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Obama: We are ‘short of going to war’ with Russia

OWoN:The Sheeple are clueless of what is at risk here. This is the price the world will pay for allowing this Criminal Cabal to rule America.

A sad reality of what a ship of fools America has become and how dangerous things really are at present. No wonder it is being said that Russia is the at the highest level of alert over a possible nuclear exchange since 1983. Trust and respect is lost and comments like this only cause other nations to run not walk away from western influence.

Veterans Today
By Jim W. Dean
2 August 2014

[ Editor's note: You just can't make this stuff up. This is one of the most deranged, most ludicrous statements I have ever heard a president make, an off-the-planet kind. But it gets worse.

It takes contempt for the public to put something out like this, even if Obama's staff had prepared it. It shows we have a government by psyops, and that WE are the target of that attack by our own leadership, as evidenced my this most recent manure truck dumped on our front lawn.

Dear Mr. President, You actually claim Russia is "moving into Ukraine...really?" So what do you think Victoria Nuland's $5 billion was for, and all the color revolutions we have been supporting, even after we got our Nobel Peace Prize president, who has made a joke of that award, cheapened it?

Putin – “I am not buying your rigged MH17 story.”

We have our State Dept., CIA, NATO and military contractors running all over the place in Ukraine, creating mayhem along with the Israelis. The graft has already started with "children of politicians" lining up to get a piece of the action, like VP Joe Biden's son. The list is growing already, the usual suspects.

In case you forget, we are well aware of the US and NATO plan to march up to the Russian border. We are also aware of Russia's long time relations and investment in Ukraine with its major Black Sea base, huge industrial development, huge energy subsidies which have made products from Ukraine cheaper for Western buyers and giving the EU a trade surplus.

If Russia had done what you claim, there would be a no-fly zone in the East, and GPS counter-battery artillery units in the East protecting the two Eastern republics, while demanding negotiations start or all financial and military assistance would be canceled. If you had wanted to do this yourself, (put in Putin's shoes) I could write it all out for you, how you would damn yourself for your aggression.

Sir, you need some staff changes badly. The Russians have parried all of your moves to bait them into your triggering a more open military move. We are well aware of the behind the scenes ones you are already making, which, if Putin had done one of them, you would have denounced them on the spot as wanton aggression. And sadly, we have now caught you interfering in MH17, not only withholding information as to who was responsible, but allowing bogus information to be presented.

This is a very serious crime, aiding and abetting in a terrorist attack on international air travelers. It seems, sadly, that some governments have decided to engage in such acts as an immunity-enabled foreign policy tool.

The independent Intel community is already talking, widely, about how diplomatic immunity is the most dangerous national security threat that we face in this era of state-sponsored terrorism.

It is a sad ending to the American experiment. I think we need psychiatric evaluations on all of your staff as soon as possible, and the White House water tested, if you would be so kind... Jim W. Dean ]


Press TV
By Jim W. Dean
2 August 2014

US President Barack Obama says the United States is “short of going to war” with Russia over Ukraine as he described his Russian counterpart as someone who does not “always act rationally.”

Answering questions from reporters in the White House’s press room, Obama said on Friday that Washington has done everything it can to support the government in Kiev and “to deter Russia from moving further into Ukraine.”

“But short of going to war, there are going to be some constraints in terms of what we can do if President Putin and Russia are ignoring what should be their long term interests,” the US president added.

Obama made the remarks after a phone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin in which the Russian leader warned that the sanctions imposed by the US and its European allies against Moscow are counterproductive and seriously damage bilateral cooperation.

“Right now what we’ve done is impose sufficient costs on Russia that objectively speaking they should, President Putin should want to resolve this diplomatically. Get these sanctions lifted. Get their economy growing again and have good relations with Ukraine,” Obama told the surprise news conference on Friday.

“But sometimes people don’t always act rationally and they don’t always act based on their medium or long term interests. That can’t deter us though. We just have to stay at it,” he added.

