically. This is the city we have been smuggling food too. ISIS has pushed back Peshmerga (Kurdish forces) is within 10 minutes of where our CRI team is working. Thousands more fled into the city of Erbil last night. The UN evacuated it's staff in Erbil. Our team is unmoved and will stay. Prayer cover needed!"

    Please pray sincerely for the deliverance of the people of Northern Iraq from the terrible advancement of ISIS and its extreme Islamic goals for mass conversion or death for Christians across this region.

    May I plead with you not to ignore this email. Send it to friends and Christians you may know.

    We need to stand in the gap for our fellow Christians.

  13. John -

    Thanks for disclosing to us some of the behind the scene stuff that continues ad nauseum. This information gives me hope that resolution could be near at hand with judges and others finally DOING WHAT THEY SHOULD BE DOING!!! Man up you people, damnit!

    I hope and pray that heads are rolling at this point or within a few hours. I'll take another stab at holding my Senators and Congressman's feet to the fire on this. I'll ask them questions and see if I even get a response - usually it's a month before I hear back from any of them. Calls to entry level staffers who man the phones are probably also ignored.

    I hope those asking the questions are not just giving lip service but have a conscience, are truly in a position to make the heat build and make people wet and crap their pants on demand.

    Thanks for everything! You are all amazing!

  14. John,

    Can you elaborate more on this statement in the above article.

    "In 1981, a Principle party, a real US Patriot known to us, was approached to help return Global Sovereign Accounts and Trust funds to appropriate owners. At the end of that year and January of 1982 he wrote a plan to help correct deficiencies in the system."

    Can you explain a little bit more about exactly what these GSA's and Trust funds encompass? And what were deficiencies in the system? Is this plan noted in the article still trying to be implemented?

    This was over 30 years ago. It's mind boggling that there has been no legal recourse that has been enforceable.

    And if they can just keep stalling...why pay now after 30 years?

    1. JV
      This is a warning shot. We will expand it more if they fail to settle. We hold a vast library of unbelievable corruption and waste. The rot is truly endemic and devastating.

    2. I think I speak for many, many Americans when I say I REALLY would LOVE to see all that information released into public domain here!! Zero Hedge should pick it up, and it will be GAME OVER at that point!! YEAH!! ~darylluke.

  15. JV
    I am not sure if you are familiar with this website or not: The website that I first acquainted myself with the White Hats: They ended with #47. I had hoped to see #48 but never did.

    1. DS,

      John is one of the White Hats which started that blog. It evolved into this blog here.There were way too many trolls on that one posting FUD(fear, uncertainty doubt). Hope that helps. ~darylluke.

    2. Yes, I am aware. Also, Paladine and T-Man are part of the White Hats. I have heard TMan on several chats as he was invited thru someone that belonged to CMKX.. I have not heard the Kerry Cassidy interview yet. I will though.
      Thank you Darylluke

    3. Yes,

      I have read them all.

    4. JV.
      why did I even question that, Please forgive me.

    5. No Worries.

      My reply was never meant in way to express anger or offense. I'm working late tonight and just wanted to reply quickly.

      My question to John was really meant as more of an explanation of the mysteries of our financial system. I'm still trying to grasp the concept of the massive bonds, global settlements, trusts, etc.

      Everything we are taught from the time we are young is just an illusion.

      I'm just trying to understand it better. It would make a good article as I'm sure others are also perplexed by the eccentricities of our financial system.

      Sleep well DS. It takes more than that to offend me. But thanks for your consideration. The world would be a better place if more people cared about their actions and the way they effect people.

    6. JV
      Yes, I am in a constant struggle on how I used to think and in how I think now. But all I have to do is look at what is happening around me to know that the beliefs of yesteryear have to be eradicated.

      I agree JV, if people cared more and were more responsible, the world would be a much better place. I look at a lot of the kids that are going to school, their rudeness and uncaring demeanor is truly scary. Parents should get kids out of the public schools and start home teaching them.....teach them to respect others rather than love themselves only.

  16. There must be hundreds of people over these 30+ years involved in covering this up, and illegally stopping any prosecution attempts for this theft. Exposing more facts is the way to go. Enough is enough already! No more delays. This mess must be cleaned up and settled. The Texas Mafia must end it's REIGN OF TERROR against the world,and especially against Americans now! ~darylluke.

  17. The Gnostic Illuminati have a plan for how to deal with these criminals if funds are not released!!

    JACK LEW has the opportunity right now to do the right thing, and Alan Greenspan should be in "protective custody" to insure that! Decide what to do with him later....


  18. I wonder what the reaction has been from all the various "Halls Of Power" to this article today??? ~darylluke.

  19. I cant raise my thumbs any higher.... I read here and get a great high... thanks to ALL!

  20. We are 20 miles from Chicago. I just tweeted this:

    Something just #exploded shaking the house and windows in our town about 10 minutes ago : #Whiting, IN with LOTS of #sirens outside now!!

    It happened 8:58PM Central Time ~darylluke.

    1. We live about 3/4 mile from the BP refinery.It was an explosion there, which was quickly put out by their private on-site fire fighters.No other details, except that municipal fire dept & police are on site standing by to insure safety, etc....THAT was frikkin SCARY!! No injuries reported. ~darylluke.

    2. darylluke,
      I pray that everything stays ok. Very scary stuff.

    3. 59 years ago today there was a huge fire at the very same refinery as today. Coincidence??


  21. Canuzzie, perhaps a comma could be placed after 'patriot' in the title to this article? Reads, very differently if absent.

    1. Or how about

      LEW...Pay the Patriot already! Do the right DAMN thing!

    2. All righty...potatoe, potato...anyway you say it..."you know what I mean!"


    Man is born free, and everywhere he is in shackles.


  23. Ambassador Leon Wanta has never been paid , either!!

    This is all because there is NO RULE OF LAW any more, in this once great land & country.... ~darylluke.

    1. Absolutely DL...Rule of Law has to be reinstated...and all corruption must be to bottom...leave nothing for the vultures!

      We have enough citizens who are willing and able to assist in rightful governance of our nation. Righteous thinking, righteous actions...this is all it takes. These fools who are running the asylum must have no "sense" at conscious...

      I have sent out FOIA requests for information and all everyone is doing is passing the request off to, I sent 30 other friends to request the same information from at least 10 different state departments...finally I am getting some answers. I will not go away!

  24. I do no want to rude or sceptical but my bet is that present US NAZI administration in both politics and banking will not release any money due......

    .....this is my stake......they could have done it tuns of times......they have no interest of fixing anything...., they just focus to escalate conflicts of war and theft ......

  25. Freshly release OBAMA-MONEY-CARE

    Plan for save affordable moneycare -

    1 If you have any money in your account and insured - you can keep them - nobody will be forcing you to get rid of them. (which we do not believe you have...but just in case...) Nothing in our plan will aim to take them, due to pre-existing conditions that we will establish right after implication of our will be just a little necessary addition for the sake of our fair great society -and it will state that no one should endanger his fellow American by having money, either insured or uninsured ......

    2. Because in our great nation no-one should go broke just because his money or no money was insured or uninsured in the bank .....because nobody can go broke once all have debt ceiling erased and my financial plan established

    3. In case you have no money and no money insurance we will make sure that you can insure your no money under my fair plan and it will be by lowest possible price ....because no one should go broke in our great nation

    4. We will establish 'insured or uninsured tax credit' for your no money or your no money insurance and we have to do it on all possible material possession or no possessions

    5 In case you have really no material possession - we will provide and protect you with special insurance of your no money or no possessions to save your from total financial ruins - because in our great nation we will not allow anyone go broke just because high cost of money and we will do it with a special army insurance as proposed by Mc-Cain (I mean Abel brother....) you might be just required to cover this special army insurance by you voluntary service in case it required, but we will always inform you ahead of time, either insured time or uninsured time....because in our great nation no one should go broke....

    Obama speech will be going live...this afternoon...

    1. Of course in addition as Mr Lew stated....we can not allow in our great nation that anybody would have uninsured or insured any money in banks for security reasons for all .... that would be against fair Obama-money-care......

      undersigned Obama

  26. So, welcome not our great no money nation.....

    ....and all congregation says AMEN.....

    1. LG
      This is not the Durham issue.That is going nowhere and is overridden by too many Asian and US Broker interests trying to free load on it. It's time the US came clean on many of the various basked case PP's and declared them insolvent and dead. There are only a few key Sovereign linked on Balance Sheet funds which we focus on able to be paid.
      The rest, sorry to say this, are just Disneyland supported by fantasists. How many M1's I'm gonna save the world, do you need? With none of them having a pot to P in? Your dime,your time. Most are not worth the time of day. How many next weeks can you all take? For the last 5 years, we are almost done Attorneys says it all? Hello?

      We just pass on most of the broker garbage. The question is, will the few last hopes, real hopes, be released to save America? Because if not, you have far greater issues to worry about with what may come down. Ambulance chasing empty pots is a waste of life. False hopes.
      Look at Russia.China. BRICS, the Euro. Eurasia emerging. America is sidelined. Ignored and rejected.
      It seems, with 35% on Welfare, and 55% of all IRS income wasted on Military Cabal games, that no one has a clue of reality Stateside. Naked Emperors with delusions. 85% don't even have a passport. Nor have even travelled. They know nothing of reality. Look at what passes for Leaders. Their track records are what?

      Your time is too valuable to waste on lost causes. Live it well. Real opportunities will come if you spread the net. Don't be afraid to cut your losses and move on. Including seeing the world as an opportunity. It does not all evolve around a seriously dysfunctional lost cause. Ability travels.

    2. John, where are these theives gonna get the money for thiis redemption, if there is such funds it must have been divided up into multiple offshore accounts. If there is no $ in the treasury how is this bought and paid for crook Lew going to make this happen

    3. Point of clarity. The Prosperity Packages (PP's) John is referring to are a totally different animal from the Private placements (PP's) that are on the table. He is not suggesting that the Private Placements are dead on arrival. He is suggesting that many of the prosperity packages are broker driven nonsense. The realm of guru myth and legend.

