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Open Letter to IMF, ECB and EU | 8 step rescue plan

OWoN: This is a very sensitive time for the EU right now, and IMF also.They all blew the Pot and now need bailing - Again!

Dear sir (OWoN),

This open letter was send last week to Ms. Christine Lagarde, Mr. Mario Draghi and Mr. Herman van Rompuy.

Perhaps is this letter also interesting for your readers?

Best regards,

Wim Grommen

Open Letter IMF, ECB and EU


Ms. Christine Lagarde
Mr. Mario Draghi
Mr. Herman van Rompuy

8 August 2014,

Topics: "8-step rescue plan Euro" and "Reindexing European stock exchanges"

Dear Ms. Lagarde, Mr Draghi and Mr Van Rompuy,

Now that the welfare of many citizens in Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy and France threatens to sink beneath the critical point, it is important that there will be a solution for these citizens in the short term. History has taught that the collapse of the pillar of prosperity in a society always leads to revolution. Signals have reached me through the media, that revolution in these countries is rattling at the gate. Governments of these countries, regardless of their political persuasion, see this with sorrow, but have their backs to the wall.

I therefore suggest that, prior to January 1, 2015, the "8-step rescue plan Euro" (see appendix) that I have prepared for database administrators of banks in these countries is implemented. After executing this plan, citizens in these countries will have sufficient funds to live in a dignified manner in 2015. Your organizations can thus present itself as Robin Hood. A Robin Hood, who also takes care of the wealthy individuals in the society. The rescue plan namely also prevents chaos in the financial markets which arises due to revolutions. The stock market crash in 1929 has demonstrated the disastrous consequences this may have for societies.

For additional background information, I refer you to my paper "Current problems associated with the end of the third industrial revolution" which was presented at an International Symposium in Valencia, The Economic Crisis: Time for a paradigm shift, Towards a systems approach.
I also request you to consider my proposal, to reindex, in consultation with the stock exchange owners, all European stock exchanges at 100 points. For additional background information on this proposal, I refer you to my articles The Dow Jones Industrial Average: a Fata Morgana and Will Obama manipulate the Dow Divisor? From fiction to reality

Your invitation for a discussion on the topic "8-step rescue plan Euro" or the topic "Reindexing European stock exchanges" would be welcomed.


Wim Grommen

A concerned European citizen



Database administrators of European banks can contribute to solving the euro crisis.

The following 8 steps they need to perform on December 31, 2014, to give citizens in their countries which are living under the subsistence, a dignified existence in 2015 again.

Step 1: Log in as the table owner of the table "current_account_citizens" on the production database

Step 2: Disable all triggers on the table "current_account_citizens”

Step 3: Disable all check-constraints on the table "current_account_citizens”

Step 4: Run the following update statement on the table "current_account_citizens”:

update current_account_citizens
set balance = balance + ecb_ donation_to_citizen
where identification_number in ( select identification_number
from citizen_ tax_administration
where annual_income < norm_annual_income

The coming months there will be consultations between the IMF, ECB, EU and the Governments on the values ​​of the variables ecb_ donation_to_citizen and norm_annual_income. The values ​​of these variables can be determined per country.

Step 5: Make this update statement permanent by a commit

Step 6: Enable again all check-constraints on the table "current_account_citizens”

Step 7: Enable again all triggers on the table "current_account_citizens”

Step 8: Log off the production database

If there is no approval eligible for this plan, then database administrators can take their own moral responsibility. Depending on their Robin Hood feeling they decide who of their compatriots are eligible for a gift and also how high it will be.


  1. IMF chief confirms she faces ‘negligence’ charges in multi-million euro fraud case
    Wed, August 27, 2014

    IMF chief Christine Lagarde has confirmed that she is being investigated for alleged “negligence” in a corruption probe when she was French Finance Minister in 2008, she told AFP.

    “The investigating commission of the Court of Justice of the French Republic has decided to place me under formal investigation,” Lagarde told AFP.

    The announcement comes after French magistrates investigated her alleged role in a multi-million-euro corruption case.

    “I have instructed my lawyer to appeal this decision, which I consider totally without merit,” she said.

    Lagarde said she denied any allegations and told AFP that she would not resign over the charges.

    “I return back to Washington, where I will indeed brief my board,” she told AFP.

    The case relates to the time when Lagarde, as France’s then-Finance Minister, was responsible for a €400 million (658 million Swiss francs, $527 million) state payout to controversial French businessman Bernard Tapie in 2008.

    Tapie, an ex-Minister of City Affairs, was awarded the sum in an arbitration payment to settle a dispute with the bank Credit Lyonnais over the 1993 botched sale of sportswear company Adidas.

    The tycoon said that the bank defrauded him by intentionally undervaluing Adidas at the time of the sale and that French authorities, as the bank’s principal shareholder, should pay compensation to him.

    According to critics, the deal was too generous, and indicated that there was too cozy a relationship between leading businesspeople and government politicians in France.

    Lagarde referred the dispute to an arbitration panel, which ruled in favor of Tapie.

    “After three years of procedure the only surviving allegation is that through inattention I may have failed to block the arbitration that put an end to the longstanding Tapie litigation,” Lagarde told AFP.

    In 2013, Tapie was placed under formal investigation for organized fraud. The scandal threatened to expose an alleged corrupt system at the highest level in the country during the presidency of Nicolas Sarkozy.

    The same year, French authorities searched Lagarde’s home over the probe. She has been under investigation since 2011, but has denied any wrongdoing.

    In March 2014, after the third investigation into the case, the IMF chief said that she had “always acted in the interest of the country and in accordance with the law.”

    Lagarde, managing director of the International Monetary Fund since 2011, was France’s finance minister from 2007 to 2011.

  2. Stunning .... thanks for an excellent job.....

    1. You too Vlastimil...I love your posts, you encourage me to think outside of the box...MSM here is so controlled...we have to sift the hay...all we can hear in the news is death, murder, mayhem...and they call this news.
      Thank you for the incredible job...

    2. Vlastimil, I echo what FEDUP says. Thank You


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