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Our ‘Enemies’ in Ukraine Speak

OWoN: This is a story, not being told by the so called Free Press, who long ago sold their Souls for money and abandoned their readers.

While graphic in content, it is an attempt by ordinary people to tell their story. As terrible as this is, we have seen examples of this in the past, whether it was Vietnam, Iraq or anyone of many places; too easy to forget. One must keep in mind that this is a state department creation led by the likes of Victoria Nuland who uttered the infamous words "Fuck the EU" - and she really meant it!

One begs to questions, what does it take for the standard of human injustice to be universal in condemnation? Why is it proper for the state department to fund and direct such atrocities with impunity, with no balanced reporting from the press? The ink poured demonizes Russia who ironically is trying to send humanitarian aid. What does that really say about us? Are we so blind and insensitive to the actions of out of control bureaucrats, that we do not recognize the very actions taken, in our names? How do we exist with such silence holding our loved ones in embrace, without remorse or angst, or concern for ourselves?

We should be horrified at such actions and slaughter regardless of where it occurs! People are people, regardless of race, creed, color, or belief - rich or poor. We all bleed the same color of blood, the same way. Precious scarce dollars are used to wage war when people at home are homeless, hungry and unemployed. Perhaps that says it all; if they care not, for their own people, why would they care for anyone else but themselves, as bureaucrats? The problem is they act on our behalf in our name and by our silence, we allow them to act. What if they get bored and do it to us? History teaches us that silence is not in our favor. So where is the outcry?

Should there be such a thing as retribution for sins against a fellow man? We can expect to receive to no quarter for the endless slaughter, should it come to our land, for there will be no mercy. No one, in no land, ever forgives or forgets such horrors inflicted on innocent people. And this is not a singular event but a litany of occurrences, in many a land, to many a poor soul, long forgotten in the pages of time. Living in the memories of those who survived.

In all the centuries of bloodshed and struggle it seems that mankind has never learned to make the bureaucrats account for their actions. And to extent, that they are not held accountable, is what allows history to repeat itself over and over again.

Do realize, If America falls and is invaded, retribution will be immense. Do you have any idea what the US has perpetrated against other nations in your name? Do 95% of Americas even know where Ukraine, or even Eastern Europe is?

Washington's Blog
By Eric Zuesse
20 August 2014

America’s ‘news’ media do not let the victims of Ukraine’s civil war — the people who are dying and being driven out from the southeastern regions of that country by the new Ukrainian Government — speak, and tell their story. Scenes will therefore be posted below from an admittedly overlong amateur video from southeastern Ukraine, in which they have been allowed to tell their story. This is being done here since U.S. ‘news’ media apparently don’t consider it something that you would want to know, and since you should be allowed to judge for yourself whether it is or not, and to judge why it’s not being reported on the ‘news’ sources that our ‘democracy’ offers to ‘inform’ America’s public about public affairs. It is also being done because these still photos from the documentary summarize this over-long documentary’s important narrative. You are welcomed to click onto the link above to see the entire 82-minute documentary.

First, there will here be an introductory paragraph summary of the relevant background (not discussed in the documentary), if you want to know that: In February 2014, our State Department and CIA used ‘false flag,’ or engineered-so-as-to-be-misinterpreted, violence by our country’s paid Ukrainian agents, in order to exploit the ‘Maidan’ demonstrations in Kiev, the desire of Ukrainians for a less-corrupt government than existed in Ukraine, and than has existed in Ukraine ever since the fall of communism there. Our Government, the Obama Administration, paid masked gunmen there to dress as if they were from the State Security Force of the corrupt Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych and to shoot at and murder not just policemen but anti-Yanukovych or ‘democracy’ demonstrators. (However, Yanukovych had, in fact, himself been democratically elected in 2010, and still was the democratically elected President.) (NOTE: The complete key phone-transcript whose audio is briefly heard excerpted there is printed here.) And our gunmen also threatened some members of the Ukrainian Parliament at gunpoint, and engineered their approval of an emergency replacement of Yanukovych’s government by one that was appointed by Obama’s agent, Victoria Nuland, and that was headed by Nuland’s friend “Yats,” Arseniy Yatsenyuk. This new government was filled with people who stated their desire to exterminate the people in Ukraine’s southeast, the people who had voted overwhelmingly for Yanukovych — to just get rid of them. Doing that would make Obama’s regime in Ukraine become permanent. Then, Ukraine held a ‘democratic’ election in which voters everywhere but in the southeast voted, and essentially the same coup-installed people remained in power. The billionaire oligarch Petro Poroshenko was elected as the President of ‘Ukraine’; and Victoria Nuland’s chosen leader, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, continued on as the new country’s Prime Minister. Yatsenyuk fired the previous Defense Minister and replaced him with Mikhail Koval, who on June 11th announced a program of ethnic cleansing in the southeast. This was actually a direct extension from the program that had already started with the extermination on May 2nd of hundreds of supporters of the previous government, who were trapped inside the Trade Unions Building in Odessa and burned alive there. This massacre was masterminded by people who were installed by the Obama Administration. That massacre started Ukraine’s civil war, by demonstrating to people throughout the southeast, that the newly Obama-installed Ukrainian Government wanted to kill them. It was now official policy throughout the southeastern portion of Ukraine, to kill the Obama-installed regime’s opponents. All of the residents there were being officially labelled by the Obama government as ‘terrorists,’ and their elimination was declared to be a patriotic necessity for Ukraine. However, this amateur documentary from Ukraine’s southeast — the video from which the scenes below are taken — presents the resulting civil war not from the Obama Government’s side, but from their regime’s victims’ side, which is hardly heard at all in the West.

Since this amateur documentary presents the unvarnished reality of an actual ethnic cleansing campaign in progress, corpses and parts of corpses are necessarily shown, and also bombed buildings are shown. There also are curse-words that are spoken by the victims. Censoring these things out would be a violation of the most basic requirements of honest journalism, and would be to cover-up the reality of an ethnic-cleansing campaign, merely because this reality is ugly — that would be a shameful thing to do, a fundamental violation of the journalistic standards of any democracy, and will not be done here, though it is routinely done by our ‘journalists.’


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  1. This is treasonous...This is being done all around the world in our names...


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