      Private Placements have a legitimate well documented funding source. John and his team are not chasing conspiracy shadows. They are spending millions of their own dollars. Within the Private Placements there are different programs. The Private Placements that are getting a legitimate look are those that are infrastructure related not personal wealth driven. John explained this for us some time ago.

    4. Correct and thank you. Right now I am structuring a massive Global Corporate Plan. Not for nothing. It will decapitate the bad guys capital flow lines and help us turn this Junk ship of life around. It can be done.
      Over the next few weeks I will show you on site huge things I am doing cross involving America and the world working together to create jobs, hope, homes energy etc.
      Be encouraged. Have hope.

      We have enough dirt to sink 100 Titanic's on file if needed to focus DC minds to let loose.
      I am working closely with many GOOD American Patriots. The Cabal are just a tiny percentage of human filth who are Godless Souls whatever they profess. I Know their payback and they asked for is all. A lifetime of 80 years of chosen depravity is nothing for payback in a Dimension where time has no ending.
      All of you, doing real good, from the heart, have a wonderful future to look forward to. I see on site how many emergent Good Samaritans we have. So does God and the real cohorts maintaining each hierarchy and Dimension. Is it real? Absolutely, and so much more. As I keep saying, labels don't matter. How we live does.
      Lets see how this year plays out.

    5. I'm confused about something. John just stated that 35% of Americans are on welfare, yet the actual number appears to be more like 4%:

      And, in context of the numerous trillion-dollar scams that have been perpetrated by the Cabal, why is this tiny Welfare expense even considered a relevant concern?

    6. Scott
      The funds for the PPs we are fully contracted with, exist and we know in which banks and accounts. We are on it. Ever tried breaking free of a Bulldog? Seen its teeth?

    7. for the NO MONEY NATION! They are quite insane!

    8. Here in the UsA the official unemployment numbers are understated and there is no concern for seasonal adjustment or for those who have given up because jobs are scarce...Also, that 35.4% welfare role is true but if you figure in the illegals that rate is much higher.

      In the morning traveling about 20 miles to work I find that there are few cars filled with minorities on their way to work. As I count there may be 1 out of 100 cars...then, riding the transit system into work on the express train the cars are filled; still only about 1 out of 100 people are minorities.. increased taxes is driving up the unemployment rate with companies moving businesses overseas or out of geographical urban centers where transportation is plentiful.

      Went to DMV to renew license and all of the people helping the public were are foreign speaking; English appeared to be a second language...if this is not telling us something, I don't know what will!

  27. Again, as usual, I was wrong again. John now seems quite xxxx* (What will be will be?)

    As I have always stated, rabbit-dogs don't negotiate. Really shitty situation now...
    Decision time. ~darylluke.

    1. DL
      Get that chin up and watch the site.

    2. JOHN,

      My own bank holds $14B in derivatives, so I am not so sure I want to bring my VND there. The surprising thing is that my son's bank hold $0 derivatives here in this small town.

      Chase has a branch here, but I don't have an account there. Should I go there? Yet, Jamie Dimon is a Uber-Criminal, so I don't know what to do!! What is to stop ANY bank from sending me a letter 5 days after I give them the notes and they say, "Sorry, but we found all your notes to be counterfeits.", when in fact they were not?


    3. Here are Foreign Currency dealers in Chicago: (World's Money Exchange, Inc.) (Currency Exchange International) (Travelex) (US Bank)

      Would any of these be recommended to sell my VND, and they can wire the money to my bank checking account?? My understanding is that the IRS will freeze my account and investigate the transfer if I do this. I have ZERO problem paying taxes. Yet, IRS just may steal all my funds!!


    4. DL
      Trying to move a large amount of money into your bank from an unattributed source is asking for trouble.
      Here it would be blocked and seized.
      You need to stick to where you have an account if possible.

    5. DL
      Although in your case for such money it will cause such an ecstatic high you will probably expire of a heart attack only for God to wink at you and say, see, you thought I had no sense of humour?

    6. Just after I expire, GOD will have a mischievous glint in his eye, snap his fingers, and play the last joke on me by letting me live!!

      Yet, in all seriousness John, don't you think it is time to post the listing of safe banks here?


    7. First we need to see which can do Forex for you. I don't want to launch a firestorm by announcing yet.
      We must get the PPs through first.
      I agree God will play the last joke on you. But first having snapped his fingers and your money disappears,then you live. Wicked humour.

  28. What does this mean? Has everything fallen through? I can't keep up.

    1. Nothing has fallen though with real deals. Just stop wasting time tracking fantasy garbage.

    2. I'm encouraged. Though, a cup of yergecheffe tends to slap one in the face and jump start the brain cells. Much appreciate the update John.
      If cabal gets taken down, will the cabal owned federal reserve continue to pump out the fiat dollar or will there be asset backed UST note go into effect aligning US monetary system with global standardization of having an asset backed currency?
      BTW, I started reading the creature from Jekyll island, trying to educate myself. I was introduced to the Dinar by my brother about a year and a half ago, and while researching, came upon this site and others that expose the strongarm of Federal Reserve dollar across the world as they enslave the masses.
      At times, the content is heavy and feels like I've been kicked in the family jewels, takes a while to catch my breath and then drudge forward, to read, research and learn, unpleasant as it may be.
      Therefore I appreciate OWON and share many of the articles here with family and friends.

    3. LG
      The new system is in detailed discussion right now. We are disembowelling the R plus their Fed tentacles. We may leave them the tentacles to feed from, the others we are taking!
      I can't say in public, but be assured, we know what needs doing. We wont back down. A very deep dog fight is playing out. Time we have and the loss of all R influence has blown them.
      A new world is emerging. Watch the site and London.
      Why is London the new lead centre for the Yuan?
      The Lead bank Trading Centre for Euros.
      The BRICS emerging centre.
      See what's happening? Work it out. Massive Chinese / UK cooperation.
      Its all changing.

    4. LG

      Do you know anyone who holds dinars about 10 years? In case you don't, then you do now. It is funny, looking back, times were different, I have to laugh. Organising student march against NATO bombing of Yugoslavia.....nobody showed up....organising debates at theological seminaries I studied at 9/11 discussions...they laughed at me, then they laughed at me about Iraq one more time....then US students burst at me *I trust my president* .....

      Three years ago, it was difficult, I have to say.....not about dinars......about global fascist stronghold and not so much light could be seen ...... few were hanging out there at BFC, some left .... chemtrails all around in massive invasion ..... tapping our phones .....

      Three years ago, I was really only hanging out there.....never gave up, I had to find things that made me literarily to survive so I did, DL as well ....

      Here, last year plus few months .... it is holiday paradise ......, it makes me even cry.....but back was tough, nobody will ever understand that, it is personal, it is like coming from a war zone.

    5. Dang Vlastimil, 10 years is a stretch, a hop and a jump. I can only imagine the ups and downs you've been through on this circus ride. Hopefully John and team will put a tent over this circus pronto! But will say this, and I don't think I'm the only one this has happened to, jumping on the dinar bandwagon or other forex mentioned in same breath as dinar , has opened many eyes.

      And not just dinar related stuff, but many topics, hidden from the public, all seeming to have a single master - the cabal, such as you mentioned V, chemtrails, plans for global depopulation, 9/11 conspiracies and others outlined while researching dinar news.

      I never gave it thought but my brother used to point it out, they're spraying again. Now I see what he's talking about.

      the desire certain people in power have to see others they do not consider their fellow man dead...just staggering.

  29. TO ALL,

    I see WHR #48 was mentioned again.

    For an explanation go here:

    About 48 - Paladin Speaks Out


    I’ll provide this link to a report one of our colleagues put out that gives an overview of what we discovered.

    Our Last Stand | Report #3: Stories of Our Cabal Shadow Government Thieves, Global Criminals and a Tale of Treason

    1. We will assess if to re run Report 3 for many.

    2. Canauzzie
      I only brought up the White Hats blog because you have mentioned that there are many new people visiting here. Reading what the White Hats put out there gives one a beginning, Very important when you are a newbie at this. I am not, and I still struggle with the way I used to think. What is really hard is that family and friends do not like, nor agree with the person I am I have to think in a different way when I am with them, then I do here.


    3. DS,

      You can bring up the White Hats anytime you like, we support their efforts. They are listed in our 'Suggested Links' category in the right hand column of every article. I posted the links for anyone new that may not be familiar with what you were talking about.

  30. On a positive US role, look at how many lives Tony at WHA may have helped by getting many to diversify their portfolios and spread their risks to include Dongs etc. It could save many from a complete black hole if Dinars fail for many. Banks have no intention of setting up Forex Desks yet with so much toxic Counterfeit printed crap out there. Baghdad stopping taking them once they realised the Iranians had Saddams plates and were printing them in gzillions in deal with US Agency marauders. Highlight Texans! Why pump oil when you can rip off the US in Forex? Iran was "Well Pleased" until stopped. Many were so well tanked up at the week ends even the Camels and Goats started looking good.

    1. John,
      anything tracking with the currency PP?

    2. Give them a double dose of that boot! And I hope its sasquatch size!

    3. John, there is a song by Genesis, on the WInd & Wuthering album called "All in a Mouse's Night", which details a cat and mouse issue inside a home. It closes with these words:

      There I was with my back to the wall,
      Then comes this monster mouse, he's ten feet tall,
      With teeth and claws to match.
      It only took one blow."

      We know that "one blow" will come as soon as possible. We are steady and ready, and you know my project of choice which will be my life's work to help push through. How exciting it will be to see it started. For our sake, it's a must.

      So much is riding on all this. It still sinks in more and more every day. This is way beyond a quick buck for people. This is for the existence of our species, and putting things back in proper priority.

