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Pacific Ocean Now Dead From Fukushima Radiation | the horror unfolding

OWoN: Time to wake up the world. This wipes out the entire pacific as a clean domain. The water, rainfall on crops, cattle and sheep production and all the fish or crabs you eat. The water in your food.

Oh, did you think it was only Pacific? So your OK? Welcome to wake up real world time.

It's now all over BC and coming soon to a friendly West Coast near you. Then the rain storms travel inland. And those things called Rivers with ocean do they!

Hello America. We have a Global problem and what does the MSM tell us, as usual- Nothing!

The cover up continues. It's spreading and it's a colossal disaster.

This maybe the greatest disaster in modern history. And one asks, where is the global leadership to protect the world from this tragedy that found a place to happen? Surely, we should expect more from so called leaders and politicians.

While this is reported from the British Columbia, Canada coastline it has implications for all of humanity.


  1. My heart breaks as I see the desolation that is and has occurred.

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  3. DS
    This is our world and to see such devastation we never intended is very sad. This pollution along with everything else is changing the jet stream...

    This is not just a japanese disaster, it is worldwide and people who are responsible need to be handled.
    God knows...


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