Obama’s phone call to Putin on Friday marked the first conversation between the two leaders since July 17, when a Malaysian passenger plane was shot down over eastern Ukraine.

The US claims at least part of the blame for the downing of a Malaysian passenger plane in Ukraine, which left all 298 people onboard dead, lies with Russia. Washington also accuses Moscow of supporting and arming pro-Russian forces in eastern Ukraine, a claim which is rejected by the Kremlin.

In a phone interview with Press TV on Thursday, Eric Draitser, founder of, said the “so-called government in Ukraine is a proxy of the United States” which “was created by the United States with the backing of the United States and it exists only insofar as the United States and its European allies allow it to.”

Draitser also said that Ukraine “has become a microcosm” for Washington’s “aggressive foreign policy that seeks to make war, destabilize countries, and use them as leverage against the ultimate enemies in the eyes of Washington – Russia and China.”



  1. Sunday, August 3, 2014
    Russia Threatens to “collapse of the U.S. financial system”

    Russia responded to the threat of sanctions the United States. The sanctions against Russia would also lead to the “collapse of the U.S. financial system” and end the dominance of the U.S. in global financial markets. Russia could continue to carry out its international transactions in other currencies and refrain entirely on the dollar. While Russia’s reserves of dollars is tiny and this threat is more like an ant threatening an elephant, there is a trend growing ever since the NSA that the US has been the evil empire that terrorizes the world, disregards international law, and assumes it is the new Rome. With respect the US constant attempt to impose sanction on nations and then to abuse any bank OUTSIDE the USA who dares to refuse the USA demands, the resentment is growing in leaps and bounds. As in a memo surfacing from Standard Charter bank in the UK reveals - “You f—ing Americans. Who are you to tell us, the rest of the world, that we’re not going to deal with Iranians.”

    Putin’s economic adviser said ”We would not only find a way to reduce our economic dependence on the United States to zero, but pull for us a great advantage of it.”

    The more realistic threat would be for Russia to decree that all foreign debts would be suspended. Preventing loan repayments to US banks would result in almost $500 billion in losses. Russia’s economic outlook is impacted by the global economic slowdown with the fall in commodity prices. Russia lacks the depth in its economy to really get off the ground. Everything is suppressed by its Oligarchy. Russia needs to unleash its people setting them free from the Oligarchy to create innovation. It is far too dependent upon commodities.

    The USA has to seriously reform the power elite in Washington. These morons are pissing off the entire world and the danger they are exposing everyone to is precisely what resulted in the collapse of Athens and the victory of Sparta in 404BC. Piss-off your allies and you suddenly find everyone turns against you. Beware the price of arrogance.

    1. FEDUP
      Very Nice read, Thank You

      However, I still remember the open mic moment between obama and the then russian president where obama tells the russian president that he would have "more flexibility after the election". It makes me think that what we may be witnessing is a dog and pony show, with Americans and Russians being the patsies. obama is giving "pink slips" to the American military, and I am not sure what he has done to our defense systems. Putin (whom I respect more than the fraud-in-chief) and obama have blatantly shown a dislike to each other, but again is it just show or does Putin really want obama out, or is it just an elitist play to have everyone on the wrong track as WWIII starts. Please understand this is just an opinion without any evidence (but the youtube where obama is on mic saying that) and the actions I see on media.

    2. I remember, and I also recall reading, "All Wars are Banker Wars." They put up the show to keep us preoccupied while they promote their real agenda away from public scrutiny.I believe that they never in their wildest dreams conceived that we would wake up, that we would know the truth and that they would be exposed for the lies and deception that they have perpetrated against the people of the world. After all it was all a "in your face secret." Not any more...more people are realizing the depth of this deception.

      The jig is up!

    3. FEDUP
      And I intend to wake up as many as possible. Just wish it was not so hard!

      All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing - Edmund Burke

  2. I just cannot believe tat he made such a statement in a speech..... ~darylluke.


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