      What an exciting time to be alive. Standing between one old dying age and the birth of a new one. It would be as if we were alive in Rome in c52 BC when Caesar marched on Rome to start the end of the Republic and the beginning of Empire for Rome. Imagine the balls it took to lead one worn out legion into Rome to face Pompey and his superior numbers. Shows that determination can overcome anything.

      It sounds like we are going to cross the Rubicon in short order, and I have no doubts we are in good hands with those leading the advance columns.

      Vici Londinium!

    4. WHA,

      Your mention of Genesis took me back to what now seem like "the good old days" in the 80's, when even our leaders could make us laugh and it was OK for Spitting Image to take the mickey. Some of the faces may have changed but the lyrics from Land of Confusion still apply.

      "Invisible Touch" is especially memorable because I had my arms around my wife's waist as Genesis performed it at Roundhay Park, when I whispered to her, "it wouldn't surprise me if you are pregnant", and it turned out she was, with our first child.

    5. WHA

      Projects agreed and I carry total focus and awareness of your Water plus Rockies projects, and the plethora of real needs many on yours site express. Including your recent Native American parties. Many more gave a touching response when we asked for Project suggestions weeks ago. It was humbling to see the response on both sites. So many good people there just needing a break now. So much potential being wasted needlessly. Real people, real lives.
      Tony, I multi task, and I suppose some must be multi dimensional with some of the head cases we have to fend off, as a few are not on this planet of reality.
      Once money rolls, we need to multi task screening groups to address so many needs. Vast infrastructure investment is needed. We need to close about 700 bases, mass sack them and get them to do real work, not arrogant boys playing with their toys and building generations of resentment. Cut off Contractors. Those clowns have spent up America. Time to join the real world. Time to cut off funding and arming Israe Hell! Time to see and realise how badly we have abused Palestine and assisted these Zionist dogs steal nations land and lives. Hegemony is over and soon the Kenyan Clowns Usurping of a State Job needs to end. He demeans hope. Shame on the Dems for this fraud.

      Jews in the Middle East have always lived in peace, respected and at one with their neighbours. And can again once this Kazakh spawn is sorted. Look at what they have done to America, the Fed, Treasury and MSM.
      A big stick is needed Stateside. I have no problem at all with good Jewish families and values. But the thieving, conniving and racketeering manipulative low lives, who ambushed America and the Fed, who grabbed the Banks, who manipulate the White House and destroy hope for so many, they need packing off to the front lines - with blanks! Genghis Kahn's Kazakh spawn who give Judaism a bad name.

      We need to take back the banks, and replace these weevils. Look at how much Madoff made off with. How many Wall Street scams trace back to them. Time to cut some nuts and chain them to the Wailing Wall. Efficiency ! Good families have nothing to fear. Vermin need calling out and facing down.
      Time to take back America for Americans! No more Zionist monopolies of the Fed,Treasury and Banks. Clean up the media and revoke their ;licenses. Give truth a chance again. Stop arming Israel and see how fast peace breaks out. Gaza is a disgrace.

      Time to rebuild America with values again and restore its industries. Need to get Drugs off the streets, educate the kids and restore hope. Its all possible. Stop Bank racketeering abuses. Mass jail a lot and see how fast it cleans up. Time to take America back! Or you revert back to us and 110 M on Welfare. No way! Lol.
      Tony, The people need to restore America and they can. The sites are full of good people waiting.
      These funds need to be made Weevil free and to work for the nations good. See how we play it.
      Give them hope and lets serve the people. That is real privilege - not Elites. People need hope and help.

    6. Thank you so much for taking valuable time for such a thorough reply.

      You make many good points for immediate and future consideration.


  31. Bad news for the Ladies
    Brad Pitt just married Angelina.

  32. John, that's actually good news. Happy for them and their family.

  33. Wonder if this is the excuse that will be used when they start stealing the accounts in the big banks. Instead of bail-ins they will just say that hackers from other countries were able to get into bank accounts and take pensions, and money from accounts

  34. Start checking daily now. Cant say more but don't miss daily checks in case. Keep those chins up. OK? No more! Wait. No more explanation possible yet. In time all needed will be given.

    1. Appreciate the heads up ~ mum's the word, we got it! Cheers !

    2. John -

      Thanks for the updates, encouragement, and words of inspiration like below...

      "We need people like you and many to protect good family values- and Dolly. Also calgirl when she gives me the extra l. Lol"

      Read more at:
      OWoN © All Rights Reserved

      Here's your extra " l ". Lol. Hope it provides much inspiration for success - and family values of course!!! My husband got a kick out of your message and my new nom de plume.

      Call Girl

    3. And they think I have no humour? Wait until the husband arrives home with suspenders next and his tongue hanging out. .
      Make him wear them. Lol

    4. Fingers X here, JOHN!!(...and "CHIN UP"!) I continue to pray and hope your hard work comes to fruition for all humanity's benefit. I am happy to read that TONY will be helping American Indian tribes here.
      I don't believe I will have enough funds to do even 1/100th of what I would like see done.... There are SO MANY things that are jackass-backwards!! ~darylluke.

    5. DL
      This time be smart.Wait and find a real angle to trade up with. Last chance saloon.

    6. I hear beachfront real estate is cheap in Greece, courtesy of the cabal. lol

      Hard asset that produce income seems wisest, to preserve capital & built in appreciation.

      But, I don't know how to plan at this point, because I don't know what I am looking at yet. (because we have no idea what the rate will be...) NOT asking the rate here. ~darylluke.

    7. DL,

      My wife's family has a beachfront place in Stomio, Greece. It's located between Thessoloniki and Larisa on the Aegean sea. It is affordable to buy property in Greece, but there are a lot of things that an American wouldn't like.

      First, it is an absolute pain to get there, so unless you are moving there, I would rethink a purchase. Plan on planes, trains and automobiles. It takes me 24 hours of pure travel to arrive and 5 days just to get where I'm not passing out in the middle of the day.

      2nd, the language barrier is like no other there. I rank it right up there with China and Japan. There is absolutely no way to decipher the written language. I have missed so many train stops there. Things sound and write totally different. Some of the Islands are a little better and more English friendly, but it's usually only because you hear and see more European travelers.

      3rd, the exchange rate is high so you lose about 30% of you dollar's value in Europe.

      I would recommend the Caribbean if you want a close Island chain. Taxes are low or non-existent. Many have dual passport programs. Check out Nevis,Dominica, Bermuda or the Bahamas. Martinique is a cool island too. They are much closer to Illinois, although you will probably leave that cesspool of a state if we hit it big. Puerto Rico is cheap. There are also great beachfront places in Mexico.

      However, if you want to be in Europe, Spain would probably be a good place to look. The real estate market took a beating. The big funds are starting to move in there now which will drive up prices, but a lot of people go there from Europe to vacation. If this things hits in the next month or two, take a vacation over there and check it out.

      Just remember, it's the Euro and you lose 30% of your purchasing power when you go there with the exchange rates.

  35. Thank you John, glad to hear it. Things have gotten better here over the last couple days and since last night there seems to be magic in the air. Been busy and looks to stay the same for now so won't be on much, but can check daily. Many thanks! )

  36. Thanks for the work and courage to all who are involved.

  37. This evening I viewed a newscast featuring the pResident of UsA...I have never seen a President with a Cream Beige colored jacket might have been a suit but I could only see the top half of him. And I noticed behind him was an American flag without the gold fringe and it had red and blue cords hanging in the front of it.

    This is unusually strange and I told my family something is going on...

    We noticed this immediately!

    1. FEDUP
      saw this on fox.....however on the bottom of the flag there was yellow. Don't know if it was yellow fringe or not. However, I have seen the flag being free of yellow fringe before. I hope it means something big.

      By the way, your articles on hillary, obama, kerry and UN person was wicked. It has given me such hope.
      Thank You

    2. Darkening,
      The flag without the gold fringe mean that we have returned to common law and are no longer considered under admiralty terms/law...this will mean that our birth certificates will be returned to us in full ownership...these they used as bonds and traded our certificates based on some formula to secure the national debt...also, it's a sign that the courts have returned to common law and that lawyers will cease operating outside of the 13th Amendment (Nobility clause); lawyers will have to be retrained, and the bench also.

      Every thing I can find to help lift us up and give us hope I will surely post. Some here have been so down from this administration that all we have is hope. Knowing that we are here with like minds is a real winner. I wake up everyday as if I conquered the's a great forward look!

      Peace and love to you...

    3. You can see the gold fringe here clearly:


    4. Man, DL ~ O looks almost as if he is drugged in these photos, really beat he is sleep walking.

    5. This is one of the clones they are getting ready to retire...:0)

    6. DL,
      the link above is convenient. However, I do see the fringe.
      Thank you

  38. Putin calls on Ukraine militia to let blocked Kiev troops cross into Russia

    "I call on the militia groups to open a humanitarian corridor for Ukrainian service members who have been surrounded, so as to avoid any needless loss of life, giving them the opportunity to leave the combat area unimpeded and reunite with their families, to return them to their mothers, wives and children, and to quickly provide medical assistance to those who were injured in the course of the military operation,” Putin said.

    1. And they responded to that call.....

      "With all due respect for Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, the president of the country that is the first to support us morally, we are ready to provide humanitarian corridors for encircled Ukrainian troops on condition that they surrender heavy weapons and ammunition so that the weaponry and ammunition would not be used against us," he said.


    2. Ukrainian's are defecting to Russia right now I believe the count is somewhere around one million...


    Look within. Within is the fountain of good, and it will ever bubble up, if thou wilt ever dig.
    Marcus Aurelius


    1. Dont crack open the Bubbly until the deal is done!

    2. Deal? Did you just say "deal"? Oye-vei..... Me Likes "guns to the balls" just for fun!! ~darylluke.

  40. CFR Tells Federal Reserve To Give Away Money? (TO CONSUMERS) | Fabian Calvo
    Wed, August 27, 2014

  41. Fed Up
    You are putting a lot of work in with multiple issues with comments. Some need much wider exposure.
    Please prepare 2 or 3 full articles on report formats and submit them by email to the site. We will edit and graphically enhance them and give you a global audience if approved.

    1. "Fed Up Corner" is born. Cigars for everyone! I LOVE this.....~darylluke.

    2. Agree DL, Fed Up has been doing a banner job. Look forward to the articles! )

    3. Yes, I agree whole heartedly.

      DL - Love your quotes, keep it up, very uplifting.

      Fedup – Great job on your articles. I look forward to your expanded reports too.

    4. Agree calgirl, didn't mean to forget DL's contribution on the quotes or the many other things he submits, they are spot on! ) Great job DL

    5. P.,

      Thank you, but my day has set like the setting sun. I am nothing. Simply love humanity. ~stvn.

    6. (took a LOT to write/publish that, fwiw....heart breaking now...)

    7. Agreed! Nice job Fedup. DL, love the quotes mang - keep 'em coming!

    8. DL, we are all a "somebody", no matter how others may treat or say to us. There's been a good article on Golden Gaia over the last few days about humanity's main addiction being to pain. Steve Beckow is absolutely right. It is a vicious cycle we all keep going. If you like will dig up the links for the articles. May be too woo woo for some, but the points made are correct.

      The bottom line is two fold. We create our reality and it seems we are always looking at things from a pain perspective, whether it's that little voice telling us we are nothing or the not so nice look/or speech we give someone who bumps into us accidentally. We come to expect it, perpetrate it so the cycle continues.

      How about we fall in love with life again and start changing out things for the better and in a more loving way. Or how about, waking up in love with love and feeling it just expanding from ourselves. Know it's better said than done, but with people around us that love us, makes it much easier. You have that DL.

    9. Great...News is coming so swift and all I really want to do is let everyone know what is going on here in the news compared to what other nations is hearing.

      Will do for sure!

  42. I just can not help myself, I just see this stuff....

    USA Is Number 1 Again...

    1. Valdi -

      My country "strives" to be Number 1 in everything except education, health, treaties, maintaining our borders, minding our own business, etc. the list goes on and on. Lol.

    2. Calgirl

      You probably know this...but it is good to see it again and is good and it is not too late....

    3. Vlastimil and Valdi -

      Fingers crossed tight that it is not too late. Thanks for your comments.

  43. I want to see Kissinger & Bush, Sr. in chains. This is the depth of my compassion for what they have wreaked upon innocent humanity. Greenspan, too.... ~darylluke.

    1. DL
      Trust me, you have no idea what awaits them.
      A Soul is kinetic energy. Indestructible unless ordained from above. A seriously bad human Soul, facing real retribution, faces one option where the bad is burned out of a life force. Imagine existing as a Soul, just energy as a being, but surrounded by a plasma cocoon of power at Fusion level, heat so intense it sears your Soul and the intensity of pain is 10,000 times beyond bearable. Beyond anything you can contemplate. as they scream alone, entombed in a vacuum where no one hears or cares.
      What awaits them is beyond your concept of payback. Death would be a mercy but negated.
      Its waiting. For them for Millennia or more. Karma.

    2. Its much worse than hell. Hells a fantasy.This is real!
      Those who know, care for all.

    3. PRETTY MUCH fits in with my concept of what awaits evil people that scapegoated their just rewards for actions committed during a lifetime. HEAT IS only one version. Tell people of it all, won t you?
      Heinz has another very special hell awaiting him, for example. Soros, another, etc... ~darylluke.

    4. JOHN,

      They think they have averted retribution, but have not! Their god, baphomet, or whatever have no care to save the from their fates.But, that does NOTHING for all the families of their survivors. THIS makes me livid, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, seeing these VERMIN Walking free daily!!


    5. Darylluke,

      Vermin's and their gods always deals in a matter of exchange. "You give me this and I will give you that or backwards". The interesting point is that "their god" always promise but can Never deliver.

      In our case they will get what they don't ever expect, vengeance is served in a cold dish.

  44. The wave of pedophilia exposure now hopefully jumping the pond, thanks to John and commenter Lady Liberty for your recent articles and huge exposure in the U.K.

    This article posted on

    Ack! Another pedophile sociopath sexual deviant in high places ratted out by fellow crims: …

    As the acting cybersecurity chief of a federal agency, Timothy DeFoggi should have been well versed in the digital footprints users leave behind online when they visit web sites and download images.

    But DeFoggi—convicted today in Nebraska on three child porn charges including conspiracy to solicit and distribute child porn—must have believed his use of the Tor anonymizing network shielded him from federal investigators.

    The following story is a warning as to why centralized power is so dangerous. It doesn’t matter whether the power is political or corporate, overly centralized power in all forms must be resisted whenever it appears. The worst of all worlds is when centralized political and corporate power unite in an unholy alliance, which is what has happened to America in recent decades. When this occurs, the combined forces of oligarchy simply begin to rapaciously feast on the citizenry with zero accountability. This is a fair description of the United States in 2014.

    1. Calgirl, missed this thanks for posting

      Paedophilia the destruction of innocents needs exposing the world over, filthy vermin must be punished not protected. OWoN John Canuazie ALL stood up not on our watch

  45. I posted this same message at least 5 times earlier this morning, but disappeared. Trying again for last time...

    Friends of OWoN and Silent Readers,

    As we approach the endgame, I believe this information is suitable and timely to be released. I hope this information is valuable among you.

    "The problem lies in the Banks first, caretakers afterwards. The key will be keep funds in the right banks until alternates are available. Then use the advice of others for structuring and such. Early advice for asset taxation will be a benefit. Protection is paramount."

    Following the ideas and thoughts shared within this blog about safeguard our investment returns, I would like to take this opportunity to suggest a Very Basic Action among the unprepared readers.

    As most people don't possess the mindset and skills to manage sudden wealth or a large amount of money, I suggest to get in touch with a reliable Multi Family Office. These are private companies with No banking association and have 100% focus on Family Wealth Perpetuation. MFOs are known to be "conflict of interest" free, specially on banking. The purpose of these MFOs are to deal with private family wealth and make sure there is succession thru the implementation of Trusts/Holdings and financial management.

    We know there are major efforts to restructure the banking sector right now and in the future, but a Bank is a Bank and an institution looking for its own profit. Transparency yes, but still forcibly determining where you should put your money. So I prefer conflict of interest free MFOs.

    These Multi Family Offices professionals will help you manage wealth from scratch making sure you keep in the budget thru a lifetime financial planning, so you don't touch the principal. Some of them have services to manage and pay all our bills, including property, cars, insurance, water, electricity, always focusing in our primary budget.

    Multi Family Offices has also the purpose of training family members, sons and daughters, to take control and perpetuate the wealth. I think is extremely healthy to contract a reliable MFO when you are not used to deal with extent sums of money, as most of individuals get confused by so many "zeros".

    In my case, I will also use Multi Family Office "special/custom services" to create, implement and manage a lot of community projects in my state, centralizing the collaboration between human resources and professionals, so projects can move forward.

    So take your time to research into this topic, as John says " a last chance to get out of jail" is imminent, and you don't want to miss it.

    1. BoB

      Good to see you, it was yesterday I have been thinking how you are......

      We missed you around....

    2. As a trick that works for John, he just puts a couple of characters in and hits publish, and then goes back again to the comment box and types a comment and it works.

    3. Vlastik,
      thanks to remember of me my friend. We miss you as well when you are away.
      Lately I decided to take advantage of my spare time to focus in detailing ideas, planning and projects I look forward to develop. I got the break in that sense to reactivate the mindset as I feel we are very close. Looking forward for more my friend, reading as much I can.

      Thanks for the trick, I will try next time. If you see this message means it works :)

    4. Thank you BoB for the good advice. Glad to see you back! )

  46. Separatists Ukrainian army shot down four fighters
    Shoot four combat aircraft Sukhoi Su-25 announced on Friday separatist leadership of the self-proclaimed People's Republic of Donetsk. Two were shot down while trying to attack the position of the separatists, said RIA Novosti. The loss of four aircraft Kiev confirmed.

    It has up.....hard confrontation ......, this will not be good.

  47. I can't figure out what this baby-eating satanists is trying to say. Double & triple speak? Wtf....Maybe somebody can tell us what this means?

    Heinz Kissinger in the Wall Street Journal today:


    Ecuador heralds digital currency plans

    Associated Press
    AP Photo
    AP Photo/Dolores Ochoa
    World Video

    Buy AP Photo Reprints

    QUITO, Ecuador (AP) -- Ecuador is planning to create what it calls the world's first digital currency issued by a central bank, which some analysts believe could be a first step toward abandoning the country's existing currency, the U.S. dollar.

    The electronic money, which Central Bank officials say they expect will start circulating in December, does not have a name and officials would not disclose technical details, though they said it would not be a crypto-currency like Bitcoin. The amount of the new currency created would depend on demand.


    1. "The amount of new currency created would depend on demand" of the people or the bankers? If this is part of the new world of true prosperity, then the former. Are they signalling a 'money to the people as they need it' approach do you think DL?

  48. August 29, 2014

    Coup Rumors Abound After Obama Attempt To Kill Feared FBI Director Fails

    By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

    Is this fellow really responsible for and behind so many crimes against Americans? This reads like some bizarre science-fiction! Can any of this be true? ~darylluke.

    1. Sorcha Faal is reported by some to be a langley? disinfo agent. Weird that I was thinking today I hadn't heard from 'her' for a while, then this. But who knows, I know nothing, I just use common sense as my fact checker, and it's common to mix some truth in with some fertilizer.

    2. With Sorcha Faal and other sites like Veteran's Today, Rense, and others...I have learned to sift the hay. Gleaning out what is most relevant and which is reported by other sources as well.

      DL, as far as O and the above question? Just take a look at what is being said about Joan Rivers: Have the Elite caused Joan Rivers to become critically ill for her Obama-is-gay and Michelle-is-a-tranny comment?

      What does evil look like?

  49. Maybe these ufo's can go catch the criminals at the Crawford, TX ranch? ~darylluke.

    UFOs above Houston puzzle Texans (VIDEOS)
    Published time: August 29, 2014 15:52

  50. If the PPs do not get released, the US will total out. The Sissy Boy is focused only on his Exit Check for Hawaii. He is clueless of Leadership or national consequences, nor does he care. The Manchurian just wants his Bribe and gone.
    If he is not made to pay out AMERICA will time Out. Soros picks up $2B to crash the markets. Time Soros got his.
    Without those PPs America's future is terminal. They can help a massive recovery. The Cabal has to go, or you all will.
    Time to wake up, cut down on the Stupid Cookies and start thinking. You really have no time left.
    Saudi is about to price up oil in Non USD. So will Iran, Russia and others. America really could fold in months if the PPs are not released. You need Leaders and fast. Keep those guns because ,God help you, if it all goes, you will need them by the hour. The true Litmus test is now. If O does not release the PP.s you have been sold out Forget the garbage paper, it's all about the real PPs and currencies. The rest is Chump Paper. Please, don't even waste our time with that toilet paper crap. We need the PPs and limited currencies. Fail that and the US will go. If that happens, Thank the Zionists, Wall Street and Bush / Clinton Mafia. Remember how Texans dealt with Horse Thieves? What price a nation?

    1. Unbelievable, John.

      American friends, I hope you have a passport handy just in case. Keep the food on the left, the gun in the right and the passport in your pocket.

      Game set and Match to Mr Putin:Jim WIllie: Saudi’s are on the verge of joining Russia in non-dollar oil sales.

    2. There are DHS FEMA camps recently opened all over America. Recent I sat close by to a few newly minted DHS employees having lunch at a local Wendy's resteraunt .

    3. What is really needed is for a Million ARMED Americans to march on the Fed, Treasury and Wall Street and to fire 3 rounds in the air at each so the Scumbags know that Rats will be dealt with if it goes. The odd hundred thousand miss fires though windows may help the point come home. Time for Americans to Man Up dam it! Crocket didn't run, but Yellow seems to with this generation. America is worth fighting for dam it!

    4. All or nothing.
      They are preparing to crash the lot so the Zionists and Texan Mafia get it for 5 cents on the dollar.
      If it goes God help Americans. How many can even think today? The whole world will turn on the US if it fails. Embassies will decimated. Bases blown apart. Anger will be ferocious. All planes and Ships will be seized. All US transfers stopped. The whole world will turn on the US as failed Leaders who cheated the world. You wont need Fema with the Nukes coming in. 15 to 20 mins is all you will get. Finito. O can forget Hawaii. Nowhere will be safe. 6M Zionists in the US will have a real problem once the rage unleashes. History repeats itself. So will America. Hope it doesn't come to it. DC is too stupid to have a credible Plan B. If they fail to settle the PPs, they deserve what will come down. US nationals will join the Chinese and Russian Military tracking down Zionists and the Cabal. Paraguay wont stop the backlash. DC doesn't get, if the economy dies, what then? Even the Military will turn on them. They alone will exterminate the Elites. Their power will be gone. So will their use. If the PPs fail, they have nowhere to run. If 1M march on DC and the Fed, for sure, Brown Trousers will.
      The US needs to get off its arse and stop this farce. Man up!

    5. For those that don't get the Litmus Test...
      High-ranking military officials were being asked “Would you fire on an American citizen?”.Jim Garrow claimed that if one answered no, you would be fired.

    6. Every year more of these prophecies come true as told to Billy Meier by the Plejaren in 1986 after they looked into earth's future.

      PART 1

      The point in time at which these prophecies will begin to be fulfilled will be when a Pope will no longer reside in Rome. All of Europe will then fall victim to a terrible punishment by evil powers. The Christian religion will collapse and the churches and monasteries will end up in ruins and ashes.

      Monstrous forces will be created by science and will be released by the military forces and armies as well as by terrorists, causing great destruction. Millions and even billions of people will be killed by acts of terrorism, by wars and civil wars; and finally, in some parts of the world, every third human being, and, in other places, every fourth human being, will lose his or her life. The nations of the East will rise against the nations of the West, the West against the East. Many deaths will be inflicted upon the people by fighter and bomber aircraft, and bombs and rockets will destroy and annihilate smaller and larger villages and cities.

      The people will be completely powerless against all this and will live through 888 days of Hell on Earth, suffering hunger and plagues which will claim even more lives than the war itself. The time will be severe as never before experienced on Earth. Ultimately, nothing can be bought or sold any longer. All provisions will be rationed; and if a human being steals even a small piece of bread, he/she will have to pay for it with his/her life. Many waters will mix with human blood and turn red, as once in the past the Nile in Egypt turned red with blood.

      And it will be that the fanatics of Islam will rise up against the countries of Europe and all will shake and quiver. Everything in the West will be destroyed; England will be conquered and thrown down to the lowest level of misery. And the fanatics and warriors of Islam will retain their power for a long time. However, not only Europe will be affected but ultimately all the countries and peoples of the Earth, as the great horror expands to a war that will encompass the entire world.

      After the turn of the millennium, the papacy will exist only a short period. Pope John Paul II is the third from last in this position. After him, only one additional pontificate will follow. Then a Pontifex Maximus follows who will be known as Petrus Romanus. Under his religious rule, the end of the Catholic Church will come, a total collapse becoming inevitable. That will be the beginning of the worst catastrophe that will ever have befallen the human beings and the Earth. Many Catholic clerics, priests, bishops, cardinals and many others will be killed and their blood will flow in streams. But also the reformed version of Christianity will become just as infinitely small, as does Catholicism.


      Horrifying weapons and a possible world war

      Due to the fault of scientists, enormous power will be seized by the power-hungry and their military, their warriors and terrorists, and power will be seized as well through laser weapons of many types, but also via atomic, chemical and biological weapons. Also concerning genetic technology, enormous misuse will occur, because this will be unrestrainedly exploited for the purposes of war, not lastly due to the cloning of human beings for warring purposes, as this was practised in ancient times with the descendants of Henoch in the regions of Sirius.

      However, this will not be all of the horrors; as besides the genetic technology and the chemical weapons, far worse and more dangerous and more deadly weapons of mass destruction will be produced and will be used. The irresponsible politicians will unscrupulously exercise their power, assisted by scientists and obedient military forces serving them, who together hold a deadly sceptre and will create clone-like beings which will be bred in a total lack of conscience and will be scientifically manipulated to become killer machines. Division by division and devoid of any feelings, they will destroy, murder and annihilate everything.

      The USA will set out against the Eastern countries ahead of all other financial states and simultaneously she will have to defend herself against the Eastern intruders. In all, America will play the most decisive role, when in the guise to strive for peace and to fight against terrorism she invades many countries of the Earth, bombs and destroys everything and brings thousandfold deaths to the populations. The military politics of the USA will likewise know no limits, as neither will their economic and other political institutions which will be focused on building and operating a world police force, as it is the case already for a long time [sic]. But that will not be enough, and, in the guise of a so-called peaceful globalisation, American politics will aspire to gain absolute control of the world concerning supremacy in economy.

      And this will point towards the possibility that a Third World War could develop from it, if human beings as a whole will not finally reflect upon reason, become reasonable and undertake the necessary steps against the insane machinations of their governments and military powers as well as their secret services, and call a halt to the power of the irresponsible who have forsaken their responsibility in all areas.

    8. PART 3-Henoch Prophecies

      If this does not happen, many small and great nations will lose their independence and their cultural identity and will be beaten down, because the USA will gain predominance over them and with evil force bring them down under her rule. At first, many countries will howl with the wolves of the US, partially due to fear of American aggressions and sanctions, as will be the case with many, many irresponsible [ones] in Switzerland and Germany but also of other countries. In part, others will join in because they will be forced somehow to do so or will be misled by irresponsible promoters of American propaganda.
      Finally, many Asian, African and European states will rise up against the American hegemony, once they recognise that the United States of America is only taking advantage of them for purposes of war, conquest and exploitation. In this way, many countries will become puppet states of America before reason and realisation will emerge in the responsible ones of governments and in many of the population, resulting in a turning away from the USA.

      However, the great war will hardly be avoidable because the human beings of Earth will probably not accept the directions towards the better, therewith towards true love, true freedom and real peace, striving instead only towards wealth, pleasure and riches and for all manner of material values and unrestricted power. Thus, huge and deadly formations of tanks will roll across the countries while fighter planes and rockets sweep through the air and bring death, ruin, destruction and annihilation to countries and people.

      If the Third World War will actually happen—as calculations and observations appear to indicate to be probable now and also during the approaching few decades—then, as now, the civilian population will above all have to bear the brunt of the enormous suffering in tremendous numbers in this entire catastrophe and, last but not least, the fault of the irresponsible scientists who by cloning will create human machines for military purposes, devoid of conscience and feelings, and will create immensely deadly and all-annihilating computer-like weapons. At the same time, the danger could become reality that the human combat machines, the military clones, will gain their independence and under their own management will bring death, devastation, destruction and annihilation to the human beings of Earth and to the planet.

      The entire planet will become an arena of unparalleled suffering, which will never have existed before on Earth up to that time. The cruel happenings will last about 888 days and cause civilisation to collapse. Yet, the terrible scenario will continue, and epidemics and various diseases as well as enormous famine will be spread among the people, while the economy of the world will totally collapse and there will be no possibility to produce any goods. All foods and medications will be rationed.

      The insanity of war will extend not only across the land, but the disaster will equally be spread to the oceans, into the atmosphere, even into outer space. But there will also be settlements under the ocean that will be developed in the course of the future and these will be attacked and destroyed, claiming the lives of many thousands of people. However, a certain maelstrom of destruction will also originate from the undersea facilities; because in the cities at the bottom of the ocean, groups of submarine pirates will be formed which will burst upwards from the depths of the ocean and will become involved in destructive actions of combat with naval units on the surface.


      And at this time, the possibility could become reality that extraterrestrial forces intervene against the Western industrialised countries, because these will be responsible for the extreme and enormous disaster of the coming evil times. These extraterrestrial forces will give up their anonymity and their state of secrecy and will assist those who are being terrorised by the irresponsibly acting Western countries, should this possibility become reality.

      In addition, apocalyptic natural catastrophes will occur which will cause all of Europe to shake and tremble; but Europe will continue to exist, even after having suffered enormous destruction.

      Destruction in North America
      Far in the West, it will be different; the United States of America will be a country of total destruction. The cause for this will be manifold. With her global conflicts which are continuously instigated by her and which will continue far into the future, America is creating enormous hatred against her, worldwide, in many countries. As a result, America will experience enormous catastrophes which will reach proportions barely imaginable to people of Earth. The destruction of the WTC, i.e., the World Trade Center, by terrorists will only be the beginning.

      Yet all the apocalyptic events will not only be brought about due to the use of unbelievably deadly and destructive weapons—such as chemical, laser and others—and by cloned murder machines; but in addition to this, the Earth and nature, maltreated to the deepest depths by the irresponsible human beings of Earth, will rise up and cause destruction and bring death onto the Earth. Enormous firestorms and gigantic hurricanes will sweep over the USA and bring devastation, destruction and annihilation, as this from time immemorial never before will have happened [sic].

      Not only will America, but also all other Western industrial countries which still live at the beginning of the new millennium in the delusion that they could dominate and rule over underdeveloped nations, i.e., Third World countries, will not only soon lose influence over these but must defend themselves against them.

      According to the prophecies of Henoch, the truth about industrialised countries is that they only seem to appear to be true civilisations, but in fact they are not; because more and more, at the end of the 20th century and at the beginning of the third millennium, they will disregard all true love, true freedom and true wisdom as well as true peace along with all values of humaneness and all values of men's and women's true being.

      But not even all the terrible happenings will hinder the USA in continuing to proceed with her actions against all countries. Even when the North American continent will be stricken by the most terrible catastrophe which has ever been recorded, evil military powers will wreak havoc with computerised and nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, whereby it will also happen that computerised weapons become independent and cannot be controlled any longer by human beings. Overall, this is the most important part of Henoch's prophecies.


      As of now, new epidemics have spread among the people of Earth; however, as Henoch prophesied, quite a number of further epidemics will follow. Not only AIDS will occur worldwide in the 1990s, but also epidemics such as the so-called "mad cow disease", i.e., BSE, out of which different strains of Creutzfeldt–Jakob syndrome will develop, lasting well into the new millennium. Also, an epidemic known as Ebola will cause many deaths, as well as other unknown epidemics and diseases which will sporadically arise in epidemic proportions and will be new to the human being, causing great concern.

      However, most of the evil will be brought about by politics. France and Spain become involved with each other in armed conflicts, and even before World War Three will have broken out. Yet France will not only engage in armed conflicts with Spain, for within her great unrests will arise, leading to upheavals and civil war, as [will be] the case in Russia and Sweden. Especially in France and Sweden, machinations as well as dictatorial regulations of the European Union will cause much unrest and many uprisings; but also crimes committed by gangs and organised criminal elements in these countries will cause unavoidable civil wars.

      In addition, significant tensions will arise between the native citizens and immigrants from foreign countries, who as a rule also observe religious beliefs different from those of the native populace. And in the end, this will lead to severe conflicts. Hatred against strangers, foreigners and people of different religious beliefs will be the order of the day, as well as the rise of neo-Nazism, terrorism and right-extremism. Conditions similar to civil war will be in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and claim many lives.

      The Soviet Union will be dissolved in this decade or at the latest by the beginning of the next. The man decisive for this action will be Mikhail Gorbachev. But this will not lead to rest, because the new Russia will continue its longstanding conflict with China over Inner Mongolia, with the result that Russia will lose a portion of this territory to China. And China becomes dangerous, especially to India, as also at this time China maintains uneasy relations with her. China will attack India; and if biological weapons are used, around 30 million human beings will be killed in the area of and around New Delhi alone. However, this will not be the end yet—because the effect of biological bombs and missiles, etc., used cannot be controlled at that time, and terrible epidemics unknown up to that point in time will arise and will spread quickly to many areas. Also Pakistan will allow herself to be misled to instigate a war against India, which will be especially dangerous in view of the fact that both countries are developing atomic weapons.

      Wars and devastation in Europe and North America

      Yet Russia will not rest and will attack Scandinavia, and in doing so will embroil all of Europe. And months before that, a terrible tornado will have swept across northern Europe, causing great devastation and destruction. It must still be stated that the Russian attack will occur during the summer, in fact, starting from Arkhangelsk. Denmark will not be dragged into the war, due to the insignificance of this country. Yet Russia will not be satisfied with this action of war, as her will for expansion will be ravenous. And consequently Russia will launch a military attack against Iran and Turkey and will conquer these two countries in bloody fighting, causing enormous destruction.

      In the Russian expansionist mentality will also be included the drive to gain control of the Middle Eastern oil deposits as well as to gain control of the southeastern region of Europe. Therefore, she will also invade the Balkans and conquer these countries there in enormous battles, causing ruthless and devastating destruction with many deaths.


      This will be at the time that tremendous natural disasters will hit Italy and its people, causing severe hardship. But this will also be at the time when Vesuvius could become active again and could spread tremendous havoc. At the same time, a war will shake Italy and claim many human lives as well as cause great destruction.

      Destruction of war will descend on the northern countries as strong military forces will invade them from the East and will pillage and murder as well as use bombs and missiles, like hail coming down, and hitherto unknown weapons of laser- and computer-controlled types which will destroy and annihilate everything, whereby the first target will be Hungary and after that will follow Austria and northern Italy. Switzerland will also be severely affected, but will not be the actual target; this will be France and Spain. However, the main objective of the aggressors will be to bring all of Europe under their military control, and for that purpose France will be selected to be the headquarters.

      France will not only be invaded by the aggressors from the outside, but will also be conquered from within as a result of collaborative forces and other forces. This can be envisioned as being the many foreigners of a different religion living in France at that time, and specifically Islam, which will be this force working from within. Once France has fallen, a war to conquer Spain and England will take place. Subsequently, an alliance with the forces of the aggressors will be formed, which will invade Scandinavia.

      For all these French-based military operations, the weapons of mass destruction stored in the arsenals of France will be used and cause evil devastation, destruction and annihilation. The aggressors from the East will force the French Army to join their military forces and lead a war of conquest against the northern countries of Europe, invading and conquering Sweden and Norway. Subsequently, these northern countries will be annexed by Russia. Military forces will also attack Finland, whereby many will be killed and an enormous destruction will be caused.

      At the same time, as a civil war rages in Germany, an enormously bloody revolution will break out in England which will claim more lives than will be claimed by the civil war in Germany. And because England and Ireland have been at war for a long time already, due to the IRA and the police and military forces of England, the result will be (because this feud will continue up to that time) that this revolution will spread out to all of Ireland, especially affecting Northern Ireland. Many lives will be lost during a civil war in Wales, where differences between various parties will arise before the Third World War. Welsh and English forces will clash especially near Cymru, and claim many lives and cause great destruction.

      But death, destruction and annihilation will not only rage in Europe but also in America, where much suffering will have to be endured and many deaths as well as destruction and annihilation will be. America and Russia will have the most terrible weapons of mass destruction at their disposal—a fact which is already the case to a certain extent today—and will clash with violent force against each other at that time of conflict, whereby Canada will also be dragged into this conflict. The source of this conflict will substantiate the Russian attack on the American State of Alaska and against Canada.

      This conflict will result in mass killings of human beings as well as devastating destruction, annihilation and epidemics, etc., which mankind of Earth will never have seen and experienced up to that time. Not only nuclear, biological and chemical weapons will be used en masse, but also enormously deadly systems of computer-controlled weapons that are only in the beginning stages of development today, or will be invented and constructed during the third millennium.


      Worldwide natural catastrophes

      As already mentioned, enormous natural catastrophes and rolling walls of fire and violent hurricanes will rage all across America, while, in addition, all the terrible effects of war will bring thousandfold deaths, destruction and annihilation. America's largest cities will be absolutely destroyed, and firestorms will cause great disaster and misery.

      Severe earthquakes and volcanic eruptions will also belong to that time, and these will cause much suffering and misery and deaths besides enormous destruction and devastation, as all of nature and the planet itself will rise up against the insanity of human beings on Earth. However, tornadoes, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions will not only rage in America, but also in Europe and in the rest of the world.

      These activities have already begun at the present time, also during the past decades—with the exception that they will become increasingly more devastating in the future. And man of Earth is guilty for the most part today, as also in the future it is man who will destroy the entire environment—all of nature, the atmosphere, water and all the resources of the planet.

      And through this, a shifting of weight inside the Earth takes place, caused for example by the creation of gigantic lakes by damming and by creating hollow caverns due to the exploitation of petroleum and gas, etc. And thereby unnatural inner-Earth movements are created, which also lead to unnatural tectonic effects and cause earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, which also in turn cause enormous climatic changes, resulting in horrendous tornadoes of devastating proportions which in the end will set their destructive energies free on the entire world. All of this will lead to increasingly horrible floods and unusually massive snowfalls which will advance to the southern countries and finally even to the equatorial regions, because through the insanity of human beings the Earth has begun unnoticeably to spin [strangely] as a consequence of atomic explosions inside and on the surface of the Earth. And this will be the reason that the planet will slowly but surely enter an extraordinary spinning orbit around the Sun, while the first phase is already occurring, which causes a change in climate, leading to a new ice age.


      Civil wars and anarchy in America

      Yet the misery on Earth will continue, as two terrible civil wars will break out in America, whereby one will follow the other. Afterwards, the United States of America will break apart and deadly hostility will prevail among her, which then leads to the division into five different territories; and it cannot be prevented that sectarian fanatics will play a dictatorial role.

      Anarchy will be the worldwide condition that will prevail and torment human beings over a long period of time, as human beings will also be tormented by the many epidemics and diseases, many of them new and unknown to human beings and for this reason incurable. Due to this fact, the bodies of many human beings will slowly and miserably decay, while unbearable pain will also occur as well as blindness and terrible respiratory problems that lead to suffocation. The consciousness of many human beings will become impaired and succumb to feeblemindedness and insanity. And all these gruesome occurrences will be traceable to biological and chemical weapons, which are the cause of not fast, but gruesome and slow deaths; and this will also occur due to the use of ray and frequency weapons which are already being developed today.

      Finally, the words of Henoch may be specifically mentioned, which include that mankind of Earth, in pursuit of technology for mass destruction and greed for power, hatred, vengeance and riches, will ignore all values of Creation and will trample upon all values of love, wisdom, freedom and peace, as ancestors of the Henoch lineage have done before, to plunge the world into screaming misery, death, destruction and annihilation and into the most severe catastrophes mankind of Earth will ever have experienced.

    14. JV,

      This was an extremely depressing read you posted about Henoch prophesies.JOHN and his team are trying their hardest and best to turn that ship around.


    15. DL,

      It was given to the people of earth to warn us of the future that awaits if we don't change the way we think. Depressing...yes. But, how much of it is happening or has happened? We can still change things if the people of this planet will change the way they think.

    16. JV
      An Ebola outbreak is already starting in California. So far extrapolated risk forecasts as high as 100K may get it. Devastating costs if so.
      California also has a major water crisis developing. That alone will collapse Real Estate values and hammer the banks.
      Islam is already a huge problem in Europe, but if Civil War breaks out they will be hammered and reduced.
      Russia and China have now lead a major Asian and Eurasian move away from the US.
      If only we could get the PPs out, all this can be avoided. Feeding the Cabal is killing the planet.
      We need to kill the Cabal.

    17. John,

      I hadn't read about the California outbreak, but I figured these fools were trying to get Ebola in the states. The forced vaccinations are coming, courtesy of Monsanto, and then all hell will break loose.

      I just hope these PP's are released and we get a public option. You won't have to tell me twice. It's time for a change of scenery.

  51. 99 % of Americans are clueless of what is happening in Their own country.

  52. Somehow the Light will win; even though it can look and feel negative/dark at times; especially if you are one who looks at and sees the global and bigger picture. Tis just the old dying a little ugly at times. Remember, the Light dispels darkness as if it was never there.
    Here's an old hang in there standby; :-) 'the darkest time of the night is just before the dawn. :-)))))))
    I think somehow we will all end up, sitting out back with our close ones and friends, having a beer or toke, talking about the wild adventure we had just been through. Then we we will all laugh at ourselves; with joy and humor; and start to wonder about what is next.

    1. Paul,
      not trying to bash you here man, its your opinion and state of mind and I respect that, but what kind of comment is that?.
      Some words don't fit at all. First, Sitting is a wrong word right now. What we want is having US arses moving, not Sitting. Second, let me know how many in the past expressed such similar comments or benefit before the Civil War, WW1, WW2 and on and on...

      Not bashing friend, just lets try to be realist, reasonable and question all possibilities. The Light will win at the end, but lets not forget much suffering in the middle. And Sitting is a recipe for disaster.

    2. Bof B and Paul:
      I do understand that beer after "we whip some elite butt!" Check out most of the news articles regarding O's response and position with regard to Iraq, ISIS, Ukraine, Russia, Israel...etc...they appear to be in fear...and out of fear they are afraid to make decisions because they know Just as George Bush Sr said, "if they find out what we did to them they will hang us from the light posts."

      They know what time it is...forget World War...there will be another Civil War right here in America...and guess what, we did not give up our guns! We are at the end of the road and yeah, we will win; but we have to make these "fools in the asylum know that we are not asleep...and I think they know by now."

      I often daydream past all of the fitnah...right into the spot where I lay down my arms...and everything is over! This is a luxury in these tough economic times...

      We control what we want in our lives...and we don't want anymore wars!!!!

      Love, Peace and Divine Light!

  53. Have to agree with Paul L Davis and BoB. There have been many who have given their lives to get us to the point we are now. Many will never be known by the masses of American's who just have no idea of the truth. Suffering isn't just elsewhere in the world as we have our own here with Americans living on less than $2 a day. Those rough camps will be hard pressed this winter. How many more will be added to those camps and new ones created? How many dead will it take to get Americans to wake up to that is your brother or sister freezing to death in snow and you have a responsibility to care for your fellow human?

    and ......

    Can the Traders get with the program and find ways to work with what is at hand. As long as the "PP"'s are stalemated it's time to look for that way around. over, under, through the wall keeping you in place. The cabal won't give unless they have no other choice, knocking them in the knees is great and you got them down, but in the end because people waited for others to make the step that likely wouldn't be taken until the game was over by a go around. Dammit. you guys have the brightest and best working for you, it's time to get at it.

    Pull in those old traders that Bush and co jailed because they wouldn't play ball with them, you have the platforms, the assets can be worked out as can the lines of credit. You've got the holes plugged in the system.Yes, it is understood how huge the original PP's are, but please, do something that moves things forward.

    It's not just Americans facing a hard winter, it's the whole world needing help. So please, find a way around this road block and stop waiting.

  54. From a Brit that's got the right idea. We the people have got to start somewhere.

    “This is the model we want to head towards: Localised collectives controlling our own resources, naturally, in harmony with the planet.” Russell Brand

    1. P, Paul and B of B:
      They control the spigot...and they are being put in a position where either they surrender or we have civil's a sad thing to say, but this is where we are headed...

      We have to hold our finger to the fire! Money and things cannot drive us to the extent they want us to mourn and get trapped into the matrix. I do believe we have to make this what we want it to be or we are feeding into their created illusion. (food for them).

      We have agreed in soul contracts and we are here for a reason. Death is an illusion and we have to know that our happiness and spirit of joy is not dependent upon what they have envisioned for us to be. Humans are the most powerful beings in the universe...we were created in the likeness of our Creator. We also have the ability to call things into being. We are the created, and our creator has given us the ability to love beyond anything that exist. No other being have this trait and this has been hidden from us from the beginning through deception.

      We take our power back, we are warriors and I do believe that is why we are here today.l We contribute the talents that we have to a cause of righteousness; and all things will be added unto us. We have a lot to be happy and thankful for; we are among the living, we are endowed with gifts from our creator, we are rich in right living.

      See, our slave masters in charge of the asylum want us to feel helpless, they took the jobs, they took our money, they raised prices/taxes, they took our children (whom we will see again), they took our houses, they took us for granted...and now we become aware of the deception, fully, and we turn around and know that the asylum that they created for us is really their abode; but love conquers all. And, what they created for us is what is in store for them. My hope and prayers is that they accept the invitation to gain a heart of flesh and shed that heart of stone that they have been carrying around all their lives...see the goodness and turn from evil.

      Just waking everyday to our beautiful surroundings, birds singing, sun shining, beautiful fields to behold, look at all the beauty around us...sometimes I just have to walk in the grass bare feet to get a feel for the earth and show my appreciation. It's the little things that mean a lot and these are the things that give us this divine light that overcomes darkness.

      Outcomes can be predicted, but they can also change; it takes a will and spirit of change on a mass scale that can defeat our enemy. We have that power...this they have tried to keep us from knowing! It starts with one and it snow balls into many; and we are many!

      Love, Peace and Divine Light Always!

    2. Fear of what we don't know is our worst enemy...instead of envisioning death, destruction, war; envision the opposite; love, beauty, freedom, self reliance, beautifying this world...lifting one's out of darkness, lifting the earth through to Divine Light...this is all energy...and it lives within our heart!

      We have to understand that time is also an illusion, and the past really doesn't exist, just as the future is now. So all timelines converge and the veil gets lifted...wouldn't this be joyous? We shed this body, but we have a soul that our Creator granted us to live forever...we are fighting for the soul of humanity. And the best thing about this, we fight with people who have the same goals, desires, and ability as we do. This is the beauty...

    3. Thank you Fedup, you are absolutely right about what fear does to us. It is the great limiter if we let it be. It is gratitude that helps us see the beauty around and in us.

      What we have known as time was a creation of man. As we move higher in the light those "timelines" are converging into the Now.

      The fight is for love winning over darkness. Creator did give us that eternal soul and we've shed this body many times. Hopefully, we move past the need to do that this time around.

      Would like to find others locally who actually get it. You can't help those who don't see, so it's just not worth arguing over. All you can do is plant the seeds of idea and somewhere down the road it clicks for them.

    4. ABSOLUTELY P...all we have is love; however, our creator didn't endow us with these gifts to just sit on the sideline...and it appears that we have to fight,,we have to take it by force; whether it's us forcing an issue or us forcing the Divine Spirit in our behalf...righteously.

      Thank you so much for your compassion. I enjoy reading your posts.. Our Creator has granted us the gift of knowledge, and the path is narrow; but we have a friend that is closer than a brother.

      And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force. The truth cannot be disputed...

      Divine Light and Peace!

  55. A quote from Benjamin Fulford's latest news article update seems to confirm people may just be "manning up", as JOHN has requested!

    "CIA sources in Europe, meanwhile, are saying “a lot of people are going to be dead,” in the US as part of a big push to destroy the network of criminals responsible for 911, the destruction of Iraq, the spread of bio-weapons and other genocidal crimes.

    The attempted murder last week of former FBI head Louis Freeh was probably part of the campaign, the sources said. Freeh was deeply involved in the 911 mass murder event, multiple sources agree

    Pope Francis is also under attack and P2 freemason sources are saying there is evidence he is being hit with a slow acting poison that causes neurological damage. The pope is being attacked because he is revoking special immunity from prosecution for war criminals like Tony Blair and George Bush Jr, the sources say."


    1. DL,
      That article from Sorcha Faal does bear many truths. It actually reveal the history of the involvement of Freeh and others. The noose is tightening, and they are threatening of a false flag: another 911...however, we are not having it...

      I just read an article from Sec of Defense:

      U.S. Secretary of Defense says ‘new world order’ being built . . . ABC News!!!
      Mon, September 1, 2014

      Well, let them have their tantrums...they are without they are pouring on nothing but fear, fear, fear...
      I don't feed into it because I refuse to give them my power...too precious, and diametrically opposite of what they are saying!
      Love, Peace, and Divine Light!

  56. I think there may be more to it, but if the only thing stopping the PP's is a single O bribe, then go ahead. Fingers X here. ~darylluke.

  57. Some great posts. Lots of wisdom and insight. All I can do to help the collective is to keep my attention on the positive and uplifting within myself, and trust the highest and the best will unfold for the whole; and myself.

    I believe the change from a fear based culture to a love and caring based culture can happen quickly. The coming economic reset, along with other major happenings, such as arrests of major evil doer's, will help bring about a relatively quick world wide change. Prosperity, opportunities, the release of incredible new technologies such as free energy devices, and a general collective support of a service to others attitude, will bring about speedy change.

    What a ride. :-)

  58. Castro compares NATO to Nazi SS, slams US, Israel for ‘creating ISIS’


    1. Castro? Wow! They let the nuts out of the way to get them back in other than their arrests.
      I just read an article from Unhived Mind saying that McCain needs psychiatric help...

  59. This comment has been removed by the author.

  60. Heinz Kissinger is releasing a book on NWO on September 9(9-9). Why now??? ~darylluke.


    What you do not want done to yourself, do not do to others.


  62. John

    If they win and crash the US into the ground financially (and of course socially alongside it) what of the UK? I feel we will crash with them, as will the whole western world. My reason is that whopping deriv debt. If that all comes down it is goodbye UK too I feel. Please answer from your head and not your heart on this one John; I know you want to say the UK will somehow be ok but in reality we will surely go down with the Titanic too?


    1. Jeeves,

      If America goes down, be very clear, as most have their minds in Disneyland, the entire world then takes a major hit. The US is a major market and the scale of disruption would devastate all Global trade as we know it. Tax revenues would free fall. Bank Capital would disintegrate and businesses would lose liquidity with escalating knock on consequences.Banks would start reducing operating facilities to clients, sending them into a tailspin.
      Asia and Russia, plus BRICS are starting to see the enormous risks and consequences of Western gearing. As such they are now reacting to model their economies away, so the knock is only c10%, not 50% as now.
      Developing nations and London now realise the US is a sick Velociraptor facing terminal decline.

      America was a great nation, but is being ripped part by a voracious Cabal and bloodsucking Zionists. Major Leeches taking the hopes of all. The entire Political system is dishonest and self serving. How can you ask the corrupt to vote out corruption?
      We , in the UK, are rapidly remodelling our economy away towards a global balancing act. We need about 3 more years and we can then take the hit.But- I cant see us having it. If the US does not release the PP Capital, America will disintegrate. Only the PPs can get America going again. A whole new direction led by competent financiers and true Patriotic intent.
      But how do you get rational conduct from a Wolf Pack? These are very tenuous times. How do you remove such a cataclysmic scale of rot as now has America by the jugular? The entire Fed and Treasury is under total Zionist and Cabal control. Their agenda IS the collapse of America. Sequestration of the lot for dimes.
      While the gullible sheep graze not seeing the Wolf Pack corralling them. Dumbed down by plan. The US is a tragedy unfolding around us all. The sheep are content to be welfare fed. Until round up time comes. When over stocked, you cull.

    2. John

      Fantastic answer thank you. Three years?? No, we haven't got three years. I understand the damage will be less to the UK than US, but I'm thinking 30-40% hit. Time perhaps for the band to stop playing if these PP's are blocked. I know the earth will still be spinning the morning after, but we may all be dead or dying. This will lead to war and/or starvation and/or social disorder unto destruction if this deriv bubble pops. My goodness, it's really just dawned on me. This is the moment, isn't it? We live or we die on the PP release.

      It may be about to get very dark on planet earth.

  63. It seems PP clarification of timing is needed.

    The US works in timings of set windows. Reality blocks. We have between now, and at best Mid November, to force through the PPs. After that it's stupid cookies and early Fed 2015 before anything can start again. O's on his way out and total disinterest bar filling his pockets to run. As an illegal, undocumented Non American, what does he care?
    So we have realistically about 10 weeks left to get paid out or lose out. From now. Fail that and God help the system.
    Which is why we batter them daily. There are certain promises, but from dishonest crooks!

    We are availing these collective scumbags of what's coming down for them if it fails. They have never realised consequential risks before. Or how many waiting will, willingly "hand process" them. Only now do they realise a Rubicon Line is forming for them if America fails.
    Money is and WILL be finite, so ignore ignorant fantasies. There are no Free for Alls for lost causes. No one is bailing bust companies. At best hope for some public release of currencies after the PPs are done first. Money is finite and real world conditions will apply. Get in and get out- fast! The losers won't get it. Wailing Walls will stretch for miles.
    The pressure is on each day to complete. Again, only after we have safely seen the PPs clear first, can we pre advise, if a Public run is possible.
    Even if the Public get blown on Dinars, the Dongs have to be a cashment issue before too long. At whatever rate will be applied. Both sites have helped you spread your risks. For most that may well be lifesaving. every week between now and Mid November, many parties are pressing daily for completion. Daily! So, whatever it takes, the battle is on again. Silly season is over next week. The Cabal are starting to realise the gravy train is leaving the tracks with them on board.

    Americans MUST end this racket of total Zionist /Jewish control of the Fed. Treasury and Banks and demand fair opportunities for all. This Congressional Oath to Israel must be ended. All Political campaign funding now needs to be regulated for fair play. Good American Patriots must be allowed to run on merit, not Cabal or Zionist Banker obligated.
    Clean the sty. Pigs out. Ethics now to rule. Not Zionist Bankers or the Texan Mafia.

  64. Read that people? They WANT this country to fail! FEDERAL RESERVE!!
    (This is the enemy here(USSA), clearly.)

    Is not the question really not "...which side should I support because I'm not sure which is stronger?"
    but should be,
    "why am I supporting a group that even gets rid of their own and thinks nothing about the future of families of us that do all the dirty work in secret?" ~darylluke.

    1. ***Those last 2 questions....well.....YOU know who I mean. Come in from the "cold" and help catch these vermin who care nothing about future of family!

  65. JOHN,

    What does "...Dongs have to be cashment issue" mean?thnx.


    1. Cashment means soon the system will have to legally allow them to be cashed as Forex notes to boost the economy. Vietnam is long overdue and Dongs do not carry the liquidity risks of vast Dinar counterfeiting.
      See, all that time frustrated waiting with your dong in your hand waiting to shout Yes, yes. Dongs are coming.

  66. Yes, what does that mean "Dongs have to be cashment issue"

    Why not hack in to all the major news feeds and transmit a 3 minute SOS message of what's gong on and the truth, like Zod when he was taking over the people of Earth? Start the lynch mob and force the exposure for the hand?

    Maybe it will wake them up form their GMO corn chips, bud light , pack of generic reds and real housewives of somewhere.

    1. notthistime
      Imagine what its like negotiating with them. crassly moronic as most of those seriously dumb reality TV wives are, we have to deal also with the level of clowns they are married to.

  67. 1AB 1337 Obumma and 12B Michelle are in bed watching TV when an unexpected news pop in the screen;

    Putin to West: Stop turning world into 'global barracks,' dictating rules to others.

    12B Michelle: Honey, what a brilliant leader!.

    807 Obumma: Starts to bite his pillow and say: "sweety I just want myyyyy money and go surf and play golf in Hawaii. If you continue you will not get your next pair of Prada ok?

    12B Michelle: ok then, so ask Valerie to wash you shitty underwear as well.

    1AB 1337 Obumma: He sulked!

    Unbelievable folks, unbelievable.


    “I no longer have patience for certain things, not because I’ve become arrogant.." Meryl Streep


    PS: I do not know how a hollywood actor moved into my purview....It does fit, though for these times...
    "ding dong, the dongs are coming?" Sheesh..... I have no hope.NOTHING is moving, sir. Won't happen unless O is payed. Payed from where, as u have said. NO MONEY. Ship may be turning around, but the sucker is leaking and sinking! Please disconnect jokes from their currency from now on. I am absolutely sick of seeing images of penises in architecture. Please stop visual display references with this holy written word(by each human here) executed here. I AM nutz. IGnore me. Please instruct e which way is up, please.thnx. ~stvn.

    1. Still laughing. Marriage does that to a guy. And debt.

  69. NOT to change the subject, but here:

    Transhumanism trap, etc....~darylluke.

  70. Ok thanks for all this info John. So ok then, by mid Nov else it will all likely collapse. Thanks so much for this info so we can plan. If no PP by, say, end of nov it is time to dig a bunker and perhaps sell any currencies back and buy prep gear? This is all very real now.

    1. We just received news O has blocked the PPs again today so gloves are off with key nations. Its going to get tough. Time to flush out the Organ Grinder now.

  71. John,
    if you can shed light on the dong, I seem to recall in the past you mentioned only a 2 percent increase. I haven't done the math exactly, but if you had to exchange it back, you would probably lose money on it, given the spread. You have mentioned it being a possible last hope for some, and it is, even for me, but are we deluding ourselves with the prices? Is .01 USD/dong even possible? i understand if you can't shed light on prices. thank you.


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